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Coding Questions Asked In Interview

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Mirror Binary Tree Nodes

Coding Interview Questions And Answers | Programming Interview Questions And Answers | Simplilearn

Given the root node of a binary tree, swap the left and right children for each node. The below example shows how the mirrored binary tree should look like.


def mirror_tree:  #TODO: Write - Your - Code  return root

This problem is quite straightforward. For this algorithm, we will utilize a post order traversal of the binary tree. For each node, we will swap its left and right child.

Top 45 Programming Interview Questions

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Preparing for an interview in the IT industry means familiarizing yourself with job-specific terminology. By taking the time to review potential interview questions and thinking about your answers in advance, you can present yourself as a qualified candidate.

In this article, we discuss common programming interview questions and provide sample answers to help you prepare for your next interview.

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Coding Question In C: 91+ Most Asked C Coding Questions

This Page has a massive bunch of most commonly asked and most important tricky coding question in c for freshers to crack the coding interview rounds.

Along with the of pattern programming in C, in coding rounds, interviewers commonly gives you some question to write a program on it.

This Programs may contain some operations to perform on numbers, strings, arrays or on linked list.

Below are the c programs asked in coding round which are categoried section wise. Prepare each variety of coding questions which is very important and will help you to crack your coding rounds.

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Find 5 Mistakes In The Following Code Snippet

package com.journaldev.programming-interviews public class String Programs }
  • Package name canât have hyphens.
  • Class name canât have whitespaces.
  • The main method is not public, so it wonât run.
  • The main method argument shouldnât specify the size.
  • The semicolon is missing in the string definition.
  • How Do You Check An Object Is A Promise Or Not

    Most Frequently

    If you don’t know if a value is a promise or not, wrapping the value as Promise.resolve which returns a promise

    functionisPromiseelse}vari=1 varpromise=newPromise) console.log) // falseconsole.log) // true

    Another way is to check for .then handler type

    functionisPromisevari=1 varpromise=newPromise) console.log) // falseconsole.log) // true

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    What Is An Observable

    An Observable is basically a function that can return a stream of values either synchronously or asynchronously to an observer over time. The consumer can get the value by calling subscribe method.Let’s look at a simple example of an Observable

    importfrom"rxjs" constobservable=newObservable=> ,3000) }) observable.subscribe=> console.log) 

    Note: Observables are not part of the JavaScript language yet but they are being proposed to be added to the language

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    Question 3: Stock Buy Sell To Maximize Profit

    Given an array of integers representing stock price on single day, find max profit that can be earned by 1 transaction.So you need to find pair where buyDay < = sellDay and it should maximise the profit.For example :

    intarr= Max profit can be gain by buying at1thdayandsell at4thday.Max profit=99-12=87

    Solution :

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    Describe The Types Of Medical Billing Coding Systems

    This question addresses your knowledge of medical coding practices and the main types of codes you will be dealing with. Your answer should be straightforward and focus on your knowledge.

    Example:”The three types of medical coding are diagnostic, pharmaceutical codes, procedural codes, topographical codes and outcomes codes. Diagnostic codes refer to the process of identifying a patient’s condition, pharmaceutical codes deal with their medications, procedural codes identify specific curative actions and topographical codes reference a specific part of the body.”

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    How To Sort Hashmap By Values

    Top 15 Python Coding Interview Questions with Solutions – Do it Yourself

    HashMap is not an ordered collection. So, sorting its entries doesnât make any sense. But, we can sort the entries based on value and store into LinkedHashMap. LinkedHashMap maintains the order of insertion.

    package com.journaldev.programminginterviews import java.util.ArrayList import java.util.HashMap import java.util.LinkedHashMap import java.util.List import java.util.Map import java.util.Map.Entry import java.util.Set public class SortHashMapByValue private static Map< String, Integer>  sortByValue }

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    Can You Talk About What Programming Languages You Use Talk About Your Experience With Each Language And Which Languages You Prefer

    Questions like this one are very likely to come up in most programming interviews. As this is an experience-related question that also focuses on your personal preferences, there is no right answer.

    One way to answer this question is to focus on your favorite programming language and mention others that you are proficient in: I enjoy using JavaScript because it is such a flexible language that powers so much of the modern web. While JavaScript is one of the first languages I learned in order to give my portfolio website more interactivity, Im also familiar with Java, Python and HTML/CSS.

    Write A Code To Find Non

    }}return0 }
    import java.util.Arrays classMain}ifSystem.out.println }}// Driver codepublicstaticvoid main int n = arr.length       countFreq }}
    # Python 3 program to count unique elementsdef count:# Mark all array elements as not visited   visited =# Traverse through array elements# and count frequenciesfor i in range:# Skip this element if already# processedif:continue# Count frequency     count =1for j in range:if:          visited=True          count +=1if count ==1:print # Driver Codearr =n = lencount

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    What Are The Main Rules Of Promise

    A promise must follow a specific set of rules,

  • A promise is an object that supplies a standard-compliant .then method
  • A pending promise may transition into either fulfilled or rejected state
  • A fulfilled or rejected promise is settled and it must not transition into any other state.
  • Once a promise is settled, the value must not change.
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    What Is The Purpose Of The Array Slice Method


    The slice method returns the selected elements in an array as a new array object. It selects the elements starting at the given start argument, and ends at the given optional end argument without including the last element. If you omit the second argument then it selects till the end.

