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Ci Cd Pipeline Jenkins Interview Questions

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How Can The Parameters Be Defined In Jenkins

DevOps Project | Creating CI CD Pipeline Using Jenkins | Intellipaat

In Jenkins, a build can take many input parameters to execute.

  • To define parameters for the job, select the this project is parameterized box.
  • The drop down Add Parameter is enabled with the parameter types list. Any number of parameters may be added in the list.

There are several parameter types provided in the list.

How To Download The Console Log For A Particular Jenkins Build Programmatically

Using the Jenkins CLI – console – command

java -jar jenkins-cli.jar console JOB

Produces the console output of a specific build to stdout, as if you are doing ‘cat build.log’

  • JOB: Name of the job
  • BUILD: Build number or permalink to point to the build. Defaults to the last build
  • -f: If the build is in progress, append console output as it comes, like tail -f
  • -n N: Display the last N lines.


ssh -l < ssh_username> -p < port_no> < Jenkins_URL> console < JOB_NAME>

What Is A Jenkins Pipeline

  • The pipeline represents the continuous delivery and continuous integration of all the jobs in the SDLC and DevOps life cycle.
  • The Jenkins pipeline is a set of plugins that support implementation and integration of continuous delivery pipelines into Jenkins. It connects this pipeline in a particular format by Jenkins.
  • The Jenkins pipeline solves several problems like the maintenance of thousands of jobs and maintaining deployment with needing to resort to other powerful methods.

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What Is Jenkins Build Cause

Build Cause is a text attribute that represents what made a jobs build to be triggered, say it could be a Jenkins User , Timer for Scheduled jobs, Upstream jobs for a job which was triggered by upstream job, etc. This is mainly used to identify the nature of the builds be it nightly, manual, automated, etc.

Is Security Important In Ci/cd What Mechanisms Are There To Secure It

CI/CD pipeline using Git Jenkins, Docker, Tomcat, AWS  ShootSkill ...

Yes. CI/CD platforms have access to all kinds of sensitive data such as API keys, private repositories, databases, and server passwords. An improperly secured CI/CD system is a prime target for attacks and can be exploited to release compromised software or to get unauthorized access. A CI/CD platform must support mechanisms to securely manage secrets, and control access to logs and private repositories.

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How Does Testing Fit Into Ci

Testing is integral to and inseparable from CI. The main benefit teams get from CI is continuous feedback. Developers set up tests in the CI to check that their code behaves according to expectations. There would be no feedback loop to determine if the application is in a releasable state without testing.

Configure A Pipeline Through Scm

In this step, we will be using Jenkinsfile from the GitHub repository. Let us create a new job to perform this task.

On the pipeline configuration page, select the option Pipeline Script from SCM and SCM as Git then paste the GitHub repository URL. Type Jenkinsfile in script path and save the changes.

Note: Make sure you have git installed on your system or on the virtual machine where you have installed Jenkins. In my case, I am using EC2 instance with Amazon Linux. I have installed git using the below command.

sudo yum install git

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From One Server To Another How Do You Copy Or Move Your Jenkins Jobs

First, we need to copy our jobs directory from the old to the new server. There are multiple ways to do it. We can either move the job from the installation by simply copying the corresponding job directory or we can make a clone of the job directory by making an existing jobs copy. For this, we need to have a different name, which we can rename later.

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Q: How To Identify Tests For Automation Ans:

CI CD Pipeline Using Jenkins | Continuous Integration and Deployment | Intellipaat

It is impossible to automate 100% of tests – manual testing might be more appropriate, in some instances. To have a tester, manually test something that can be automated is a waste of tester’s potential. A broad rule of thumb will be to automate all those tests that are executed frequently. These tests, when running manually, can be prone to errors. For example, cross-browser compatibility testing is one function which can be easily automated. Ensure all your automated tests are reliable and do not generate false positives – due to uncontrolled starting state or environment variations, etc.

