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Best Websites To Practice For Coding Interviews

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The Best Code Interview Prep Platforms In 2020

Best FREE site for coding interviews

Software developer interviews are rapidly evolving. Years ago, mastering data structures and common algorithms was enough to ace an interview and get a job. Today though, employers want candidates with real-world experience and skills.

Thats why many interviewers wont even ask data structure or algorithm questions at all. Instead, they’ll focus on proficiencies with full-stack technologies and collaboration skills.

Job seekers would be wise to practice code challenges and take mock interviews to make sure theyre prepared. There are countless books and resources, such as Cracking The Coding Interview, and popular online code challenge websites.

In addition to those resources, here are the best code interview prep platforms for developer candidates.

Practice For Cracking Any Coding Interview

Coding questions in this article are difficulty wise ordered. The idea of this post is to target two types of people.

  • Competitive Programming Preparation : It is recommended to finish all questions from all categories except possibly Linked List, Tree and BST. However at least 10 questions from these categories should also be covered. If you have never done competitive programming before, it is strongly recommended to see How to Begin with Competitive Programming first. If you wish to get yourself prepared with a language first, you may first begin C++ Track or Java Track
  • Interview preparation It is recommended to cover all topics. In every topic, you can start from questions according to your comfort level.
  • The practice system tells you exactly the test case where your code failed. In case you need more clarity about a question, you may use the expected output button to see output for your given input. You can also view successful submissions of others in case you are stuck. To see solutions of others, please click the All Submissions button at the bottom of the problem statement.

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    Level Up Your Coding And Interview Skills

    Algorithms have a major place in programming. If you think about a programs algorithm, it will not be difficult to write that program. Therefore, developing algorithm logic is very critical and should be focused on when dealing with software. An algorithm is designed in a way to solve a certain problem or achieve a specific goal. One of the best ways you can improve your algorithm logic is to solve lots of problems.

    Beginners to solving algorithm questions should not stress themselves over this at first, because it is a technique that has been learned over time. Of course, make sure you push yourself enough before looking at the solutions to the questions, then you can read the answers internally. Never, ever copy and paste the solution and submit it because if you understand it you can write it from scratch, but if you cant, you dont understand it well enough. Even software developers with ten years of experience cannot write the most efficient code if they are just starting. This job is all about lots of questions, lots of practice, and keeping fit.

    Besides that, many multinational companies rely on some websites to measure your knowledge of algorithms. After the CV review and interview, they send you a case-study. These applications, ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours, allow you to move on to the next stage. These websites allow you to live and work in Europe/America. Generally, they want to make sure your bits of knowledge are good.

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    Work Examples For Interview Coding Challenges

    The triage and interview process should be as realistic as possible to achieve optimal results. Most experienced engineers wont complete a coding challenge when it fails to accurately reflect their craft. But good engineers actually enjoy good problems with a feedback loop that allows them to benchmark themselves for a skill they care about. Thats why developers and engineers are attracted to a debugging or coding challenge!

    The best way to test a candidates holistic developing capabilities is to use real-world scenarios. To sweeten the deal, our coding challenges are unique to our platform and cannot be found anywhere else, online or offline. Your candidates cant just game the system by learning how to solve interview coding questions.

    So, what do we test?

    Our real-time scenarios revolve around various roles, including:

    • Full Stack engineers

    What Are The Behaviour Traits Interviewers Admire The Most In Engineers

    Best websites for coding interview preparation.

    For an interviewer, a candidates demeanor is the most prioritized feature. A prospect can easily convince a group of interviewers about his professionalism with good behaviour, even if he makes slight mistakes in answering questions.

    An average candidate only has 7 seconds to make an adequate first impression. Moreover, 90% of the time in the USA job interviews, the employed candidate showed pretty excellent etiquette among other candidates.

    Legal Jobs

    So, here are 4 crucial behavioural traits that interviewers find the most appealing in 2022.

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    Example Tech Questions You Might Get Thrown At You

  • Why did you decide to take a particular route during your take home coding challenge?
  • Talk me through what happens when you enter a web address into a browser it loads up a web page?
  • What things should you think about when setting up a database server?
  • How does one particular role within the development team interact with another role?
  • What kind of working environment are you looking for?
  • Why did you decide to take a particular route during your take home coding challenge?

    Lots of companies will ask you to complete a take home challenge first to gauge your skills well congrats you must have passed otherwise you wouldnt be sitting there in the interview.

    These take home challenges are great for a deep dive into the solution you wrote.

    Its always a good idea to re-read the solution you provided and think about any feedback they gave on your solution.

