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Facebook Engineering Director Interview Questions

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Facebook Engineering Manager Mock Interview: “How do you Manage Team Performance?”

You will be responsible for recruiting new talent for your engineering team as an engineering manager. How you find talent and test its quality are the most important questions.

  • For finding talent: Use personal network, referrals from current engineers, hiring/promoting internally, visiting industry job boards, connecting on LinkedIn, or contacting recruiters.
  • For testing talent: Use phone screenings, culture fit analyses, whiteboard or computer-based problems, testing technical skills through sample projects, and structured interviews.

Stress Is Inevitable At Times How Would You Handle Stress At Work

I always maintain a work checklist to streamline my work properly. However, in case I find myself under stress, I try to remain calm at work so that I can handle stressful situations with the presence of mind. Additionally. I do not get agitated at work. I handle every task calmly to get the right results.

Explain To Me Your Strategy To Handle Work Pressure

I believe that stress is inevitable at work. However, if properly managed, stress can have a positive impact on employee performance. Personally, I stay organized as well as plan for any eventuality. This helps me to reduce the stress that can emanate from work. If I find myself in a stressful situation that I didnt foresee, I remain calm as I figure out how to solve it. This strategy has helped me to solve many challenging situations since it allows me to view difficult situations with purpose and clarity.

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Service Delivery Manager Interview Questions And Answers

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If you are looking for a job as a service delivery manager, it is important to prepare for your job interview. Job interviews allow you to meet with a hiring manager who can ask you about your credentials, work habits, skills and previous experience to determine whether you are a good fit for the job. Learning about some common interview questions for service delivery managers can help you prepare for your next interview.

In this article, we list 35 service delivery manager interview questions, including general, experience-related and in-depth questions and share a few sample answers to help you prepare for your interview.

Other Great Engineering Manager Interview Questions And Answers

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Those questions above are some of the most common, but here are a few other important interview questions for engineering managers and senior developers:

  • How do you incorporate team building into an engineering department?
  • What do you do to grow as a leader, manager, and overall professional?
  • How do you break down complex, technical topics to stakeholders who are not so technologically inclined?
  • How do you view the engineering management role?
  • What are some of your engineering management strengths?
  • What are some of your engineering management weaknesses?
  • How would you organize an engineering team that is distributed around the world and working remotely?
  • How would you deal with a software developer under your management who continues to show bad performance?
  • What is your process for ensuring coding accuracy?
  • What are your top 5 software engineering tools?
  • What, in your opinion, is the best programming language to work with?
  • How hands-on do you prefer to be as an engineering manager?
  • What do you do to encourage professional growth and continuous development on the teams you lead?
  • What do you look for when hiring a new developer, QA analyst, or data engineer for your team?
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    Have You Ever Coached An Engineer Into A Management Role

    The interviewer may want to know if you have ever spent time mentoring a team member to advance into management later. Describe how you approach supporting strong leaders on your team and how you ensure the recognition of quality talent.

    Example: “I haven’t had the opportunity to officially promote anyone on my past team, however, I coached one team member who was a high performer and produced exceptional work. Throughout my last several months at the company, I continued to mentor and coach them in preparation for filling my role when I moved.”

    Describe What You Understand By The Term Post Implementation Review

    The post-implementation review refers to the analysis done after completing the project. It helps the director of engineering to determine whether or not the objectives of the projects were met. It also showcases how the project was run, future lessons as well as what needs to be done to make the best of the benefits from the output of the project.

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    What Was A Difficult Decision You Had To Make In Your Past Role

    Managers in any industry must sometimes make difficult decisions, and the interviewer will likely want to know how you approach the decision-making process. Demonstrate your ability to evaluate information, form conclusions and make choices.

    Example:”In my last role, I had to make the choice of whether to keep a gifted engineer on my team or to let them go. They continuously demonstrated negativity on the team, even though their work was exceptional. Ultimately, I kept them on the team by compromising with them to work independently most of the time. This was a difficult, but necessary decision as this particular team member continued to produce amazing outcomes for the company.”

    If You’re Hired For This Role What Would You Do To Increase Our Company Revenue

    Facebook Engineering Manager Mock Interview: “What’s your Leadership and Hiring Philosophy?”

    Hiring managers may ask this question to find out if you understand their business well enough to implement strategies that can increase revenue. In addition, they may want to know if you have any experience in helping to improve an organisation’s financial performance. In your answer, briefly detail your plans and state how your initiatives and plans can increase the company’s top line.

    Example:’In your industry, it’s important to invest in eCommerce marketing as your target customers are mostly online digital natives. I would create a loyalty programme to incentivise referrals and repeat purchases, which can help increase revenues and improve customer retention. Internally, I would introduce a sales incentive scheme to encourage the sales team to strive for better performance. To support the team, I would create a training roadmap to help them improve their sales and customer service skills.’

