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Amazon Quality Assurance Engineer Interview Questions

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What Is Verification And Validation

How I cracked amazon’s QA interview? Interview Process and Tips

Validation is where the process of evaluating the end product takes place. This is done to determine whether the software meets the companys needs. Quality assurance teams typically perform validation activity by testing the execution of a product daily. This includes systems testing, smoke testing, regression testing, and functional testing. Verification is essentially the process of working through the development lifecycle’s intermediary work products to see if everything is going according to plan on time for the products release.

What Do Qa Interviewers Look For In Candidates

You dont need to be an incredible wunderkind or world-famous expert to prove your worth to a potential employer. Many times, an employer wants someone who fits the team and is willing to apply themselves even if they dont tick all the boxes for a position.

A willingness to grow, learn, and push themselves is the best quality for QA job candidates. Its fine if this particular position may only be a stepping stone for your career, but dont let your interviewer know this.

The company is about to invest thousands of dollars into you. Dont start off with I think this is where I want to be. Youll never get hired that way. I myself wasnt sure I was going to stay in QA, but here I am15 years later and Im still in this field. You never know what the future holds, so be confident and give this field a shot since you never know what can happen once youre in it.

Basic Qa Interview Questions & Answers

Everyone with a basic understanding of math can answer the question Whats 2+2? These questions are essentially on that level of simplicity when it comes to the role of a quality assurance engineer. For example, if you were applying to be a chef in a high-end restaurant, they would expect you to have your own knife set or know how to make poached eggs.

Consider these questions to relate to the backbone of QA testing responsibilities. You should be able to answer them with ease due to how intrinsic they are to the job at hand.

  • What is the difference between quality assurance, quality control, and testing?
  • Can you explain the Software Development Life Cycle, and how testing fits in?
  • When do you think QA activities should start?
  • What is a good test case?
  • How do you define the format of writing a good test case?
  • Have you used any automation tools?
  • What is the difference between severity and priority?
  • What is the difference between Assert and Verify commands in test automation?
  • What is a use case?
  • What is a test plan?
  • What does a test plan include?
  • What is a test strategy?
  • Are test plans and test strategies the same?
  • What is testware?
  • What is a bug?
  • Can you explain the basic steps of the bug cycle?
How to Write Test Cases for Software: Examples & Tutorial

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How To Be Successful In Amazon Qae Interview

Before I jump into the main article content, I would like to do few things first, two things in particular.

Firstly, my sincerest apologies to those people who messaged me requesting the details pertaining to how Amazon’s QAE interview would be like and did not receive a reply from me. I tried replying as much as I could :(. Especially, I replied to all those messages that said their jobs were impacted or about to be impacted due to current COVID-19 situation. My heart goes for you all.

Secondly, a few disclaimers. Please note, I am not representing Amazon here and your interview might completely go south . Also, I am not endorsing anyone towards any job at Amazon . I know that there are other great organisations with even greater products than of Amazon.

The main intent of this article is to help the needy Amazon QAE interview prospects with relevant information and guide them to be successful in their interview attempts with correct preparation.

What Do You Understand About Data Driven Testing

Amazon Software Qa Engineer Interview Questions

Data-Driven Testing is a software testing technique that stores test data in a table or spreadsheet format. Testers can use data-driven testing to enter a single test script that can run tests for all test data from a table and expect the test results to be returned in the same table. It’s also known as parameterized testing or table-driven testing.

Because testers usually have several data sets for a single test, Data-Driven Testing is critical. Creating different tests for each data set can be time-consuming. Data-driven testing allows data to be kept separate from test scripts, and the same test scripts can be run for multiple combinations of input test data, resulting in more efficient test results.

The above image depicts the process of data-driven testing. Test data is taken from a data file and tested on the application and then the produced output is compared with the actual output.

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Tell Me About Your Most Difficult Project

Take a deep breath. Let it all come back to you, the emotions, the late nights trying to find the problem, the inordinate amount of take-out boxes piled up on your test.

This is a great opportunity to let your passion for QA come out. Walk them through what caused you the most difficulty, why it was so hard to find the solution, and how hard you worked to resolve the issue.

How Would You Ensure That Your Testing Is Thorough And Comprehensive

The Requirement Traceability Matrix and Test Coverage Matrix will assist us in determining whether or not our test cases are adequately covered. The requirement traceability matrix will assist us in determining whether the test conditions are sufficient to fulfil all of the requirements. Coverage matrices will assist us in determining whether the test cases are sufficient to satisfy all of the Requirement Traceability Matrix test conditions.

