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Cloud Support Engineer Interview Questions

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How Is Aws Cloudformation Different From Aws Elastic Beanstalk

Top 20 AWS Cloud Support Engineer Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

Here are some differences between AWS CloudFormation and AWS Elastic Beanstalk:

  • AWS CloudFormation helps you provision and describe all of the infrastructure resources that are present in your cloud environment. On the other hand, AWS Elastic Beanstalk provides an environment that makes it easy to deploy and run applications in the cloud.
  • AWS CloudFormation supports the infrastructure needs of various types of applications, like legacy applications and existing enterprise applications. On the other hand, AWS Elastic Beanstalk is combined with the developer tools to help you manage the lifecycle of your applications.

Define The Term Computer Networking

The employer will ask you to define terms used in this field to test your knowledge in this industry. The best way to respond to this question is by defining the term as you connect it to the job at hand.

Sample answer

When a computer user wants to share some data, movies, or video with another computer or system, he/she must be connected to that computer. That connection is what is referred to as a network. So, computer networking involves connecting two or more computers in order to share data, send communication, provide technical support, etc. Internet is used to connect computers from different places across the world. Networked commuters can share different resources including processing power and storage space. With a computer network, it is easy to install software on one system and share it with other computers. Computers within a building can be interconnected using s local area network. On the other hand, a wide area network is used to connect computers in a large geographical area.

What Are The Policies That You Can Set For Your Users Passwords

Here are some of the policies that you can set:

  • You can set a minimum length of the password, or you can ask the users to add at least one number or special characters in it.
  • You can assign requirements of particular character types, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and non-alphanumeric characters.
  • You can enforce automatic password expiration, prevent reuse of old passwords, and request for a password reset upon their next AWS sign in.
  • You can have the AWS users contact an account administrator when the user has allowed the password to expire.

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Cloud Engineer Interview Questions And Answers


What exactly is cloud computing?

This is one of the most basic, yet important cloud engineer interview questions. Cloud computing is a new era of Internet-based information technology. It is the next level of cloud architecture that provides resources whenever and wherever the consumer requires them. It allows you to connect to many servers all around the world.

What are the primary components of the cloud ecosystem?

The components of the cloud ecosystem that influence how you perceive cloud architecture are as follows:

  • Cloud consumers

What are the clouds of hybrids?

You will often come across this cloud engineer interview question. Hybrid clouds are a combination of public and private clouds. It combines the best of both worlds’ characteristics and qualities. It is preferred over all other clouds because it employs the most stringent cloud infrastructure deployment methodology. This encourages businesses to create their own cloud and makes it easier for them to offer access to others.

Talk about private cloud.

A private cloud helps to keep strategic activities and other purposes safe. It’s a fully functional network that is owned, operated, and restricted to a single organization or industry. Most firms have now shifted to private clouds because they combine the security, control of access, and customization of resources in on-campus IT infrastructure with the benefits of cloud computing such as scalability and elasticity.

Define the term “MultiCloud.”


General Interview Process At Aws

Desktop Support Engineer » Network Interview

AWS is an amazing cloud platform that offers many different services. The AWS general interview process includes a variety of questions about your experience with AWS, your understanding of the platform, and your ideas for how AWS could be improved.

The AWS general interview process is designed to assess your skills and knowledge of the platform and to see if you would be a good fit for the role. The questions are designed to help you understand the platform and to see if you have the skills and experience necessary to be a successful member of the AWS team.

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Does The Job Assistance Program Guarantee Me A Job

Apparently, no. Our job assistance program is aimed at helping you land in your dream job. It offers a potential opportunity for you to explore various competitive openings in the corporate world and find a well-paid job, matching your profile. The final decision on hiring will always be based on your performance in the interview and the requirements of the recruiter.

What Is The Difference Between Stopping And Terminating An Ec2 Instance

While you may think that both stopping and terminating are the same, there is a difference. When you stop an EC2 instance, it performs a normal shutdown on the instance and moves to a stopped state. However, when you terminate the instance, it is transferred to a stopped state, and the EBS volumes attached to it are deleted and can never be recovered.

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What Do You Understand By Vpc

VPC is the abbreviated form of Virtual Private Cloud. It allows you to launch AWS resources that can be defined by you and fully customize the network configurations. Through VPC, you can define and take full control of your virtual network environment. For example- you can have a private address range, internet gateways, subnets, etc.

What Is A Cloud

Cloud Engineer Interview Questions | AWS #Cloud Support #Engineer Interview | Cloud #computing

The interviewer may want to know how well you understand various cloud-based applications. While answering this question, start by defining what a cloud-native application is, include its advantages and provide some examples.

Example answer:’Cloud-native applications are programs built to take advantage of the distributed computing that the cloud provides. It involves designing a framework, developing an application, debugging and testing it for errors and functionality and deploying it to the cloud for third parties to use. These applications make use of the scalability, flexibility, elasticity and security that the cloud platforms provide.