The second rule would be to automate all those tests that are dependent on a person. Dependency on developers and testers is risky if the concerned personnel are not available during a crucial phase. A testers absence will affect the entire CT process

Keeping in mind the more significant, long term benefits of automation will build the criteria around which tests need to be automated.

It is beer to start with a small set of reliable, automated tests and add to them over me, instead of starting with many unreliable automated tests.

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Q: What Is Rolling Strategy

A rolling rollout gradually replaces instances of an application’s prior version with instances of the application’s current version. A rolling deployment usually waits for new pods to get ready through a readiness test until the old modules are scaled down. The rolling deployment can be halted if a serious problem occurs.

Using Ci/ Cd Pipelines And Indexeddb For A Jquery Ui Web Application

Using a simple PostgreSQL database, well be storing some client-side data in IndexedDB storage. This technique can be a convenient and robust solution for storing some data in the browser.

Using IndexedDB is a much better alternative to the Document Object Model for storing and querying client-side data because of how easy it is to manage and query data. Lets get started with our project.

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What Are Some Of The Critical Aspects Of The Jenkins Pipeline

Some of the Jenkins Pipeline key aspects are:

  • Pipeline: User-defined model of a CD pipeline. Pipeline’s code takes the role of defining the entire build process, including building, testing, and delivering an application.
  • Node: A machine as a part of the Jenkins environment which is capable of executing a pipeline.
  • Step: An individual task that communicates to Jenkins about what to do at a particular point in time
  • Stage: This defines distinct subset of tasks that are conceptually unique and performed through the pipeline

What Is The Use Of Setting Environment Directive In Jenkins

CI/CD pipeline using Git Jenkins, Docker, Tomcat, AWS  Page 5 ...

The environment directive specifies a sequence of key-value pairs which will be defined as environment variables for the all steps, or stage-specific steps, depending on where the environment directive is located within the Pipeline. This directive supports a special helper method credentials which can be used to access pre-defined Credentials by their identifier in the Jenkins environment.

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What Is Agent Label In Jenkins

agent. The agent section specifies where the entire Pipeline, or a specific stage, will execute in the Jenkins environment depending on where the agent section is placed. The section must be defined at the top-level inside the pipeline block, but stage-level usage is optional.

o build a version for the job while still keeping track of the updates. The translated code is written in the Groovy programming language.

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What Are The Steps Included In A Jenkins Pipeline

A complete Jenkins pipeline includes building a project from the source code, putting it through a variety of units, integrating, testing for user acceptance and performance, and then finally deploying the packaged application on an application server.

So, the steps in a Jenkins pipeline can be listed as below:

  • Build

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Ci Cd Pipeline Jenkins Interview Questions Jobs

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What Is A Ci/cd Pipeline

The term CI/CD pipeline refers to the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline. Before we dive deep into this segment, let’s first understand what is meant by the term pipeline.

A pipeline is a concept that introduces a series of events or tasks that are connected in a sequence to make quick software releases. For example, there is a task, that task has got five different stages, and each stage has got several steps. All the steps in phase one must be completed, to mark the latter stage to be complete.

Now, consider the CI/CD pipeline as the backbone of the DevOps approach. This Pipeline is responsible for building codes, running tests, and deploying new software versions. The Pipeline executes the job in a defined manner by first coding it and then structuring it inside several blocks that may include several steps or tasks.

Before we tell you how to build this CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, let us investigate a brief meaning of these two terms: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

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What Are The Most Important Characteristics In A Ci/cd Platform

  • Reliability: the team depends on the CI server for testing and deployment, so it must be reliable. An unreliable CI/CD platform can block all development work.
  • Speed: the platform should be fast and scalable to obtain results in a few minutes.
  • Reproducibility: the same code should always yield the same results.
  • Ease of use: easy to configure, operate, and troubleshoot.

