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Chief Technology Officer Interview Questions

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Talk About A Time You Had A Conflict With A Team Member And How It Was Resolved

NovaTech Interview with Chief Technology Officer

Conflict can happen in many situations, especially in teams with differing ideas and approaches to work. Asking this question gives you insight into the candidate’s ability to work with others and resolve issues. What to look for in an answer:

  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work with diverse groups of people


In a previous position, I had a conflict with another software developer. We agreed to meet and discuss our viewpoints without interruption. This way, we could give recognition to each other, sort through our ideas, and come up with what we thought was the best solution.

What Keeps You Motivated In The Workplace

This question typically helps an employer understand more about you, including what you value and how well you would fit into their company. Answering honestly helps the interviewer connect with you and understand why you seek a position as chief innovation officer within their organization. Simple answers with a positive tone can be helpful. You can mention things like your ability to recognize achievement or how you enjoy challenging assignments.

Example:”I find working in a challenging environment highly motivating. As a chief innovation officer, my goal is to keep my team members as motivated as possible and to do this, it’s crucial that I demonstrate enthusiasm for each project. I even created a mantra for our team in my previous position that helped keep spirits up and pushed everyone to excel.”

How Do I Choose A Good Cto

The word good is very subjective. Depending on the size and maturity of your company, you want a CTO that has got certain attributes. In my research for CTO product, Ive found that the following are the areas of responsibilities for CTOs:

  • Organization Design
  • Career Development
  • Alignment & Delivery
  • Out of those 6 areas, when a company is still small and there are not many engineers working for the company yet, the CTO will be performing all the responsibilities.

    As the company matures over time, the role of the CTO changes – the company will likely have a CTO as well as an architect and a Head of Engineering/VP of Engineering. So if there is a programmer who is better than the founder of the startup, they can step into the role of an Architect or VP Engineering, depending on what they are great at.

    So think about what kind of CTO your company needs. Be very specific with what you are looking for because its very hard to find a CTO who is good at all the six areas mentioned. Once you know what you are looking for, get the word out there in LinkedIn, Twitter, CTO networks, Forums, etc.

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    How Important Is The Culture Of Technology To You

    This is an interesting question, especially if you havent sat around thinking about what culture has to do with technology in the first place. Well, if you think about an organization and the business culture that is fostered there, you can also draw conclusions about how technology is treated in the same way within that business.

    Organizational culture encompasses things like open-door policies with management, the chain of command, security, transparency basically, every aspect of the business. Think about how you prefer technology in the workplace, how it is implemented and how people engage with it. Do the technology capabilities match the work environment? Think about remote work and flexible working hours: How do you embrace this new way of working, and do you support the infrastructure that is required to make this work? How do you feel about the Bring-Your-Own-Device movement that many large companies favor, and how do you feel about the security issues that BYOD brings to the situation?

    Also think about your own personal relationship with technology, and how it fits into your life. If you are going into the role of CTO, it wouldnt make a lot of sense if you shunned technology outside of the workplace and took no interest in it. Think about how you would define yourself in terms of technology and culture, and how that would translate into your role as CTO.

    Questions About Experience And Background

    Mark Young, Chief Technology Officer at The Climate Corporation ...

    Because a chief innovation officer is an executive in charge of the IT function in a company, it’s important they’re experienced in management, technology and computing systems. Here are some questions a potential employer may ask during your interview process to assess your experience and background:

  • Can you detail a project you oversaw that was unsuccessful?

  • What is your management style?

  • What do you do to retain employees?

  • Can you discuss an instance where you led a culturally diverse team?

  • At which company do you consider yourself the most successful, and why is that?

  • What unique experience do you bring to this role?

  • Can you tell me about your career goals?

  • What do you find to be the most challenging about being a leader?

  • Can you describe your IT specialties and expertise?

  • What changes do you see for the role of chief innovation officer in the next decade?

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    Chief Technology Officer Interview Questions

    Chief Technology Officers are responsible for the technical efficiency of companies. They strategize to improve internal systems and implement the most current technologies to increase performance company-wide. Their role is to drive growth through the use of proper technology.

    As this is an executive role, use your interviews to identify candidates with solid technical backgrounds and the ability to translate strategies into technological solutions. Specific examples from candidates past experience will help you understand if they have the necessary skills to manage challenges and implement efficient systems.

