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Amazon Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

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Determine If A Binary Tree Is A Binary Search Tree

Full stack developer interview questions and answers – Part 1 | ARC Tutorials

Given a Binary Tree, figure out whether its a Binary Search Tree. In a binary search tree, each nodes key value is smaller than the key value of all nodes in the right subtree, and is greater than the key values of all nodes in the left subtree. Below is an example of a binary tree that is a valid BST.

There are several ways of solving this problem. A basic algorithm would be to check on each node where the maximum value of its left sub-tree is less than the nodes data and the minimum value of its right sub-tree is greater than the nodes data. This is highly inefficient as for each node, both of its left and right sub-trees are explored.

Another approach would be to do a regular in-order traversal and in each recursive call, pass maximum and minimum bounds to check whether the current nodes value is within the given bounds.

Basic Full Stack Development Interview Questions And Answers

As a full stack developer, you should know the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You should understand a back-end technology like Python, Java, or C++. You should have knowledge of SQL, and potentially specific technologies like Microsoft SQL and MySQL. You will need to understand the basics of version control, integrated development environments , and code hygiene. However, you may have less than one year of experience.

Who Is A Full Stack Developer

No matter what industry youre in, the software and hardware that we use every day are becoming more and more complicated.

We need more people who can work on them to keep them up and running. More and more companies are looking for people who can code on both the front end and the backend . They call these people full-stack developers.

The full-stack engineer job description includes the use of a variety of different technologies and languages to develop applications.

A full-stack Web developer is a good example of this model because the developer has a wide range of technologies and general knowledge of the platform, as well as deep experience and expertise in several of these concepts.

Typically, this type of developer comes from a start-up environment where extensive knowledge of all aspects of web development is critical to the survival of the company.

However, developers who do not have an official name but have an impressive portfolio, reliable reference materials, and open source work may also be very competitive candidates.

A Full-Stack developer is a person who can develop software for both the user and the service provider.

In simple language, a Full-Stack developer has the knowledge of the full stack of technology that makes up a website. They are very comfortable in both front-end and back-end languages.

A Full-Stack Developer is proficient in:

  • Server, network, and hosting environment.
  • Relational and non-relational databases.
  • Every commit should be built
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    How To Prepare And Succeed At Answering A Coding Question In An Infy Interview

    Preparing and succeeding at answering infosys coding questions during interview is essential if you want to land the role. The best way to prepare is to ensure you understand the problem, practice your coding abilities, research the company and position, identify your entire skill set, use available online resources, anticipate potential interviewer questions, and be prepared to explain and discuss code.

    Start you should begin by thoroughly understanding the problem at hand. Dig deep into any background or context for the coding question and consider what must be solved. If needed, take some time to talk it through with a friend or mentor who can help tease out tactics and strategies for tackling the issue. Furthermore, practice coding related tasks similar in scope and complexity so that your solution is well thought out when tackling the question during the interview.

    Next, research the company and the position you are applying for. Learning as much as possible about their products/services and what they are looking for in potential candidates will give you a better sense of how to answer their questions more accurately. Additionally, identify your critical skills before going in so that you know what areas of your knowledge base will shine brightest while answering infosys coding questions related to the position.

    Finally, anticipation is the key while answering infosys coding questions. So, be prepared before you walk onto the interview floor.

    A Short History Of Amazon

    Tushar S.

    Before we dive into the rigorous process of getting a job at Amazon, first we need to head back to the companys roots. When you look at the global enterprise of Amazon today, its crazy to think that this all started with one idea. Jeff Bezos wanted to find an efficient way outside of the United States Post office to ship products. He started out with the smartest and most sustainable product that he could think of: books. Bezos didnt stop there, as he quickly expanded the business to include other products, starting with CDs and eventually adding clothing, household items, and anything that could fit in a box.

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    Tell Me About A Time That You Dealt With A Hostile Customer

    When interviewers ask about a time you dealt with a hostile customer, they are looking to see how you handle difficult situations. They want to know if you can remain calm under pressure and whether you can think on your own. The best way to answer this question is to share an example of a time when you could successfully de-escalate the situation. You can talk about the steps you took to diffuse the situation and how you managed to keep the customer happy.

    Tell Me About A Time When You Dealt With An Employee With Poor Performance

    When answering this question in an interview, you want to focus on a time you successfully improved the employee’s performance. You could talk about how you identified the problem and what actions you took to correct it. You could also share how you monitored the employee’s progress and provided feedback. Ultimately, you want the interviewer to see that you have the ability to identify and solve problems when they arise.

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    What Are The System Requirements For This Aws Training And Certification

    We recommend the following system requirements for this AWS training and certification:

    • For Windows system: having a Windows XP SP3 or higher operating system will be helpful
    • For Mac system: OS X 10.6 or a higher version
    • Most importantly, the internet speed recommended for a smooth learning experience is 512 Kbps or higher
    • For better clarity, learners are advised to use headphones, speakers, and microphones.

