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Amazon Data Engineering Interview Questions

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What Happens When A Block Scanner Detects A Corrupted Data Block

Amazon Data Engineer Mock Interview + Tips and Feedback!!

Block Scanner is a data engineers friend since it detects corrupted data that may have escaped a data professional. In such an instance, the DataNode will first report to NameNode when a corrupted data block is found. The NameNode then begins to create a new data replication using the corrupted block replica. The last step is matching the replication count of the exact replicas with the replication factor. The corrupted data block is not deleted when a match is found.

Best Amazon Data Engineer Interview Tips

Here are useful tips to help you prepare for Amazon data engineer interview:

  • Get familiar with SQL.
  • The most common language for manipulating data is SQL getting familiar with it will save you a lot of stress and you have a better chance at being selected once you are familiar with it.

  • Learn to read the results of an EXPAIN query.
  • While it may look like its not a big deal, the truth is that not many data engineers know how to read this result learning how to do it gives you an edge.

  • You should know how some data systems like Kafka, Spark, Flink, Flume, Presto, HDFS, etc. all work on a greater scale, and the role they play in the data ecosystem.
  • Make sure you are skilled in running a java virtual machine language.
  • Many of the systems are in JVM languages. Although they may consist of APIs that are not JVM, APIs which are JVM are swifter in carryout the jobs.

  • Know what React entails.
  • This is largely because you would need to have front end skills because you may need to build data tools needed for your team.

  • Map reduce and Hadoop.
  • These are also important, having a sound knowledge of both of them are some of the things you need to have as a data engineer.

  • What have you done?
  • Its easy to start talking about the teamwork and the effort of the team but what is expected of you is to tell what your role was. What exactly did you do? You should be prepared to answer this.

    It is important not to beat around the bush, tell the exact thing you are asked.

    Why Did You Choose A Career In Data Engineering

    An interviewer might ask this question to learn more about your motivation and interest behind choosing data engineering as a career. They want to employ individuals who are passionate about the field. You can start by sharing your story and insights you have gained to highlight what excites you most about being a data engineer.

    Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering

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    Describe Your Daily Routine

    In my last role, my days started with going through my emails and replying to messages before checking in with my team for an hour for progress and issue review. As the lead data engineer, I would go through the work completed by the other team members to ensure adherence to the provided best practices before meeting with the different individuals, either physically or online, to work on bugs. I would then spend the rest of the day writing, testing, and running code and different algorithms on data and then plan tasks at the end of the day.

    What Is Block And Block Scanner In Hdfs

    The Amazon Data Scientist Interview

    Block is considered as a singular entity of data, which is the smallest factor. When Hadoop encounters a large file, it automatically slices the file into smaller chunks called blocks.

    A block scanner is put into place to verify whether the loss-of-blocks created by Hadoop is put on the DataNode successfully or not.

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    Which Python Libraries Would You Utilize For Proficient Data Processing

    This question lets the hiring manager evaluate whether the candidate knows the basics of Python as it is the most popular language used by data engineers.

    Your answer should include NumPy as it is utilized for efficient processing of arrays of numbers and pandas, which is great for statistics and data preparation for machine learning work. The interviewer can ask you questions like why would you use these libraries and list some examples where you would not use them.

    Build Skills And Polish Them

    Know that you know what skills you will be tested for it is time you start practicing them. Start with the basics, give it time and be consistent.

    We strongly advocate the KCE process of learning and would love to share it with you.

    The KCE process breaks the skill development process into three manageable stages.

    The first stage of the learning process is Knowledge. In this stage, understand the skills and their scope.

    The second stage is Certification. Begin developing your skills. Engage in certification programs and build up a credible profile. Make yourself technically sound to tackle any question that might be thrown at you during the interview.

    The third stage is Expertise. Take up every opportunity that comes your way and make the best out of it. Apply for internships and take on projects to develop practical skills.

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    Outline Some Security Products And Features Available In A Virtual Private Cloud

    • Flow Logs– Analyze your VPC flow logs in Amazon S3 or Amazon CloudWatch to obtain operational visibility into your network dependencies and traffic patterns, discover abnormalities, prevent data leakage, etc.

    • Network Access Analyzer– The Network Access Analyzer tool assists you in ensuring that your AWS network meets your network security and compliance standards. Network Access Analyzer allows you to establish your network security and compliance standards.

    • Traffic Mirroring– You can directly access the network packets running through your VPC via Traffic Mirroring. This functionality enables you to route network traffic from Amazon EC2 instances’ elastic network interface to security and monitoring equipment for packet inspection.

    What Is The Difference Between The Knn And K

    Guide to Amazon Data Engineer Interview: Rounds, Interview Question and Preparation Tips
    • The k-means method is an unsupervised learning algorithm used as a clustering technique, whereas the K-nearest-neighbor is a supervised learning algorithm for classification and regression problems.