    Some of the examples of this method are,

    letarrayIntegers= letarrayIntegers1=arrayIntegers.slice // returns letarrayIntegers2=arrayIntegers.slice // returns letarrayIntegers3=arrayIntegers.slice //returns 

    Note: Slice method won’t mutate the original array but it returns the subset as a new array.

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    Revise The Basic Algorithms

    Algorithms are an essential component of technical interviews. Reviewing the basic algorithms -BFS and DFS, and sorting algorithms can help a great deal as most algorithm-based problems employ these concepts. While reviewing the algorithms, you donât necessarily have to solve long and complex problems. Rethinking how to implement them is good enough.

    How Do You Get Property Descriptors Of An Object

    You can use the Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors method which returns all own property descriptors of a given object. The example usage of this method is below,

    constnewObject= constdescriptorsObject=Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors console.log //trueconsole.log //trueconsole.log //trueconsole.log // 1

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    Technical Software Engineering Interview Questions

    Q1. Describe the process you have for a programming task, from requirements to delivery.

    The software development process or life cycle is a structure applied to the development of a software product. There are several models for such processes , each describing approaches to a variety of tasks or activities that take place during the process.

  • Requirements analysis. Extracting the requirements of a desired software product is the first task in creating it. While customers probably believe they know what the software is to do, it may require skill and experience in software engineering to recognize incomplete, ambiguous, or contradictory requirements.
  • Specification. Specification is the task of precisely describing the software to be written, in a rigorous way. In practice, most successful specifications are written to understand and fine-tune applications that were already well-developed, although safety-critical software systems are often carefully specified prior to application development. Specifications are most important for external interfaces that must remain stable.
  • Software architecture. The architecture of a software system refers to an abstract representation of that system. Architecture is concerned with making sure the software system will meet the requirements of the product, as well as ensuring that future requirements can be addressed.
  • Q2. What programming languages do you use? Which three do you prefer or are most familiar with?

    What Is The Temporal Dead Zone

    Java 8 coding/programming Interview questions for freshers and Experienced | Code Decode | Examples

    The Temporal Dead Zone is a behavior in JavaScript that occurs when declaring a variable with the let and const keywords, but not with var. In ECMAScript 6, accessing a let or const variable before its declaration causes a ReferenceError. The time span when that happens, between the creation of a variables binding and its declaration, is called the temporal dead zone.

    Let’s see this behavior with an example,


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    Check If Two Arrays Contains Same Elements

    We will first create a set of elements from both the arrays. Then compare the elements in these sets to find if there is an element that is not present in both the sets?

    package com.journaldev.programminginterviews import java.util.Arrays import java.util.HashSet import java.util.Set public class ArraySameElements  Integer a2 =  Integer a3 =  System.out.println) System.out.println) }static boolean sameElements return true }}

    Write A Code To Show Nullpointerexception

    If we are calling a function on the ânullâ, it will throw NullPointerException.

    public static void main static void printString}

    Thatâs why itâs better to have null check in place for early validation.

    static void printString}

    We can also throw IllegalArgumentException based on the project requirements.

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    Why Do You Need To Avoid With Statement

    JavaScript’s with statement was intended to provide a shorthand for writing recurring accesses to objects. So it can help reduce file size by reducing the need to repeat a lengthy object reference without performance penalty. Let’s take an example where it is used to avoid redundancy when accessing an object several times.

    a.b.c.greeting="welcome" a.b.c.age=32 

    Using with it turns this into:


    But this with statement creates performance problems since one cannot predict whether an argument will refer to a real variable or to a property inside the with argument.

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    Tips For A Successful Interview

    Commonly Asked Java Programming Interview Questions

    Here are some additional tips to help you build confidence and prepare for your interview:

    • Practise answering common interview questions out loud with a friend or family member.

    • Prepare thoughtful questions to ask the employer.

    • Wear a professional outfit that matches the company’s dress code.

    • Bring several hard copies of your resume and cover letter.

    • Send a follow-up email within 48 hours of your interview to thank the hiring manager for their time.

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    What Would You Do If The Notes In A Patient’s File Were Unclear

    When coding medical files, you rely on accurate information to produce the correct billing amount and get approvals from insurers. You may have to process confusing information or clarify with doctors about the details of a patient file. Your answer should prioritize accuracy and consistency above speed, showing that you care about preventing mistakes.

    Example:”I would always reach out to the doctor to clarify their notes. Putting in the extra effort to gather information upfront helps me prevent errors that could impact the patient’s health.”

    What Are The Possible Ways To Create Objects In Javascript

    There are many ways to create objects in javascript as below

  • Object constructor:

    The simplest way to create an empty object is using the Object constructor. Currently this approach is not recommended.