    Troubleshooting Your Answers To A Coding Question During An Infosys Interview

    Amazon Interview Experience SDE1 | Amazon Interview Process | Tips to Crack the Amazon Interview

    Are you preparing for Infosys coding questions for interview? Code Based questions can be a challenging part of any programming interview. But dont panic. You can take steps to troubleshoot your answers to reach the desired outcome successfully. We will explore some of the best strategies for debugging and fixing coding questions during an Infosys interview.

    When facing an Infosys coding questions, it is helpful to approach it methodically to identify errors and come up with the best solution. One powerful technique is to break down the problem into smaller, more manageable parts and look at each step. This will help you better understand where the root of the error may be and allow for easier debugging. Additionally, running through test cases can help you pinpoint where errors exist and provide insight into possible fixes.

    Next, it is helpful to use algorithmic thinking when considering solutions and identifying patterns or trends this allows you to compare and contrast potential solutions before deciding which would work best. Debugging strategies should also consider swapping out different components within a code solution if needed this allows you to find any issues that may arise from specific parts or conditions of your solution that were previously overlooked.

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    Clearwater Analytics Interview Preparation

    Professional and academic backgroundEligibility criteriaClearwater Analytics interview preparation:Topics to prepare for the interviewTime required to prepare for the interviewInterview preparation tips for other job seekers

    Tip 1 : Require coding skills to pass the interview. Tip 2 : Brush up on Java SkillsTip 3 : Brush up on OOPS

    Application resume tips for other job seekers

    Tip 1 : Keep it to one pageTip 2 : Mention relevant skills as per the job

    Final outcome of the interview

    S To Crack Amazon Full

    At Amazon the Full-Stack interview is a lot different from an SDE interview, also Facebook similarly has a completely different recruiting process for UI Engineers. For Google, UX Engineer is the FEE equivalent with its own interview process. When you are interviewing for what you think is a full-stack role, make sure the recruiter and everyone you talk to is on the same page.

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    What Does An Ami Include

    AMI stands for Amazon Machine Images. It includes the following:

    • Single or multiple Amazon Elastic Block Store snapshots. Basically, templates for the root volume of the instance.
    • Launch permissions that let AWS accounts use AMI to launch instances.
    • A block device mapping to specify what volumes to be attached to the instance during its launch.

    Tell Me About A Time You Faced A Crisis At Work How Did You Handle It

    Learn Codings

    The best way to answer this question is to share a time when you could successfully manage a difficult situation. You can talk about how you kept a calm head under pressure, displayed excellent problem-solving skills, or took decisive action when needed.

    Ensure your strengths and how they helped you resolve the crisis. Stay positive, and don’t try to paint yourself as perfect – nobody is. If you made a mistake, own up to it and explain what you learned from the experience.

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    Tell Me About A Time When You Were Dissatisfied With The Quality Of Something At Work And Went Out Of Your Way To Improve It

    The best way to answer this question is to give an example of when you were dissatisfied with the quality of something at work and then took it upon yourself to improve it. For instance, maybe you noticed that many customer complaints were related to product quality. In that case, you might have decided to take on a quality assurance role to ensure that the products met customer expectations. Alternatively, if you felt that the company’s branding was lackluster, you might have started a branding initiative to improve the company’s image.

    What Are The Steps Involved In A Cloudformation Solution

    Here are the steps involved in a CloudFormation solution:

  • Create or use an existing CloudFormation template using JSON or YAML format.
  • Save the code in an S3 bucket, which serves as a repository for the code.
  • Use AWS CloudFormation to call the bucket and create a stack on your template.
  • CloudFormation reads the file and understands the services that are called, their order, the relationship between the services, and provisions the services one after the other.
  • Master’s Program: AWS Cloud Architect

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    What Is String Segmentation

    String segmentation is breaking a string into smaller strings or segments. This can be done in several ways, depending on the desired outcome. Common methods of string segmentation include character delimitation, word delimitation, and sentence delimitation.

    When you segment a string, you essentially break it down into smaller strings. These smaller strings can then be processed individually. For example, you could use string segmentation to split a list of names into individual strings. This would allow you to loop through the list and process each name separately.

    How Do You Upgrade Or Downgrade A System With Near

    Full Stack Development Mock Interview | Interview Questions for Senior Full Stack Developers

    You can upgrade or downgrade a system with near-zero downtime using the following steps of migration:

    • Open EC2 console
    • Launch an instance with the new instance type
    • Install all the updates
    • Test the instance to see if its working
    • If working, deploy the new instance and replace the older instance
    • Once its deployed, you can upgrade or downgrade the system with near-zero downtime.