The below image shows a sample Requirement Traceability Matrix:

The below image shows a sample Test Coverage Matrix:

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Describe The Differences Between Negative And Positive Testing

Negative testing is a testing technique that makes sure that the system works optimally in the case of any invalid inputs. For example, a user may enter invalid data into a text section. The application should return with a correct message, rather than a technical message the user will not comprehend. Positive testing determines that the system is working correctly and compare expected results with the actual testing results. Too often are negative testing scenarios not included in the determined product plan, so it is the duty of the quality assurance engineer to identify those negative scenarios and test for them.

Iii Analytical Skill Assessment

Amazon QAE II(Quality Assurance Engg) Interview Exp sharing(Testing Interview) Worth watch 4 Testers

The interviewer mainly checks the ability how you solve problems and perform debugging, including how you solve algorithmic problems. You can use any programming language that you know. Basic analytical skills and data structure knowledge will help you complete your tasks successfully. You may encounter questions like “How to debug a website that gives 404 errors?” or “How would you check why a user cannot add an item to the shopping cart?”. Here, you need to think deeply and devise a viable solution.

  • A Desktop Java application that ran until yesterday crashed today. How would you debug itï¼
  • You are installing a device driver, and it crashed. How would you debug it?
  • You are trying to run a video file, but it does not open. How would you debug it?
  • The bug tracking system is not working. What would you do in this situation?

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Has Anyone Taken The Amazon Qa Engineer Code Test

I have an interview next week with Amazon for Qa Engineer and there’s a coding portion. Has anyone taken it? Any tips to prepare for it?

I did about 7-8 months ago. They asked me a few basic questions like what’s a test plan and then asked to develop test cases for a feature they described. Then came one of those typical whiteboard questions off leetcode.

I don’t remember the exact question, but it involved Arrays and the interviewer wanted me to code a Binary Search Tree on CoderPad as part of the optimal solution… I wasn’t expecting that.

You can find sample questions on CareerCup –

Good luck! 🙂

Why Should I Hire You

A favorite question for interviewers from all over the world. This isnt a trick question – its an icebreaker.

Take this opportunity to put your strongest foot forward. Talk about what makes you passionate about QA, why youll do the job better than anyone else on the testing team due to the unique combination of talent and personality traits that only you can bring to the role. Dont worry about being self-critical or overly humble here. The question is designed to talk about the strengths of the applicant.

This question is so often mentioned in interviews that entire columns have been written to put minds at ease. If youre still feeling like you need more guidance on how to answer this question, I recommend checking out BigInterviews comprehensive article for further advice.

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Tips To Crack The Amazon Qa Engineer Interview

Given below are some tips to help you ace your next QA engineer interview.

  • Create an Impressive Project Portfolio

A strong project portfolio can give you a competitive edge. Create your portfolio using the STAR format, which highlights situations, tasks, actions, and results for each project. This will give interviewers the right context and clarity about projects as you talk about them.

  • Prepare Well for the Behavioral Interview

Behavioral interviews are a very important part of the Amazon interview process. Amazonâs behavioral interviews differ from behavioral interviews at other FAANG companies. The Bar Raiser round at Amazon focuses primarily on Amazonâs 14 Leadership Principles.

Make sure you prepare answers to behavioral questions using the STAR format. Appearing unprepared at the behavioral round by answering questions unsatisfactorily can negatively impact your interview results.

  • Uplevel Your Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills

Practice as many coding problems as possible before your interview. Try to practice at least 80 problems before your interview. This will help you identify different patterns that you can apply to solve new problems.

  • Earmark Adequate Time to Prepare for Your Interview

Give yourself a minimum of 8 weeks to prepare for the interview. Inadequate preparation time can cause you to overlook crucial technical concepts, weakening your competitive edge.

  • Practice Mock Interviews

What Is A Test Plan

Amazon Jobs 2021  Apply For Quality Assurance Engineer

The Test Plan document is a document which contains the plan for all the testing activities to deliver a quality product. The test Plan document is derived from many activities such as product description, SRS, or Use Case documents for all future events of the project. The Test Lead usually prepares it, or Test manager and the focus of the document is to describe what to test, how to test when to test, who will do what test.

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I Testing Skill Assessment

In the first round, the interviewer will evaluate your ability to plan test strategies and cases.

You will get real-time illustrations to provide a test strategy and a set of test cases. This basic test allows you to feel pressured and observe your performance. The interviewer may emphasize you to elaborate on the test case generation part. Below is a list of example test scenarios asked during such interviews.

  • How do you create test plans and cases for the vending machine?
  • How do you create test cases to break the Amazon system?
  • How do you write test cases to examine the robustness of the Amazon system?

