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Front End Development Interview Questions

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Explain Git Push And Git Pull

Frontend Interview Questions 2021 | Front End Developer Interview Questions And Answers |Simplilearn

Git push is a command that pushes the contents of a local repository to a remote repository. It runs a push after it has changed a local repository to share the changes with remote team members.

Git pull is a command that pulls changes from a remote repository and merges them into the local repository. It’s made up of two commands: git fetch followed by git merge.

What Is Aot Compilation How Is It Different From Jit

Ahead of Time , compilation translates your code as it is being built, rather than when it is downloaded and run by the browser. This guarantees that the browser renders content quickly. Include the aot option with the ng build or ng serve commands to specify AOT compilation.

The Just-in-Time compilation technique converts computer code to machine code while it is being executed or run. Dynamic compilation is another name for it. When you use the ng build or ng serve CLI commands, by default it uses JIT compilation.

What Do You Understand About Variable Scope In Javascript

Variable scope is used to set the region, or the scope, of control of any variable in a particular JavaScript program. There are two types of Variable Scope in JavaScript:

  • Local Scope: Local scope implies that the accessibility and availability of that variable are limited to the function in which it is defined.

For example:

var z = x+y

In the above code, the second function will not correctly execute since the variables x and y belong to the scope of the function sum they are local to that scope. So, the other variable does not have access to the x and y, so this function will be incorrect.

  • Global Scope: Global scope is for variables that are defined outside all the functions. In such a case, any function can access the variable.

For example:

var x = 2 // it is a global variable

function sum {

var y = x + z

Since the variable x has global scope in the above code, the function sum has access to it. Thats why the variable y gets the value 5 , and this function runs as expected.

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What Is Svg In Html

< svg width=”100″ height=”100″>

< circle cx=”50″ cy=”50″ r=”40″ stroke=”yellow” stroke-width=”4″ fill=”red” />

< /svg>

  • HTML SVG is a markup language that describes vector and raster graphics. XML text files define SVG pictures and associated behaviors.
  • It’s typically used for X, Y coordinate system diagrams like pie charts and 2-Dimensional graphs.

How Does The Server Hanger The Page In Which Content Is Present In Several Languages

Interviewing a front

When an HTTP request is sent to the server by the user, the user browser also sends a chunk of additional information regarding the language preference as the Accept-Language header. Then the server reads the HTTP request with the Accept-Language header and sends the document version back along with the right language and declares the language attribute Lang in the HTML tag.


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What Is A Bundler

We like to author code by separating components into individual files. This makes it nice for us as developers but would be very slow if you try to force the user to load all 100+ files. Therefore we use a tool like webpack to grab all the files and concatenate them together. That way, we can serve 1 or 2 “bundles” of code instead of 100 individual files.

Describe What Is A Thread

A thread-local object is an object that is stored in a dedicated structure, attached to the current thread id. Flask utilizes thread local objects internally so that user dont have to pass objects around from function to function within a request to stay threadsafe. Thread local storage performs within the current thread. This approach is helpful, but it needs a valid request context for dependency injection or when attempting to reuse code which utilizes a value pegged to the request.

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What Is The Difference Between Git Merge And Git Rebase

Git merge, and Git rebase are both used to integrate changes from one branch into another. Git rebase moves a feature branch into a master while the Git merge adds a new commit, preserving the history.

According to the official Git manual, the Git Rebase “reapplies commits on top of another base branch”. On the other hand, Git merge “joins two or more development histories together”. In other words, we can see that the Git merge preserves history as it happened, while the Git rebase rewrites it.

For example, if you are working on a new feature in a dedicated branch, and another team member pushes new commits to the master branch, the Git merge will incorporate new commits into your feature branch. Every time you need to include modifications, you would require an extra merging commit. On the other hand, in Git rebase, you can rebase the feature branch into master instead of merging it. This includes all the new commits in the master branch and rewrites the project history by creating brand new commits for each one in the original branch.

Research The Company Before The Interview

Front End Developer Interview Questions with Answer Examples

Before you arrive for your interview, visit the companys website and read up on its history and goals. An internet search may also be useful. The more you know about the company, the easier it can be to form your answers during the interview. It also lets you determine if you could see yourself working for the company should they offer you the job.