    • KNN algorithm uses feature similarity, whereas the K-means algorithm refers to dividing data points into clusters so that each data point is placed precisely in one cluster and not across many.

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    Faqs On Amazons Interview Process

    Question 1: Is it hard to get hired at Amazon?

    Amazonâs hiring process is extremely competitive. However, an individual with the required skill set, knowledge, experience, and the right prep strategy can crack an interview at this company. Moreover, applicants can opt for professional interview prep to increase their chances of being hired at Amazon.

    Question 2: How many rounds are there in Amazon interviews?

    Interviews at Amazon begin with a phone screening, which includes a general discussion about the role, the candidate’s experience, etc., followed by a technical phone interview. Its on-site interview consists of five rounds â technical round, debugging round, culture-based round, data modeling round, complex SQL round â each lasts an hour. You can expect a few behavioral questions during each of these rounds.

    Why Are You Interested In This Job And Why Should We Hire You

    It is a fundamental data engineer interview question, but your answer can set you apart from the rest. To demonstrate your interest in the job, identify a few exciting features of the job, which makes it an excellent fit for you and then mention why you love the company.

    For the second part of the question, link your skills, education, personality, and professional experience to the job and company culture. You can back your answers with examples from previous experience. As you justify your compatibility with the job and company, be sure to depict yourself as energetic, confident, motivated, and culturally fit for the company.

    Free Course: Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer

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    What Is The Difference Between Append And Extend In Python

    The argument passed to append is added as a single element to a list in Python. The list length increases by one, and the time complexity for append is O.

    The argument passed to extend is iterated over, and each element of the argument adds to the list. The length of the list increases by the number of elements in the argument passed to extend. The time complexity for extend is O, where n is the number of elements in the argument passed to extend.


    List1 will now be : ]

    The length of list1 is 4.

    Instead of append, use extend


    List1 will now be :

    The length of list1, in this case, becomes 6.

    Can You List And Explain The Design Schemas In Data Modelling

    Amazon Product manager Salary at Different Levels

    Design schemas are the fundamentals of data engineering, and interviewers ask this question to test your data engineering knowledge. In your answer, try to be concise and accurate. Describe the two schemas, which are Star schema and Snowflake schema.

    Explain that Star Schema is divided into a fact table referenced by multiple dimension tables, which are all linked to a fact table. In contrast, in Snowflake Schema, the fact table remains the same, and dimension tables are normalized into many layers looking like a snowflake.

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    Sql Interview Questions For Data Engineers

    The SQL coding stage is a big part of the data engineering hiring process. You can practice various simple and complex scripts. The interviewer may ask you to write a query for data analytics, common table expressions, ranking, adding subtotals, and temporary functions.

    What are Common Table Expressions in SQL?

    These are used to simplify complex joins and run subqueries.

    In the SQL script below, we are running a simple subquery to display all students with Science majors and grade A.

    SELECT *FROM classWHERE id in  

    If we are using this subquery multiple times, we can create a temporary table temp and call it in our query using the SELECT command as shown below.

    WITH temp as SELECT *FROM classWHERE id in 

    You can translate this example for even complex problems.

    How to rank the data in SQL?

    Data engineers commonly rank values based on parameters such as sales and profit.

    The query below ranks the data based on sales. You can also use DENSE_RANK, which does not skip subsequent ranks if the values are the same.

    SELECT  id,  sales,  RANK OVER FROM bill

    Can you create a simple Temporary Function and use it in SQL query?

    Just like Python, you can create a function in SQL and use it in your query. It looks elegant, and you can avoid writing huge case statements – Better Programming.

    CREATE TEMPORARY FUNCTION get_gender AS SELECT  name,  get_gender as genderFROM class

    How Well Can You Work In Team Settings

    I understand that you value teamwork here at Amazon, which I am prepared for when I get this job. to confirm that I have worked in several teams before and therefore know how to get along with others and be of value in team settings. I can respect boundaries, motivate my team members to be at their best and contribute to the overall team performance. I am confident that I will get along well with your team thanks to my interpersonal and people skills, which have always come in handy in my career.

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    As A Data Engineer How Would You Prepare To Develop A New Product

    Hiring teams may question you about product development to determine how much you know about the product cycle and the data engineer’s role in it. When you respond, mention some of the ways your knowledge could streamline the development process and some of the questions you would consider to make the best possible product.

    Example:âAs a lead data engineer, I would request an outline of the entire project so I can understand the complete scope and the particular requirements. Once I know what the stakeholders want and why, I would sketch some scenarios that might arise. Then I would use my understanding to begin developing data tables with the appropriate level of granularity.â

    The Amazon Data Engineer Interview

    Amazon Software Engineer Interview: Print Left View of Binary Tree

    Amazon data engineer interviews are typically broken into three stages: An initial recruiter screen, a technical screen, and an onsite round. In the technical and onsite rounds, candidates will be asked questions focusing on core data engineering skills like SQL, data modeling, database design, and data warehousing.

