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Best Platform For Video Interviews

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What Is Video Interviewing

Introducing Indeed Hiring Platform

Traditionally, employers have conducted interviews with job candidates only in person or over the phone. As its name strongly suggests, though, video interviewing refers to a newer interviewing style which takes place remotely using digital video technology.

Already on the rise, the use of video interviewing in human resources surged rapidly with the onset of the global pandemic early in the year 2020. By April of 2020, industry analyst group Gartner reported that 86 percent of organizations were conducting video or virtual interviews. Meanwhile, a benchmark study by Criteria discovered an increase in video interviewing of 159 percent year over year. With the trend toward increased work at home now expected to last well beyond the pandemic, video interviewing is now here for the long haul.

There are two main types of video interviews. Two-way interviews, also known as live or synchronous interviews, are done live over the Internet. Both the interviewer and the job candidate are present during the video session, although they are in separate physical locations.

In contrast, one-way or asynchronous job interviews are pre-recorded by the job candidate, typically from the convenience of home, and then sent electronically to the employer. Usually, the candidate is prompted by the video interviewing system to answer certain questions.

Fair Ethical Hiring Made Easy

Incorporating a structured digital interviewing methodology into your online interviewing process eliminates guesswork and allowing for a fair evaluation of all applicants. Everyone is given equal opportunity and consideration for employment thanks to a standardized process thats proven to work. You can add question guides and rating rubrics to fight hiring bias, helping you hire the absolute best person for every job.

Increase the predictive validity of your hires by up to 65%

Best Free Video Interviewing Platforms 2022

The best video interview software, benefits, features, pitfalls and more.

Even before coronavirus, video interview platforms existed for companies looking to streamline their interview processes. But especially because of the pandemic, recruiters have to become more creative to screen and interview the top talent.

The best video interviewing software can shrink the amount of time your talent acquisition team spends on screening candidates, effectively diminishing your time to fill as well. Yet no matter how great speeding up your hiring process may be, it might not be worth it if the price point is too high for your return on investment.

Our goal with this guide is to help small business and startups leverage the power of video interview software while sticking to a tighter budget. Below you can find the best free-to-use solutions, free trials and inexpensive options to empower your hiring team during the interview process. If you find that your company is ready to upgrade to a paid solution, check out our landscape of the best video interview platforms.

We spend hundreds of hours researching the best HR and recruiting software so you donât have to. We never take money from vendors during our research phase and rely heavily on practitioners and experts to help us recommend the right software. However we may earn a fee if you click on vendor links on this page. Learn more

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Let The Candidate Set The Scene

No matter how inviting your office design is, its unfamiliar to candidates. There are new visual distractions and a general sense of disorientation. Chances are they wont have their bearings and feel at ease until the interview is well underway.

And that can compromise their performance.

With a video interview, however, candidates can choose where they record their answers. Whether its from the comfort of their den or at their favorite quiet coffee shop, theyll feel like they have home-field advantage. That boost to their confidence will allow them to truly shine to the best of their abilities.

Implementing Video Interviews Helps Everyone Involved In The Hiring Process Make Better Decisions About Which Candidates To Move Forward With

Top 5 FREE Video Interviewing Platforms

Screen candidates more efficiently

Provide candidates with the ultimate flexibility to answer your questions on their own time in a pre-recorded video interview.

  • Gain more insight on candidates than a phone interview
  • Review the completed video interviews at your convenience
  • Interview significantly more people in way less time

Interview your candidates remotely

Connect live with your candidates no matter where they are located and record the video interview to share or review it later.

  • Expand your talent pool by interviewing candidates from anywhere
  • Keep all interview recordings in a centralized dashboard
  • Be prepared to interview candidates if they cant meet in person

Foster better collaboration with team members

  • Validate decisions on which candidates should move forward
  • Gather more evaluations to reduce individual recruiter bias
  • Make hiring managers feel part of the selection phase

Improve the quality of your final interviews

Video interview software is an effective tool for helping you identify the best candidates for the position earlier in the hiring process.

  • Get to know your candidates on a more personal level
  • Fairly assess candidates through structured video interviews
  • Ensure you’re investing time and effort into the most engaged candidates
Ready to experience the benefits of video interviews? Spark Hire’s comprehensive solution and unparalleled customer success team will ensure you achieve your goals.

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The Top Video Interview Platforms Of 2022 In A Glance

Video Interview Platforms
  • 22 million+ interviews and counting


Birbal AI provides a 14 day free trial for new users. Apart from that this interviewing technology comes in three plans:

  • Gold: 100 interviews every month for just $0.67 per interview for unlimited users.
  • Diamond: 500 interviews every month for just $0.37 per interview for unlimited users.
  • Platinum Plans: 1000 interviews every month for just $0.27 per interview for unlimited users.

