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Accounts Receivable Specialist Interview Questions

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Give Me An Example Of When A Credit Memo Would Be Issued

Top 10 Accounts Receivable Specialist Interview Questions

    How to Answer

    Think of a credit memo as store credit! Businesses who have an unsatisfied customer, perhaps from a defective product or an error in delivery or an invoicing mistake, will often issue a credit memo. As an A/R specialist, you may not be able to adjust the original invoice, especially after delivery or if the invoice is past 30 days. Show the interviewer that you have worked with credit memos in the past. If you are new to your A/R career, show that you understand the purpose of a credit memo.

    Written by Rachelle Enns on January 7th, 2019

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Walk Me Through Your Accounts Receivable Experience

    How to Answer

    Bring your resume to life, walking the interviewer through a brief history of your accounts receivable experience. This question is open-ended, and it can be easy to give a long-winded answer. Remain focused by discussing your past job titles, how long you were employed there, and the volume of work you handled. You could also explain the type of customers you were typically working with, or what your most significant achievement was in each role. Mention one thing that you enjoyed about each job. This question offers an excellent opportunity to show the interviewer your passion for accounts receivable.

    Written by Rachelle Enns on January 7th, 2019

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What Expense Is A Purchase But Capitalized

Tip 1: The interviewer tests just how good you are at this job and if you understand certain basic principles.

Tip 2: Show the interviewer that you did not come to play.

Answer: If the business will use the purchase for over a year, it is depreciated and capitalized. In this scenario, it is not used in the purchase.

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What Accounting Software Have You Used And How Would You Describe Your Experience Level With These Programs

Youll want to evaluate your candidates experience level with whatever software program your company uses. Evaluate the candidates familiarity with common accounting programs include Quick Books, ZoHo, GnuCash, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP. If your company uses a proprietary system, you may want to select a few components of this system, and discuss whether your candidate has experience with similar accounting software. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience with the accounting system you use
  • Desire to learn a new or proprietary system
  • Broad understanding of accounting software


Although I have specific experience with QuickBooks, I understand the basic principles of accounting and feel I can master any program with minimal training.

Fresher Accountant Interview Question

Account Payable Interview Questions

Here is the accountant Interview Question for fresher also as experienced candidates to urge their dream job.

1. Why Prefer to Account as a Profession?

Accounting is chosen as a profession because:

  • Become a neighbourhood of an in-depth network of execs.
  • Accept or experience a challenging role.
  • Explore new opportunities.
  • Offers all types of career options.

2. What are the talents needed to figure as an accountant?

Skills needed to figure as an accountant are:

  • Excellent at math

3. Mention some Accounting Software?

The best accounting software is:

4. Mention the Difference Between SAP Memory and ABAP Memory

SAP Memory may be a global user-related memory that extends beyond the limit of transaction.

ABAP Memory may be a memory area within each main session and may be accessed by programs using the import-export statement.

5. Whats Microsoft Accounting Professional?

Microsoft Accounting Professional is an accounting application that gives reliable and fast processing of accounting transactions. It also helps with financial analysis.

6. Whats the acronym for the accounting words debit and credit?

The debit version is dr and the credit summary is cr.

7. What percentage of sorts of Business transactions are there in Accounting?

There are two sorts of transactions in accounting, i.e., revenue and capital.

8. Whats the Balance Sheet?

Its a press release that states all the liabilities and assets of the corporate at a particular point.

9. Whats TDS?

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Describe Your Level Of Experience Making Spreadsheets And Reports On The Computer

Accounts payable specialists must have strong computer skills to perform their daily tasks. A familiarity with basic spreadsheet and document creation programs is a requirement of most accounts payable specialist positions. Applicants must be able to clearly describe these programs and their uses in order to prove that they have the basic level of computer proficiency required for the job.

What to look for in an answer:

  • Level of familiarity with the programs
  • Examples of past work experience that required these programs
  • Overall computer literacy


I started using these programs in high school but really became familiar with them in my first job where I used them every day.

How The Predictive Index Can Help You Hire The Perfect Accounts Receivable Specialist

No more relying on instinct. PIs Hire module gives you all the data you need to make the right decisionbacked by 60+ years of science.

With PI, youll receive an in-depth summary of every candidate that passes through your pipeline: where they excel, and where they might fall short. Afterwards, this summary is matched against the job requirements, giving you the best candidates for the job at a glance. Finally, we provide you with a customized interview guide, to make sure youre asking the right questions.

Hiring an accounts receivable specialist isnt easy, but you dont have to settle for hit-or-miss hires. With a strong knowledge of the job, the required traits, and your candidate pool, you can stop struggling and get candidates you can ac-count on.