  • Object’s create method:

    The create method of Object creates a new object by passing the prototype object as a parameter

  • Object literal syntax:

    The object literal syntax , is a comma-separated set of name-value pairs wrapped in curly braces.

    varobject= Objectliteralpropertyvaluescanbeofanydatatype,includingarray,function,andnestedobject.

    Note: This is an easiest way to create an object

  • Function constructor:

    Create any function and apply the new operator to create object instances,

  • Function constructor with prototype:

    This is similar to function constructor but it uses prototype for their properties and methods,"Sudheer" varobject=newPerson 

    This is equivalent to an instance created with an object create method with a function prototype and then call that function with an instance and parameters as arguments.

    functionfunc newfunc 
    // Create a new instance using function prototype.varnewInstance=Object.create// Call the,// If the result is a non-null object then use it otherwise just use the new instance.console.log 
  • ES6 Class syntax:

    ES6 introduces class feature to create the objects

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    Is Python Programming Allowed In Coding Interviews

    Yes, of course, based on the job profile and your skillset companies allow you to write coding interview questions using Python programming. There are many opportunities available in the market for Python developers. Before attending any Python interview, you must read Python interview questions to crack the interview easily.

    Find K Closest Numbers

    10 Common Coding Interview Problems – Solved!

    Given a sorted number array and two integers K and X, find K closest numbers to X in the array. Return the numbers in the sorted order. X is not necessarily present in the array.


    Input: arr = , k = 4, x = 3Output: Input: , k = 3, x = 6Output: 

    Try solving this problem yourself:

    def find_closest_element:result =   # TODO: Write your code here  return result

    O) O)

    Once again this problem follows the Top K Numbers pattern. Here is our approach to the problem:

    • Since the array is already sorted, we can first find the number closest to X through binary search. Lets say that number is Y.
    • The K closest numbers to K adjacent to Y in the array. We can search both sides of Y to find the closest numbers.
    • Then, we can use a heap to efficiently search for the closest numbers. We can take K numbers in both directions of Y and push them in a min-heap sorted by their difference from X.
    • Finally, we extract the top K numbers from the min-heap to find the required numbers.

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    What Is A Strict Mode In Javascript

    Strict Mode is a new feature in ECMAScript 5 that allows you to place a program, or a function, in a strict operating context. This way it prevents certain actions from being taken and throws more exceptions. The literal expression “use strict” instructs the browser to use the javascript code in the Strict mode.

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    What Is The Use Of Preventdefault Method

    The preventDefault method cancels the event if it is cancelable, meaning that the default action or behaviour that belongs to the event will not occur. For example, prevent form submission when clicking on submit button and prevent opening the page URL when clicking on hyperlink are some common use cases.


    Note: Remember that not all events are cancelable.

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    Write A Java Program For The Fibonacci Series

    This question is another specific exercise that can show your knowledge of using Java code to complete a task. The interviewer probably wants to see that you can arrive at the correct solution in an acceptable amount of time. This is an ideal time to explain your process aloud as you write your code to show the interviewer your thought process.

    Example answer:


    How Do Style The Console Output Using Css

    How to answer coding interview questions

    You can add CSS styling to the console output using the CSS format content specifier %c. The console string message can be appended after the specifier and CSS style in another argument. Let’s print the red the color text using console.log and CSS specifier as below,


    It is also possible to add more styles for the content. For example, the font-size can be modified for the above text


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    Resources For Coding Interviews

    Choosing the best resources for your coding interview determines your interview success. As a tech recruiter, your goal is to hire the best talent as soon as possible while conducting the recruitment process at affordable costs. Software engineers are highly skilled tech savvies who will choose to accept an interview based on your recruitment process and communications. As a result, you need to have resources that make the interview process seamless for both you and the candidate.

    One of the best tried and tested resources is CodinGame Assessment, a powerful software solution that helps you access and interview developers. From shortlisting to picking the final software engineer, CodinGame increases your confidence in tech recruitment.

    Have You Ever Had To Communicate With A Difficult Client Or Colleague

    Medical coding involves interacting with patients, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, insurers and other healthcare professionals who all have different personalities and professional standards. Your answer should demonstrate the ability to get the information you need to do your job even when working with someone who isn’t being helpful.

    Example:”During my work as a receptionist, there was one department manager that never answered my emails and phone calls, making it difficult to maintain communications across departments. I learned to approach them in-person for vital information and eventually had a conversation with all department heads about the importance of updating the entire team on projects, which resolved the issue with that one particular person without making them feel targeted.”

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    Java Program To Check If The Given Number Is Prime

    We can write a simple program to divide the given number ânâ from 2 to n/2 and check the remainder. If the remainder is 0, then itâs not a prime number.

    public class PrimeNumberCheck public static boolean isPrime if  for  }return true }}

    But, this is not very memory and time-efficient. For a given number N, if there is a prime number M between 2 to âN that evenly divides it, then N is not a prime number.

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