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Educative Grokking The Coding Interview Review

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I Personally Think The Yearly Educativeio Subscription Is The Way To Go

GROKKING the CODING INTERVIEW review || Best FAANG interview prep?

That way, you can feast on this course and hundreds of others. Its also part of a learning path called Ace the Java Coding Interview, which consists of 8 other courses in addition to this one.

In my opinion, you cant go wrong with the subscription even if you just need to prepare for a technical interview.

Weeks 4 & 5 Practice Simple Data Structure And Algorithmic Challenges

As you are familiarizing yourself with data structures, start practicing relatively simple coding problems associated with these data structures and algorithms.

These questions are typically not asked in interviews at big tech companies. Even if they are, theyre usually used as fizz-buzz type warm-up problems. Such questions are also common during phone interviews. However, practicing these coding interview questions will help you internalize the data structures and help you tackle the harder questions which youll be practicing a few weeks from now.

Brush up your array skills with questions like:

  • Remove Even Integers from Array
  • Merge Two Sorted Arrays
  • First Non-Repeating Integer in an Array
  • Find Second Maximum Value in an Array

Brush up your Linked List concepts with questions like:

  • Find Length of Linked List
  • Search in Singly Linked List
  • Reverse a Linked List
  • Find Middle Value of Linked List

Brush up your Stack/Queue skills with questions like:

  • Sort values in Stack
  • Create Stack where min returns minimum value in O
  • Implement Two Stacks using one Array

Practice Tree Problems like:

  • Find minimum value in Binary Search Tree
  • Find Height of Binary Tree
  • Find kth maximum value in Binary Search Tree

Practice Graph Problems:

  • Total number of words in Trie
  • Find all words stored in Trie

Practice basic Heap problems:

  • Find k smallest elements in a list
  • Find k largest elements in an array

Weeks 9 & 10 System Design Interviews

System design interviews are now an integral part of the software engineering interview process particularly if you are applying for a senior role. These interviews have a significant impact on your hiring level.

Learn distributed systems concepts like Cap Theorem, Consistency, Partitioning, Load-Balancing etc.

Look at the course Grokking the System Design Interview for more design interview practice.

As part of your System Design Interviews, you are asked to design a web-scale service. Interviewers are interested in evaluating your ability to describe the different parts of a scale-able service, such as:

  • How are web-servers load-balanced?
  • How are large files stored?
  • How is the network set up for redundancy and maximum throughput?

Youll want to practice questions like:

  • Design Instagram

Check out my article the Top 10 System Design Interview Questions for Software Engineers for more example questions, tips, and resources for the System Design Interview.

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Grokking The Coding Interview By Educativeio Is Arguably One Of The Best Overall Coding Interview Prep Resources

Grokking the Object Oriented Design Interview Course

Thats because the creators of this course had one goal in mind for programmers: the ability to map a new problem to an already known problem.

So instead of 25, 50 or even 100 coding problems, youll find 16 patterns for solving coding questions.

The idea is that once youre familiar with a pattern, youll be able to solve multiple problems with it.

This course is arguably Educative.ios best release. Find out more in our comprehensive Grokking the Coding Interview review.

Course Layout

Educative.io has an interactive layout. So instead of setting up your own environment, youll do all work inside the same browser using over 1000 coding playgrounds.

In this courses interactive coding playground, you can solve problems in Java, Python 3, JavaScript or C++.


Each of the 16 patterns in Grokking the Coding Interview is given its own module. Some of the patterns include:

  • Sliding Window

Price: $39 per month / $279 per year for full platform access Duration: 19.5 hours Format: Video Certificate: Yes

Zero to Mastery

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Join More Than 13 Million Learners From Companies Like

Recommended before you start this course

Recommended before you start this course

Recommended before you start this course

Recommended after you finish this course

Recommended after you finish this course

Recommended after you finish this course

What our learners are saying

What our learners are saying

The courses which have “grokking” before them, are exceptionally well put together! These courses magically condense 3 years of CS in short bite-size courses and lectures . The Grokking courses are godsent, to be honest.

Mo Jafri

Totally worth it!

I’m a rising senior at UC Berkeley & just finished my 2nd internship at Google. This course provides the exact details that other coding platforms like LeetCode don’t offer. I LOVE that the course is broken up into different “patterns” to develop a deep understanding of problems.

Riley Shanahan

Better than LeetCode and Cracking the Coding Interview

Whoever put this together, you folks are life savers. Thank you 🙂

Ahmet Hanif

Software Programmer

I really feel like the whole binary search section nails the pattern finding goal of the course. I love the use of `start` and `end` at the end of a normal Binary Search to solve interesting problems using properties we know they will have.

Chris Redford

Really like this!

Excellent course. Thanks for putting all in one place. Please give us more courses like this.


Software Developer

Mo Jafri

Totally worth it!

Riley Shanahan

Better than LeetCode and Cracking the Coding Interview

Who Are The Authors Of This Course

This course was developed by Design Gurus, a group of senior engineers and hiring managers whove been working at , Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. The authors of this course have a lot of experience in conducting coding and system design interviews and know exactly what is being asked in these interviews. Other courses developed by the same team can be found on their website.