The Cost Of Getting Your Own Video Interview Platform

The price of an automated video interview platform differs widely. Some factors contribute to forming the overall numbers on the bill. These include:

  • Number of users your organization requires,
  • Total number of candidates you want to interview,
  • Cumulative interviews you will conduct per month,
  • Various features and integrations you require and more.

However, you must check the best model for your organization. Since this will help you to choose the best investment plan you want to go with rather than paying a bulk over some time.

If you have few HRs to handle the software then if you pay by users it may seem convenient. However, when you plan to enlarge your team you also need to pay for additional users and this can increase the price drastically. Another example is if you conduct bulk interviews then paying per interview can be a wrong choice. Rather you must go for companies that provide unlimited on-demand video interviewing on a monthly or yearly basis.

The following list provides a clear picture of the pricing that video interviewing companies usually holds based on the number of employees you have:

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Preparing Candidates For Video Interviewing

Here are some ways recruiters can help an applicant get ready for a video interview:

  • Send them a video link ahead of time. When doing a live video interview, give candidates fair warning of what platform you will use. That way, the candidate has a chance to download a plugin or program before the interview begins.
  • Be transparent about time limits. If youre conducting a live video, let them know ahead of time that the conversation will be limited to a half hour or hour. If youre sending through questions for a one-way interview, provide the deadline for completing the interview as well as the allotted time allowed per question.
  • Provide connection speed and other tech specs. Some platforms work best with fast connection speeds others have specific settings for when the internet is slow. If you know a candidate is located remotely, give them fair warning about what your video interview connection requires.
  • Let them know who will be in the room. Live video interviews can sometimes be conducted with multiple interviewers in the room. It can be intimidating for an applicant to see a room full of people listening in on their answers unexpectedly. Make sure to prepare the candidate ahead of time so there are no surprises.

The Best Video Interviewing Software Tools


With current trends companys are allowing employees to work fully remote. Were using technology to keep up with business as usual, thankfully Recruiters have many video interviewing software tools available to keep the hiring process going. Most recently, video interviewing tools are taking a spotlight, thanks to the Pandemic. These tools provides a means for recruiters and applicants to fully interview from a virtual location.

Below Ive selected the most popular software platforms for Recruiters and my thoughts on each. My goal has been to create a shortlist of vetted video tools. Ive provided a small summary of each tool, with the pros and cons, in hopes of giving you the best vendor options before you decide on moving forward.

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What Should Candidates Expect Of Free Video Interviewing Platforms

Job seekers have a lot on their plates, from sending in applications to prepping for job interviews to crafting thoughtful follow up emails. A video interviewing tool provides multiple benefits such as:

  • Giving candidates an opportunity to stand out from their resume
  • Less time spent screening and interviewing, giving job seekers more freedom to focus on their overall job search
  • Standardization of the interview process, cutting the chance of hiring bias
  • Multiple retries on video responses mean less pressure to get it right the first time

Just because the platforms offer baseline simplicity for candidates doesn’t mean your company shouldn’t also try to make the process easier.

Set proper interview expectations by making welcome videos or having hiring managers record themselves asking the questions. Providing interview tips also goes a long way to humanize the process.

Best 10 Video Interview Tools For Online Recruitment In 2022

Wasting too much time on HR? We can fix that

Hiring teams are embracing the use of video interview tools. It helps them to ease out scheduling conflicts, cut on costs and time, and go through emergency situations.

By now, the majority of hiring personnel recognize that video interviewing is a game-changer for modern recruitment. According to a recent survey, 47% of employersuse video interview software for recruiting. Even big companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple have implemented it as part of their recruitment process. This year will only witness wider acceptance of the trend.

In this blog post, we put together a list of the best tools in the market that interviewers are using to reach their candidates effortlessly.

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A Playback Of The Top 16 Video Interview Platforms Of 2022

  • Birbal The best video interview software for cost-effective on-demand interviews, candidate screening, and decision making.
  • VidCruiter The best video interviewing software with a full recruitment suite
  • myInterview Free-tier based top virtual interviewing platform
  • SparkHire The apt video interview solution for SMBs and staffing firm
  • Modern Hire The best video interviewing tools for pre-hiring psychological assessments
  • Willo Free basic video interviewing features that work great for SMBs
  • Avature CRM combined best video interview software
  • XOR Comprehensive AI-based recruitment software
  • Brazen Apt for bulk video interviews and hosting career fairs
  • HireFlix The best one-way video interview software
  • HireVue Great video interviewing software with a comprehensive assessment suite
  • Interview Stream One of the foremost and oldest players in the video interviewing market
  • Recright The best video interviewing software for candidate experience elevation and support
  • OutMatch Best for video interviews, assessments, and video conference app integration
  • Harver Apt for video interviews and role-based candidate assessments

Streamline The Hiring Process

Best Video Interviewing Software &  Platform Company in USA: JOBMA

Interviewing job applicants virtually is more effective and helps you to complete the process faster. You will never experience scheduling complications that can end up making you lose the best candidates to more organized companies. It is also easy to select the most suitable candidates that you feel are worth proceeding to the next round.

