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Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon Interview

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Tips For Business Intelligence Amazon Interviews

The Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview

A couple of good tips for the Amazon business intelligence interview is to use the STAR framework. The star framework stands for Situation, Task, action, and then Results. So essentially, what you do is you basically create a situation, and that is usually the problem at hand, and then you have a task that you actually have to address, and then basically the action part is what actions do you do to address those problems and then the results is what are the results of those actions that you took. So this framework is really good for handling any kind of behavioral Interview and also case interview that amazon throws at you.

Hire And Develop The Best

Leaders raise the performance bar with every hire and promotion. They recognize exceptional talent and willingly move them throughout the organization. Leaders develop leaders and take seriously their role in coaching others. We work on behalf of our people to invent mechanisms for development like Career Choice.

Note: This leadership is less frequently touched upon in the interview.

  • Tell me about a time when one of your team members had difficulty doing a project. What did you do?
  • Who is the most important person in your life and why?

Technical Bi Analyst Interview Questions

5. Which data modeling software do you prefer to use?

How to Answer

BI analysts mostly use Microsoft Excel or Power BI for their data modeling needs. The required or preferred tools will be most probably listed in the companys job description, so it would be best to refer to those. If you have relevant experience, share your level of expertise with the interviewer. In case you lack exposure to their preferred software or programs, explain how you can incorporate your skills into their systems.

Answer Example

I do most of my data modeling in Excel, as I find it most convenient for data mapping. I have some exposure to Power BI, as well. However, I believe I can benefit from sharpening my skills in that program. Thats why Im currently taking a Power BI online training.

6. What specific technical skills do you have as a BI analyst?

How to Answer

Your BI analyst experience and skillset are closely related to the focus of your career. Depending on whether you are a data BI analyst, an IT BI analyst, or a strategic BI analyst, your answer to this question will be different.

Answer Example

As a data BI analyst, Ive been exposed to data mining and big data software, such as LIONsolver and Oracle. Im highly skilled in Microsoft Excel which I use for data modeling and Power BI where I create rich visuals and client presentations.

7. Specify two important chart types in your BI analyst arsenal. Why do you find them important?

How to Answer
Answer Example

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Business Intelligence Coding Questions

Coding makes up a large part of the onsite and technical interviews. You’ll have to complete some simple coding exercises that show your proficiency. Typically, you’ll see a lot of SQL questions, as that’s where the lion’s share of the technical work occurs. SQL questions for business intelligence roles tend to as you write queries based on provided data.

Q1. Lets say we have a table representing a company payroll schema.

Due to an ETL error, the employees table did an insert, instead of updating the salaries every year when doing compensation adjustments. The head of HR still needs the current salary of each employee.

Write a query to get the current salary for each employee.

Assume no duplicate combination of first and last names.

employees table:

| column         | type            || -------------- | --------------- || id             | integer         || first_name     | string          || last_name      | string          || salary         | integer         || department_id  | integer         |

Hint: The first step we need to do would be to remove duplicates and retain the current salary for each user.

Given we know there aren’t any duplicate first and last name combinations, we can remove duplicates from the employees table by running a GROUP BY on two fields, the first and last name. This allows us to then get a unique combinational value between the two fields.

transactions table:

products table:

users table:

example output:


Amazon Bi Engineer Interview Process

Interview Query

So what is the interview like for the amazon business intelligence engineer, BI engineer for short. The BI engineer interview process is like every other interview process at Amazon. There is a hiring manager interview, a technical screening in SQL, and then an on-site interview where you meet with a variety of different people on the team as well as an executive that quizzes you on the amazon leadership principles.

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Hiring Decision Process For The Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Role

Amazon has a concept of bar raisers. A bar raiser is assigned to each interview to ensure each new hire is better than at least 50% of their workforce. Each interviewer except the bar raiser has equal weightage in the hiring decision. The bar raiser holds veto power to either accept or reject a candidate. You will not know the bar raiser for your interview, but you need to show what makes you better than 50% of their workforce.

After the onsite interview, the hiring committee discusses and analyzes how you align with Amazonâs values and leadership principles. Each member may be assigned two to three leadership principles to evaluate you on.

The discussion might raise concerns if your answers diverged from their leadership principles too much, which could lead to rejection via the bar-raiser veto. For example, in an answer, you may have shown focus on competition over customers. That answer shows your traits are orthogonal to customer obsession.

If youâre a good fit for Amazon but arenât a good fit for that team, other hiring managers might interview you further to position you appropriately within the company. If youâre selected, you can also discuss your salary and job expectations after you receive the selection call from your onsite interview. You can expect the call in a day or so.