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How Do You Ensure The Websites You Design Promote Accessibility And User

The aim of this question is to assess the candidate’s experience and knowledge of creating accessible, user-friendly websites. Here’s what to look for in an answer:

  • ability to create user-friendly, accessible websites

  • specific ways the candidate promotes accessibility

  • experience in a front-end development role

Example:âCreating websites that are user-friendly and accessible is extremely important to me, as I want everyone to enjoy my work. If the client agrees to it, I add alt text to images so screen readers can describe the picture to those with visual impairments. Similarly, I can create websites that allow users to enlarge or minimize the font to make it easier to read. I test my web applications on various browsers and devices to check how easy they are to use.â

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How Do You Serve A Page With Content In Multiple Languages

I will assume that it is asking about the most common case, which is how to serve a page with content available in multiple languages, but the content within the page should be displayed only in one consistent language.

When an HTTP request is made to a server, the requesting user agent usually sends information about language preferences, such as in the Accept-Language header. The server can then use this information to return a version of the document in the appropriate language if such an alternative is available. The returned HTML document should also declare the lang attribute in the < html> tag, such as < html lang=”en”> …< /html> .

Of course this is useless for letting a search engine know that the same content is available in different languages, and so you must also make use of the hreflang attribute in the < head> . Eg. < link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”de” href=”” />

In the back end, the HTML markup will contain i18n placeholders and content for the specific language stored in YML or JSON formats. The server then dynamically generates the HTML page with content in that particular language, usually with the help of a back end framework.


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Explain What Are The Difference Between A Get And Post Request

Both a GET and POST method are used to transfer data from client to server in the HTTP protocol. The main difference between the POST and GET method is that GET carries request parameters appended in the URL string while a POST carries request parameter in the message body which makes it a more secure way of transferring data from client to server in HTTP.

What Are Meta Tags

Top 50+ Front End Developer Interview Questions And Answer 2020

The aim of this question is to test the candidate’s technical knowledge. What to look for in an answer:

  • Understanding of meta tags
  • In-depth industry knowledge


“Meta tags within an HTML document give information about the webpage. Meta tags don’t appear on the website but search engines and browsers use them to help people find the website or navigate the webpage. Meta tags typically consist of data about the document’s title, author, description, keywords, or character set.”

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Top 20 Front End Developer Interview Questions And Answers

09/Aug/2021 | 10 minutes to read

Here is a List of essential Front End Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and mid level of Experienced Professionals. All answers for these Front End questions are explained in a simple and easiest way. These basic, advanced and latest Front End questions will help you to clear your next Job interview.

When Would You Use Angularjs Vs Jquery

jQuery is the only tool that can solve a single specific problem like dom manipulation, while AngularJS is a complete web framework that includes different kinds of tools for solving different problems like routing, model bindings, dom manipulation, etc. JqLite is part of the AngularJS and you use it to solve the dom-manipulation thing.

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Frontend Developer Interview Key Areas

These are definitely the most important areas you should expect during a frontend interview in 2021:

  • Very good understanding of JavaScript that one is quite obvious. Aside of the language itself, you should be familiar with static code analysis tools.
  • Good knowledge of top frameworks/libraries : React, Angular, Vue.js etc.
  • HTML5 and CSS writing semantically correct HTML, pixel perfect implementations of designs into CSS, attention to detail, responsive web design.
  • English you should be able to communicate fluently and make your points clearly.
  • Browsers practical knowledge of browsers, how they work and how to debug your code in the browser.
  • Practical experience working with APIs .
  • Experience in working with GIT repos.
  • Experience in writing tests.

What Is Lazy Loading

5 Front End Interview Questions That Every NEW Developer Should Know

Lazy loading is an optimization technique for online content, be it a website or a web app. Instead of loading the entire web page or images and rendering it to the user in one go as in bulk loading, the concept of lazy loading assists in loading only the required section and delays the remaining, until it is needed by the user .

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Question #: What Excites You Most About The Ux/ui Space

How to answer: A question like this is your opportunity to show that you are passionate about front end engineering. Explain how you integrate user-centered design in your projects and the philosophies that you follow. Outline any books or articles you have read and what you agree with. If possible, talk about what changes you foresee and how you think design and technology will adapt to those changes.