    If they are using Geektastics review team you will have detailed feedback and some questions about your solution or pointers to third party websites to read up on. It shows a strong aptitude to learn and react positively to feedback if you have read these and can refer to them during the interview.

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    Where To Practice Coding Interview Questions

    Top Ten Websites for Coding Interview Preparation in 2022. Java Programming tutorials and Interview Questions, book and course recommendations from Udemy, Pluralsight, Coursera, edX etc.

    Alternatively, you may also explore web based classes like Master the Coding Interview: Big Tech Interviews by Andrei Negaoie on Udemy to correctly get ready for coding Interviews. They cover topics like data structure and algorithms, general programming, and bit manipulation, an essential subject for interviews.

    Video advice: Coding Interview Practice Session

    If you are a fresher or final year graduate preparing for your placement interview, or a Java developer preparing for your next job and looking for some websites, blogs, and forums for programming interview questions then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the really good websites and resources that will help you to prepare and do well in programming interviews. Though there are a large number of good books with lots of programming questions like Cracking the Coding Interview and Programming interview exposed, they are not the most interactive or comprehensive resources.

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    What People Are Saying

    “I wish I had read this book 90 days ago. I wouldn’t have blown a great job that I really wanted. This book goes beyond the usual answers to questions likely to be asked. Instead of telling you what to think it teaches you HOW to think. If I had read this book first and knew what was coming I think I would have nailed it.”- J. Braun, Amazon.com
    “Bought this book 3 weeks before interview. Read the book twice with careful hand-writing practice on each question. Got Amazon offer. The interview had 4 questions and one was in the book.”- Larry, Amazon.com “This book is a must-have for any interview candidate. Not only does it give practice problems and detailed answers, but it also gives you good advice about how to approach the problems as well as what to expect. I used this book to prepare for my interviews with Microsoft, and Gayle’s insight gave me a great idea of how to prepare and how to ace the interview. I recommend this book to anyone who has a coding interview in their future.”- Michelle, Amazon.com

    Tip #2 Understand Programming Paradigms

    Top 3 Websites For Coding Practice || Practice your coding skills

    Christopher Gower Unsplash

    Programming paradigms are basically a method to solve similar problems or perform certain tasks using programming languages. With so many programming paradigms available, it would be beneficial to learn at least one. These programming paradigms include:

    Imperative Programming Paradigm

    The term “imperative” is derived from the Latin “Impero,” which means “I command.” You give the computer small tasks to complete, and it completes them one at a time and reports back.

    The paradigm is made up of several statements, and the result is saved after they have all been executed. It requires you to write a set of instructions that tell the computer what to do step-by-step.

    int sum = 0 sum += 2 sum += 4 sum += 6 sum += 8 sum += 10 sum += 12 sum += 14 sum += 16 sum += 18 sum += 20 printf //prints-> The sum is 110 return 0

    The order of the steps is critical in an imperative programming paradigm because a specific step will have different consequences depending on the current values of variables when it is executed.

    There are different types of programming paradigms

    Procedural Programming Paradigm

    Procedural programming allows for the division of instructions into smaller procedures. The procedural paradigm approach shown below helps you find the sum of the first ten natural numbers to demonstrate:

    Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm




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    Dev Community Is A Community Of 911280 Amazing Developers

    We’re a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers.

    While the thought of an interview might appear daunting for most of us, interview preparation is not as hard as it seems.

    All that one needs to do is stay organized and be proactive.

    In this article we are going to take a look at the top useful websites for preparing for Programming Interviews.

    Easily Identify Unique Job Candidates

    In this line of work, unique job candidates are the ones with strong coding skills and creativity. The strength of their coding skills can be only determined by examining the code on various quality and efficiency parameters. Simulator-based assessments enable you to filter out the unique job candidates by answering the following questions:

    Does the candidate know how to code? Gauge language prowess by assessing the candidates conceptual understanding of important paradigms of any specific programming language

    Why coders are needed? What best can they bring to the company? Help out your tech teams and let the online coding tests automatically analyze the code quality. Discover violations in any submitted code and review quality scores for each job applicant.

    Is the candidate efficient enough at coding? The online interview can help compare code quality to time spent on writing it to identify the most efficient candidates. Furthermore, get insight into the depth and width of candidates capabilities in all programming stages coding, testing, debugging, and deploying.

    Is the candidate cheating? With proctoring and plagiarism control, window and tab switch monitoring, full-screen enforcement, multiple window prevention, and copy-paste disablement it becomes easy to test applicants in a controlled environment and prevent cheating in an online interview, even if they are at a remote location.

