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Best Interview Questions For Hr Candidates

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What Is Your Take On Cybersecurity Policies

HR Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced candidates – Many new generation questions!

The answer could include- A good cybersecurity policy is extremely important. Very often people assume that cybersecurity is the sole responsibility of the IT department. However, the HR department also needs to be involved. These policies can range from social media restrictions to email encryption.

You could either have an issue related policy, system-specific policy or a master policy. But having a robust cybersecurity policy is crucial.

Why Did You Decide To Apply To This Role

This question aims to evaluate the candidates interest in the role. Are they really motivated to get hired for this specific job or do they just mass-apply to every job ad under the sun? Candidates should show that this application was a conscious decision on their part.

Sample answer:

I have been following your companys successes for some time now and I know you have a great software development team. I was thinking that this would be the best environment for me to apply the skills I acquired during my internship and Masters degree. So, I checked your careers page regularly and when I saw this job ad, I thought it was finally time to try my hand. I have experience in web development and Im really interested in the projects youre mentioning in the job ad in fact, one of them was the subject of my thesis. I really think Im a good fit for the job and can grow even more in your workplace.

What Are Your Minimum Salary Requirements

Very few applicants indicate their salary requirements on the front end for fear that theyll overprice themselves and be ruled out. But, if possible, I try to at least get them to give me a salary range. This way, if theyre way over my budget, I dont waste my time or theirs.

Tony Lewis, 8+ years of recruiting experience, Twitter: @TonyLewis711Kingwood, Texas

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Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years

An ambitious professional with a clear set of goals for the short, medium, and long term, is an invaluable asset to the company. This is true especially if they parallel their career growth with the company they are interviewing at.

As they grow professionally and financially, the company grows and expands too.

During the interview, confident job seekers will discuss that they seek a company with upward mobility as they help the company prosper.

How To Prepare For Interview Hr Questions

6 Top Interview Questions (to assess attitude)

Practicing interview questions for HR is not something you cant do in a day. It requires research, learning, and practice. To get recent trends and ideas, you should follow HR blogs for guidance. HR interviews bring a recruitment process to a successful conclusion. The above mentioned common HR interview questions are sufficient to conduct a successful interview. So start following these from now.

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Importance Of The Hr Interview

Human resources does a lot more than simply resolve employee conflicts. An HR manager is responsible for functions like maintaining legal compliance managing payroll administering employee benefits creating an employee handbook developing company culture and recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees. Because of this, it is essential that you conduct effective, legal, and non-biased HR interviews to ensure you have the right people in place to help run your business.

An interview is a two-way street a candidate is interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them. A good HR interview process with the right questions can attract the best HR professionals and ensure you do not make a bad hire.

Prepare For Your Hr Interview To Ensure Success

While the HR interview gets a bad reputation for being a formality, its arguably the most important step in the hiring process. Prepare beforehand, practice your answers, and research the company and its culture. The HR professional is your ally during the process. You want them to know that youre the perfect fit for the role, which will get you closer to a job offer.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in October 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Originally published Apr 26, 2021 7:00:00 AM, updated April 26 2021


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If You Were Reborn As An Animal What Animal Would You Want To Be

This might seem to be an odd question to answer to. Rest assured, the interviewer does not want to joke with you. Instead, they ask this question to get what kind of personality you are, what your thought process is, and how creative you are by describing yourself as an animal.

Some tips to answer this question would be:

  • While answering, make sure your justification is aligned with the job role you are choosing.
  • Do not choose animals with poor traits.
  • Do not choose animals with the traits that are opposing the ones required for the job role.
  • Following are some traits of animals. Make sure your skills match those traits:
  • Lion: Always ready to fight, never backs from challenges, strong and rightly known as the king of the jungle.
  • Dog: Known for loyalty and friendliness.
  • Elephant: Hardworking animal capable of performing hardcore work.
  • Cows: Known for love and loyalty.
  • Dolphin: Known for selflessness and helpfulness.
  • Butterfly: Has the ability to transform from one stage to another and always waiting to fly beautifully.
  • Ant: Known for being a hard worker and for the ability to carry weights twice their weight.
  • Owl: Wise creatures known for seeing bigger pictures.
  • Dove: Known for peace and non-violence.
  • Chameleon: Jells well in all environments. Also considered to be sneaky. – This animal can be avoided.
  • Snake: Known for being tricky – This animal should be avoided.
  • Tortoise: Known for being lethargic and sluggish. – This animal should be avoided.

