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Byte By Byte Vs Interview Kickstart

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Byte By Byte Dynamic Programming Review

Lecture14: Binary Search Interview Questions [Google, Amazon, Microsoft] || ProblemSet – 2

The course is taught in 4 modules:

Module 1 Dynamic Programming Fundamentals

Here is what you will learn:

  • What dynamic programming and why you should know it
  • Understanding the difference between top-down and bottom-up solutions

Module 2 How to Solve Any Dynamic Programming Problem Using the FAST Method

Here are what you will learn:

  • Quickly identify any dynamic programming problem
  • Learn the FAST Method and solve any dynamic programming problem quickly
  • Understanding how to apply the FAST method

Module 3 Common Dynamic Programming Problems

Here is the breakdown:

  • Learn how to use proven techniques to cut your study time in half while making the concepts stick
  • Learn the different dynamic programming patterns with 5 common practice problems
  • Experiment with the problem solutions using the Github repo and runnable Java code

Module 4 Additional Dynamic Programming Resources

Here is the breakdown:

  • Get answers to all of the most frequently asked questions
  • Learn from the live Q& A call with my beta students
  • Lifetime access to the course

Tech Interview Pro Course Duration Resources And Certification

The course runs for over 20+ hours broken into 150+ individual sessions. Tech Interview pro is a self-paced FAANG interview prep course.

Therefore, students dont get a certificate of completion after taking the course. It is more tailored to help students prepare for their upcoming interviews rather than build their credentials.

Created By An Industry Insider

Tech Interview Pro is run by an industry veteran who has reverse-engineered the hiring process to give you the best chance of success.

TechLead has grown websites to millions of users, spent years working at and Google, and has conducted over 100 technical interviews for Google.

But before all that, TechLead applied for roles at Google for years before being accepted. It wasnt until he changed his approach that he finally got the job.

So if youre looking for someone who knows how to get a job at FAANG, TechLead is a great person to learn from.

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Research What Really Works

Most people teach based on their expertise. They tell you this is what worked for me so it will work for you too. Often, it doesnt work.

We start with our expertise and then test with students again and again until we find something that generates repeatable results. This is why it can take us 6 months or more to develop a course.

Interview Kickstart Course Outline And Features

Your Word, in Binary, on Canvas by Cristian Tudusciuc  Kickstarter

Weve said a lot about Tech Interview Pro. Its about time we move into the breakdown of Interview Kickstart.

Interview Kickstart has over 17 courses that train students on the most in-demand skills.

Each course has its outline, and time dictates against looking at each of them here.

But lets take the outline of one of the courses as an example.

Ive thrown the dice, and its picking data engineering.

Below is the course outline for data engineering:

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Getting Started With Coding Interviews

So youre preparing for your coding interviews?

Great! Youre in the right place.

Back in 2015 when I was preparing for my coding interviews, there was basically one option for interview prep: Cracking the Coding Interview.

Now things are totally different, though.

There are blog posts, books, courses, coaches, and so much more. So where do you even get started when you have an interview coming up?

If youre here, my guess is that you have an interview coming up pretty soon and youre trying to figure out the best way to prepare.

Well Im glad youre here. Theres so much info out there and so much of it is crap. On this page, Ive compiled a set of the most valuable resources out there to get you started on your interview prep journey.

No matter what youre looking for, Ive got you covered below. Weve got:

What Type Of Language Is Python

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. Classes, modules, exceptions, dynamic typing, and extremely high-level dynamic data types are all present.

Python is an interpreted language with dynamic typing. Because the code is not converted to a binary form, these languages are sometimes referred to as scripting languages. While I say dynamically typed, Im referring to the fact that types dont have to be stated when coding the interpreter finds them out at runtime.

The readability of Pythons concise, easy-to-learn syntax is prioritised, lowering software maintenance costs. Python provides modules and packages, allowing for programme modularity and code reuse. The Python interpreter and its comprehensive standard library are free to download and distribute in source or binary form for all major platforms.

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Structured & Guided Pathway

The old way of preparing for technical interviews was to do 200-300 questions from LeetCode, hoping to solve one of those questions in your interview.

However, companies today have databases of 16,000+ technical questions they can pull from, while the entirety of LeetCode has just 1,000 questions. Doing it the old way is simply not an option anymore.

So, instead of focusing on interview questions alone, Interview Kickstart teaches you problem-solving patterns that enable you to solve any programming question youre faced with, even if youve never seen it before.

What Are Aggregate Functions

Binary Search Interview Questions – Google, Facebook, Amazon

In SQL, aggregate functions are applied to a group of values to calculate and return a single value.

Common SQL aggregate functions:

  • AVG calculates the average or mean of all values in a group.
  • COUNT calculates the number of rows in group, including rows with NULL values.
  • MIN and MAX returns the smallest and largest value in a group, respectively.
  • SUM returns the sum of all non-NULL values in a group.
  • STDDEV calculates the standard deviation.
  • VARIANCE calculates the variance.