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What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role How Did You Handle It

Tip 1: Highlight the challenges you have been through in the past

Tip 2: The interviewer wants to know the ways you use to tackle these challenges

Answer: I always try my best to minimize the challenges I encounter in this given role. However, my last job mostly involved working for a couple who had close to no educational background. They were always suspicious and thought I wanted to steal from them. I had to handle them patiently and spend hours convincing them, which bore fruits.

Why Do You Want To Work As An Accounts Receivable Clerk

Accounts Receivable Video Interview

Certainly you do not want to have this position for years on endand interviewers are aware of it. The job is rather monotonous, and unless you see the bigger picture and understand how this job will open you doors that lead to other, more interesting working opportunities, you will easily lose your motivation.

Tell them about your career goals, what you want to do in two, five or ten years. Accounts Receivable position is a good start for your career in accounting, or business administration.

You can add that you do not make mistakes in work, and believe you will do a good job as a clerk.

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Accounts Receivable Interview Questions With Sample Answers

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In this video, we follow Ektaa, a tax accountant working for a family-owned accounting firm, as she shares the skills and education needed to be a successful accountant.

During the application process for an accounts receivable position, the employer assesses your skills related to the role and whether you’re a good fit with the current team. The questions the employer asks during an interview assist them in making this assessment. Considering in advance how you might answer these questions can positively impact the success of your application. In this article, we define accounts receivable interview questions, provide examples of experience, background, and in-depth questions, and consider some sample answers.

How Do You Differentiate The Accounts Receivable And The Deferred Revenue

Tip 1: Correct answers to such questions will convince the interviewer that you have a total understanding of accounting.

Tip 2: Show the interviewer that you are up to the job requirements.

Answer: Deferred revenue shows the cash received from customers for the services or the goods not provided yet. Accounts receivable is the cash owing from the customers for services or goods provided.

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Explain What Negative Working Capital Is

Candidates may respond to this question by first explaining what positive working capital is, which is a term that describes the fact that a business can pay off immediate debts thanks to its sufficient liquid assets.

They may then compare this with negative working capital, which is a term that indicates that an enterprise may not be able to pay off immediate debts with its current assets alone.

What Is The Way Of Recording Ppe And What Is Its Importance

Accounts Receivable Specialist Job Description

Tip 1: Do you understand PPE? Convince the interviewer.

Tip 2: You need to convince the interviewer that you understand all the procedures in your job. Do not come off as inexperienced.

Answer: There are mainly four areas to consider while accounting for PPE on the balance sheets. These are purchases, additions, depreciation, and dispositions. Additionally, you might also consider the revaluation. For most businesses, PPE is the main capital asset that creates revenue, cash flow, and profitability. These records help companies to maintain an accurate database.

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Have You Ever Had To Prepare A Bill Or Invoice For Services Rendered If So What Should Be Included

    How to Answer

    The interviewer wants to hear proof that you understand the basics of accounting. The information you need to include on an invoice varies depending on the specific services you perform, but most invoices should consist of: – Company contact information- Customer purchase order number – Number of service hours, or price per item- Dates

Would You Consider Your Vision More Big

Interviewers ask this question to understand an applicant’s aptitude for many reasons. One is so they can understand where a worker would fit in a currently existing team. Another is to evaluate how balanced they are in terms of project management, and how this balance will work with the project expectations the employer knows exist in the company’s future. In accounting work, most tasks required by the applicant will depend on a detail-oriented mindset, so it is important to emphasize this strength in any previous work experience you have.

Example:”I consider myself more detail-oriented, although whenever I met up with the team in my last position, I tried to stay as big-picture minded as possible so I wouldn’t slow things down. During solo work though, I lean towards being detail-oriented through the day-to-day work. I contributed a great deal to helping my last company through a major audit I think that’s where I realized I’m happier when going through details.”

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In Your Own Words Can You Describe The Importance Of The Accounts Receivable Department To The Larger Company

Accounts receivable specialists are responsible for supporting accounting duties on behalf of an organization. This question helps interviewers determine a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of their role within the larger context of their organization.

A candidate’s answer should emphasize:

  • Ability to see the bigger picture
  • Previous relevant experiences

Here is an example of a quality candidate answer:


“The accounts receivable team is an important part of a company’s financial or accounting department because they are in charge of making sure clients or customers pay their debts to their employer. An accounts receivable specialist’s ability to identify outstanding debts and communicate finance needs to clients ensures that their employer receives payment to contribute to their overall income and revenue streams.”