Sample answer:

What Are You Passionate About

Top 5 interview questions for HR round

My favorite interview question to ask a candidate is, Other than your family, what are you passionate about? Whether its their Sunday night bowling league or their sons Boy Scout group, they need to be passionate about something. If the candidate is not passionate about anything, he/she will not be passionate about working for my company.

Gene Caballero Co-Founder

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How Do You Deal With Pressure Or With Stressful Situations

It is unwise to attempt to sidestep this question in an effort to prove that one is simply a perfect candidate who can handle every type of situation. Overly pat replies, such as I dont get stressed, or I just power through it, convey an inappropriate message. The better approach is to discuss optimal strategies for coping with stress and how one communicates or tries to mitigate pressure in advance, for instances, by emphasizing organization and preparation. It is preferable, of course, if a candidate can furnish a clear example of a stressful situation that has been successfully addressed.

Top 20 Most Common Hr Interview Questions And Answers

List of the Most Frequently Asked HR Interview Questions and Answers. Read These Common HR Interview Questions to Ace Your Upcoming HR Phone as well as In-person Interview:

For getting any job, it is crucial that you ace the HR interview. Your interview with HR will determine how far you will go in the interviewing process. One of the most common mistakes which most of the candidates make is that they think they can just wing it.

They think they are smart and hence can get away with the interview. But the fact is that nothing beats preparation. The candidates who are truly committed will rehearse answering the tricky interview questions. This will help them to respond confidently.

Here are some HR interview questions that will help you to clear the interview with flying colors. These are some classic questions that HR ask regardless of the position they are interviewing for. Along with these questions, we have also included some tips for interpreting them and answering them perfectly.

What You Will Learn:

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How Do You Evaluate Third

  • Try to get in touch with people who have worked with this trainer before and asked them how the sessions were conducted.
  • Find out how easy/ not easy the person was to work with.
  • Speak to the trainer to get an idea of their way of working, and fees .

These are some of the points you could include in your answer.

Do You Have Any Questions For Us

Recruiters Reveal: Discover The 16 Best Interview Questions To Ask ...

An interviewer is also a person, and he or she expects some reciprocal curiosity. The candidate should use this opportunity to gain more insight as to the suitability or fit, from his or her own perspective. So its fine to ask more questions about the company itself, the department, or the team. One strategy is to target questions to the interviewer, e.g., What do you enjoy most about your work here? or the growth in the company, e.g., Can you tell me anything further about upcoming new products or future growth plans?

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How Do I Prepare For Hr Round

The HR interview is your only chance to make a lasting first impression. Because it determines whether you get to move forward, its important to prepare for the interview as if the HR professional gets to make the final decision.

Luckily, its easy to prepare. Aside from knowing the questions you might be asked, youll want to research the company, reread the job description multiple times, practice your answers beforehand, and compile a list of questions to ask the HR rep.

Lets go over these one-by-one.

What Should I Know Thats Not On Your Resume

When a hiring manager or a recruiter shows interest beyond the four corners of a candidates resume, that bodes well for the candidate. In all likelihood, they have looked at the candidates credentials and are thinking that he or she might be a sound fit. A candidate can co-opt this question by talking about a positive trait, or perhaps a story or detail that reveals a bit morebut not too muchabout the candidate and his or her experience. Other possibilities include missions or goals that make the candidate enthusiastic about the position or the company.

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Why Are You Leaving Your Current Employer

When you ask this question, pay close attention to how the candidate talks about their former job. Are they focusing on the negative aspects, or do they err more on the positive side by addressing their hopes for the future? The interviewees ability to show respect for their previous employer and workplace demonstrates their civility and professionalism, which are two essential attributes in any role.

Tell Me About A Time When You Had To Use Your Interpersonal Skills To Build A Network Of Contacts To Reach Goals

Top 10 Questions YOU Want To Ask In a Job Interview | Indeed Career Tips

Im looking for candidates to describe how theyve done this in the past and how building a network helped them be successful. Im also looking for creative or unique ways theyve thought outside the box in order to get introduced to new contacts or reach their goals.

How they answer this question allows me to understand their communication skills, as well as their ability to build rapport and long-term relationships with others.

Shannon Williams, 8 years of recruiting experience, Twitter: @RecruitShannon

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Human Resources Director Interview Questions

When hiring a Human Resources Director, look for a candidate capable of setting the tone for how your organization will manage its workforce. This key role is responsible for ensuring that your company complies with all applicable employment laws and regulations, and does so in a manner consistent with established business goals and company values.

