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Clothes To Wear To An Interview

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Mens Casual Interview Outfits

How to Dress for an Interview

Make sure that all of your clothes are clean and free from holes. Rather than jeans, choose a pair of dark chinos or cargo pants paired with a polo shirt or button-down shirt. Unless you will be required to wear a tie at work, there is no need to wear one to the interview.

Other than that

Choose casual close-toed shoes such as a pair of loafers that are in good condition. It is best to shave before the interview and make sure your hair is tidy, taking time to clean your nails. Any piercings and tattoos should be fully covered or removed if possible, and avoid wearing too much cologne.

Dress For The Work Environment

Theres no one-size-fits-all approach in preparing your interview outfit. What you wear to interview for one company may not be right for interviewing with another.

If you know someone who works at the organization, reach out to them for advice about what to wear. Its also OK to ask the person who called you for an interview about the company dress code. Even if the role to which you are applying is remote, follow the company dress code for your interview.

What if youve never seen the company office and you dont know anyone that works there? Here are some guidelines to help you settle on an appropriate look.

Prepare Your Outfit Well Ahead Of Time

We also recommend preparing your outfit a few days before the job interview. Try your entire outfit on well ahead of time to avoid any unpleasant surprises or changes of heart ahead of the interview.

Theres every chance your mind will be focused on what you want to talk about at the interview. Having to track down a belt, with the clock ticking, isnt conducive to attending your interview in a relaxed state.

Don’t forget to also consider the shoes and accessories you’ll wear, along with how you’ll style your hair and makeup. Aim for a complete polished and tailored appearance. It’s also a sensible idea to pick out a blazer or jacket, if you haven’t already, in case the interview environment is cold and you need another layer to keep warm.

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Clothing Thats Too Big

If your interview outfit hangs off of you like a wet potato sack, that isnt going to make a great impression. When youre clothing is too big, it almost makes it seem like youre playing dress-up in your parents clothes. Thats no good.

Take the time to make sure each part of your outfit fits correctly. If a piece is too large, either have it tailored to fit or choose something else.

Top 10 Items To Wear To An Interview For Men

White Coat Wardrobe

Rather than just listing advice, we want this to be an article that doesnt just tell, but rather shows what to wear to an interview. In order to do that, were focusing on some standard and essential looks for going into that ever-important first meeting.

As we mentioned before, were making this article a what to wear for an interview mens exclusive guide. While these articles are a selection that ultimately can suit anyones style, these top 10 items for any intro meeting are sure to make an impact on whatever crowd youre going into.

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Next Steps For Getting More Out Of Your Interview Experience

Once youâve settled on your interview attire, remember to reserve plenty of time to prepare thoroughly for the conversation youâll have with the prospective employer. This can include researching the company, crafting STAR method stories about your professional experience, and preparing questions to ask the interviewer.

As you continue your job search, itâs a good idea to build strong interviewing skills to draw upon along your career path.

Set yourself up for success in your next interview with The Art of the Job Interview from Big Interview on Coursera. Learn more about non-verbal communication, mistakes to avoid, how to analyze job descriptions, and more.

Why Job Interview Attire Is Important

While Im sure they refrain from judging a book by its cover, recruiters and HR managers notice how well-dressed a job seeker is the moment they walk in. It takes them seconds to form an impression of you.

Your appearance impacts their perception of how suitable you are for the position. And while a lot of debate could arise on whether thats fair or even accurate, appearance does matter.

All social contexts, including a workplace, have norms on grooming and dressing, and violating them can lead to scrutiny.

If the workplace is conservative and you show up dressed casually, you could come across as sloppy to the recruiter and lose credibility.

But if youre dressed appropriately and well-groomed, the conversation will start off right because you will match the model they have formed of you in their mind from you impressive resume.

Use these four tips to help choose what to wear to your interview.

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How To Dress For Every Type Of Job Interview

Knowing how to dress for a job interview is an important part of interview preparation. The way you present yourself can subtly suggest your understanding about the companys business purpose and culture.

Selecting an appropriate interview ensemble requires research and planning. You should dress according to the organizational dress code and the role youre seeking.

Dress code policies are being reconsidered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in remote workers, according to a 2021 article by the Society for Human Resource Management. While companies may be becoming more lax about dress codes, its still best to stick to the tried-and-true guidelines for projecting a professional image.

Follow along for guidance on proper attire for your job interview.