    Take home these interview Q& As and get much more. Download the complete AWS Interview Guide here:

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    What Is Referential Transparency In Functional Programming

    A program may have the property of referential transparency if any two expressions in the program that have the same value can be substituted for one another anywhere in the program without changing the result of the program. It is used in functional programming. For example, consider the following code snippet:

    The variables count1 and count2 will be equal if the value of fun is not reflected. If the variable count1 is not equal to the variable count2, the referential transparency is violated.

    What Is Jdbc Why Do You Need Jdbc

    JAVA DATABASE Connectivity is a java API, which is used to connect and interact with Databases to retrieve, manipulate and process the data using SQL.


    To save output of a Java program in a file FileHandling is used. But even though file handling was a good approach, it had its own disadvantages when it comes to storing data or storing databases since databases cant be stored inside a file and hence it had the following disadvantages-

    • Cannot store data in tabular form
    • Multiple files cannot be related to each other i.e., we cannot store the data in the form of
    • Relational Database.

    To become a successful java developer, we should know how to establish a relation between the java program and the RDBMS. To establish this relation/data flow, we should have a connectivity called JDBC.

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    How Is Rolling Deployment Different From Blue

    • In a rolling deployment, a new version of the application gradually replaces the previous one. Upgrading the system takes a period of time, and both old and new versions will coexist without affecting user experience or functionality in that phase.

    • In a blue-green deployment, two identical production environments work in parallel. One is a blue environment that runs the production environment by receiving all user traffic. Another one is the green environment which you want to upgrade. Both use the same database backend and app configuration. If you swap the environment from blue to green, then traffic is directed towards a green environment.

    What Kind Of Projects Are Included As Part Of The Training

    Lakshmi N.

    Intellipaat is offering you the most updated, relevant, and high-value real-world projects as part of the training program. This way, you can implement the learning that you have acquired in real-world industry setup. All training comes with multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills, learning, and practical knowledge, making you completely industry-ready.

    You will work on highly exciting projects in the domains of high technology, ecommerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance, etc. After completing the projects successfully, your skills will be equal to 6 months of rigorous industry experience.

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    Faqs On Amazon Software Engineer Interview Questions

    Q1: What are the eligibility criteria for applying to the post of SDE I, II, or III at Amazon?

    A: You will need a bachelorâs degree or more in computer science and about two to three years of experience in software development.

    Q2: What kind of work experience does Amazon look for when recruiting software engineers?

    A: Amazon requires software development applicants to have an excellent track record of developing large-scale, low latency software products and also values in-depth understanding of algorithms, data structures, and databases.

    Q3: What other technical competencies are required to apply to Amazon as a software developer?

    A: You will need to have knowledge of diverse software like EC2, S3, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Lambda, ECR, ECS, Lex, and API Gateways. You will also need to be highly adept at programming languages like Java and Scala.

    Q4: Is it always necessary that I need to be a leader to crack the Amazon interviews as a software engineer?

    A: No, it is not necessary, but you should have some prior knowledge of the leadership principles practiced at Amazon.

    Q5. How can Interview Kickstart help me ace the Amazon software engineer interview?

    IK is the gold standard in tech interview prep. Our programs include a comprehensive curriculum, unmatched teaching methods, FAANG+ instructors, and career coaching to help you nail your next tech interview.

    What Is A Maintenance Window In Amazon Rds Will Your Db Instance Be Available During Maintenance Events

    RDS maintenance window lets you decide when DB instance modifications, database engine version upgrades, and software patching have to occur. The automatic scheduling is done only for patches that are related to security and durability. By default, there is a 30-minute value assigned as the maintenance window and the DB instance will still be available during these events though you might observe a minimal effect on performance.

    Take your career to the clouds with our Cloud Architect Masters Program! Enroll now and become an expert in cloud architecture and technologies.

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    How Do I Become An Aws Solution Architect Associate

    The most preferred way of becoming a professional in this domain is through enrolling in a proper training program, giving the examination, and getting certified.

    However, the training program must be carefully chosen based on a mix of practical and theoretical knowledge. Intellipaat offers a balanced curriculum that has helped our alumni get placed in good AWS roles in prominent companies.

    Cracking The Top Amazon Coding Interview Questions

    AWS Interview Questions | AWS Interview Questions And Answers 2022 | AWS Training | Simplilearn

    Landing a job at Amazon is a dream for many developers around the globe. Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, with a workforce of over half a million strong.

    For you to join them, youll need to complete their unique interview that combines technical and leadership knowledge.

    Today, well walk you through everything you need to crack the Amazon technical interview, including questions and answers for coding problems and a step-by-step preparation guide.

    Today, we will go over the following:

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