    Beyond technical expertise, your ideal candidates will demonstrate specific qualities that will make them stand out. Excellent communication skills are important for this role, as future hires will deliver presentations to executives and interact with different teams on a daily basis. Keep an eye out for candidates who are highly professional and possess strong leadership skills.

    Chief Innovation Officer Interview Questions And Answers

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    When applying for a chief innovation officer position, the interview stage of the hiring process is your chance to showcase the experience and skill set you have that makes you the best candidate for the role. Interviewing also allows the hiring team to understand more about you so they can make the best hiring decision. Because chief innovation officers have many responsibilities, the hiring team is likely to ask questions about your background, professionalism and character to help determine if you’re a good fit.

    In this article, we list 35 possible interview questions you may hear when you interview for a chief innovation officer position and provide a few example answers.

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    They Asked A Question That Was Somewhat Confusing At The Time But Made A Lot Of Sense Later They Asked How I Would Deal With Monitoring The Work Done By Payroll Administrators Even As I Was Not Their Supervisor But Was Still Responsible For The Accuracy And Quality Of Their Work Ironically This Question Rang In My Ears For A Long Time

    Lacking overall context, this question appears to be taking a long view on the project … if you’re managing budget, tracking tasks and attentive to remaining scope of effort, it would be useful to ensure that:- hours worked/paid aligned with estimates- hours worked by groups aligned with delivered work — is it done, did that element exceed budget- reporting on overall project relative to plan … in short, does it mirror where you say we should be.In this space, labor is one of the few variable costs … failing to completely supervise payroll could quickly cause a project to go over budget.Less

    That is true and I was happy to do that. The problem did not lie in tracking and managing budgets. The problem dealt with administrators having trouble receiving constructive criticism or being asked to fix their entry errors by someone that was not their supervisor, especially on a weekly basis since books closed weekly. Nonetheless, that was a big part of the job I was paid to do, the accuracy and integrity of the reports was my responsibility.Less

    How Do You Build An It Architecture That Can Adapt To A Fast

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO) interview questions

    Build agnostic micro-services as opposed to monoliths. Hire, invest and trust talent as much as possible. Force yourself to tech your architecture against very weird and diverse user stories.

    Follow-up question: What are the key problems you envision with the micro-services approach?

    Software entropy, replicated data, cascading API failures, uneven API Quality. All in all a heck of a job for your SRE leaders. If you have one.

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    Why Are You Leaving Your Current Employer

    We all have our reasons for wanting to leave a job at some point in our lives. You dont need to go into specifics, but you can bring up the fact that you see this as a positive step up in your career. If you are coming from a senior-level position with a heavy technical background such as systems architect or head of systems development, then you can mention that you are looking to try something more challenging in the executive sphere.

    CTO roles are great for candidates that have a technical background but feel like they would be better off in a more supervisory or planning role where the companys policies and operating procedures are directly influenced by their input.

    How Would You Describe Your Management Style

    You might not see yourself as a manager, especially if you have previously held senior technical roles that focus solely on dev and technical work. Some CTO roles dont even have hands-on technical requirements. Instead, these roles may focus on policy, technological implementation and organizational culture relating to technology. But having said that, some smaller startup companies have multi-faceted roles that will require that the CTO still manages heads of departments and sometimes even key individual members on the team.

    Think about how you work with people, how you lead and how you guide your teams. You might be surprised to find that you have a management style that fits in with the role that you are applying for. The key is to think about all of these elements before you sit down for your interview so that you are not caught off guard if this kind of question comes up mid-interview.

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    What Are You Passionate About

    If you get to this point in an interview, you can generally assume that the interviewer is looking to get a bit more of a personal insight into what interests you as a person, and how that fits in with what you have told them thus far. Most CTOs are extremely passionate about technology, from design to implementation and everything in between.

    Dont be shy about sharing some of your other passions as well, such as hobbies or worthy causes that you support outside of your professional life.

    Following Up From The Previous Question: If You Prefer To Delegate Tasks Without Getting Involved How Do You Measure Performance And Progress

    Interview with Kumar N. Sivarajan, Chief Technology Officer, Tejas Networks

    This is a great opportunity for you to mention some of the productivity tools that you use on a day-to-day basis for tracking and maintaining visibility with your technical divisions. This could be a simple spreadsheet, a SharePoint resource or a custom application. Mention your favorite performance metrics such as KPIs and SLAs and how they let you keep an eye on your projects.

    This question might not apply to your CTO role if you are joining a well-established company that already has systems in place for tracking performance. You might even find that the CTO role that you are applying for doesnt even interact with this side of the business, focusing instead on the long-term and intrinsic implementation of technology within the organization.