What Is The Difference Between Git Pull And Git Fetch Commands

Git pull and Git fetch are the Git commands used to make changes and retrieve data. Let’s see the key differences between them:

Git fetch Git pull
The Git Fetch command downloads only new data from a remote repository. The Git fetch command is more like checking to see if any changes are available. The Git pull command pulls new data and integrates it with the current working files, updating the current HEAD branch with the latest modifications from the remote server.
The Git fetch command does not include any new information in your working files. The Git pull command combines remote modifications with those made locally.

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Tell Me About A Time You Had To Give A Presentation

IT plays a strategic role in many companies, and your web developer may be asked to attend meetings and provide progress reports to leadership. Good candidates dont have to be extroverts, just comfortable speaking in front of others. Follow up by asking how applicants dealt with questions from the audience and what they learned from the overall experience.

Write And Publish On Leanpub


You can use Leanpub to easily write, publish and sell in-progress and completed ebooks and online courses!Leanpub is a powerful platform for serious authors, combining a simple, elegant writing and publishing workflow with a store focused on selling in-progress ebooks.Leanpub is a magical typewriter for authors: just write in plain text, and to publish your ebook, just click a button. It really is that easy.

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Explain Box Sizing Property

Box Sizing property defines how the height and width of a box are calculated.

Content Box – The default width and height apply only to the elements content. Padding and border are added outside the box.

Padding Box – You add the dimensions to both elements content and padding. It adds the border outside the box.

Border Box – The dimensions are added to the content, padding, and border.

Front End Engineer Interview Questions

A front end engineer is focused on the user experience of software or an app. During an interview, you will need to demonstrate that you understand UX/UI design principles, a commitment to clean code optimized for the product offering, and a willingness to work with backend engineers to solve problems. Expect to be asked about your technical experience, as well as your people management and design skills.

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Top 50 Full Stack Developer Interview Questions And Answers

The process of finding a good developer is very difficult and time-consuming, as you have to take into account their skillset, experience, culture fit, and more.

Being a full-stack developer is essential to keep up with the changes in the market. So to get the job you want, its important for you to know what interviewers are looking for. You will need to be sure that your core skills are up-to-date and that you understand the various frameworks and languages.

There are many things to consider when interviewing for any role, but the most important thing is understanding what skillset you are hoping to invest in.

Questions are asked during the interview process to allow the interviewer to determine the candidates ability level. This article will guide you on what questions are typically asked during an interview for a full-stack developer.

We are going to discuss the top 50 full stack developer important questions that are most commonly asked in interviews. But before directly jumping to the interview questions, we shall have a brief introduction of a Full Stack Developer. A powerful developer is the backbone of any company.

Make sure youre prepared for your next job interview by learning these important questions that are most commonly asked in interviews.

Are You Ready For Your Back


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What Do You Understand By Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is one technique for loading content on the browser as per the users needs. This optimises resource utilisation and server usage. A real-world example of this can be seen with eCommerce applications like Flipkart or Amazon. When you search for a particular product on these sites, you only get to see the details for the elements available just on the first fold. Then, as you scroll down, the below elements keep loading as and when needed.

Some General Interview Questions For Front End

1. How much will you rate yourself in Front End?

When you attend an interview, Interviewer may ask you to rate yourself in a specific Technology like Front End, So It’s depend on your knowledge and work experience in Front End.

2. What challenges did you face while working on Front End?

This question may be specific to your technology and completely depends on your past work experience. So you need to just explain the challenges you faced related toFront End in your Project.

3. What was your role in the last Project related to Front End?

It’s based on your role and responsibilities assigned to you and what functionality you implemented using Front End in your project. This question is generallyasked in every interview.

4. How much experience do you have in Front End?

Here you can tell about your overall work experience on Front End.

5. Have you done any Front End Certification or Training?

It depends on the candidate whether you have done any Front End training or certification. Certifications or training are not essential but good to have.

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What Is Virtual Dom

  • The Virtual DOM is the lightweight version of the Real DOM that React retains in memory.
  • Because nothing is drawn on the screen when processing Real DOM, it is substantially slower than handling virtual DOM.
  • When an object’s state changes, Virtual DOM updates only that object in the real DOM rather than all of them.

Free ReactJS for Beginners Course

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