Lets evaluate different aspects of this course.

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Grokking The System Design Interview: Cost

Educative.io offers a few different pricing options.

The first main option is a subscription. You can choose a monthly, yearly, or two-year service. This gives you access to all of Educative.ios courses.

Subscription prices range from about $15 a month up to $60 per month.

Keep in mind, the annual plans are billed yearly.

Alternatively, Educative.io also sells their courses individually.

If you choose that option, Grokking the System Design costs around $80. Keep in mind this is for yearly access to the course.

Overview Of Grokking The Coding Interview

Ace the JAVASCRIPT INTERVIEW Grokking the System Design Interview course review || educative.io

Grokking the Coding Interview is a software platform for aspiring software engineers to practice their skills while preparing for coding interviews.

Unlike many other coding interview prep courses, Grokking doesnt go into in-depth teaching of coding.

There are no videos to watch, whether pre-recorded or live. Everything is based on text.

Thats because the platform is not meant for the usual classroom style of preparation when a student has enough time.

Instead, the course is designed for when users dont have much time left to prepare for a coding interview but dont want to take the tests completely unprepared.

Think of it like going for fast food rather than a luxurious gourmet.

Grokkings teaching method strikes the middle ground between college-style teaching and merely practising from a database of questions.

Of course, youll also get to solve past questions, and thats because many tech companies like Facebook usually repeat many questions.

The main core of Grokkings coaching is identifying patterns from a massive body of coding questions.

These patterns can then be applied to solve new questions.

Grokkings team describes this technique as mapping a new problem to an already known problem.

Arslan Ahmad is the founder of Grokking. He is an ex-Facebook software engineer and has a lot of experience in coding.

I explained earlier that Grokking helps learners identify patterns in coding problems that can be applied to new questions.

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Pattern: Fast & Slow Pointers

Another name for this topic is the tortoise and hare method.

It talks about the use of two pointers to determine the traits of a directional data structure.

In many cases, the technique is used to find out if there is a cyclic list in a set of data.

It becomes clear that there is a cycle in the given set of data when the two pointers used meet at a point.

This is part of what coding students will learn on the Grokking platform because knowledge of fast and slow pointers is important for organising data.

Grokking The System Design Interview

System Design interviews are arguably some of the most difficult for software engineers.

Making it even more challenging, many college computer science courses and coding bootcamps dont include system design in the curriculum.

But Grokking the System Design Interview bridges that gap.

Its designed to expose you to the most important elements of system design asked in FAANG-level interviews.

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The Secret Sauce Of Grokking The Coding Interview: 16 Patterns

Arguably one of the biggest advantages Grokking the Coding Interviewhas over other platforms like LeetCode is that it features a clear, succinct strategy that emphasizes 16 patterns.

In other words, it doesnt just dive right into random coding problems and expect you to solve them.

Then, once you understand the pattern, youll be able to solve multiple problems using it.

Merge IntervalsPattern: Merge Intervals

You also get plenty of visual aids and other interactivity to help you. Including:

  • 1000 code playgrounds
  • Topological Sort

And many more.

Stumped? Thats expected. In addition to the help area, theres also a solution snippet provided for each challenge.

A Few Years Ago A New Online Learning Platform Named Educativeio Wanted To Know If Id Like To Produce A Course For Them

Grokking Dynamic Programming Patterns for Coding Interviews [Educative]

Although I kindly declined , I was intrigued by the platform.


Well, for one, the course selection on Educative.io is not only robust but wonderfully specific.

For example, Reintroducing React: V16 and Beyond was created for web developers who dabbled in React a year or two ago, but need a modern refresher.

Ruby Concurrency for Senior Engineering Interviews? You dont get more specific than that.

Similarly, theGrokking the System Design Interview course on Educative.io is designed for those who need brushing up on a highly specific skill set: the system design process.

And it was created by hiring managers at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon.

That means this course contains actual Google system design interview questions, for example.

So if youre hoping to land a job at one of the FAANGs , read on.

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Clocking In At Just Under 20 Hours Master The Coding Interview: Data Structures And Algorithms Is Another One Of The Best Coding Interview Prep Resources On Our List

Arguably less intense than Grokking the Coding Interview, Master the Coding Interview was created by well-known instructor Andrei Neagoie.

Aside from creating well-loved software engineer courses on the Zero to Mastery platform, he also worked as a senior software developer in Silicon Valley and Toronto.

In Master the Coding Interview, youll learn how to ace coding interviews given by FAANG companies.

Unsurprisingly, youll do this by learning and implementing different data structures and algorithms.

Master the Coding Interview

Unlike Educative.ios interactive learning, all courses on the Zero to Mastery platform are video-based.

Zero to Mastery is another one of our all-time favorite platforms. Read our comprehensive Zero to Mastery review to find out why.

Course Layout

Youll watch a series of videos that teach you how to use different data structures and algorithms.

For example, youll learn:

  • hash tables

Price: $99 per year / $139 per year for AlgoExpert& SystemsExpert Duration: 100+ hours Format: Video and interactive learning Certificate: Yes


Grokking The System Design Interview Review

In todays Grokking the System Design Interview review, youll discover this FAANG-level course in detail.

