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Apple Machine Learning Engineer Interview

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Apple Machine Learning Coding Interview: Calculating Minimum Distance

With technology ramping up, jobs in the field of data science and AI will continue to be in demand. Candidates who upgrade their skills and become well-versed in these emerging technologies can find many job opportunities with impressive salaries. Looking forward to becoming a Machine Learning Engineer? Enroll in Simplilearn’s AI and ML Course and get certified today. Based on your experience level, you may be asked to demonstrate your skills in machine learning, additionally, but this depends mostly on the role youre pursuing. These machine learning interview questions and answers will prepare you to clear your interview on the first attempt!

Apart from the above mentioned interview questions, it is also important to have a fair understanding of frequently asked Data Science interview questions.

Considering this trend, Simplilearn offers AI and Machine Learning certification course to help you gain a firm hold of machine learning concepts. This course is well-suited for those at the intermediate level, including:

  • Analytics managers

What Are The Different Types Of Machine Learning

There are three types of machine learning:

Supervised Learning

In supervised machine learning, a model makes predictions or decisions based on past or labeled data. Labeled data refers to sets of data that are given tags or labels, and thus made more meaningful.

Unsupervised Learning

In unsupervised learning, we don’t have labeled data. A model can identify patterns, anomalies, and relationships in the input data.

Reinforcement Learning

Using reinforcement learning, the model can learn based on the rewards it received for its previous action.

Consider an environment where an agent is working. The agent is given a target to achieve. Every time the agent takes some action toward the target, it is given positive feedback. And, if the action taken is going away from the goal, the agent is given negative feedback.

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How Is The Apple Interview Different From Other Companies Interviews

The Two Against One style of interviewing is somewhat unique amongst the FAANG companies. This style is what it sounds like in that you are being interviewed by two Apple employees.

Outside of that though, the content you will encounter here will be very familiar to you, especially if you have read up on the other posts here on Byte by Byte that cover the and the .

Another difference may be in the enthusiasm that Apple employees have for their products. While its not mandatory, being an enthusiast and user of Apple products is a soft prerequisite. Of course, it wont be a make or break a thing if you are not, but it will probably raise a few eyebrows if youre enthusiastically against Apple products.

Find All Sum Combinations

How to prepare a Apple Machine Learning Engineer interview

The goal of this exercise is to use your backtracking skills to find all sum combinations.

Problem statement: Given a positive integer, target, print all possible combinations of positive integers that add to the target number.

The output will be in the form a list of lists or an array of arrays, as each element in the list will be another list containing a possible sum combination.

For example, if you are given input 5, these are the possible sum combinations.

1, 42, 31, 1, 31, 2, 21, 1, 1, 21, 1, 1, 1, 1

Try it yourself below before checking the solution.

vector< vector< int> >  print_all_sum{    vector< vector< int> >  output 

We recursively go through all possible sum combinations, and when the running sum equals the target, print that combination.The algorithm will recursively check all the numbers that can sum up to the target.

In each recursive call, there is a for loop that runs from start to target, where start is initially 1. current_sum is the variable that is incremented with every recursive call.

Every time a value is added to the current_sum, it is also added to the result list. Whenever current_sum equals target, we know that the result list contains a possible combination for target, and this list is then appended to the final output list.

Base condition of recursion:if current_sum equals target  print the output contents

Before each recursive call, an element is added to result. However, after each call, this element is also removed from the list to reset the list.

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Role Of Machine Learning Engineers At Apple

Apple looks for exceptional, innovation-driven engineers. It seeks machine learning engineers who have experience building large-scale data systems to create strategic and long-term analytics platforms for the MLPT ecosystem. These systems should be able to capture data required to identify optimizations to improve the overall computing efficiency in ML engineer workloads.

The role of a Machine Learning Engineer at Apple includes:

  • Developing machine learning infrastructure to be used by product teams for developing, evaluating, and deploying machine learning models.
  • Researching and developing innovative ML algorithms for NLP, computer vision, audio, and related fields.
  • Developing and maintaining a codebase by writing readable, modular, and well-tested code.
  • Guiding product teams on best practices to be able to develop high-quality ML models and analyze failure cases.
  • Providingfeedback on tools and new features to ML platform teams.

You can check out this complete Apple Interview Guide for information on Apple software engineer interviews, recruitment process, preparation plan, Apple Machine Learning Engineer interview questions, and useful hacks from experts.

