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First Time Manager Interview Questions

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Tell Me About A Time When You Achieved A Breakthrough Result That Is Not Directly Quantifiable But Which Has Had A Monumental Impact On The Company’s Goals


Why It Works: While this is a bit of a brainteaser, the ultimate goal is to unleash the candidate’s creative juices beyond proving their bottom-line value. For example, perhaps the interviewing company has ambitions to break out into a more visible force in the community, beyond being a service or widget provider. If the candidate is able to share stories where they expanded the visibility and presence in a community service sort of way, beyond the bottom line, then they would be showing how they could fulfill a particular need the hiring company wants to satisfy.

Showcase Your Interpersonal Skills

Managers work with a variety of people across all levels of business, so communication and related skills are crucial. During the conversation, focus your attention on your interviewer and maintain positive body language and eye contact. You should also try to build personal connections and a rapport with them to demonstrate how you would be an enjoyable presence in their office.

What Are The Major Industries In Rochester

Rochester’s high-tech output stands at 20th out of 319 metropolitan areas in the United States. Computer & electronic products, machinery, fabricated metal products, plastic and rubber products, chemical and printing equipment, are some of the significant industries in Rochester. Hence PMP certification training in Rochester will help you get employed over here.

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What Is A Quality Outcome

Important Points to Address: Outcomes should always relate to goals, and goals should always be specific and measurable.

Example Answer:A quality outcome is when a task, project, or duty is completed at or above the benchmark standard within time and within budget. If a company has clear goals and strategic objectives, then quality outcomes are the foundation of delivering value to all stakeholders.

Describe The Team Forming Process You Follow In Project Management

How to Interview for a First Time Supervisor Position

A project manager should possess knowledge about the various stages that a team goes through during the project hence, this is one of the common questions asked in interviews and exams on project management. Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning comprises the five development stages in team formation. While you answer this project management interview question, you should describe each of these steps with clarity of thought.

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Tell Me About A Time When It Was Hard For You To Do Your Job What Did You Do To Resolve The Problem

Even the most skilled manager will find it hard to do their job once in a while. Maybe they had a problem with their superior. Maybe they had a conflict with a direct-report.

Asking this question can help you get a better idea of how the candidate will react when their job doesnt live up to their expectations.

Did they exercise their problem-solving skills and figure out a way through the issue? Did they make excuses and push the blame off on someone else? Or did they prioritize their responsibility and resolve the problem as quickly as possible?

What Is A Common Way You See People Fail As Managers

This question evaluates whether your candidate has thought of management in terms beyond their own behavior. It helps you gauge whether they are able to consider the important principles required to successfully manage a team.

What to look for in an answer:

  • Awareness of what effective management looks like
  • Evidence they own their mistakes
  • Confirmation that they are aligned with your companys expectations of management


One of the biggest mistakes Ive seen managers make is being less than transparent. Of course, some decisions need to happen at the executive level, but the best teams are lead by someone who is honest and accountable. If a manager is not upfront about challenges or changes, they can lose the trust of their team.

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Have You Ever Been Confused About How To Complete A Task How Did You Handle It

Since managers are leaders and responsible for spearheading projects of all kinds, interviewers ask questions such as these to ensure you can be an effective leader, even during times of uncertainty.

Example:”Yes, I have had this issue before. I handled it by asking my superiors a series of follow-up questions. I then held a meeting with my subordinates to find out how they felt most comfortable completing the task. From there, I created an actionable plan for everyone.”

How Do You Ensure Employees’ Safety At Work

7 TOUGH MANAGER INTERVIEW Questions & Answers!

Employers may ask this question to assess managers’ attention to detail and ability to follow safety guidelines established by law, ordinance or regulatory bodies. If you’re interviewing for a managerial role in a field where there may be safety hazards, it’s important to have a procedure you can outline when the interviewer asks a question like this one. Consider discussing practical approaches to enhancing occupational health and safety, and give an example of how you apply these approaches on the job.

Example:’I do my best to ensure that those working for me have the best working conditions. When I was a call centre manager in my previous job, I noticed that some of my employees were reporting back pains and carpal tunnel syndrome. I cleverly tweaked our operating budget to ensure that we acquired new ergonomic workstations. After that, there were fewer complaints.’