What Are Some Of The Default Variables In Jenkins

DevOps Interview Questions: How will you scale your current CI
  • $JOB_NAME The name that you give your job when it is first set up.
  • $NODE_NAME This is the name of the node on which the current build is running.
  • $JENKINS_URL This is set to the URL of the Jenkins master that is responsible for running the build.
  • $BUILD_URL Indicates the URL where the results of the builds can be found.
  • $WORKSPACE Refers to the path of the workspace

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How Is A Third

Lets pretend we want to use Node, a third-party tool.

Make sure Node is mounted first.Install the Jenkins plugin for Node via the Jenkins admin console.In the admin console, go to Manage and customize the settings on the Tools page.Any optimized nodeJS tool can be added to create a job in a pipeline.Because of differences in configurations, the protocol for various third-party tools can vary significantly.

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Jenkins Ci Interview Questions

28) How to trigger a build remotely from Jenkins? How to configure Git post commit hook?

The requirement is whenever changes are made in the Git repository for a particular project it will automatically start Jenkins build for that project.

A) As mentioned in Polling must die: triggering Jenkins builds from a git hook, you can notify Jenkins of a new commit:

With the latest Git plugin 1.1.14 , you can now do this more > easily by simply executing the following command:

curl https://yourserver/jenkins/git/notifyCommit?url=< URL of the Git repository> This will scan all the jobs thats configured to check out the specified URL, and if they are also configured with polling, itll immediately trigger the polling

This allows a script to remain the same when jobs come and go in Jenkins.Or if you have multiple repositories under a single repository host application , you can share a single post-receive hook script with all the repositories. Finally, this URL doesnt require authentication even for secured Jenkins, because the server doesnt directly use anything that the client is sending. It runs polling to verify that there is a change, before it actually starts a build.

As mentioned here, make sure to use the right address for your Jenkins server:

since were running Jenkins as standalone Webserver on port 8080 the URL should have been without the /jenkins, like this:

To reinforce that last point, ptha adds in the comments:

It may be obvious, but I had issues with:

Q: What Are Benefits Of Openshift

CI/CD Full Course | CI/CD Tutorial | Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery | Simplilearn

Let’s understand what OpenShift Container platform is

  • Provides a container management platform for your complex IT infrastructure.
  • Kubernetes is the industry leading open source container orchestration framework and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is the leading enterprise distribution of Kubernetes
  • Enables your development team to focus on designing and testing applications rather than spending excessive time in managing and deploying containers.
  • It includes containerization for multi-tenancy, automatic provisioning, automatic application scaling, continuous integration, and self-service for developers.

Refer Openshift Interview Questions

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What Are The Three Security Mechanisms Jenkins Uses To Authenticate Users

The three mechanisms are as follows:

  • Jenkins uses an internal database to store user data and credentials.
  • Jenkins can use a lightweight Directory Access Protocol server to authenticate users.
  • We can configure Jenkins to employ the application server’s authentication mechanism upon which we deploy it.

Configure And Execute A Pipeline With Scm

  • Copy the GitHub repository URL by clicking on Clone or download.
  • Now, click on Configure to modify the existing job.
  • Scroll to the Advanced Project Options setting and select Pipeline script from the SCM option.
  • Paste the GitHub repository URL here.
  • Type Jenkinsfile in the Script, and then click on the Save button.
  • Next, click on Build Now to execute the job again.
  • There will be an additional stage, in this case, i.e., Declaration: Checkout SCM.

After you have grasped all the essential steps to build a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, a hands-on demonstration will serve as the icing on the cake.

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Are You Aware Of Other Continuous Integration Tool Other Than Jenkins How Does Jenkins Compare With Them

There are many CL/CD tools available online and the most prominent are:

  • bamboo
  • Perforce
  • Go

Each one offers its own set of functionalities. For Instance, TeamCity offers great .NET support but it is costly & complex. Travis CI is free to use, just like Jenkins, and does support good documentation. Bamboo also offers efficient and faster builds but it does levy a charge and so on.

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