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Exit Interview Form Word Format

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What Is The Significance Of Exit Interview

Exit Interview Template

A properly performed exit interview can provide so much information to a company about its shortcomings in managing their employees. It can help the higher-ups understand how well the organization performs and what aspects are falling behind in terms of performance. It can help the organization understand why the employee left and what the employee liked in his/ her time working here.

Through this, the company can be much better aware of its working and professional environment. It can have a huge positive influence on the atmosphere it can help fix the shortcomings we talked about before. It will give the higher-ups an idea of why they lose their employees and what they should not do to satisfy their other employees. You may also see the Proof of Employment Letter Template.

Effecting An Exit Interview

As the employees manager, I will conduct an exit interview to make sure that he or she is leaving for a good reason. HR can now share the information with the management and other parties based on compilation of feedbacks from several exit interviews. The written feedback does not contain any private details to protect privacy and maintain the process integrity.

Most exit interviews are conducted in person for the simple reason that meaningful, face-to-face conversations can be a lot more productive. Furthermore, if the CEO is unavailable for an interview, or refuses to be interviewed, its a perfect opportunity to ask another executive.

Its important to me to build a trusting relationship with people, and I only want to use the information you provide to improve our workplace. Your goal is to understand. If the employee doesnt understand, you need to help them understand.

+ Sample Exit Interview Forms In Pdf

If a job application naturally occurs in a business life cycle, so does employee turnover. But did you know that rampant turnover at work causes disruptions and high costs? According to HuffPost, losing an employee costs range from $10,000 to 1.52.0 times the workers annual salary. From small businesses to a large-scale corporations, employee turnover affects every company. Yet, it does not mean that organizations have no hope in dealing with such matters. The HR staff can study and understand systematically each departures roots. How so? Through exit interview forms. Continue reading below to know further about these forms.

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What Is An Exit Interview Template

An exit interview template is a customizable fillable form containing questions and sectioned spaces for capturing a soon-to-be ex-employee candid perspectives on their work experience.

Note: Some templates break down central questions into sub-questions. Find a template with questions that best capture the employees views of their work experience.

Would You Consider Coming Back To Work Here In The Future In What Area Or Function What Would Need To Change

Exit Interview Template &  Forms (Word, PDF) 100% Free

Find out if employees would ever consider coming back. It could be that they just want to gain experience in a particular role, or may want an increase in compensation. Regardless, this is great information to have if different roles of interest open up.

How managers at your organization interview candidates matters and will show up in company reviews. To get involved in the conversation on Glassdoor and start managing and promoting your employer brand reputation, unlock your Free Employer Profile today.

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Best Exit Interview Questions

What makes for the best exit interview questions? The best exit interview questions get to the heart of why employees leave and what can be done about it.

Below youll find examples of some of the best exit interview questions that weve seen, which can replace some of the questions in the sample exit interview above.

  • What were the most important factors in choosing another job? Salary? Benefits? Time-off? Company culture? Something else?
  • What does your new company provide that we dont?
  • What advice would you give to new hires at our company?
  • What changes to your job would have made you stay at our company?
  • What were the three biggest challenges you experienced when working at our company?
  • How would you describe our company culture to one of your closest friends?

What Should I Include In An Exit Interview Form

Here are a few areas youll want to cover:

  • Feedback about the relationship with the direct managerDuring the exit interview, youll want to include questions that address the employee-manager relationship. Responses to these questions will help you determine whether the manager provided employees with the feedback, guidance and training they needed to excel in their role.
  • Triggers that made the employee want to leaveOne of the most critical pieces of information you can glean from an exit interview is why the employee decided to leave the organization. This will help you uncover whether the company is providing its workforce enough opportunity to grow, if there are weak points in the culture or if there are personnel concerns you need to address.
  • Missing perks, benefits, and opportunitiesSometimes employees accept an offer with another company because of perks or opportunities that align better with their lifestyle. For example, employees who want to spend more time with their families may decide to leave your organization to work for a company that offers more flexible hours and work-from-home opportunities. Answers to these questions could expose opportunities for improvements to benefits packages and workplace policies.

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What Is The Purpose Of An Exit Interview Questionnaire

The purpose of the exit interview process is two-fold. First, its a cost-effective way to get a candid assessment of the environment. Exit interviews allow employees to freely share their experiences within the organization and their views about the overall culture, processes and management structure during their tenure.

Second, these questionnaires help employers identify and address areas for improvement. By gathering valuable insights, exit interview questionnaires provide opportunities for enhancing development, recruitment and retention.