What Is This Article About

In this article, I share an eclectic collection of interview questions that will help you in preparing for Machine Learning interviews. This is helpful to someone who is interested in one/more of the following positions in the Machine Learning group of a leading company (Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon

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Faqs About Apple Interviews

  • Do you need previous job experience to work at Apple? / Is it hard to land a job at Apple with no experience? You don’t need experience, and Apple is open to training new hires. However, it might make you less competitive. So work with a consultant to better tailor your approach.
  • Apple contacted me to schedule an interview but hasn’t responded since. What’s going on? That’s normal, and everything’s fine. Apple’s recruiters are known for not responding to communication and taking their own time. They’ll get back to you when they do.
  • What teams is Apple hiring for? Apple is expected to hire for engineering, technical, and other critical roles. It’s also likely to continue moving into AR/VR.

Raft Machine Learning Engineer Interview Questions

Apple Internship Experience in Machine Learning with a Stanford Masters Student


Anonymous Interview Candidate in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

I applied online. I interviewed at Raft


Guy name Yash will mail you for the first round which will be a 15 min interview round, the second hopefully will be the technical round and the third HR round.

Interview Questions

  • For the first round:-1. What is your name2. Number of projects done, not even ask what I’ve done on those projects. Just number3. Expected CTC

I applied online. I interviewed at Raft


Really worst experience I got the first mail for interview with HR round then I gave her the basic introduction about myself and then she gave me one assignment to work over related to Fashion MNSIT api building and using celery i have asked them about my progress several times over the mail they jusy ghosted me and after one month i got the rejection mail without any reason.

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Getting In Touch With The Recruiter

The first step in the process is to either have a recruiter reach out to you or vice versa.

In the former, it is not uncommon for Apple recruiters to reach out to you if you are graduating from a competitive computer science program, have competed in hackathons, or have a compelling enough web presence to get approached by recruiters through LinkedIn and via other online channels.

For the latter, the most direct method of being put in touch with a recruiter is directly through the Apple Jobs board. The layout of the website is characteristic of Apples style in that it is very minimalistic and has a very clean-cut style.

Depending on your experience and their need, you may or may not receive an initial rejection from the automated system. Apple is typically quite good about sending a notification in either case.

If the position is not a fit, you will receive a response, and in the event that it is, a recruiter will touch base with you for further details, some of which are outlined in the remaining part of this post.

Another direct method is to keep a lookout for local job and career fairs where Apple will be present. These tend to be centralized in more densely populated areas, which makes sense from Apples perspective in having a high number of qualified candidates.

It may be worthwhile to see if there are any local channels, that is, universities, meetup groups, etc. that may give some location-specific information for your area.

Apple Machine Learning Engineer Interview Process

The interview process for ML engineer roles at Apple consists of three rounds

  • The Initial Screen: A recruiter from Apple will get in touch with you to understand your skills, compensation, level of experience, and what your expectations are from the role. Youâll be contacted by the recruiter either through LinkedIn or directly if youâve applied through Appleâs careers page.
  • The Technical Screen: This remote interview round predominantly tests your ability to solve coding problems, mostly around algorithms. A hiring manager conducts this round to understand your prowess with programming and your ability to display sound analytical abilities in solving problems. This round either takes place via a shared doc or an interviewing tool. Apart from the coding element, you can expect a few questions around ML and AI as well.
  • The On-site: The on-site interview evaluates your coding skills, ML knowledge, and behavioral tendencies. If the role youâre applying to involves product design, you can expect a dedicated Product Design round in the on-site. Each of these rounds is conducted by one or many hiring managers. The rounds are usually time-bound, lasting about 30-40 minutes each.

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Sample Coding Interview Questions

  • Youâre given an array of integers. Write a code to determine if there are three integers in the array whose sum equals a given value.
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    How To Prepare For The Apple Interview

    There are a few components that make the Apple interview a unique experience. So now that you know what the Apple Interview consists of, how do you most effectively go about preparing for it?

    Pro tip: Spend most of your time on the most important and most likely material to appear in the Apple Interview.

    As you would expect from an interview from the tech giants, having a solid grasp of data structures and algorithms is going to serve you well in both the phone screen and on-site interviews.

    The types of questions that we spend our time practicing are important, especially if we are targeting a specific company.With this in mind, we decided to gather some data regarding the types of questions that are typically asked in Apple interviews. We combed through the website Glassdoor to find specific examples of what people had experienced in their Apple interview.