What To Avoid When Choosing Your Job Interview Attire

What to Wear to an Interview: Professional, Business Casual and Smart Casual (Ft. Ingrid Nilsen)

Regardless of how formal or informal the workplace is, the goal is to look professional. To make a good impression, here are some things to avoid:

  • Avoid suits and clothing that are out of date or ill-fitting. No matter your age, gender, or what have you, fit is important.
  • Avoid clothing that is too casual or inappropriate for some settings.
  • Avoid appearing sloppy. When you dont bother to iron your shirt or tuck it in, it can look unprofessional.
  • Avoid athletic or sports shoes, flip-flops, and open-toed shoes or sandals.
  • Avoid tank tops or shorts.
  • Avoid showing bra straps or underwear through your pants/skirt.
  • When you stand with your arms on your sides, and the hem of your dress or skirt is above your fingertips, its generally too short. Choose a longer one.
  • Avoid low necklines or exposing your belly.
  • Avoid perfumes or colognes because, in small rooms, smells can be distracting. Also, some scents can be very irritating to others.

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Play It Safe With A Crisp Style

When in doubt stick with monotone colors and professional clothes. If the company allows business casuals, maybe drop the suit or overly formal dresses. If it is a start-up or a company accepting casual clothes, a clean and crisp pair of jeans might also work. It is always better to be dressed more professionally in a casual workplace than to be more casual in a corporate one. Remember to wear crisp, stylish and comfortable clothes, but not to go overboard with fashion or accessories.

Business Casual Interview Attire

This scenario is becoming more common as the attire in many offices and workplaces has grown increasingly casual in recent years, especially during the pandemic. It can be tricky since the term business casual is interpreted in so many different ways.

How to dress for a business casual interview without looking so casual that you come across as not taking the interview seriously, yet not so formal that you come across as trying too hard? Consider an oxford cloth button down shirt in white, light blue, or a white/blue pattern like stripes or gingham.

For the pants, a pair of gray flannel trousers, or dress pants in a neutral like navy blue or gray can work well here. Alternatively to dress the outfit down a little further, try a pair of chino pants. The socks should once again be in the same color family as the pants. A word of caution, the black oxford shoes may be too formal for this outfit.

Instead try a pair of brown or oxblood lace-up shoes. As in our previous scenario, shoes need to be clean and polished. You may also add a blazer or sportcoat for a smart, put together look.

Just make sure to have some contrast in color between the jacket and the pants, per the first example above. If they are too similar it will look like you tried to match them and came up short. Oh yeah, dont forget a pocket square. If youre going slightly more formal, its perfectly fine to have matching suit jacket and trouser colors.

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Checking The Business Dress Code For What To Wear

If you’re not sure what to wear to an interview, the website and social media pages of the company you’re interviewing for can be informative, but not always. If you can’t determine the organisation’s dress code, consider calling their human resources department. Explain to the HR representative that you have an upcoming interview with the company and want to know how you should dress.

You might think that this could go against you during the interview, but its most likely going to have a positive effect. An employer may even appreciate the fact you took the effort to find out how to dress suitably for the interview.

Another aspect of learning about the dress code is to consider the industry and the role you’re applying for. An office job generally requires you to wear a suit with a skirt or trousers, or a tie and suit. Casual employment tends to be more relaxed with regard to dress codes, and managers may prefer interviewees to show up wearing business casual that’s neat and clean.

Try not to assume that a business doesn’t care about how you dress for an interview. Looking your best shows respect for the employer and that you care enough to to those responsible for hiring.

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Acing Your Video Interview

Fashionable job interview outfit for teens need to copy 30

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What To Wear To An Interview Women

The list of interview clothes for women is a little more extensive. Here is a quick overview of potential options:

  • Button Down Shirts: Suitable colours include pink, blue, or white, and you can choose from fabrics such as silk chiffon. Make sure the button down has a modest neckline, and that your bra is covered.
  • Blazer & Blouse: This is often the choice of the elegant interviewee who still wishes to be seen as a professional. A navy-blue blazer is a welcome addition to any wardrobe, and it works well with attire such as dresses, button downs, and blouses.
  • Black Dress & Tights: The classic little black dress is another go-to option, as long as it goes down to at least the knee, and doesnt have a plunging neckline! You can pair the dress with textured tights please stay away from fishnet stockings!
  • Black Trousers & a Pullover: Black dress trousers are a versatile item that pairs well with shirts, blouses, pullovers, or the blazer.
  • That Dress: Who says you cant turn up for an interview with a dash of the red carpet look about you? A tasteful dress in a colour such as turquoise or red can be eye-catching in the right way. Once again, make sure it goes beyond the knee and leaves plenty to the imagination.