Senior Accountant Interview Questions


Senior Bookkeepers make correct and appropriate economic declarations and brochures. People remain liable for making stability sheets, revenue, expense, and payroll account reconciliations, as well as executing accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. Senior Accountants provide leadership for Junior Accountants by teaching them the way to complete complex financial operations. Senior Accountants analyze financial statements for discrepancies.

A great description starts with a compelling summary of the position and its role within your company. Your summary should provide a summary of your company and expectations for the position. Outline the kinds of activities and responsibilities required for the work so job seekers can. Determine if theyre qualified, or if the work may be a good fit.

Example of a Senior Accountant job summary

We need a Senior Bookkeeper to catch our money section and income ended the foremost broadcasting and settlement responsibilities for our business. Were a rising, advanced net of car charters specifying in fleet automobiles and profitable cars. The Senior Accountant is going to be liable for heading the finance department and reporting on to the CFO. We need knowledgeable with inherent leadership qualities and therefore the attention to detail necessary to make sure accurate reporting altogether areas. The successful applicant will have a basic knowledge of how dealerships are run and can have prior experience with tax issues.

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What Is Your Role In The Collections Process

You wont be responsible for debt recovery. But you will often be the first point of contact with debtors. In many corporations Account Receivable Clerks respond for sending friendly reminders to customers who forgot to pay, or they respond even for the second stepmaking a friendly phone call, asking the customer to pay the debt immediately.

If that doesnt work, however, you will advance the issue to someone who specializes in debt recollection .

The key is to show that you are not afraid to call someone, and to ask them to pay an invoice.

Special Tip no. 2: Download a full list of questions in a one-page long PDF document, print it, and practice your interview answers anytime later:

Smart Questions To Ask At The End Of Your Accounts Receivable Interview

At the very end of your accounts receivable job interview, the account or hiring manager will say to you:

Thats the end of your interview, do you have any questions for us?

The questions you ask could be the difference between a pass or fail. Avoid questions about time off, holiday entitlement, sick pay, or salary unless specifically asked what are your salary expectations?

Instead, ask three sensible and smart questions that focus on what you can do to help their company thrive. Here are three great questions to ask:

Q1. What advice would you give to the successful candidate who wants to excel in the role?

Q2. Whats the one thing I can do in this role to help your business succeed?

Q3. Can you tell me more about the accounting team I would be a part of?

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Popular Accounting Books To Read

The popular accounting books can prove to be very handy when it comes getting hold of generally expected accounting interview questions. We have compiled below a list of popular accounting books to follow for cracking your next interview:

  • Accounting Made Simple by Mike Piper
  • Warren Buffet Accounting Book
  • Financial Statements by Thomas Ittelson
  • Accounting Cheat Sheet by John Gillingham
  • Guide to Indian Accounting Standards by B.D. Chatterjee

Why Are You Interested In This Role

Sample Resume For Accounts Receivable Collections For Home Care ...

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to know why you are interested in this particular role.

Tip 2: You can give a personal story to support your answer.

Answer: I am passionate about accounts and everything touching on money. I am also a first learner and can continue bettering my skills through this job role and deliver excellently. I am brilliant in accounting and have had a chance to polish my skills over time. Therefore, I believe I will be an asset to your company.

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If A Customer Is Also A Vendor And Not Paying Their Invoice Do You Think It Is Good Practice To Pay Them With The Open A/r Dollar Amount

    How to Answer

    The interviewer is looking to see how you troubleshoot, and where you stand when it comes to handling cross-over accounts that are in arrears. It’s not a common practice to do this, and one that most Controllers dislike. Most schools will agree when you are taking your A/R training, that this is not the best practice however, a business must do what they have to, to receive payment. Discuss your thoughts on this practice.

    Written by Rachelle Enns on January 7th, 2019

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The Skills And Qualities Needed To Work In Accounts Receivable

To work effectively in this role, you will need experience in accounts receivable functions and operations, the ability to manage and prioritize a large workload, ensure you meet all deadlines, and communicate with customers and clients in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Communication and interpersonal skills are vital working in accounts receivable.

You need good working knowledge of accounting principles, be aware of the organizations accounting policies and procedures, and possess excellent mathematical and numeracy skills.

Attention to detail skills are also at the top of the list in terms of skills and qualities needed, and you must have good working knowledge of a variety of software packages, apps, and accounting tools to fulfil your duties competently.

Finally, you must possess critical thinking skills, be able to work alone as well as part of a team and be detail-orientated.


As an accounts receivable specialist, you would have many and varied duties and responsibilities, including:

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