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Tech Interview Pros Features

Now that we are here, aside from Tech Interview Pros course outline, what else is there to it?

As expected, the curriculum is broad and leaves nothing that a prospective employee would have to know.

Another feature is the sheer number of mock interviewsthat way you dont just learn theory, you also go practical.

There are over 100 mock interviews throughout the course. Techlead knows how important they are.

Aside from the broad curriculum and mock interviews, there is also one-on-one assistance.

One on one assistance comes into play when resumes are being reviewed. Techlead handles this part himself.

Patrick Shyu will show what makes successful résumés and why others end up in the wastebasket.

As part of the personalised assistance, youll also receive personalised feedback to help you know how far youve progressed.

Career skills development is another bonus in the program.

Every software engineer has to know how to develop himself for his dream career, whether in a FAANG company or a self-established enterprise.

Tech Interview Pro also has that.

Finally, since companies might tend to underprice software engineers, Tech Interview Pro includes salary negotiation in its package.

Yes, Techlead and his team will guarantee your credibility by negotiating your salary with potential employers.

You dont need to worry if you feel you dont know how much youre worth. Tech Interview Pro has got you covered.

What Are The Applications Of Python

Python is notable for its general-purpose character, which allows it to be used in practically any software development sector. Python may be found in almost every new field. It is the most popular programming language and may be used to create any application.

1) Web Applications

We can use Python to develop web applications. It contains HTML and XML libraries, JSON libraries, email processing libraries, request libraries, beautifulSoup libraries, Feedparser libraries, and other internet protocols. Instagram use Django, a Python web framework.

2) Desktop GUI Applications

The Graphical User Interface is a user interface that allows for easy interaction with any programme. Python contains the Tk GUI framework for creating user interfaces.

3) Console-based Application

The command-line or shell is used to execute console-based programmes. These are computer programmes that are used to carry out orders. This type of programme was more common in the previous generation of computers. It is well-known for its REPL, or Read-Eval-Print Loop, which makes it ideal for command-line applications.

Python has a number of free libraries and modules that help in the creation of command-line applications. To read and write, the appropriate IO libraries are utilised. It has capabilities for processing parameters and generating console help text built-in. There are additional advanced libraries that may be used to create standalone console applications.

4) Software Development

  • SciPy
  • Matplotlib

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What Is A Foreign Key Constraint

A FOREIGN KEY is a column or collection of fields in a table referencing a PRIMARY KEY in another table. The table containing the primary key is known as the parent table, and the table containing the foreign key is called the child table.

For example, the PRIMARY KEY in the parent table below is OwnerID. The PRIMARY KEY uniquely identifies individual pet owners.


Refund & Warranty Policies

Kickstart your research

Lets take a look at worst-case scenarios for a second. What do you do if your treatment doesnt progress as expected? Consider this: youre two months into your Byte treatment plan and youre simply not seeing the results you expected. Now what?

Since youve already begun the program, they wont offer a refund. But, their dentists and orthodontists will work with you, free of charge, to make sure you end up with the smile you want. And after your treatment wraps up, Byte guarantees that new smile for life. Their Byte-for-Life warranty will issue new aligners at any point in the future if your teeth shift again, even if its years down the roadas long as youve purchased new retainers every six months and worn them as directed. And if your initial treatment doesnt deliver the results they promised, Byte will issue a refinement for free.

Invisaligns system makes it easy for your dentist to make mid-treatment adjustments. During your regular office visits, your dentist will assess your progress and make modifications if necessary. In this model, its much easier to make changes on the fly to ensure youll get the desired results. And if the initial round of aligners doesnt do it, you can get as many new aligners as necessary to finish the job . Refunds are rarely necessary, but those policies are up to your dentist or orthodontist.

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Are Home Aligners Safe

Yes! While administering treatment from home might seem daunting, the process is very safe. Home aligner companies use state-licensed dentists and orthodontists to create your treatment plan and design your aligners. Even though you wont meet with them in-person, each company offers robust customer support services if something doesnt feel quite right.

What Is Pandas Groupby

A pandas groupby is a feature supported by pandas that are used to split and group an object. Like the sql/mysql/oracle groupby it is used to group data by classes, and entities which can be further used for aggregation. A dataframe can be grouped by one or more columns.


To perform groupby type the following code:


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Mention The Differences Between Django Pyramid And Flask

Flask is a micro framework designed for smaller applications with less requirements. Pyramid and Django are both geared at larger projects, but they approach extension and flexibility in different ways.

A pyramid is designed to be flexible, allowing the developer to use the best tools for their project. This means that the developer may choose the database, URL structure, templating style, and other options. Django aspires to include all of the batteries that a web application would require, so programmers simply need to open the box and start working, bringing in Djangos many components as they go.