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    Why Should We Hire You Over The Other Candidates Who Have Applied For This Job

    I have an undergraduate degree in computer science and a masters degree in business administration. I also have 10 years of experience in management and 5 years in leading engineering projects and activities. In the course of practicing in this field, I have developed important skills necessary for this role including analytical, research, communication, project management, time management, communication, innovation, leadership, and creativity skills. Besides, I am a critical thinker, team worker, and self-driven engineer. If I get hired for this role, I will effectively lead all the engineering projects and activities within your organization including recruiting and training team members to handle tech projects. I will also use all the budgeting skills that I have gained over the years to prepare the budget for the team as well as participate in technical and strategic roles inside the organization. I believe that I will maintain my track record of managing complex tech projects and the know-how of building products and features from scratch.

    If Your Project Is Running Behind Schedule What Steps Would You Take How Would You Communicate This To The Other Teams You Are Working With

    Software development projects often run behind schedule. This delay must, however, be communicated to team members in the most effective way possible. It is important to communicate collaboratively. By asking this question, the interviewer seeks to determine the candidate’s ability to overcome various obstacles and challenges, as well as how they conceptualize the software development process.


    • Explain how to identify the underlying causes of the delay and formulate action plans to resolve them.
    • Discuss the importance of considering, discussing, and utilizing other team members’ input during meetings so as to minimize the possibility of future delays.
    • Discuss ways to foster an environment where the team feels confident that every effort is being made to meet the deadline.

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    How Do You Ensure That You Have The Right People On Your Team

    Employers ask this question to gain an understanding of your ability to make sound decisions and to ensure that you’re able to create a team that can meet the company’s needs. This is because a director of operations hires, firing and training employees, meaning that they need a good understanding of the skills needed for each position and how those skills relate to one another. This means that when answering this question, demonstrate that you’re aware of a variety of recruitment techniques, how to use them and how they can differ.

    Example answer:’When hiring new employees, I look for the candidate’s experience level, their attitude and approach to work and whether they can be flexible and adaptable in an ever-changing environment. To do this, I start off by reviewing CVs and cover letters to identify candidates who fit the job description. Then I conduct interviews with each candidate to determine if they would fit into our company culture. During these conversations, I ask questions about their previous work experience to gauge their skill set whilst also asking for examples of how they previously handled common issues.’

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    Are You Often Willing To Contribute To Coding

    Why Work For Apple Interview Questions

    Interviewers will gain a better understanding of candidates’ management styles by asking this question. Getting a sense of whether candidates are more of a mentor, a transformational leader, or a servant leader will help the interviewer determine how they would fit into the organization.

    This question cannot be answered with a yes or no. When a company seeks a manager who codes, it is attempting to fill the role of a TLM rather than an EM . The answer to this question varies from candidate to candidate, depending upon the candidate’s priorities and goals. Good managers know how to prioritize their efforts so that they can have the maximum impact.

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    Top Interview Questions To Ask Engineering Managers

    Posted February 21st, 2022

    When an engineering manager asks you do you have any questions? Take this opportunity to show a genuine interest in the company and dont be shy about it.

    Its important to be prepared and have interview questions ready for engineering managers so you learn about each other and see if there is a culture, personality, and skills fit with the team.

    The Role Of A Meta Engineering Manager

    The American International Technological Corporation Meta Platforms Inc., doing business as Meta and formerly known as Facebook Inc., is based in Menlo Park, California. The firm, among other things, is the owner of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Meta develops tools to facilitate connections, community discovery, and business expansion.

    Engineering managers create, maintain, and develop projects focused on cutting-edge, user-friendly software that supports supply chain management, finance, sales, marketing, e-commerce, and security corporate operations.

    You can apply for the Meta Engineering Manager job on the career page of or get a credible internal employee to refer you through Prepfully’s Company Referral service, available here.

    Role of an Engineering Manager at Meta

    Preferred Skills/Qualifications

    • BS in Computer Science, Engineering
    • 5+ years of management and team-leading experience in an engineering organization.
    • An understanding of how organizations are built or structured!
    • Vendor experience with multiple technologies
    • Extensive experience managing relationships within global organizations
    • Ability to think strategically and solve problems analytically and creatively.
    • Identify, utilize, and communicate service-level performance metrics.

    Meta Engineering Manager Salary

    The annual compensation for a Meta Engineering Manager is $184,016. At Meta, manager salaries can range from $34,819 to $310,000 annually.