Cloud-native applications are microservices-based, where microservices break the application into smaller services or modules that make it easier to execute them in parallel. These smaller modules communicate via APIs. They are also container based, which involves packaging the code, dependencies and runtime into a container image. Microservices also make troubleshooting easier by allowing one to identify the source of issues. Health care, finance, supply chain management and education are some sectors that benefit from cloud-native applications’.

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What Are Solaris And Aix Operating Systems Are They Available With Aws

Solaris is an operating system that uses SPARC processor architecture, which is not supported by the public cloud currently.

AIX is an operating system that runs only on Power CPU and not on Intel, which means that you cannot create AIX instances in EC2.

Since both the operating systems have their limitations, they are not currently available with AWS.

Amazon Cloud Support Engineer Interview Guide

Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, is Amazons cloud computing subsidiary offering cloud storage, database management, and APIs on-demand to individuals, businesses, and governments.

Many companies use AWS for cloud computing. Even if you are applying for cloud computing jobs in other companies, it is important to be familiar with the AWS cloud support database interview questions.It is necessary to have a team of skilled AWS Cloud Support Engineers to maintain the flow of AWS applications for more than 1,000,000 customers. But, what does it take to be an AWS cloud support engineer?

This guide will take you deep into the life of an Amazon AWS cloud support engineer, including:

  • Responsibilities for a Cloud Support Engineer.
  • AWS Cloud Support Engineer Interview Process.
  • AWS Cloud Support Engineer Interview Questions.
  • AWS Cloud Support Engineers: Benefits and Career Path.

The following is an overview of what it takes to be a cloud support engineer for AWS. Continue reading to learn more.

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Amazon Cloud Support Engineer Hiring Process Overview

You will need to be able to navigate complex databases, networks, cloud environments, computing frameworks, and other technical issues to land a job as an Amazon cloud support engineer. Lets take an in-depth look at the hiring process.

Requirements, Resume, and Application

These steps will help you get started as an AWS Cloud Support Engineer.

  • Use Amazon Job Search to find Cloud Support Engineers positions.
  • Create a new profile if youve already applied for that matches your qualifications or log in to your existing profile.
  • Upload your resume. A cover letter is not required. If you are selected for Amazon Assessment, your resume will be sent to them.

After passing the initial resume screening, your invitation will be sent to complete an online assessment.

How Are Reserved Instances Different From On

Azure cloud engineer cv August 2021

Reserved instances and on-demand instances are the same when it comes to function. They only differ in how they are billed.

Reserved instances are purchased as one-year or three-year reservations, and in return, you get very low hourly based pricing when compared to the on-demand cases that are billed on an hourly basis.

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Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learnt

The response to this question portrays the kind of a person you are. The interviewer wants to know whether you can own your mistakes and learn from them. Describe a situation when you failed and state the lessons you learned.

Sample Answer

I have failed in many roles but not in this one. I have learned from every mistake and that is why I have been able to handle this role with a lot of care. Some of the skills I have picked from every mistake are working under pressure, communication, time management among others.

Top 20 AWS Cloud Support EngineerInterview Questions with Sample Answers:

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What Is A Cloud And What Is Cloud Computing

Some interviewers choose to start the discussion with fundamental questions that are meant to assess the applicant’s basic understanding of cloud computing. The best way to answer this question is usually to give a brief definition and explanation of the terms.

Example:âA cloud is a system of networks, services, storage devices, hardware and interface that work together to deliver computer as a service to its users. Its three users can be end-users, business management users and cloud service providers. Cloud computing as an advanced way of using cloud services, as it gives users a way to access several worldwide servers and access various services from anywhere around the globe.â

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In Aws Three Different Storage Services Are Available Such As Efs S3 And Ebs When Should I Use Amazon Efs Vs Amazon S3 Vs Amazon Elastic Block Store

Amazon Web Services offers cloud storage services to support a wide range of storage workloads.

Amazon EFS is a file storage service for use with Amazon compute and on-premises servers. Amazon EFS provides a file system interface, file system access semantics , and concurrently accessible storage for up to thousands of Amazon EC2 instances.

is a block-level storage service for use with Amazon EC2. Amazon EBS can deliver performance for workloads that require the lowest latency access to data from a single EC2 instance.

Amazon S3 is an object storage service. Amazon S3 makes data available through an Internet API that can be accessed anywhere

Prepare Yourself For A Better Cloud Support Job

Cloud Engineer Interview Questions with Answer Examples

What youll learn

AWS Cloud Interview Questions for Cloud Support Engineer Job Free Udemy Courses

  • The livee scenario of AWS Cloud Infrastructure
  • Step-by-step guidelines for troubleshooting
  • How to reply in an interview with accurate technical terms?
  • How to reply Accurate, Short, Clear answers


  • Linux Operating System fundamental knowledge
  • AWS Cloud fundamental knowledge


Knowing is one part and appearing in the interview and clearing it, is another part.

Through this video course, I can guide anyone who is in the IT field or even anyone who is Non-IT Professional to clear an Interview. The condition is that the person should have a willingness to start a new career in IT Industry with Linux OS, AWS Clo,ud and DevOps tools and technologies.