    In the AmazonData Engineer interview process, the most commonly tested skills are in SQL, Python andAlgorithms.

    • Strong SQL skills, including performance tuning.

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    Tips To Crack Amazons Data Engineering Interview

    Take note of the following tips to nail your next Amazon data engineer interview:

    • Start your prep at least 10 weeks before your interview
    • Practice coding on a whiteboard for the onsite interview
    • Practice mock interviews with professionals from FAANG companies
    • Think out loud your solution to give the hiring manager a window into your analytical approach
    • Create a project portfolio and list your projects in the STAR format
    • Brush up on concepts in your programming language

    What Is Meant By Normalization In Sql

    Normalization is a method used to minimize redundancy, inconsistency, and dependency in a database by organizing the fields and tables. It involves adding, deleting, or modifying fields that can go into a single table. Normalization allows you to break the tables into smaller partitions and link these partitions through different relationships to avoid redundancy.

    Some rules followed in database normalization, which is also known as Normal forms are

    1NF – first normal form

    Syntax for executing a stored procedure

    EXEC procedure_name *params*

    A stored procedure can take parameters at the time of execution so that the stored procedure can execute based on the values passed as parameters.

    Build a job-winning Big Data portfolio with end-to-end solved Apache Spark Projects for Resume and ace that Big Data interview!

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    What Is A Foreign Key In Sql

    A foreign key is a field or a collection of fields in one table that can refer to the primary key in another table. The table which contains the foreign key is the child table, and the table containing the primary key is the parent table or the referenced table. The purpose of the foreign key constraint is to prevent actions that would destroy links between tables.

    Why Do You Want To Work At Amazon

    Jeff Bezos runs Amazon with 14 defined leadership principles. Here

    I have always wanted to work at Amazon, given that it is the largest e-commerce company in the world. I always believe that the sky is my limit, and I have always challenged myself to go for the best and achieve more than I think I could. A job at Amazon will expose me to new challenges and processes that I believe will come in handy for my career. I also want to meet your current team of experts, share ideas and learn from them. I am positive that Amazon will give me the experience I am currently looking for in my career.

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    What Are The Various Types Of Queues That Azure Offers

    Storage queues and Service Bus queues are the two queue techniques that Azure offers.

    • Storage queues– Azure Storage system includes storage queues. You can save a vast quantity of messages on them. Authorized HTTP or HTTPS calls allow you to access messages from anywhere. A queue can hold millions of messages up to the storage account’s overall capacity limit. Queues can build a backlog of work for asynchronous processing.

    • Service Bus queues are present in the Azure messaging infrastructure, including queuing, publish/subscribe, and more advanced integration patterns. They mainly connect applications or parts of applications that encompass different communication protocols, data contracts, trust domains, or network settings.

    Bi Engineering Teams At Amazon

    Amazon is large enough to boast of over 40 departments with more than 100 internal teams within these departments. Therefore, it is crucial for Amazon to efficiently process and analyze the huge amounts of corporate data it receives. Business Intelligence Engineers design software and corporate platforms to do exactly this, thereby making it easier to draw meaningful conclusions from Amazons collected data. They work within teams and alongside Amazons internal clients to provide accurate and accessible data that supports critical business processes.

    Based on the teams assigned to, Business Intelligence Engineers may perform functions such as:

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    What Are The Benefits Of Data Science

    Data Science empowers businesses to make better decisions by evaluating their performances based on trends and patterns, helping them specify goals and opportunities.

    • It helps adopt best practices and focus on genuine issues
    • It helps make sound decisions based on data-driven and quantifiable insights
    • It identifies and refines target audiences to increase conversion rates.

    Intellipaats Data Science Courses

    Data Engineer-1 Interview Experience | In Covid Times | Bar Raiser
    • What are some recommended data science courses by Intellipaat?

    Intellipaat has collaborated with top-rated institutions to bring you several Data Science programs tailored to individuals and professionals who wish to become successful Data Scientists. Here are a few recommended courses that you may find is suitable for you:

    • Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI by CCE, IIT Madras
    • PG certification in Data Science and Machine Learning by MNIT, Jaipur
    • Masters in Data Science online program
    • Data Science online course

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    Are Lookups Faster With Dictionaries Or Lists In Python

    The time complexity to look up a value in a list in Python is O since the whole list iterates through to find the value. Since a dictionary is a hash table, the time complexity to find the value associated with a key is O. Hence, a lookup is generally faster with a dictionary, but a limitation is that dictionaries require unique keys to store the values.

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