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Desktop Support Interview Questions And Answers 2021

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Why Do You Want To Work For Us

Best 40 Help Desk and Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers

The answer should formulated in a manner that satisfies the needs of the company. Your answer can that you want to be a part of the team because the organization possesses a strong management style.

You can also mention that since the company accentuates on research and development, you can get a chance to expose your skills and talent for the same. Proper homework is mandatory to answer the question in the right manner.

Top Desktop Support Interview Questions:

There are three types of Desktop Support Interview Questions:

  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Differentiate Questions.
  • Advanced Questions.

Active Directory Interview Questions also form a large part of L2 and L3 desktop engineer interviews. Technical support questions like these can sometimes be tricky with multi-part answers and recruiters love to ask these to candidates to see the depth of their skills.

What Do You Know About Our Organization

The interviewer wants to ascertain whether you did a background check on the organization.

Tip #1: Your answer should convince the interviewer that you have taken time to find out about the organization.

Tip #2: you can mention the services, reputation, image, and management style.

Sample Answer

This organization offers web-based services to several companies worldwide. It has managed to clinch the best performing IT company three years in a row.

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What Are The Things To Do When A Customer Calls Up That His Computer Is Slow

The IT officer first needs to check if the computer takes a long time to start. The next step would be to check if the computer is slow with just one application or completely. Then the system checked for viruses, spyware, and malware. And finally, the system to check for the space available in the hard disk drive.

Have You Ever Been In A Situation Where You Were Unable To Handle A Technological Problem On Your Own As A Desktop Support How Did You Handle The Difficult Circumstances

Technology Questions

Back in the day, I was attempting to wipe a computer that had been infected with malicious software before I gave up. Unfortunately, the computer system remained corrupted even after employing all the sophisticated tools in my toolkit. The situation became more problematic because I had compromised the integrity of the hard drive, but the system still contained essential files. When I told a coworker about the problem, he advised using a tool I wasnt familiar with as a result, I could get securely rid of the malware without losing any files I stored on the computer.

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As A Desktop Support Are You Familiar With The Numerous Kinds Of Hardware That May Be Found In A Computer

Input and output devices are the two primary categories of hardware that can be found in a computer. Keyboards, mice, and other pointing and clicking devices are examples of input devices. These allow users to enter data into a computer system. Output devices, such as monitors and printers, are responsible for displaying information on a screen or another device. During my career, I have substantial experience working with both forms of hardware, including diagnosing and fixing problems that arise when one type of hardware fails to perform as expected.

What Is The Difference Between The Msi File And Exe File

MSI allows install, uninstall and repair the program with a single file, while .EXE file needs two files to install and uninstall the software. Also, .EXE file is able to detect the existing version of the software and give an option to user to uninstall the program while MSI will instruct the users to use the add and remove program in the control panel to remove the existing product first and then you can install the new program.

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List of

Describe Your Daily Routine As A Desktop Support

AWS Interview Questions | AWS Interview Questions And Answers 2022 | AWS Training | Simplilearn

The interviewer wants to test your planning and organizational skills. Share how you will structure your day for optimum results.

When I arrive for work in the morning, I will follow up on any unresolved issues of the previous day. I will also handle requests as they come in within the shortest time if possible. I will do a review of support requests raised and schedule resolving them based on urgency and technicality. I will also schedule any service appointments necessary. At the end of the day, I expect to run back-ups for the system so that operations do not get affected when the systems crash as we can easily run the back-ups.

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Desktop Support Engineer Interview Questions And Answers Online Test

· DESKTOP ENGINEER Interview Questions :-1. What is the benefit of Child Domain? There are many benefits of Child Domain Such As: Security Boundary Administrative Overhead Low Network Traffic Low 2. What is path of Host File in Windows? path : C:WindowsSystem32driversetc where C: is a System root drive. 3. What is the work place in Desktop Engineer?

  • Desktop Support Interview Questions (With Answers …

    · 250+ Desktop Engineer Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is the benefit of Child Domain? Question2: What is path of Host File in Windows? Question3: What is the work place in Desktop Engineer? Question4: What are the duties of desktop engineer? Question5: Who is Desktop Engineer?…

  • What Is The Difference Between A Virus Spyware And Malware

    The main difference between viruses, spyware, and malware is that viruses are the most destructive type of these threats. They can damage your computers files, slow them down, and even make them unusable.

    Spyware is malware that collects information about you without your knowledge. And finally, malware is any type of software created to harm your computer or steal information from it.