Youll also discover its features and explore a few system design challenges.

Is this a course you can benefit from? Or is it just another cash grab taking advantage of aspiring FAANG software engineers?

Lets dive into it and find out.

This post contains affiliate links. We may receive compensation if you buy something. Read our disclosure for more details.

TLDR Grokking the System Design Interviewis a FAANG-level course on the learning platform Educative.io. It features 15 different system design challenges. Youll be challenged to design everything from a URL shortener to an Uber backend.

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Week 11 Os And Concurrency Concepts:

Today, even budget laptops and mobile phone have multiple cores. Understanding concepts like Threads, Locks, Synchronization, etc. are beneficial whether you are building a mobile app or a web-scale service.

Just like System Design interview questions Multi-Threading and Concurrency Interview questions are useful in gauging your level. A junior engineer will struggle with these questions . A relatively senior engineer is supposed to do better in such questions as they would be responsible for writing a lot of code that takes advantage of multiple cores/threads.

C.H. Afzals Multithreading and Concurrency for Senior Engineering Interviews series is an important one to check out, and available in multiple programming languages.

Grokking The Coding Inteview Overview

Algoexpert vs Educative.io vs Techinterview pro which one is better?

This course helped over 35k + students to get a job in FANG companies. Earlier the interviews on coding were not given that much importance, but today, everyone has access to coding questions, so the process becomes more difficult and competitive for the students.

To help the candidate they have come up with the 16 types of coding questions, based on the similarities to solve them. Once the user got the idea he can easily solve more questions.

In this course, each pattern consists of algorithms, data structures, and analysis techniques to solve specific problems. The course has 150 problems mapped to 16 patterns.


  • Learning becomes easy when all storage is on clouds, instead of SDK and IDE.
  • The progress you can check
  • Built-in assessments let you check your progress. Assessments are also there to check your skills.
  • Access to over
  • Pattern: Fast and Slow pointers
  • Pattern: Merge Intervals
  • Pattern: In- place Reversal of LinkedList
  • Pattern: Tree breadth-first search
  • Pattern: 0/1 Knapsack
  • Pattern: Topological Sort


My final thoughts:

Beginners can try:

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V Entity Linking System

Prompt: Design an entity linking system that:

  • identifies potential named entity mentions in the text
  • searches for corresponding entities in the target knowledge base
  • returns the best candidate corresponding entity or nil

Then, youll go over:

training data generation open-source data sets, human-labeled data

modeling contextualized text representation , NER modeling, disambiguation modeling

And more.

Prompt: Build a system to show relevant ads to users.

From there, this machine learning interview course helps you visualize the problem.

And then it goes over questions that can narrow the scope of the problem:

feature engineering ad-specific features, user-specific features, context-specific features, user-ad cross features, etc.

training data generation online user engagement, model recalibration, train test split, balance positive and negative training examples

ad selection top relevant ads, ranking ads, scaling

ad prediction modeling approach, model for online learning, auto non-linear feature generation

And much more.

You can buy this machine learning interview preparation course for $79.

Or you can opt in for a monthly or yearly subscription to Educative:

Single Course

What’s The Interview Process Like In A Nutshell

If I were asked to summarize all the resources above to you, here’s what I would share:

  • I would say that you typically get between 30 minutes to an hour to solve a coding question.
  • You typically get a choice of programming language like C++, Python, Java, or JavaScript, but not always…in some instances you do not have a choice.
  • Outside of the coding portion, they are free to ask you pretty much anything, from language-specific questions to favorite projects, but any interview with a coding portion tends to be dominated by it.

And here’s some general advice to consider: you are going to be dealing with people who may be pretty tired of interviews. Smile if you can. Try to show enthusiasm. Have a conversation, and try to talk to the interviewer the way you might communicate if the two of you were pair programming, but they were more senior.

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What Makes Grokking The System Design Interview Worth It


  • It includes a large number of popular designs.
  • Basic, intermediate, and advanced topics are all explained in detail.
  • There are over 100 pictures to go along with the questions.


  • The Design challenges are, of course, grouped at random, and no special ranking process is employed.
  • The price is not what everyone can afford. .

Grokking the System Design Interview

What Languages Does The Course Support

Grokking Dynamic Programming Patterns for Coding Interviews [Educative]

You can think of the interactive platform in Grokking as basically coding playgrounds where you can try out Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript straight inside your browser. This is a very handy feature which means that you do not need to set up a specialized coding environment. You also do not need to keep clicking from app to app, even if you are using a single screen.

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Exciting Challenges And Coding Environment

Dont believe me on the part where I say its detailed lets see it in the works.

For every course challenge, youll be presented with a problem set.

Once youve understood the problem, its time to try solving it.

Heres the catch:

You dont have to code anything on your machine. Since youre already logged in, youll have access to an in-app coding environment with a built-in tester! This is one of the best benefits I wanted to highlight in my Educative.io review.

How awesome is that? Heres the environment in action for my particular problem:

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