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Project Management Interview Questions On Domain Knowledge

A good project manager should have 2 featuresexperience, as well as an in-depth understanding of project management theories. While one without the other hinders performance, to be the ideal project manager, you must have a solid foundation in project management principles. The following question is often asked by interviewers to test the candidates domain knowledge and skills:

What Were The Communication Challenges On Your Last Project

As a project manager, youll need to communicate with your team for all projects effectively. Communication challenges will arise nobody expects that this wont happen. What the interviewer wants to see, however, is how youve handled these challenges in the past. It needs to be evident that even with communication issues, you were still able to work with your team effectively. For example, perhaps instead of being able to have face-to-face meetings when necessary, you were able to put together webchat meetings. Think of a time when something like this happened and how you dealt with the communication challenges efficiently to ensure that the project outcome was still a good one.

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I Have Enrolled In Pmp Course Before Dec 1 2020 How Can I Get Access To Digital License Keys

Learners enrolled in the self-paced PMP course prior to Dec 1, 2020: According to the new guidelines from PMI, the PMP training on the new exam outline will only be delivered in the live virtual classroom mode. If you wish to enroll in the PMP training based on the new exam content via the live virtual classroom mode, feel free to contact your learning consultant or account manager to upgrade. Once you upgrade your access, you will receive the digital license keys from Simplilearn.

Learners enrolled in the live virtual classroom PMP course prior to Dec 1, 2020: If you wish to get access to the digital materials from PMI, you can contact your learning consultant or account manager to understand the procedure.

Example Questions And Answers

24 First

When interviewing for a management position, it is important to present yourself as a candidate who works well with others, values the and delegates work appropriately. If you are asked to speak about an experience, remember to use the STAR technique:

  • Situation: Briefly explain an issue you were dealing with in a positive, constructive way.

  • Task: Describe your role in the situation.

  • Action: Detail what you did to resolve or address the problem.

  • Result: Explain what you learned and how your actions led to positive results for your workplace.

The STAR method allows you to support your answers with personal experiences that prove your .

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Why Should I Do Pmp Certification With Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an authorized training provider through our PMP Certification training course, and is aligned with the syllabus covered in the actual PMP Certification exam. Our applied learning approach helps learners understand the concepts better and our instructors are PMP-certified themselves. The pmp course includes access to digital materials from PMI, case studies, industry projects, interactive quizzes, and simulation exams to help you prepare for the PMP Certification exam and clear it in the first attempt.

Examples Of Time Management Interview Questions

  • How do you plan your work when you have multiple conflicting tasks?
  • If you are expected to report to several managers, how would you prioritize your duties?
  • Whats a typical day at work for you? Describe your routine.
  • How much time do you take per day or week to do task X?
  • Youve been off work for one week and find your email inbox swamped with new emails. How do you choose the emails to open and respond to first? / How do you decide the task to do first?
  • Have you ever missed a deadline? If yes, how did you go about it? If not, how do you ensure that you are not falling behind?
  • What productivity tools do you use? Explain how they are useful.
  • Describe a time when you successfully delegated tasks to your team./ Why is delegation important?
  • How would you react if your manager or supervisor asked you to complete a challenging or unfamiliar task within a short deadline?
  • Have you ever been overwhelmed with work? How did you handle the situation?
  • Can you describe an instance where your supervisor or manager gave you too much work? What did you do?
  • How do you ensure team members are committed to your schedule?
  • Would you describe yourself as an organized person? Provide situations that highlight your organization skills.
  • Describe a time when you asked for extra responsibility in your previous roles.
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    Reason : Globally Acknowledged

    Who should become PMP certified? Anyone who wants the freedom to work anywhere in the world. The PMP certification is one of those credentials whose reputation precedes them, recognized and sought-after the world over . Achieving the PMP certification helps professionals demonstrate and showcase their skills and expertise to potential employers across the globe.

    What Are Your Career And Project Goals For The Next Six Months

    7 MANAGER Interview Questions and Answers! (PASS)

    Be honest about any short-term project goals you have currently, as this shows the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about your projects and that youre goal-oriented. When it comes to discussing your career goals, be sure to include the company youre interviewing with as part of your goals. If youre interviewing with a recruiter for job placement, you may not have a specific company in mind, and thats okayjust be sure to be clear about what type of role you see yourself working in.

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    Tell Us About The Most Challenging Projects You Have Managed So Far What Were The Steps You Have Taken To Tackle The Challenges

    Here, the interview panel wants to know how you respond to critical challenges and deal with conflicting situations in a project. It would be best if you did not refer to examples where you had to manage tough team members or lack of support from management. As a project manager, you should be smart enough to handle such occurrences. Instead, focus on external factors like a situation where the project was unexpectedly called off, or funding was reduced in the middle of an extensive project. Also, you should explain how you tackled the challenges and managed the team during tough situations.