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    Common Desktop Support Interview Questions

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Working in desktop support requires patience, technical skills and excellent communication skills to enhance a user’s experience. When appearing for an interview for a desktop support job, ensure that you communicate within your ability to troubleshoot and show strong interpersonal skills. The interview process is not very different from other job interviews. It can include a brief introduction about yourself, your professional expertise and your reasons for pursuing the job role. In this article, we discuss some commonly asked desktop support interview questions along with potential answers that can help you prepare better for your job interview.

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    Desktop Support Interview Questions And Answers 2022

    Software Developer Interview Questions Intel

    You can change this default message to say that you want to propose a new time, and that you are declining the meeting by doing the following: On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click Calendar Options. In the Use this response when you

  • Desktop Support Interview Questions And Answers

    No particular preparation is needed for this, but taking some steps to ensure that the conversation goes smoothly is always a good idea. Take a moment to reflect on experiences you have that would apply to answering the commonly asked questions below: What is your experience in the IT helpdesk environment? If you do not have experience in the field, talk about areas of this position that relate to your experiences in previous roles. What is an experience that you are very proud of? You should explain a difficult issue you successfully resolved that helps showcase your reliability and innovation. A broader answer could include details of the skills you gained through that moment. A personal success story is also appropriate to reflect on. What motivated you to pursue this career? This is an extremely important question that you should answer honestly. Avoid any flattery at all costs and simply ask yourself what would truly be the most rewarding part of potentially doing this job?

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    Explain What Vpn Stands For

    This is another question used to test your technical knowledge. Explain what a VPN is to the interviewer. Demonstrate how it is used in the workplace.

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is used by companies to manage private confidential communication over a public network. An example is the internal emails run by a company.

    Is It Possible To Reach A Client From A Location Other Than The Server Itself

    It is possible to use the MSTSC command, often known as the Remote Desktop Command, to access a client from a location that is not the same as the server. It enables you to access another persons computer as if you were next to it. To do this task, it would be best if you were connected to the same network as the distant computer or familiar with its IP address. To use this command, you will first need to open a window labeled run, and then you will need to write mstsc/v: COMPUTER/f. Full screen is indicated by the letter f, while the letter V refers to the remote computer. Then, just hit the next button. In addition, you can enter the Remote Desktop dialogue box by typing mstsc followed by hitting the Enter key. Finally, you can connect to a specific machine by entering its name or IP address there.

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    Personality Based It Support Interview Questions

    1. How do you feel about your abilities as a manager?

    Focus on how you achieve results while maintaining good staff relations. Use examples of your successes and how you have learned from mistakes. Emphasise your energy and experience.

    2. What is your style of management?

    Tailor your answer to the management style of the company to show that your style will complement it. A good maxim to remember is âtask needs, group needs and individual needsâ. You might also mention motivation and delegation.

    3. What qualities do you look for when you hire people?

    Mention ability and experience and interpersonal skills. You should also mention initiative and future potential.

    4. In our industry, what are some important trends that you see?

    This question is intended to test your knowledge of the industry. You will need to have done some homework. You might look at topics like technological developments, economic challenges and changes in the market.

    5. What are your reasons for leaving your previous/present job?

    Be honest and brief but avoid answers suggesting personality conflicts or that you were dismissed. Try to present the move in a positive light.

    6. Have you ever had to fire someone? If so, why did you have to do so, and how did you approach the situation?Mention that the task was not pleasant but that you got through by explaining the position and reasons for dismissal to the individual and being as sympathetic as possible.

    Desktop Support Interview Questions & Answers

    Top 20 Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers, Help Desk Training, Ace the Interview.

    DNS refers to Domain Naming Service, and it is utilized for resolving IP addresses to name and names to IP address. It is like a translator for computers computers appreciate the figure and not the alphabet. For example, if we sort like, the network doesnt know this, so they use DNS which converts into and then executes the authority.

  • Can you tell me something about the OS?
  • The working system works as a predictor between an application and the computer hardware and is utilized as a user-interface. Simple Operating Systems include Windows 95, Windows ME, and Windows 98 etc. while the Network Operating Systems incorporate Windows 2000, Windows MT, Windows 2003, etc.

  • What are the responsibilities of a desktop engineer?
  • Desktop engineers give hold and completion services to business infrastructures. Engineers need to have widespread knowledge of the software used by the business, as well as the working systems and hardware peripherals that may be in use.

  • What do you understand by Parallel Port?
  • The parallel port transmits data in parallel form. It is relocating data 8 bit at a time. It is faster than Serial port. Its 25 pins female Connector.