    More Interview Prep Resources

    Data Science in R Interview Questions and Answers Book

    Here at Exponent, we have dozens of different interview prep tools and resources to help you breeze through the Apple interview process:

    Complete Software Engineering Interview Prep Course

    Our software engineering interview course helps you review the most important data structures, algorithms, and system design principles, with detailed questions and mock interviews.

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    Other Machine Learning Interview Questions For Your Apple Interview

    In addition to the above-listed type of questions, you can also expect some questions related to machine learning during the interview:

  • Predict the probability of a user clicking on a given post.
  • How would you build a system that detects if a given media is offensive?
  • In a data set comprising millions of users with hundreds of transactions each of thousands of products, how would you group them to form meaningful segments?
  • What is LRU Cache?
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    What Is Naive In The Naive Bayes Classifier

    The classifier is called naive because it makes assumptions that may or may not turn out to be correct.

    The algorithm assumes that the presence of one feature of a class is not related to the presence of any other feature , given the class variable.

    For instance, a fruit may be considered to be a cherry if it is red in color and round in shape, regardless of other features. This assumption may or may not be right .

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    Explain The Difference Between Lasso And Ridge

    Lasso and Ridge are the regularization techniques where we penalize the coefficients to find the optimum solution. In ridge, the penalty function is defined by the sum of the squares of the coefficients and for the Lasso, we penalize the sum of the absolute values of the coefficients. Another type of regularization method is ElasticNet, it is a hybrid penalizing function of both lasso and ridge.

    How To Prepare For Apple Machine Learning Interview

    The Apple Data Science Interview

    InterviewAssociated Content Networkget interview-ready!machine learning interviews at FAANG 49%.

    Reading: How to Prepare For Apple Machine Learning Interview | Interviewkickstart

    Want to nail your next machine learning engineer interview? Sign up for our FREE Webinar. We have put together the ultimate guide on everything you need to know about preparing for the Apple machine learning interview. here s what we will cover in this article :

    • What is the difference between a machine learning engineer and an artificial intelligence engineer?
    • What does an Apple machine learning engineer do?
    • How to become a machine learning engineer at Apple
    • Whats the Apple interview structure like for machine learning engineers?
    • Interview study guide for Apple machine learning engineers
    • Apple machine learning engineer interview questions
    • Tips to crack your Apple machine learning engineering interview
    • Machine learning engineering career FAQs

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    Machine Learning Engineer Interview Questions From Top Companies

    Wondering what top tech companies are looking for in Machine Learning Engineers? Here are a few interview questions from Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

    • What are the differences between generative and discriminative models?
    • How would you weigh nine marbles three times on a balance scale to select the heaviest one?
    • Whats the difference between MLE and MAP inference?
    • Why did you use this particular machine learning algorithm in your project?
    • What is K-means algorithm?

    Machine Learning Interview Questions: General Machine Learning Interest

    This series of machine learning interview questions attempt to gauge your passion and interest in machine learning. The right answers will serve as a testament to your commitment to being a lifelong learner in machine learning.

    Q41: What are the last machine learning papers youve read?

    Answer: Keeping up with the latest scientific literature on machine learning is a must if you want to demonstrate an interest in a machine learning position. This overview of deep learning in Nature by the scions of deep learning themselves can be a good reference paper and an overview of whats happening in deep learning and the kind of paper you might want to cite.

    More reading: What are some of the best research papers/books for machine learning?

    Q42: Do you have research experience in machine learning?

    Answer: Related to the last point, most organizations hiring for machine learning positions will look for your formal experience in the field. Research papers, co-authored or supervised by leaders in the field, can make the difference between you being hired and not. Make sure you have a summary of your research experience and papers readyand an explanation for your background and lack of formal research experience if you dont.

    Q43: What are your favorite use cases of machine learning models?

    More reading: What are the typical use cases for different machine learning algorithms?

    Q44: How would you approach the Netflix Prize competition?

    More reading: Netflix Prize

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    Apple Machine Learning Engineer Salary

    Whiteboard interview with Zoom and Apple iPad

    Apple is renowned for building world-class innovative products. These products integrate hardware with intelligent software experiences using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The race to get a machine learning job at Apple is quite competitive, but with the right coaching and preparation, you can land your dream machine learning job at your dream company – Apple!

    If you are preparing for a machine learning interview, check out our technical interview checklist, interview questions page, and salary negotiation ebook to get interview-ready! Also, read How to Get a Software Engineer Job at Apple and The Ultimate Guide to Crack Appleâs On-site Interview for specific insights and guidance on Apple tech interviews.

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