Django includes an ORM by default, but Pyramid and Flask provide the developer control over how their data is stored. SQLAlchemy is the most popular ORM for non-Django web apps, but there are lots of alternative options, ranging from DynamoDB and MongoDB to simple local persistence like LevelDB or regular SQLite. Pyramid is designed to work with any sort of persistence layer, even those that have yet to be conceived.

It provides flexibility and the right tools. It does not require external libraries.

What Is The Cheapest Clear Aligner Company

Lecture 63: Binary Tree FAANG Interview Questions || Part-1

AlignerCo. At just $1,145, their price beats every competitor by a few hundred dollars, and sometimes they run promotions that drop it even lower. And if you cant pay that upfront, you can jump on a financing plan, regardless of your credit score. Check out our complete AlignerCo review for more info, or find other great-value options in our guide to the most affordable home aligners.

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Explain What Flask Is And Its Benefits

Flask is an open-source web framework. Flask is a set of tools, frameworks, and technologies for building online applications. A web page, a wiki, a huge web-based calendar software, or a commercial website is used to build this web app. Flask is a micro-framework, which means it doesnt rely on other libraries too much.

The flasks benefit

There are several compelling reasons to utilise flask as a web application framework. Like-

  • Unit testing support that is incorporated
  • Theres a built-in development server as well as a rapid debugger.
  • Restful request dispatch with a Unicode basis
  • The use of cookies is permitted.
  • Templating WSGI 1.0 compatible jinja2
  • Additionally, the flask gives you complete control over the progress of your project.
  • HTTP request processing function
  • Flask is a lightweight and versatile web framework that can be easily integrated with a few extensions.
  • You may use your favourite device to connect. The main API for ORM Basic is well-designed and organised.
  • Extremely adaptable
  • In terms of manufacturing, the flask is easy to use.

Tech Interview Pro Pricing And Bonuses

Tech interview pro offers 6 months of access to the platform for a $197 payment. There is also an option to get lifelong access for a one-time fee of $997.

The first bonus included in the course is the bi-weekly Q & A sessions where students join Techlead on the platform every two weeks for an interactive moment. And they get to ask questions about the lessons.

They also get to ask personal questions in line with the FAANG interviews, careers, and life generally and receive insider secrets about the company they want to work for.

Professional Community

Tech interview pro provides an exclusive Facebook group for learners, past and present, to interact and learn from one another. They also get a chance to network and offer up insider tips to help fresh grads and applicants increase the odds of landing a job at any of the FAANG.

Resume Review

Having interviewed hundreds of FAANG applicants, Techlead brings his experience to the Techinterview Pro platform. He helps students optimize their resumes to stand out from the numerous applications submitted to each FAANG every year.

Content Update

Tech interview pro gives students access to updates. Therefore, each student can access current and future courses added to the platform. With every change in the tech interview space, the tech interview pro brings matching updates to the classes.

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What Is Interview Cake

At its core, Interview Cake is set of exercises and detailed articles to help make your coding interview a piece of cake.

A look at the first few lessons. You can find the whole course Table of Contents here

This is a self-paced course that gives you what you need to work through all the major problem areas that people struggle with in their interviews.

The biggest thing that sets Interview Cake apart is that they understand the need to really focus on understanding how to solve the problems rather than just what the solution is.

Each practice problem is broken down into a series of steps:

  • Try to solve the problem on your own.
  • If you get stuck, each problem has multiple hints to help you. This way you dont have to just give up and look at the solution.
  • Once you think you have the solution, Interview Cake shows you common gotchas that people often mess up. This is like having an interviewer in the room with you.
  • Finally, when you are confident in your solution, they give you an incredibly detailed breakdown of not only what the solution is, but how to think about the problem so that you know exactly how to solve similar problems in the future.
  • With Interview Cake, its almost like having an interviewer in the room with you.

    One of the main goals of Interview Cake is to become your home base for interview prep, and they are constantly updating and improving the course to become exactly that.

    Coding Bootcamps Vs Interview Prep Programs

    Kickstart your research

    Coding bootcamps are specialized programs often geared towards career changers and/or those looking to break into tech. Coding bootcamps educate bootcamp students on all of the programming languages and tools they will need to start working as a developer or software engineer, plus help students gain the software engineer or developer mindset.

    Interview prep programs are intended as a last-mile program for someone who already has programming experience and/or a coding bootcamp graduate who may need extra help with interviewing. Interview prep programs are nota replacement for a coding bootcamp!

    While many coding bootcamps include career services in their curriculum, some coding bootcamp alumni may want extra career support after bootcamp graduation. Interview prep programs are designed to prepare students for interviews through:

    • Mock interviews -1:1 practice interviews with personalized feedback
    • Whiteboard practice – Writing out your code and then receiving feedback from a career coach
    • Algorithm practice -Rehearsing commonly used algorithms to show you can solve problems

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