Exit Interview Questions For Specialists / Technical Roles

Exit Interview Tips Video Template (Editable)

When it comes to technical employees and specialists, they typically leave because they want to pursue a management position, they want higher compensation, they want a work culture thats a better fit, or they want a better/new product to work with.

Use these exit interview questions for specialists and technical roles.

  • How would you compare our salary and benefits packages to that of your new company?
  • How could we have changed your technical role to ensure you stayed with our company?
  • What was your biggest motivation for seeking alternative employment?
  • How would you describe our company culture? What are some ideas you have for making it more enjoyable to come to work each day?
  • Were you given ample responsibilities and autonomy to make working here rewarding and enjoyable? If not, then what could have been improved?
  • Did you feel you had a clear path for career development here and opportunities for growth? If not, then what could have been improved?

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Why Do We Need Exit Interview Forms

Exit interview forms are, in a way, a form of a sample assessment form. This type helps to evaluate the reasons why a person wants to depart from the comforting confines of the company. But before the definition of the document progresses, let us understand the essence of exit interviews. You might ask why exit interviews are a standard procedure before the company allows the employee to leave, aside from knowing the reasons.

Companies, as much as possible, want to retain employees, especially those who have excellent employees. For companies, when a superb employee leaves, they take it as a means that there is something wrong with the overall sample management and environment. Naturally, business leaders want to understand why do situations like these happen.

What Questions Should Be Asked In An Employee Exit Interview

To make the most of the exit interview process, you should consider asking the following sample exit interview questions:

  • What made you look for a new job? – You may learn about a specific incident that caused them to begin searching.
  • What made you accept the new position? – If the employee tells you that they left for higher pay, you might need to increase your companys compensation package.
  • What could have been done to convince you to stay? – This will give the employee the opportunity to give feedback about what may have made a better work environment.
  • If you could change one thing about the company, what would it be? – This is another way to encourage the employee to share their concerns about the company.
  • How can our company improve our training and development programs? – Employees often have great suggestions about how to improve your programming and what additional development opportunities they would like to see.
  • Do you feel that you were well-equipped to do your job? – Learn what you could do better for the next employee.
  • Were you satisfied with your workload? – Learn if your employees feel overworked or need more stimulation.
  • Were you satisfied with the way that you were managed? – Learn if there are problems with your management team that caused you to lose talent.
  • Were you satisfied with your work-life balance? – Gain insight on how the employee feels about working conditions.
  • What was the best part about your job? – Learn what you are doing well.
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    Exit Interview Questions For Interns

    When internships end, you should conduct an exit interview for all interns. This provides valuable feedback on whether the interns would return for a full-time position and what you can do to continue to improve the internship programs at your company.

    Here are some of the best examples weve seen of exit interview questions for interns.

    • What are the three most important things you learned from your internship?
    • Did you feel like your mentor/manager provided adequate instruction for you to perform your duties?
    • What did you like least about your internship?
    • What about your internship do you think could have been improved?
    • How would you describe our company culture? Is this the type of company you see yourself working at in the future?
    • What could we change/improve to make our company more appealing to you?
    • Do you feel you were provided all of the resources and instructions needed to succeed?
    • Would you want to work for us in the future?

    Essential Questions To Include In Your Exit Interview Template

    Exit Interview Form Format

    Interviewing employees who have terminated their association with your company is the best way to acquire honest feedbacks. The exit interviews on these people will reveal a more thorough understanding that you couldnt access otherwise. Its possible to conduct exit interviews one-on-one or using an exit interview template or form. To draw more valuable information during such interviews, consider these exit interview questions:

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    Exit Interview Form Template

    No matter how you want an employee to stay in your company, there are times that you need to let them go for their own personal growth. For you to better understand the reasons why theyâre leaving, an exit interview is a great idea. Through this, youâll have the opportunity to hear their feedbacks regarding the company. Have the freedom to download our Exit Interview Form template and be more professional when dealing with a leaving employee. With its ready to use content, you’ll have no trouble organizing your thoughts in drafting your own. Download using various file formats and print with ease! So donât let this opportunity pass up! Download this template now!

    If You Receive An Opportunity To Make Any Change In The Company What Would That Be

    This question will make the employee to pay attention on the most significant reason for his decision to leave. Thus, this question is so non-confrontational that it motivates the employee to reveal his reason. You should take his answer as suggestion instead of complaint. This will also make him feel more comfortable when providing information.