A qualified candidate will take a broad view of the organization, recognizing the unique characteristics of each department and the company as a whole. This role demands a high level of judgment and the ability to develop and implement strategies. The Human Resources Director should have outstanding leadership skills and extensive experience preparing and delivering presentations to management and the Board of Directors. As the role is privy to personal and sensitive information about company employees, the highest level of discretion and confidentiality is required.

General interview questions are a great way to get to know your candidates personal history, interests and goals. However, be sure to add inquiries specific to the role theyre interviewing for, so you can gain valuable insights into their likelihood of success in that position.

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How Do You Read Me

In our business, we need to be perceptive and read people, usually over the phone. How do you read me?

This question helps me understand how well they deal with being put on the spot and how perceptive they are. Do they take risks with their answer, you look like you could be demanding and impatient, etc., or are they obsequious youre really successful and smart?

Martyn Basset, CEO, and Founder of , a Recruitment Firm

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Tell Me Something About Yourself

This is by far one of the most common HR job interview questions you could be asked at an interview. It is also the place where youre most likely to mess up! While answering this question remember not to repeat points that are already on your CV . The interview will almost definitely have a copy of your CV in front of them during the interview.

Instead, speak about things that motivate you. Elaborate on your biggest achievements or awards from your previous job. If you are a fresher, talk about academic achievements. Most importantly, relate all of this to the job you are applying for.

Know The Company Inside

8 Creative Interview Questions to Ask Potential Employees

It is an absolute must to know the company before you appear for the interview. Try and collect as much information on the company as you can from the official website and social media handles , to know what they specialize in, the products/services they offer, the target market, and the companys vision, objectives, and core values.

Also, read up on the prominent faces behind the company . Having this information will pay off if ever you must talk about the company during the interview.

Check out the scope and career options in HR

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Recruiters Reveal: Discover The 16 Best Interview Questions To Ask

Coming up with the right interview questions to make the best hiring decision for your business can create a lot of pressure and stress.

Youll want to walk into the interview room feeling prepared, and walk out with a better understanding of the candidates potential at your company.

What interview questions should you ask to get the answers you need, and why?

We reached out to our team of experienced recruiters to help you with this daunting task. Heres their take on 16 interview questions they believe should always be asked.

Tell Me About A Successful Initiative You Devised And Implemented

What you want to hear: This question will help you assess the type and scope of projects the candidate has been involved with. The candidate should explain the problem they felt needed addressing, how they evaluated alternative solutions, their approach to getting organizational buy in, and the outcome. Was the initiative large in scope with a significant impact on overall company operations, or more limited in scope with an impact on a specific department or team?

Red flag: Match your candidates experience with your companys needs. If there is a significant gap between the size of programs they have devised and implemented and the size of programs you anticipate needing for your company that may be a red flag that the candidate is not prepared for the role.

Save time when interviewing hr directors. Get one-way video applications for just $9. Sign-up to HelloCecil for a free trial.

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Tell Me About A Time When You Were Not Satisfied With Your Performance

Here, the interviewer gets to know the extent of ownership you take while performing any task. It also reflects how well you care about the job and the company.

Sample answer:

When I initially joined my job right after college, there was a point where I was constantly becoming dependent on the team members to get work done. I did not like this as I wanted to carry out my responsibilities in an independent manner along with working in a team. I wasted no time and quickly learned the working dynamics of the project and received various assignments related to the project. The more assignments I worked on with minimal help, the more confident I became and the more sense of ownership is provided. I felt more independent and I was lauded multiple times for my dedication, my sense of ownership, and how quickly I was able to adapt to the project.

Have You Ever Made A Mistake How Did You Solve It

HR Interview Question and Answers for Freshers

This question might seem generical but in reality, it tells a lot about how a person handles various situations and most importantly, how able they are to admit that they made a mistake. If youre interviewing someone and they tell you all about a mistake they made and how they solved it, they might be a very valuable asset to your company.

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On the other hand, if someone claims to have never made a mistake in their career, its crystal clear that theyre not only lying, but are afraid to admit their wrongdoings. Cross these people off your list as they are not suited for an HR job. In case the person in front of you offers detailed examples of how they handle various situations, listen very closely. They may be offering some valuable clues without even realizing it. Its also important to stay updated when it comes to the trends in this domain and ask your employees to do the same thing. Here are some surprising skills that might shape the human resources domain in the near future.

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