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Cracking The Coding Interview Audiobook

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Audiobooks A Secret Weapon Of A Busy Software Developer

How I Use Cracking The Coding Interview

I have blogged about my road to productivity recently. I received a comment there from one of my readers asking me if I have a secret weapon that helped me be so productive. While I dont have a secret weapon strictly for productivity, I realised that I have a secret weapon for learning. That weapon is simply Audiobooks! Continue readingAudiobooks a secret weapon of a busy software developer

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I am not a recruiter. I am a software engineer. And as such, I know what it’s like to be asked to whip up brilliant algorithms on the spot and then write flawless code on a whiteboard. I’ve been through this as a candidate and as an interviewer.Cracking the Coding Interview, 6th Edition is here to help you through this process, teaching you what you need to know and enabling you to perform at your very best. I’ve coached and interviewed hundreds of software engineers. The result is this book.Learn how to uncover the hints and hidden details in a question, discover how to break down a problem into manageable chunks, develop techniques to unstick yourself when stuck, learn core computer science concepts, and practice on 189 interview questions and solutions.These interview questions are real they are not pulled out of computer science textbooks. They reflect what’s truly being asked at the top companies, so that you can be as prepared as possible. WHAT’S INSIDE?

  • Programming Interviews ExposedThis classic book uncovers what interviews are really like at America’s top software and computer companies and provides you with the tools to succeed in any situation.
  • Elements of Programming InterviewsThe book begins with a summary of the nontechnical aspects of interviewing, such as common mistakes, strategies for a great interview, perspectives from the other side of the table, tips on negotiating the best offer, and a guide to the …

Seconds And Youre Hired

Written by Robin Ryan. Robin Ryan is the author of 7 such other best-selling career consulting books and has been recognized by ABC News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and in other reputed media.

Book Review:

Americas top job search expert Robin has helped you through this book on how to take charge and be the interview cracker and get what you want. Packed with very insightful and detailed directions will surely help you to succeed. Even if you try searching the name of this book on Google, what will appear first in results is its review from various journals and newspapers, and magazines. The authors quick and simple way of explaining things will give you an easier and maximum outcome out of this book.

Key Takeaways

What you can get from this top job interview book

  • Some unique and authors observation-based techniques such as the 5-Point Agenda, How to Sell in 60 Seconds, etc.
  • Most asked interview questions and ways to answers them after building your own analysis report and assessing it from the authors scale of measure.
  • Certain pitfalls which you need to avoid
  • Negotiation skills and techniques to get maximum results out of the situation and also get what you desire for.

Written by Jack Gray

Book Review:

Covering one of the recent development in the interview and selection procedure, i.e., Phone interviews, the author has grabbed all the key questions and answers in personal interviews and phone interviews.

Key Takeaways

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Savannah Richmond Hill Business Owners Plead Guilty To Defrauding The Va

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Five people pleaded guilty in a scheme that used scuba classes to defraud the Department of Veterans Affairs out of millions.

The Southern District of Georgia says Kenneth Meers faces the steepest punishment. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Court documents say Meers worked at both the Scooba Shack in Savannah and Richmond Hill, along with the Divers Den in Saint Marys.

In his roles at both places….he sent in fake information to the VA to get GI Bill benefit money. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

Others charged in this case include Robert and Judith Lanoue, the owners of the Scooba Shack, who pleaded guilty to False, Fictitious, and Fraudulent Claims.

Store manager David Anderegg also pleaded guilty to the same charge.

Theresa Whitlock of Saint Marys, who operated the Divers Den, pleaded guilty to making a false statement.

All five defendants face prison time.

The Department of Justice says their sentences will include millions in restitution.

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Audiobooks And Podcasts That Help You Become A Better Programmer While Washing The Dishes

Cracking The Programming Interview: 2000+ Java Que. &  Ans.

I am a big fan of audio learning material, because you can really tap into unused time that you would otherwise spend listening to music or just mind wandering. I always make sure that I have at least 1 audiobook and several podcasts on my phone so I can listen to them while driving, washing the dishes, lifting weights or doing anything else that doesnt require me to think very much. I mean, I also love the feeling of sitting down and reading a real book, but in terms of self improvement they just cant compete with audio material that basically adds 2 extra hours to your day. And since pretty much everyone that visits my site is interested in becoming a better programmer, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of audiobooks and podcasts worth listening to as an aspiring software developer.

Now, of course you cant learn actual coding through audio books and there is no point in listening to someone reading code snippets, but the following suggestions will help you improve your general programming knowledge as well as skills that are indirectly related to programming. They will also expose you to new ideas and inspire you this way.