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    Who Should Fill Out The Exit Interview Form

    Employers usually handle exit interviews in two ways. In some cases, the HR manager asks questions and records the employees answers during the meeting. In other cases, employees will complete the form before the interview and then discuss their responses with the HR manager during the meeting.

    No matter which method you choose, its crucial this exercise stays within the HR department. If employees are interviewed by their direct supervisor or a member of the leadership team, they may feel less comfortable sharing criticism of their department, their role or the organization as a whole.

    Exit Interview Questions For Nonprofits

    StaffTRAK Exit Interview Template by

    Employees at nonprofits often choose your organization because they believe in the mission and cause.

    Use these questions to determine whether your initial hire was the right fit for your organization, and what you can do prevent other employees to seek alternative employment.

    • Why did you initially choose to work for our organization?
    • Did you feel passionate about our mission and your work? Please explain.
    • What was your biggest reason for seeking alternative employment?
    • How would you compare our salary and benefits to the roles you were evaluating?
    • Did you experience any issues with our work culture? What are some ideas for making our work culture even better?
    • How could we improve your role and others to prevent more great employees like you from seeking alternative employment?
    • Did you feel you were given enough responsibility and support to succeed? If no, please explain.
    • How could our company change in the future to get you to return?
    • Would you recommend our organization to a friend or other colleagues? If no, how can we improve so that we would be a place you recommend?

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    Why Do I Need An Exit Interview Form

    An exit interview form achieves three primary objectives:

  • Ensures you cover the most important topicsAn exiting employee may have many thoughts and feelings to share during the interview, and, without a guide to follow, it can be easy for tangents to derail the conversation. Following an exit interview template keeps the discussion constructive for the organization and beneficial for the exiting employee.
  • Documents employer strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunityEven if youre listening intently, you may miss or forget important remarks if youre not keeping a careful record. An exit interview form gives you a place to make notes and capture critical feedback you may want to share with leadership.
  • Creates a plan for future improvementsEmployees may feel more comfortable giving honest feedback, criticism and suggestions when they are exiting because theres no chance of the information affecting their job standing. The answers provided in the exit interview form can act as a roadmap for decreasing turnover and increasing workplace satisfaction.
  • What Did You Dislike About Your Job What Would You Change About Your Job

    This is your opportunity to truly dig into what prompted the person to leave as it pertains to their role. Employees will likely skirt around the true reason here or they may launch into an anecdote. Either way, listen carefully, and remember that this is only one employees experience. Only when you see repeated patterns do you need to take action, which is why its important to ask the same questions every time.

    What to Look For

    Search for answers that allude to the people in the team, because as the old saying goes, people dont quit companies they quit managers. If they dont directly mention a person, listen for emotional words that show how the employee felt working in that team, which would show how the team operates under its manager.

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    Why Is An Exit Interview Form Important

    Exit interview forms are essential to gather honest reviews and useful information from the soon-to-be ex-workers. For example, what if a superstar employee or someone who has done excellently at work decides to resign? Since that employee is valuable, the employer would want to know their reason behind the resignation. Via the exit interview, the employer might learn that overworking, poor management, and low salary caused the decision. So, managers can learn from such insights by improving operations, which will, in turn, make the rest of the employees stay in business.

    Also, Harvard Business Reviews research survey found out that 70.9% of organizations allowed the HR to manage exit interview for soon-to-be ex-employees. And that big percentage proves how businesses value exit interviews. More so, a form marks as your reliable questionnaire. Instead of being unsure of what to ask for former employees, let the exit interview form guide you from what questions to ask first until last. Most importantly, the findings in an exit interview evaluation will help companies be nurtured. How so? By fixing mistakes and enhancing operations.

    Essential Elements Of An Exit Interview Template

    Exit Interview Template &  Forms (Word, PDF) 100% Free

    Exit interview templates significantly vary depending on where you source the template. The templates employ different structures and questionnaires. At the minimum, any professionally designed template should have the following:

    • Initial and last date of employment
    • The main reason for leaving

    These contents can appear on a simple Word document, alternatively use template software to generate one.

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    Always Ask The Same Questions

    When it comes to exit interview best practices, Tuggle suggests, “For conducting productive exit interviews, I think one key is asking the same questions of all people who leave. This structure allows us to codify the exit responses so we can extract actionable data around why people are leaving, and how we can improve the employee experience.

    We do this by having a standard exit interview form that leavers submit, and then have an unbiased third-party follow up in-person to go deeper on the answers the person filled out in the exit interview. Exit interviews aren’t necessary unless you plan on using them to gather as much data as possible that can be coupled with employee survey data to understand the employee experience.”

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