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The Best Video Interview Platforms For 2022

The golden age of radio has evolved, and now we live in a time of podcasting. Podcasting is widely spreading all over the world, especially after the Pandemic, and we can easily get a vast range of content anytime and anywhere suitable for us. With this modern and innovative medium, one can have a video interview with guests remotely, saving time and costs. Fortunately, there are multiple handy video interview platforms with helpful in-built features that will allow recording a video interview in high quality. With incredible versatility and a range of options, choosing the best podcast recording platform may seem like a daunting task. Here at Podcastle, we have put together some of the best video interview platforms that will fit every type of show.

Be On The Cutting Edge

Utilizing video interviewing technology sends a subtle yet important message to potential new hires. It shows that your firm believes in the importance of adopting new technology into its daily business practices.

They know that if they accept a job with you, they wont be stuck relying on old fax machines and other outdated practices to get their work done. Those candidates who are not afraid to take on new challenges, learn new tools and technology, and advance with the company will be more apt to apply.

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How Video Interview Software Works

Video interview software works one of two ways: as a live video interview, where the candidate speaks to a recruiter in person via video link, and as a one-way or pre-recorded video interview.

Live video interviews arent so dissimilar from interviewing in person. The hiring manager and the candidate set up a time and connect via video link. The connection is usually made in a specific web browser or online meeting room, though some recruiters prefer to use a tool like Skype or Facetime. Its common practice to record a live video interview so the recruiter or someone else from the hiring team can go back if needed and reassess a candidate.

One-way video interviews are slightly different. In this format, the recruiter uses a platform to send through written questions, or the interviewer asks the question in their own pre-recorded video. The platform then allows the candidate a certain amount of time to think about and record their answer. Depending on the company and the platform, candidates can re-record their answers before sending through a final video within the allotted time. Once the video is submitted, a recruiter can view the candidates interview answers at their leisure and share the submission with other members of the hiring team.

Invest Time And Effort Into The Best Candidates

How to Record Interviews ONLINE (Mac & PC!)

Your process becomes extremely time-consuming when youre blocking out an hour for every potential new hire. This is especially true when a large majority of these people just dont have the qualifications necessary to be a good fit.

Instead of wasting your time talking to people who arent even close to what youre looking for, use video interviewing software to quickly sort through and decide whos a yes, whos a no, and whos a maybe.

From there, zero in on only the most qualified individuals. Save your face-to-face time for deeper discussions with them as you reach the final stages of the hiring process.

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The Next Steps Forward

Video interviewing is a powerful process for your hiring pipeline. Especially for recruitment agencies that handle high volume roles and spend a tremendous amount of time screening candidates.

Create a well-defined strategy that helps you navigate around the process of finding the best video interview software for your recruiters. Ask your hiring managers about their biggest bottleneck when it comes to video interviews. Understand how different stakeholders are involved in the hiring process and how a tool could benefit your organization.

Theres no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a video interview software.

Consider the must-have and nice-to-have features. For example, do you want a simple and easy-to-use tool, or do you want an advanced video screening tool with a bit of a learning curve?

Answer specific questions:

  • How many team members will be using the video interviewing software?
  • Is there a steep learning curve associated with the tool?
  • Does the tool offer automation features?
  • Do you already use a skill-assessment tool for your screening process?
  • Do you want to use a video interview suite or a standalone tool?
  • Does it integrate with your ATS or recruitment CRM?
  • How does the pricing work? Does the tool match your budget?
  • How is customer support? Do they offer 24X7 support?

Once you figure out these questions, you can narrow your search and opt for the one that best suits your needs.

Online Video Interview Software

However, it’s widespread to use software like hangouts and skype for communication purposes. But, these communication tools recently emerged as reliable video interview tools. Companies broadly use these tools and systems to hire new talent remotely. Let’s see what video interview software is and what some unexceptional features of online video interview software are.

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Need Expert Help Selecting The Right Video Interview Software

People Managing People has joined forces with the software comparison platform to assist you in finding the best tool for your needs. Crozdesks Video Interview Software advisors can create a personalized shortlist of software solutions with unbiased recommendations to help you identify the solutions that best suit your businesss needs. Through our partnership you get free access to their bespoke software selection advice, removing both time and hassle from the research process.

It only takes a minute to submit your requirements and they will give you a quick call at no cost or commitment. Based on your needs youll receive customized software shortlists listing the best-fitting solutions from their team of software advisors . They can even connect you with your selected vendor choices along with community negotiated discounts. To get started, please complete the form below:

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