Business Intelligence Interviews: What To Expect

Image from Interview Query

The business intelligence interview follows the standard interviewing process, including the phone screen, the technical interview, and the onsite interview. Each stage weeds out candidates with different criteria. For instance, the technical interview separates people who meet the basic qualifications from those with deeper technical experience. Heres what to expect from each stage in the business intelligence interview process:

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What Does The Role Of An Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Entail

Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer is a cross-functional job. As a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon, youâll likely work with professionals like business leaders, product managers, data scientists, and data engineers. As a Business Intelligence Engineer, Amazon expects you to work well with people in different roles.

The role of an Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer involves:

  • Giving routine data-driven updates to leaders and teams about the state of the business
  • Developing automated solutions that help employees look up the data and insights they need in a convenient and understandable way
  • Answering any ad hoc data-related queries from leaders or other teams

Example Of Amazon/aws Bi Engineer Interview Question And Solution: Bids By Category Results By Dow

Amazon Prep Video – Business Intelligence Engineer (BIE)

Prompt: Write a query to find how many bids have been completed in each category for each day of the week. Please order the results by day of week in ASC order.


Table: bids+------+-----------+--------------------+-------+--------------+|bid_id|customer_id| order_datetime     |item_id|order_quantity|+------+-----------+--------------------+-------+--------------+|A-001 |32483      |2021-12-15 09:15:22 |B000   |3             ||A-002 |21456      |2022-01-10 09:28:35 |B001   |1             ||A-003 |21456      |2022-01-09 09:28:35 |B005   |1             ||A-004 |42491      |2022-01-16 02:52:07 |B008   |2             ||A-005 |42491      |2022-01-18 02:52:07 |B008   |2             ||A-006 |42491      |2022-01-18 02:52:07 |B008   |5             ||A-007 |21456      |2022-01-17 09:28:35 |B000   |1             ||A-008 |21456      |2022-01-17 10:28:35 |B008   |3             ||A-009 |21456      |2022-01-19 10:28:35 |B000   |2             |+------+-----------+--------------------+-------+--------------+
Table: items+---------+---------------+| item_id | item_category |+---------+---------------+|B000     |Outdoors       ||B001     |Outdoors       ||B002     |Outdoors       ||B003     |Kitchen        ||B004     |Kitchen        ||B005     |Kitchen        ||B006     |Bedroom        ||B007     |Bedroom        ||B008     |Bedroom        |+---------+---------------+



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How Archit Got Placed At Amazon As A Business Intelligence Engineer

Today in our Success Story blog, we introduce you to Archit Jain who is a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon and is a part of the GCD, 2021 batch at INSAID. He shares his journey of achieving success and landing a career in the Data Science industry. Get to know more about him as he guides us through this amazing process.

Watch his interview right here

Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Technical And Sql Interview Questions

Some past Amazon BI Engineer interview questions include:

  • How would you simplify a complex pipeline?
  • How is variance calculated in PCA?
  • Name the assumptions in a random forest model.
  • Are there any statistical problems when the analysis to know whether people like a product is based on their behavior on the website?
  • How would you design a data model for Lyft App?
  • What are dimension and fact tables?
  • Explain how youâd set up an online A/B testing scenario and decide whether to roll out a new program based on the test results.
  • In a new project, how would you tell if the data weâre using is correct and will give accurate results?
  • Differentiate between OLTP and OLAP.
  • Explain the concept of a join to a non-technical person.
  • You need to find the traffic insights on your website. Write an SQL query to find the top 10 people who visited the website in the last six months.
  • Explain all types of joins in SQL.
  • When would you use ELT over ETL, and Why?
  • What is the difference between union and union all? Which one is faster?
  • What are DML, DCL, and DDL?
  • How would you handle a report running slowly?
  • Write code to get the largest palindrome product of two numbers. The number of digits of the two numbers isnât fixed.
  • Explain the ways we can optimize queries and tune performance.

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Whats An Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview Like

The format for Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer interview is relatively standard. You can expect a 30-minute phone interview with the recruiter, followed by one or two technical phone interviews, which could last for about 45 minutes each.

Lastly, there will be an onsite interview with five to six rounds, lasting 45 to 60 minutes each, taking 8 hrs overall in one day .

The Role Of An Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer

Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview

As a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon, you work alongside Data Scientists, Data Engineers, business leaders, and product managers. You will help them design innovative analysis techniques and work on improving data warehouse performance to enhance the customer experience.

Business Intelligence engineers hold the responsibility of smartly analyzing data. They are required to perform functions ranging from Automated Inventory Management to Transportation Risk & Compliance. With great responsibility comes the need for greater knowledge, and therefore, they must have good business acumen and be up to date with the growing technologies in data science.

A Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon must possess the following qualities –

  • They must be analytical, combined with knowledge of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence tools.
  • Ability to design and demonstrate optimal solutions using tools like JIRA, QlikSense, and Tableau that cater to the needs of the customer.
  • Be able to work in a fast-paced environment and keep up with the growing demands of the customer.
  • Additionally, Amazon looks for people who live by the 14 leadership skills every day.

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How Do You Prepare For Your Business Intelligence Engineer Interview At Amazon/aws

It starts with getting a lay of the land and understanding Amazon/AWS and the types of BIE roles theyre actively hiring for. Amazon is the second largest employer in the United States with over 1.6M employees working in a wide range of verticals such as Prime Video, Alexa, amazon.com, and AWS. Its complex business model features dozens of smaller companies, departments, and teams with seemingly infinite amounts of data to extract, transform, load, and ultimately analyze.

And so, this is where the Amazon/AWS Business Intelligence Engineer comes into play to help support the data democratization and data engineering work .

This article will cover the Amazon/AWS Business Intelligence Engineer interview with real Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer SQL interview questions and answers. There are no guarantees, of course, but if you read through this article and practice the SQL BIE interview questions, then you can feel confident in your upcoming interview and prepared to answer common business intelligence interview questions.

Amazon Bi Engineer Career Path

Theres no one size fits all for the BI engineer career path, you could be in the field of data science and find the BI engineer role more interesting, that said the usual typical roles that stream into the BI engineer role are the following,

  • Business analyst
  • Technical specialist

With that being said, its still very possible to receive an offer for a BI engineer role without having one of the above previous roles on your resume. If you believe youll struggle with your coding interview, we recommend practicing on our dynamic coding platform.

Some of the more common career paths after one becomes a BI engineer are the following,

  • Product manager
  • Software engineer

It really just depends on your exposure and what types of projects you work on. Weve heard feedback from AWS BI engineers that at times it can be difficult to know what the right career path is since theyre working on such a wide variety of technical projects.

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Unique About Amazon’s Interview

Heavily focused on leadership principles.

During the onsite interview is five hours with five different interviewers.

Each interviewer will cover 2 or 3 leadership principles and one technical skill, which means a total of 3 or 4 sections, 2-3 focusing on leadership principles and only one on technical competency.

Each round is about one hour, with a few-minute break between each round.

This guide will walk you through what Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer interview process looks like, sample interview questions. As well as a Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer case study .

Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview Guide

Interview: Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer (From Semiconductor industry to Amazon)

An Amazon job is one of the most coveted positions in the tech industry, and the reason is not far-fetched. The tech giant provides a great work environment with competitive salaries for its staff. A lot of people apply to work in the growing company.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the employment process for the company is rigorous and often shrouded in mystery. But, we are here to demystify it for you. Do you want to work as a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon? This guide provides all the information you need to scale every part of the Amazon business intelligence interview.

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Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Introduction

Amazon’s Business Intelligence Engineer interview process is very similar to other technical roles.

This is a guideline on what it may look like for you, sample interview questions, and instamentor’s preparation tips.

Amazon is one of the biggest technology companies, with over 1 million global employees.

Due to its high employee turnover rate , they are always looking for new employees, with tens of thousands of openings as of December 2021.

Business Intelligence Engineer requires a combination of skills in data analytics and data engineering the interview will focus on the area of technical skills such as SQL, R/Python, statistical analysis, business analytics, and product management.

The interview will include leadership principles | behavioral questions, statistical analysis, AB testing, SQL, Python, and data visualization .

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Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview Questions

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I applied through an employee referral. The process took 4 weeks. I interviewed at Amazon


There were two rounds. The first interview was ok just SQL coding questions and concept questions. The second/final interview was a mix of behavioral, sql, visualizations and python. Behavioral questions were mostly based on adversity.

The process took 1 week. I interviewed at Amazon


A recruiter reached out to me, then scheduled for the first round HR phone interview for 30 minutes, questions were pretty standard. Then they asked to do a take home assessment which needed to be finished and sent back in 48 hours.

Interview Questions

  • Standard HR questions related to background, experience and skill sets. For the assessment, some questions for SQL and probability.

Important Topics To Prepare For The Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview

AWS Machine Learning

See below some of the key topics you should prepare for before your Amazon BI engineer interview:

  • SQL: Joins, lead, lag, finding outliers, pivoting, duplicate rows, sub-query, windows, group by having, where, and aggregate.
  • Data+BI: Data analytics, data visualization, statistics, product sense, and data science.
  • Python: Usually questions of up to Medium level difficulty. Some past questions include the usage of lists, Fibonacci, and palindromes.
  • Behavior: Why Amazon? Why BIE? Why this particular BIE team at Amazon? Talk about one of your past major challenges and how you faced them. Other areas of interest include root cause analysis, instances of showing ownership, customer obsession, and alignment with other leadership principles.
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