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    How Were You Able To Hire And Retain Great Talent In Such A Competitive Environment

    The current talent shortage is affecting businesses across the country. If the candidate has successfully been able to hire and retain great talent, then its a sign that his or her organization has a good culture and employer brand. Does the interviewee place a strong value on retention? If the candidate does not see retention as an issue in todays talent market, its a red flag. Listen for a response thats focused on upskilling current employees and the utilization of technological innovation to automate manual processes.

    Can You Work Under Pressure How Do You Handle The Pressure

    I have learned to manage and handle the pressure and work in the flow. On tough days where the pressure is getting out of control, I usually take a break of a few minutes to refocus and prioritize the tasks. I break the tasks into smaller tasks so that I can work at my pace without getting pressured.

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    If You Could Change One Thing In Your Life Up Until This Point What Would It Be

    This is a question that comes up in all kinds of interviews, so try not to be too taken aback if it surfaces in your interview. Think about your professional progression and what you could have done a little better or avoided altogether. Some people regret not studying more, others regret moving to another area or company that didnt quite pan out like they had hoped. Perhaps you dont have any regrets thats OK too.

    This is a question that normally materializes towards the end of the interview after all of the key mid-level questions have been answered, so youre probably in good shape when this question comes up.

    Ready To Ace Your Interview With The Cto Just Follow The Prep Strategies

    How to Become a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    To recap: practice your basic interview preparation. Prepare your answer to the tell me about yourself question. Remember to be concise. This isnt an invitation to tell your life story.

    Weve also written about some of the most common interview questions and how to answer them.

    Secondly, research the CTO before the interview. Use Google and social media sites to provide context on them as a tech professional and a person.

    Third, research the company, its competitors, and think about the broader scope. This helps you prepare questions for the CTO interview. Prioritize these questions, because you may only get 30 minutes of the CTOs time.

    Finally, take a deep breath. You can do this!

    Revised Nov. 1, 2021

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    Questions You Might Get Asked By The Cio And Cto In Your Next It Interview

    Do you have an upcoming IT Interview to prepare for?

    Wondering what questions you might get asked?

    We asked some of Australias leading CIOs and CTOs what their favourite interview question to ask was and why.

    Please see below for 9 questions you might get asked in your next IT Interview.

    Question 1 – Tell me about yourself

    Why ? Daniel Branik Its a great way to warm up the conversation and it helps me understand how they communicate. Are you concise and direct? Or are you a storyteller? Are you entertaining? Do you go off on tangents?”

    Jason Ferriggi For me the most important part of any interview is understanding whether the applicant is a good personality and cultural fit for the team and organisation. Therefore I place plenty of emphasis on the question tell me about yourself. I can spend money on training and developing the skills I need, however there is little I can do about personality and how well the new applicant fits the existing team. I always follow up a successful first round interview with an informal team catch up and then stand back and observe the body language and indirect communication that takes place. From this I generally have a good idea of who will be the right person for the job.”

    Question 2 What is one thing that you would like to change about yourself and why?

    Question 3 If you had a blank sheet of paper to write down your ultimate role, what would it be?

    Question 9 No question at all!

    What was your favourite? Why?

    What Informs Your Decisions When Choosing A Programming Language And Design Framework For A Product/project

    This question is aimed at finding out how you weigh up the pros and cons in the developmental, early stages of a project or product development cycle. While a CTO doesnt always have intimate programming and software application knowledge, it certainly helps if that is the industry space that you occupy.

    If this question comes up in an interview, then you will no doubt be aware that your role as CTO at this company might involve some pretty fundamental development questions. If you have the experience that is required for this environment, then explain your methodology for choosing your preferences. You can mention the time taken to get a working prototype up and running, the ease at which teams can share their work between one another, or any other dev related preferences that you might have.

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    As A Cto How Will You Stay Abreast Of Current Trends In Technology

    Technology is an ever-changing industry, so you want someone who recognizes the need to stay up to date on everything technical. It can also give you an opportunity to gauge how good of a cultural fit the candidate may have with your organization. They should choose examples that relate to managing a business, especially an IT department. What to look for in an answer:

    • Interest in continuing education
    • Interest in current technology trends
    • Management philosophy and cultural fit


    This year I enjoyed reading ABC Technology Trends. It opened my eyes to the need to adopt proven technologies and the risks of buying into the leading edge too soon.

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