Now let’s look at some example questions about the QA Engineer position at Amazon.

1. Review Some Real Example Questions

Here we list some practical and common questions to understand what the interviewer could ask.

2. Find Out Some Tough Questions

How Would You Test A Broken Toaster

This is a bonus question because some organizations like these sort of questions and others dont. On one hand it puts the interviewer in a difficult position, and one they almost certainly didnt expect to be in. But the benefit is that it requires quick, out of the box thinking and presents an opportunity for the interviewee to demonstrate their creativity.

Due to the spirit of the question, Im not going to tell you how to test a broken toaster. Thats up to you.

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What Do You Understand About Bug Leakage And Bug Release

  • Bug Leakage: When a bug is discovered by an end-user, that should have been caught in earlier builds/versions of the application, a bug leakage occurs. Bug leaking refers to a fault that exists during testing but is not discovered by the tester and is subsequently discovered by the end-user.
  • Bug Release: When a particular version of the software is released with a collection of known bugs/defects, it is referred to as a bug release . Bugs of this type are frequently of low severity and/or priority. When the company can afford the existence of a bug in the released software rather than the time/cost of repairing it in that version, this is done. In most cases, these bugs are disclosed in the Release Notes.

Amazon’s Leadership Principles To Add More Peculiarity:

Amazon Interview Quality Assurance Engineer TCE (Test Case Enumeration/Questions) Round – Part 3

Why do you think Amazon is so successful? Because it is Customer Obsessed from core. Why so? Refer to its 14 Leadership Principles and .

You would be assessed on most of these LPs. An example question would be like: ‘Tell me a scenario where you have helped your team to be more productive?”.

Another question would be like: ‘Tell me a scenario where you went above and beyond your job responsibilities to solve a problem?”.

For such questions, follow and apply STAR formula. I will leave STAR’s explanation to experts here. Also, you can refer sample LP Questions.

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How Do You Prioritize When You Have So Many Tasks

Think about how youve approached busy moments in the past. Are you a strict scheduler? Or do you prefer budgeting your time more loosely, allowing room to adapt to sudden issues? Again, these questions are more about determining whether youre a good personality fit for their team.

If youre somebody who feels that prioritizing multiple projects is one of your weak points, the Harvard Business Review has a guide on how to properly prioritize at work.

Explain What Is A Testware In The Context Of Quality Assurance

Testware is a collection of software created for the specific purpose of software testing, particularly software testing automation.

For example, automation testware is created to run on automation frameworks. All utilities and application software that work together to test a software package but do not necessarily contribute to operational purposes are referred to as testware. As a result, testware is only a working environment for application software or portions thereof, rather than a static configuration. It contains artifacts created during the testing process that is needed to plan, develop, and execute tests, such as documentation, scripts, inputs, expected outcomes, set-up and clear-up processes, files, databases, environment, and any other software or tools used during testing. Both verification and validation testing methodologies are used to create testware. Testware, like software, consists of codes and binaries, as well as test cases, test plans, and test reports. Testware should be preserved and faithfully maintained under the direction of a configuration management system.

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What Is Monkey Testing

  • Monkey testing is a type of black box testing used to test the application by providing random inputs to check the system behavior such as to check the system, whether it is crashing or not.
  • This type of testing is performed automatically whenever the user provides the random inputs to check the system behavior
  • There is no need to create test cases to perform monkey testing.
  • It can also be automated, i.e., we can write the programs or scripts to generate random inputs to check the system behavior.
  • This technique is useful when we are performing stress or load testing.

There are two types of monkeys:

  • Smart monkeys
  • Smart monkeys are those which have a brief idea about the application.
  • They know that where the pages of an application will redirect to which page.
  • They also know that the inputs that they are providing are valid or invalid.
  • If they find any error, then they are smart enough to file a bug.
  • They also know that what are the menus and buttons.

Dumb Monkeys

  • Dumb Monkeys are those which have no idea about the application.
  • They do not know about the pages of an application will redirect to.
  • They provide random inputs, and they do not know about the starting and ending point of the application.
  • They do not know much about the application, but still, they find bugs such as environmental failure or hardware failure.
  • They also do not know much about the functionality and UI of an application.

Should Qa’s Resolve Production Issues

Amazon Software Qa Engineer Interview Questions

You might have varying opinions on this one, but I’d advise you to answer “Yes”.

Its often good for the QA to be involved in solving production issues. They should, when possible, write test cases and try to find the issues. By getting involved, the QA is minimizing the number issues in the final product.

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