Audible currently offers a 30-day trial with 2 free audiobooks of your choice. Thats a great way to listen to these books for free. You can find the offer under the following link:

> Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks<

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Are There Any Good Programming Audio Books

I understand that a lot of programming books will have examples of code that don’t necessarily read out loud well in audiobook format, but I drive a truck for work, and often listen to podcasts on the road.

I challenge the other guy. Being an efficient programmer is more than just staring at code all day, and audio can be a great enrichment tool to get you to that point.

For example:

And so on. Big world out there, and if you truly want to get good at the craft, keeping an eye on that bigger picture is critical. Audiobooks are great for helping achieve that.

The Art Of The Interview: The Perfect Answers To Every Interview Question:

Written by James Storey, this is one of the must-read job interview book for all types of interviewees, including the first time and those who are seeking career change also. This best job interview book covers everything from Interview Questions and Answers to Interviewing, Resume, Interview Tips. Further, it breaks down the art of interviewing into Motivational Interviewing and Job Interviewing.

Book Review:

Helping you to prepare for an interview, also gives you insider informationGives You Insider InformationInsider Information is a piece of fact, information or an understanding which could impact the prices of a listed entity or publicly-traded organizations once disclosed in the public domain. Trading based on such information is considered to be more regarding how the interviewer sees you and what he expects out of you. Explained with stories, you get tips and strategies of interview preparations and also attempts to address the fear, nervousness, and other excess emotional feelings. Many MBA students prefer this book before appearing for personal interviews and group discussion sessions of companies and universities.

Key Takeaways

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Algorithms To Live By My Favourite Developer Audiobook

Today I want to share with you a review of the most exciting book I have listened to so far Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths. I have already mentioned it on this blog when simulating the secretary problem. This is just an example of many fascinating problems this book talks about. Continue reading to find out why it makes such an amazing listening experience. Continue readingAlgorithms to Live By My Favourite Developer Audiobook

Cracking The Coding Interview: 150 Programming Interview Questions And Solutions

How to use Cracking The Coding Interview Effectively

Cracking the Coding Interview is one of the interview preparation helping book, authored by Gayle Laakmann McDowell. The book contains 500 pages of approximate content basically focusing on getting the top software developer jobs.

Book Review

Targeting the engineering information technology people seeking jobs, this book provides helpful guidance to the software development career seekers about the general software programming questions and solutions and providing the authors observations regarding common mistakes made by interviewees.

Key Takeaways

  • Gayle has covered almost 150 questions on software programming, which are generally covered by the interviewers and tried to provide guidance on how the ideal solution should be drafted.
  • There is a unique and researched approach given for approaching the tough algorithm questions and how to make decisions in such problems.
  • He has also covered technical and behavioral questions and approach to such questions.
  • Common mistakes made by job seekers and behind-scenes of the interview process conducted at Google, Facebook, etc. have also been described in this book, helping to understand the real-world practice and to help to prepare candidates for such jobs.

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The Healthy Programmer By Joe Kutner

As a programmer it is very easy to neglect your health, especially when you enjoy what you do and lose track of time easily. Posture, exercise, diet all that is important to keep your body and mind working properly so you can keep doing what you love coding. There is a ton of material about health and exercise out there, which can be overwhelming, so it is good to have a book that is tailored to you as a programmer and which is backed by actual advice from doctors, scientists, therapists, nutritionists and fitness experts. Grab this book if you want to know how to improve your diet, get fitter and mitigate common health issues like back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ok guys, I hope my little list was some help. If you dont use audiobooks and podcasts for daily self improvement yet, I would really encourage you to try it out, because its a great way to learn in a busy life. Take care.

Here the link again if you missed it:

Richmond Hill Road To Be Closed Due To Railroad Crossing Improvements

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. – A busy section of roadway in Richmond Hill is set to be closed in the coming days for rail crossing work.

An important update is the repairs will take place in a different location from what was originally expected.

The rail crossing work is set to start early in the morning on September 26 and run through the evening hours on September 30.

During that time, a section of Ford Avenue will be shut down.

And now, the city is trying to clear up confusion about where the work will take place.

Richmond Hill is preparing for a week-long closure of a section of Ford Avenue also known as Highway 144.

According to the city, rail company CSX will be working on railroad crossing improvements.

Its at the tracks by City Hall, which is 40 Richard Davis Dr. It is not the tracks by Plantation Lumber as initially communicated, said Richmond Hill City Clerk Dawnne Greene.

The city now says the work will take place at the crossing closest to city hall, instead of farther up the road as originally announced.

According to maps provided by the city, the closures will take place along Ford Avenue between Frances Meeks Way and Richard Davis Drive with possible lane closures from Cedar Street to Constitution Way.