    Inviting candidates to interviews is just as easy.

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    Now Youre Ready For The Coding Interview

    These are some of the most common questions outside of data structure and algorithms that help you to do really well in your interview.

    I have also shared a lot of these questions on my blog, so if you are really interested, you can always go there and search for them.

    These common coding, data structure, and algorithm questions are the ones you need to know to successfully interview any company, big or small, for any level of programming job.

    If you are looking for a programming or software development job in 2019, you can start your preparation with this list of coding questions and if you are ready for an Interview then you can also take TripleBytes quiz and go directly to the final round of interviews with top tech companies like Coursera, Adobe, Dropbox, Grammarly, and many more.

    Websites To Practice Coding Problems: Our Picks

    15 Best Interview Preparation Websites For Jobs at FAANG Employers ...

    Melissa Sartore, Contributor Monali Chuatico

    Whether you’re just starting out as a coder or want to advance your coding skills, tackling programming problems is part of the plan.

    Convenient, free, and even fun, coding problem websites challenge your abilities with individual exercises, friendly challenges, and insightful assessments.

    Practicing your coding through these websites may increase your knowledge, build your skills, and prepare you for programming job interviews.

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    Tip #1 Master A Language

    The ideal approach is to focus on one programming language at a time. For example, if you are learning C++, learn it from scratch. Coding challenges can be filled with a variety of questionable code, and you should be capable of debugging a program without difficulty.

    This can only be accomplished by sharpening your technical skills in a specific programming language, to prepare, in this case, for a future C++ challenge. This approach will help you move quickly through more difficult problems and give you an advantage in the interview process.

    Codewars The Battleground Of Python Coding Websites

    Codewards is the first site we will take about. Here at how to learn Machine learning we love it. With a Gamified approach, Codewars allows you to practice Python coding but also an infinite amount of other languages like C, SQL, Java, PHP, and many others.

    It has many different types of practice: you can practice by yourself and choose many different types of exercises by their target focus , difficulty, or popularity. Also, you can battle or spar against other rivals, taking turns in refactoring and improving code.

    It is a very complete python coding practice site where you can get a lot of fluency for your exams/interviews.

    The previous is an example of one of the many python coding questions you can find in the platform, which gives out answers and comments from other users.

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    Monali is currently a data engineer at Mission Lane. As a data analytics captain at a nonprofit called COOP Careers, Monali helps new grads and young professionals overcome underemployment by teaching them data analytics tools and mentoring them on their professional development journey.

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    Last reviewed April 21, 2022.

    ZDNET Recommends

    Plan Your Time And Tackle Topics And Questions In Order Of Importance

    Google Coding Interview With A Normal Software Engineer

    How long does it take to prepare for a coding interview? It actually depends on how well prepared you want to be. On average, it takes about 30 hours to cover the bare minimum and ~100 hours to be well prepared.

    To start preparing for your coding interviews, always begin with a plan. Calculate the amount of time you have left to realistically prepare for your interview from now till the day of the coding test, and carefully make a plan of the topics and questions you will cover per day, prioritizing the most important ones first.

    But how do you know which are the most important topics and questions to practice based on the time you have left? You may use the free Grind 75 tool which produces coding interview study plans for varying lengths of preparation time. The algorithm behind it includes a ranking of questions by priority and also a balance between breadth and depth of topics covered.

    If you have the luxury of time to prepare, it is recommended to spend around 3 months to prepare more holistically. I came up with a personal 3-month study plan, which takes you from start to finish on which topics and questions to complete.

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    Pluralsight Design Patterns Library

    Pluralsight, Inc. is an American publicly held online education company that offers a variety of video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals.

    The design patterns library contains descriptions and examples of software design patterns that you can apply in your daily development. These patterns are time proven techniques for building long-lived, well factored software that are widely used in software development today.

    Flatiron School: The Ultimate Coding Solution

    The fact that coding is in such high demand means that theres no shortage of online resources to help new coders build the programming skills they need. Some platforms give hands-on experience with varying degrees of tutorial success, while others offer skill tracks and certificates for those willing to pay. Blogs are also a great place to learn from the pros, but content may be more scattered than some with a given focus are looking for.

    At Flatiron School, we offer the perfect balance of rigor and flexibility, with hands-on coding bootcamps that give the training you need for a successful tech career. From Ruby to JavaScript and R, youre sure to start learning the right language to launch you into a new career in tech. Get started with a Free Coding Prep Work, and see for yourself.

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