Womens Casual Interview Outfits

It is best to wear dark-colored jeans, smart slacks, or a pair of tailored jeans. Alternatively, a calf-length or knee-length skirt could work just as well. Choose close-toed shoes with small heels or flats.

Select a blouse or shirt that is not low-cut and fits well without being too tight. Alternatively, a cropped cardigan looks smart without being overly formal.

And accessories?

You can be a bit bolder in a casual interview than in a formal interview setting when it comes to accessories. Many informal interviews focus on personality over skills, and your accessories allow you to express yourself. However, it is best to limit yourself to selecting two or three of your favorite pieces.

It is best to style your hair or tie it back and avoid wearing strong perfume. Remove any visible piercings and make sure that tattoos are covered.

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What A High School Student Should Wear To A Job Interview

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Video: Business Formal vs. Business Casual: What to Wear to an Interview

How do you dress for an interview? And how does business casual look different than business formal? Get answers to these questions and more tips on business attire.

High school students may look for a part-time or seasonal position to help earn additional income in addition to getting exposure to the workplace. Some jobs that are available to high school students include positions in the service industry, such as restaurants or retail stores. High school students can also be babysitters, dogsitters or work for a volunteer organization. Nevertheless, if you’re interviewing for one of these positions, be sure to dress appropriately for the occasion.

In this article, we outline the importance of high school students wearing the right outfit for a job interview as well as noting what you can and cannot wear.

Internship / College Job Interview Attire

What to Wear for an Interview || Work Clothes for Women

It’s important to dress professionally when interviewing for a professional job or internship as a college student. It’ll show that you’ll know how to dress appropriately if you’re hired.

Less formal attire is acceptable when interviewing for campus jobs and more informal workplace jobs. However, you still want to dress professionally for most positions, even if they are entry-level. Skip jeans, athleisure, or anything youd wear to the beach, the gym, or a club. Make sure your clothing is clean, pressed, and free from visible holes or tears.

When you interview for an internship position, your clothing should follow the dress code of the company youre interviewing with. If youre hoping to land an internship with a financial services company, professional attire is a must. However, if youre interviewing for a tech internship at a startup, business casual is a better fit.

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Do: Dress For Success But Dress Comfortably

The length of your visit to a prospective employer will vary. Some companies have one 30-minute interview and thats it, while others might ask you to conduct three interviews in a row with different groups of people.

Thats why its important to dress comfortably. Youre going to be there for a while, so you might as well wear something that feels good. Additionally, if youre uncomfortable in your outfit, you might be more likely to fidget or fuss with your clothing, which can come off as impatient, nervous and uncertain.

A few days before your interview, try on your clothes and determine whether you need to get anything tailored or dry cleaned, or if you need to go shopping for more comfortable or better-fitting clothes.

Dont Forget Personal Grooming

Photo by cottonbro studio/Pexels

What you wear is only part of how you present yourself. As a male, personal grooming is another critical element of self-presentation.

Its always a good idea to shave your beard, especially for more formal work positions that require business formal or business casual attire.

In some industries, its more acceptable to have a beard, especially in the IT industry. Startups, in particular, are usually okay with bearded fellows.

However, that doesnt mean you should let your beard grow like a caveman.

A nice, well-groomed beard speaks volumes about how you take care of yourself. If you arent good at trimming your beard yourself, go to a barber and ask them to do it for you.

You should also use beard balm or oil to keep your beard hair in place.

That brings us to the topic of long hair. Most interviewers generally frown on long hair, but you can get away with it if the agency is more creative, millennial-led, and hipster.

Still, you should keep it nicely held back in a ponytail. Use gel to control flyaway hairs, so you dont look unkempt.

Personal grooming goes beyond a shave and haircut, though. You should also smell nice.

Buy a pleasant cologne and apply it before your interview. It doesnt have to be expensive, but its something subtle that tells the interviewer a lot about how you take care of yourself.

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How To Wear A Suit To Work

When dressing for work, it is important to keep in mind the type of business you are working for. A good way to make a conservative yet professional impression is to wear a suit. A suit should be tailored to fit your body perfectly to avoid looking too baggy or too tight. It is also important to pay attention to the details of your suit: a well-made suit will have a correctly pleated breast pocket, a correctly placed vent, and proper lapels.

Nice shoes are essential when dressing for work. Choose a pair of shoes that are both polished and comfortable. Finally, always make sure to groom yourself appropriately. This way, you will look more professional and confident, and it wont look like the suit is wearing you.

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