Its a closure expected to have a big impact on this busy stretch of roadway, says motorist Jenny Zervis.

City staff agree that the closure could be an inconvenience for some and encourage those affected to plan ahead.

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Simulating The Secretary Problem With Java

You might have noticed that I like reading books. I have recently read Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions which absolutely fascinated me! The book mentions a famous optimal stopping problem called Secretary Problem. In this blog post, I will explain it and then we will have some fun simulating it with Java. Lets see if we can find a solution by brute force! Continue readingSimulating the Secretary Problem with Java

Interview Like A Boss The Google Resume: How to Prepare for a Career and Land a ...

Written by Hans Van Nas, its first and only edition was published in July 2014 by Simon & Schubert.

Book Review:

First of all, what can be noteworthy about this book is its quite simple and detailed coverage of interview related topics, including right before interview preparations, what to do and not to do when appearing at the interview destination. Taking basics, the author will get you into the selection procedures imaginary world where you can start judging what you have to do and how an ideal interview can go. The result is a boost to your confidence and edge to your negotiating skills when it comes to what was your salary in the last job! Analyzing yourself and, in fact, at certain times, you might become speechless when the author starts pointing out the pitfalls as he noticed in many interview stories happened in the real world.

Key Takeaways

What you can get from this best job interview book

  • Resume drafting
  • Detailed and various topics on how to appear for an interview, when and how to negotiate your salary terms
  • Mistakes which you need to avoid when appearing before the interview panel

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The Complete Software Developers Career Guide By John Sonmez

Some of you might know John Sonmez from his Youtube channel Simple Programmer . I discovered his channel when I started to learn programming and he quickly grew to one of my favorite sources for general life advice. In his book The Complete Software Developers Career Guide: How to Learn Programming Languages Quickly, Ace Your Programming Interview, and Land Your Software Developer Dream Job he covers everything you need to know if you aspire a career as a software developer, starting from the choice of your first programming language, the decision wether to study in college, visit a boot camp or teach yourself, all the way to landing a job and working as a developer. Its really the all-around survival guide for programmers. He recently published an audio version of this book and the ratings speak for themselves.

Algorithms To Live By By Brian Christian And Tom Griffiths

This book is not directly about programming, but it teaches you how to apply proven programming algorithms to real life problems so they can help you make better decisions in areas like dating, self-organization and business life. For example there are clear mathematical solutions to when you should stop searching for your perfect partner or job applicant and just take the next best. It can be a bit alienating if you are a romantic person or someone who believes more in intuition than in rational decision making, but since you are a programmer you probably have at least some tendency to the latter. I personally like it, because I know that human decision making can be extremely biased and inaccurate and a little math not only helps making better decisions, but also takes part of the burden off your shoulders.

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Also By Gayle And Jackie: Cracking The Pm Career

With Cracking the PM Interview focused on product management interviews, Cracking the PM Career focuses on thriving in the PM role.”Our goal for Cracking the PM Career is to be the guide we never had. This book shares the skills, frameworks, and practices that my peers and I have painstakingly learned and honed over the years so that PMs can spend less time reinventing the wheel. It delves into the mystery and ambiguity surrounding career progression so that PMs can focus on the right areas and reach their potential. It connects the dots on how to develop each important PM skill so that mentors can point their mentees towards actionable feedback.”

My Road To Productivity Start Finishing And Producing

How to pass a coding interview |Interview tips for software developer |Cracking the coding interview

Being productive and motivated- who wouldnt want that? I used to think that some people are just born more motivated, that some people simply are this way. The War of Art is an eye-opening book. I think that if I have never read it- it is unlikely that I would manage to write two articles a week for this blog ever since starting in January 2018. Here is a short story on my road to productivity. Continue readingMy road to productivity start finishing and producing

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What People Are Saying

“I wish I had read this book 90 days ago. I wouldn’t have blown a great job that I really wanted. This book goes beyond the usual answers to questions likely to be asked. Instead of telling you what to think it teaches you HOW to think. If I had read this book first and knew what was coming I think I would have nailed it.”- J. Braun,
“Bought this book 3 weeks before interview. Read the book twice with careful hand-writing practice on each question. Got Amazon offer. The interview had 4 questions and one was in the book.”- Larry, “This book is a must-have for any interview candidate. Not only does it give practice problems and detailed answers, but it also gives you good advice about how to approach the problems as well as what to expect. I used this book to prepare for my interviews with Microsoft, and Gayle’s insight gave me a great idea of how to prepare and how to ace the interview. I recommend this book to anyone who has a coding interview in their future.”- Michelle,

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