Prepare yourself to crack the Job interview for job roles as AWS Cloud Support Engineer, Cloud Support Engineer, Junior DevOps Engineer, etc

IT Topics covered in this course:

1. Linux Operating System fundamentals

2. How to monitor and troubleshoot on live Linux servers?

3. AWS Cloud Fundamental Interview Questions

4. AWS Core Services AWS Global Infrastructure, IAM, IAM Policy and Roles, Security fundamentals, EC2, EBS, AMI, Application Load Balancer, Security Groups, VPC, Internet Gateway, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Simple Storage Service, S3, versioning with S3, various Storage Classes in S3, S3 Bucket Policy, RDS, Elastic BeanStalk, Amazon Lambda, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, AWS Pricing Calculator,

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You Have Deployed Multiple Ec2 Instances Across Multiple Availability Zones To Run Your Website You Have Also Deployed A Multi

We can deploy ElastiCache in-memory cache running in every availability zone. This will help in creating a cached version of the website for faster access in each availability zone. We can also add an RDS MySQL read replica in each availability zone that can help in efficient and better performance for read operations. So, there will not be any increased workload on the RDS MySQL instance, hence resolving the contention issue.

What Are The Various Deployment Models In Cloud Computing

This question aims to assess your knowledge of various cloud deployment models and your ability to choose a model based on a business’ requirements. In your answer, provide details on each deployment model and its advantages.

Example answer:’Several factors determine the type of cloud environment, including ownership, scale, security, access and the nature and purpose of the cloud. A cloud deployment model determines where and who controls the servers one uses. Various cloud deployment models include public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud and multi-cloud. Public clouds make systems and services accessible to anyone. Because of its open nature, the public cloud may be less secure. Private cloud is a one-on-one environment for a single customer and is suitable for storing confidential information. It provides greater security and control over cloud resources.

Hybrid clouds incorporate the advantages of both public and private clouds. Businesses can avail the benefits of both the deployment models by moving data and applications between the two based on their needs. Community cloud allows a group of organisations to access its systems and services. It is cost-effective, secure and enables collaboration and data sharing between organisations. Multi clouds refer to employing multiple cloud service providers to suit a business’ needs. This reduces latency and ensures high availability of cloud services’.

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Name And Explain Some Security Products And Features Available In Vpc

Here is a selection of security products and features:

  • Security groups – This acts as a firewall for the EC2 instances, controlling inbound and outbound traffic at the instance level.
  • Network access control lists – It acts as a firewall for the subnets, controlling inbound and outbound traffic at the subnet level.
  • Flow logs – These capture the inbound and outbound traffic from the network interfaces in your VPC.

Are Aws Certifications Worth It In 2022

Our Process  Windsor Force Staffing

Yes, AWS skills are in high demand in the cloud market and they will only continue to grow. In the United States alone, there are over 140,000 jobs open for professionals with some AWS skills as per the jobs posted on LinkedIn. Moreover, AWS professionals are among the highest-earning IT professionals in the world. As per PayScale, the average salary of a certified AWS professional is approximately US$106,646 per annum and it can increase based on the certification level, job profile, experience, etc.

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What Are The Different Types Of Models Commonly Used For Deployment In Cloud Computing

Cloud deployment models are ways to define the most appropriately located servers for each user and the characteristics of the cloud infrastructure depending on the user’s needs. You should briefly mention the four most popular deployment models.

Example:âThe four deployment models in cloud computing are: private cloud, community cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud.â

Why Become A Cloud Architect

With the increasing focus on cloud computing and infrastructure over the last several years, cloud architects are in great demand worldwide. Many organizations have moved to cloud platforms for better scalability, mobility, and security, and cloud solutions architects are among the highest-paid professionals in the IT industry.

According to a study by Goldman Sachs, cloud computing is one of the top three initiatives planned by IT executives as they make cloud infrastructure an integral part of their organizations. According to Forbes, enterprise IT architects with cloud computing expertise are earning a median salary of $137,957.

With the help of cloud architects, a majority of companies have been able to cut down costs and attain better output in core business operations. Therefore cloud architects are in high demand one latest Nasscom-TCS-Accenture study states that the demand for cloud professionals is likely to touch 2 million by 2025. In view of this, one can choose to become a cloud architect to have a highly rewarding career.

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Aws Cloud Support Engineers: Technical Roles Salary And Interview Questions

Cloud Support Engineer is a new role in the market that is designed to help customers use and manage their cloud-based applications. This role is essential for organizations that are looking to leverage the cloud for their business.

The Cloud Support Engineer will help customers with their cloud-based applications by providing support, troubleshooting, and training. The Cloud Support Engineer will work with customers to identify and resolve issues that are cloud-based.

The most impressive thing about AWS Cloud Support Engineer roles is the amount of flexibility and control that the role provides for engineers. The role allows engineers to be creative and solve problems in a variety of ways, which is why it is said to be one of the most rewarding roles in the AWS ecosystem. Additionally, the AWS Cloud Support Engineer roles are highly technical and require a high level of technical understanding, which is another key selling point.

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