    Give An Example Of A Time You Had To Multitask What Was The Outcome

    Important Points to Address: Behavioral questions are usually highly specific questions and require examples to be given in your answer.

    Example Answer:One time when I had to multitask was during a recent project at work. We were working on a very tight deadline, and there were a lot of moving parts. I had to keep track of everyones progress, make sure that deadlines were being met, and also do a lot of the work myself. By using lists and time blocking, I was able to do it, and we completed the project on time.

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    Questions About Your Qualifications

    Employers will likely ask questions targeted at assessing whether you have the specific hard and soft skills to perform the job. Review the job description before to get a clear understanding of their expectations, and be prepared to provide examples of how you have previously used those skills with successful results.

    You Notice That One Of The Employees Works Much Slower Than Usually What Will You Do

    24 First

    Instead of simply shouting on them and telling them to work harder , you should suggest a more sensitive and constructive approach to the issue. Say that you will have a one on one with the employee, trying to understand the core of the problem.

    Perhaps they face some health issues, or they have a problem in their personal life, or somehow lost their motivation, or find the work boring, or have problems with other team members. It can be anything, and unless you understand the problem, you can hardly address it. Hence you will talk to them, and just then decide what you will do

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    How Has Your Management Style Changed As You Gained More Experience

    Interviewers want to assess how you’ve grown as you gained more experience. Learning is essential for continued career development, and being a growing manager allows you to serve as an outstanding example. Remember to include evidence of your readiness to learn and evolve and of how your management style is more effective after learning and developing in your role.

    Example:’I struggled with micromanaging employees when I first became a manager. I thought it meant that I could improve their performance if I assisted them in everything they did. However, feedback and experience have shown me that micromanaging makes employees feel smothered. Nowadays, I let them have more independence, which fosters growth, skill achievement and creative problem-solving.’

    How Would You Describe The Most Important Contributions Of A Manager In The Workplace

    Understanding their role in the company can help managers thrive. This question gets to the heart of how your candidate plans to use their role to contribute to your business.

    What to look for in an answer:

    • Indications they have enough experience to understand the key elements of management
    • Evidence of a value system that makes them a good fit for your organization
    • Ability to prioritize the tasks of management


    I think keeping employees motivated and on track is one of the most important things a manager can do. We need to have our fingers on the pulse of what clients or customers need, but also the tools that our employees need to make magic happen. As a manager I think of myself as somewhat of a conduit between our clients and my direct reports. My role is to keep clients excited about our work and keep employees motivated and equipped to create exciting things.

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    Explain The Concept Of Raid In Project Management

    As you know, RAID is a critical tool for any project manager. It stands for Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions. To define it, RAID is a tool used by project managers to track risks, actions, issues, and decisions in an organized way. While answering the project management interview question, you should include the definitions of these four concepts as well.

    How Do You Balance Collaboration With Completing Tasks Independently

    MANAGER Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS a Management Job Interview!)

    Important Points to Address: Show that you can deliver what is needed of you in a group while working with and planning around others delivering work to you.

    Example Answer:Balancing personal duties with collaborative projects can be difficult. I make sure that I always understand what is needed of me by the team and when it is needed, and I schedule collaborative tasks into my schedule.

    I also make sure that my team knows what I need, and I check in occasionally to make sure that they are on track and wont delay my work. I also find clear communication and flexibility key to effectively working both collaboratively and independently.

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    Why Are You Hiring

    This is one of the most important questions to answer before shortlisting candidates. A few factors that will help you answer this question will be:

    • What is the exact role this new member will play?
    • Is there a long-term benefit for the company?
    • Are those skills currently missing or scarce within the company?
    • Can you hire internally if there are enough resources in other departments?

    Pro tip: Once you figure out why you are hiring externally, your process becomes a lot more streamlined. As you are hiring for the first time, it would be best to discuss the requirement with your manager. Following this, you can seek help from a representative from the human resources team who will assist you through the hiring process.

    Suppose The Project Has Gone Off The Rails What Steps Would You Take To Get It Back On Track

    Once you realize a project is not going as per the pre-planned time, budget, scope, or goals, the next top priority is to get it back on track. The project manager should be efficient enough to take the necessary steps to resolve the discrepancy between actual progress and planned progress. Your answer to this project management interview question may include re-adjusting resource management, finding the real cause of off-tracking, putting in extra effort, and more.

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