  • Tell me about the operational master role?
  • The operational master role is accessible on a domain controller in the Network. There are five types:

    • Infrastructure Master
  • Define the site?
  • What is Ias Server?
  • State the purpose of Boot.ini?
  • Name the five Microsoft office applications?
  • The five Microsoft office applications:

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    What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role And How Did You Manage Them

    You need not overthink this question. The interviewer is assessing your problem-solving skills.

    Tip#1: Do not mention a challenge that you were directly responsible for.

    Tip #2: The last part of the question is the most important.

    Sample Answer

    My last job involved working with older people who were quite slow. My primary role was to help them navigate through computers. However, I soon realized that some were impatient, and a number even lost their cool at times. I chose to understand them and channel all my time into helping and creating good relations with them, which proved successful.

    How Frequently Do You Carry Out Maintenance Tasks On Your Personal Computer

    A maintenance check is performed on my PC approximately once every two weeks. At the very least once every week, I clear away the contents of my recycle bin, defragment my hard disk, and run an antivirus scan. In addition, I ensure that all of my software is kept up to date and install any new updates as soon as they become available.

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    Can You Tell Us The Situations Where Things Didnt Go The Way You Wanted At Work Such As A Project That Failed And You Had To Overcome It

    It is a behavioral question where the interviewer wants to know how you will react in a critical situation if you wish to get motivated yourself and try for a different project or take it personally and you are off the track. While answering this type of question, you have to be honest, and you have to admit your fault, which creates a positive impression on the other person. Explain clearly what went wrong in the project and what was your part. Accepting your flaws will not get a negative image. Instead, it gives you positive vibes.

    Why Do You Choose To Become A Desktop Support Engineer

    Huawei Hr Interview Questions And Answers

    Ans: For this type of question, you need to give an answer that will convince the interviewer and also you need to give an original answer.

    Example: I have liked to solve computer problems since childhood, So, I believe this job will help me to improve my knowledge and also help me to improve my skills.

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    What Is Imap And Smtp

    • SMTP: SMTP is the industry-standard protocol for email transmission. SMTP is a protocol used to send, relay, or forward email messages from a mail client to a receiving mail server. An SMTP server is used for the process of sending an email message.
    • IMAP: IMAP is an email protocol for managing and retrieving messages from receiving servers. The IMAP protocol is designed for message retrieval, so it cannot be used for sending emails.

    What Is Your Typical Workweek As An It Support Officer

    The employers would like to know what the candidate would do while they work. Take a deep look at the job role you have applied for and how it relates to your previous role. When you wanted to talk about typical work for a week, avoid discussing non-work related activities.

    During the time of the company, you should productively use the time. Your answers must focus on work and formulate your answers in a way that presents that you organized.

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    What Are The Primary Responsibilities Of The It Support Engineer

  • IT Support Engineer is responsible for managing computer systems, including hardware, software installations, and networks.
  • One significant aspect for an IT Support Engineer is documentation. They have to make documents regarding the system update process or make any changes to the software.
  • Most IT Engineers create computers that are specific to their employees needs.
  • They have to identify and resolve the issues related to the systems.
  • Give A Specific Case In Which Your Technical Assistance Enhanced A Customers Experience

    Top 50 Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers in Tamil -Part-4

    At my former employment, I had a client who had problems printing documents from his computer. After diagnosing the issue, I realized he needed a new printer cartridge. So rather than just purchasing a new one, I ordered a more advanced one so he could print in color. He was thrilled when it arrived because he didnt have to spend any money on further supplies for at least six months.

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    What Are Your Work Habits As An It Support Officer

    AS an IT support officer

  • I have to maintain and monitor all the software and hardware-related issues.
  • I have to provide technical assistance to my colleagues.
  • I have to support system users through email or phone calls. If necessary, I need to use remote desktop software.
  • I need to troubleshoot network problems.
  • If there are any new users, I have to set up accounts and profiles for them.
  • I have to prioritize and manage tasks.
  • Why Do You Feel You Are The Most Suited For This Role

    This role will attract several suitable candidates. Show the interviewer that you are above the competition by highlighting your uniqueness. Demonstrate how you will be able to fit in this role effortlessly.

    Based on the job description, my knowledge skills and qualifications make me the best candidate. I have three years of experience working in a similar institution of higher learning where I assisted both students and lecturers with their technology issues. I see this opportunity as an extension of my work from my previous role. I am passionate about great customer experience and problem-solving. These are attributes listed in the job description. Therefore, I believe Im the best-qualified candidate to handle this role.

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