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    How Do You Keep Up With The Newest Social Media Updates Memes And New Platforms

    Social media marketing is constantly evolving, which necessitates continuous learning and adaptability. Top candidates understand how the business’s target audience consumes media, allowing the social media team to identify what kind of humour, trends and genres resonate best with consumers’ frequent social media activity. Interviewers may use this question to identify candidates who understand the continuous changes in social media and know how to exploit those changes to boost engagement.

    Example:’My job as a social media manager necessitates keeping updated on the latest trends and those quickly going out of style. I stay informed about the kind of material presently trending by following sites that are popular with my target demographic across all platforms. I also spend time browsing through my feed and noting trends I could use later in my posts’.

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    What Strategies Do You Use To Create An Effective Service Delivery Process

    Facebook/ Meta Engineering Manager Leadership Interview – Phone round

    Service delivery managers often take different approaches to their work. Hiring managers may ask about your processes to understand your work habits, perspectives, experiences and decision-making skills. When answering this question, talk about what steps you take to make your delivery processes effective.

    Example:”In my previous roles, I have always started with data. Gathering data about the company’s past and current performance, its core customers, its goals and its current team allows me to get started. Based on this information, I begin creating a strategic plan that outlines what methods I can use to manage the company’s service delivery. When making this plan, I like to work closely with my team members. This helps me learn about their strengths and perspectives, along with what is working well and what I can improve regarding the current strategy.”

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    What Is A Director Of Operations

    A director of operations is a senior-level managerial position that oversees a company’s daily operations. They oversee the company’s financials and ensure that the company’s goals are being met. They take responsibility for hiring employees and managing their performances. A company’s director of operations oversees purchasing and inventory management, ensuring that they’re meeting the needs of customers and staff alike. This position usually reports to the company CEO but may also report to a board of directors, if applicable. In their reports, they detail day-to-day operations.


    Can You Tell Me How You Anticipated And Dealt With Potential Challenges In Your Last Job

    An engineer manager should analyze situations ahead of time and devise proactive measures. This question is meant to discover how candidates approach challenges and overcome challenges with creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking.


    • Describe your strategies using an example from a past experience.
    • Describe the process you used to solve the problem and the outcome you achieved.

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    How Do You Communicate About Complex Subjects And Technical Plans

    I have a variety of communication techniques. It depends on who I am communicating with. Sometimes, I can use email and chat. Email helps me send information at once to various team members regardless of their location. When I require a faster response, I switch to chatting. This enables us to make decisions and has real-time conversations. When we are discussing critical issues together, I prefer holding a virtual meeting or web conferencing. This is a platform that also allows us to brainstorm new ideas live. Additionally, I use a file-sharing platform such as google drive, dropbox, and box to share large files fast and securely.

    What Are You Looking For In Your Next Role

    Deputy Principal Interview Questions

    When it comes to hiring, one of the most important factors is who is the best fit for the role. In the event that your stated goals do not align with what the company is looking for, you will probably be out of the running. The answer you give will also aid the interviewer in determining whether the job you are applying for is a good fit for your skills and interests.


    • Describe the skills that you have that would be valuable in the role you’re interviewing for.
    • Describe what you are good at and what you enjoy.
    • Be sure to research the company and the career path that you may forge there prior to the job interview.

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    How Do You Measure Underperformance

    In my opinion, underperformance happens when a team members work decrease below the expected level. I categorize underperformance as when an employee fails to execute his or her responsibilities to meet the required standards. I also consider an employee with negative, unacceptable, and disruptive conduct as underperforming. Lastly, I also view employees who fail to comply with set policies, rules, and procedures as underperforming.

    Q: Find The Smallest Number In A Binary Tree

    My guess is that this was a really simple warm-up question, to avoid overwhelming the candidate on a tougher question. The ultimate goal of these interviews is to ask a hard question to see how someone can solve a hard problem without looking up the answer, McDowell said. Its basically to see if someone gets a hard problem at work, can they figure out a solution?

    Although software engineers wont likely need to use binary trees during the course of their work, hiring managers include them in their job interview questions because most job candidates are familiar with them and it rounds out their toolkit of questions, McDowell said.

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    When You Have Multiple High

    A large engineering team, especially one with several members, often needs to work on several projects at once. In order to achieve them all, a project management system and a leader who knows what is happening are essential. By asking this question, the interviewer is trying to determine how a candidate prioritizes projects and what methodologies they utilize to work on them simultaneously or according to specific goals and objectives.


    • Discuss preparing a project plan for every possible scenario and having contingency plans in case the project fails.
    • Talk about using tools like project management tools and modern project tracking software so you can manage multiple projects at once.
    • Describe your ability to prioritize tasks effectively.
    • Stress how important effective communication is so that the team is aware of any potential problems and can discuss solutions before a major delay happens.

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