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Full Stack Developer Technical Interview Questions

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How Null Is Different From Undefined In Javascript

Full stack developer interview questions and answers – Part 1 | ARC Tutorials

Null: Null means a variable is assigned with a null value. If we use it with typeof operator it gives result as an object. We should never assign a variable to null because the programmer uses it to represent a variable that has no value. Note that JavaScript will never automatically assign the value to null.

Undefined: Undefined means the variable is declared but not assigned any value to it. It may be a variable itself does not exist. If we use it with typeof operator it gives the result undefined. It is not valid in JSON.

Note: Null and undefined both are primitive.

Let’s understand it through an example.

When we execute the above code, it generates the following output:

From the above output, we can observe that the value of var1 is undefined also its type is undefined. Because we have not assigned any value to the variable var1. The value null is assigned to the variable var2. It prints its type as abject. Since null is an assignment value and we can assign it to a variable. Therefore, JavaScript treats null and undefined relatively equally because both represent an empty value.

Q15 Explain A Use Case For Docker


  • Docker is a low overhead way to run virtual machines on your local box or in the cloud. Although theyre not strictly distinct machines, they give you many of those benefits.
  • Docker can encapsulate legacy applications, allowing you to deploy them to servers that might not otherwise be easy to set up with older packages & software versions.
  • Docker can be used to build test boxes, during your deploy process to facilitate continuous integration testing.
  • Docker can be used to provision boxes in the cloud, and with the swarm, you can orchestrate clusters too.
  • What Is Callback Hell And How To Fix It

    Callback hell is a phenomenon in JavaScript in which the developer tries to execute multiple asynchronous operations together. The nesting of callback functions in such a way, we easily end up with error-prone, hard to read, and hard to maintain code.

    We can easily fix it by using the following methods:

    • Split large functions into smaller functions
    • Use Async/ Wait

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    What Was The First Programming Language You Learned

    This is a question about your journey into the world of programming. You can start your answer by describing how you got interested in programming in the first place. Then explain why you chose to learn a specific language and how you went about studying it. You get extra points if youre able to show that you took some initiative to study it on your own rather than just learning it in a classroom setting.

    Describe Your Daily Routine As A Full Stack Developer

    Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

    I report to work early and roll out my plan for the day. My first activity is to attend a team meeting where we update each other on where we are regarding the project. We then outline our priorities for the day before settling on my desk to tackle the next challenge.

    The rest of my day is spent coding, fixing bugs, and working on new applications, if any. I also attend scheduled meetings, take notes, and finally go through my favorite tech journal at the end of the day.

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    What Is Your Favorite Software Design Pattern And Why

    A design pattern is a general reusable solution to a common problem in software development. Design patterns are not standards or rules but guidelines that can help you solve common problems while coding.

    Design patterns are an important part of object-oriented programming because they help us make our code more maintainable and easier to understand by others. They provide solutions for some of the most common software challenges we face daily as developers: how do we handle authentication? How should we implement a login form?

    How do we handle data validation? Whats the best way to reuse business logic across multiple classes? Asking these questions may seem trivial at first glance however, once you start asking them repeatedly across different projects, it becomes clear that there isnt always one right answerand this is where design patterns come into play!

    How Would Your Colleagues Describe You In Five Words

    Recruiters ask this to gauge your self-awareness. They also want to know if your personality traits match the requirements of the job youre applying for.

    Instead of getting carried away listing superlatives, do some introspection. What are your strengths? How do people perceive your contributions to the team? What do your key contributions in your previous jobs say about you?

    Answering these questions can help you come up with words that your colleagues might use to describe you. You can also ask coworkers if you need help coming up with ideas. Remember to tailor your answer to the job description.

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    Questions About Developer Experience And Background

    After learning more about your personality and traits, an interviewer might ask questions about your professional experience and background to determine whether you are qualified for the role. Here are some examples of questions relating to your programming background:

    • Describe your favorite project that you’ve worked on.

    • What experience do you have working as a full stack developer?

    • What was the most difficult coding challenge that you’ve experienced?

    • How do you proceed when you notice a colleague made a coding error?

    • How do you code when SEO is a priority?

    • Do you prefer a technical coding role or a managerial position?

    • Explain a time you debugged a challenging program.

    • How has your experience prepared you for this position?

    • In what ways has your education prepared you for this role?

    • Do you have any technical certifications?

    • What type of projects have you worked on?

    • How do you manage multiple projects at the same time?

    • What coding have you completed outside of work?

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    What Are Your Tips For Reducing The Loading Time Of A Web Application

    Full Stack Development Mock Interview | Interview Questions for Senior Full Stack Developers

    Usability is a key factor in converting website visitors into leads or active users. Thats why business owners should make sure that candidates take performance seriously and know how to improve the running speed of a WPA.

    Here are a few widely used tricks among full-stack developers:

    • Minimizing the resource load of the page.
    • Using distributed networks for shared resource files.
    • Enabling lazy loading to make sure that a part of the page loads only when a visitor is viewing it.

    To assess a candidates proficiency in web development even deeper, throw a few web developer interview questions into the mix.

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    What Are Some Of The Challenges Of Working In Full

    Full-stack developers take on both front- and back-end programming tasks, and the interviewer understands that these functions can be challenging. Demonstrate your ability to take on challenges on the job and give examples of how you’ve solved problems you’ve faced in the past.

    Example:”Because full-stack development requires a diverse range of programming, coding and data analysis skills, it can be challenging to delve deeper into specific aspects of the field. I typically have to rely on my IT team’s unique specialties in addition to my oversight and programming integration to develop applications with quick turnarounds.”

    What Are The Differences Between Constructor Injection And Setter Injection

    Constructor Injection
    There is no partial injection of dependencies. There can be a partial injection of dependencies.
    It does not override the setter injection value. It overrides the constructor injection value if both are defined.
    It always creates a new instance if any modification occurs. It does not create a new instance if we made any changes to it.
    Using constructor injection is better for too many properties. Using setter injection is better for few properties.
    It makes bean class objects as immutable. It makes bean class objects as mutable.

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    What Are Some Use Cases For Docker

    The interviewer may ask this question as a way to gauge your experience with this particular platform as a service product . If you have previous experience with this application, describe it in your answer. You can also explain what you know to be popular advantages of Docker if you have experience using another container tool.

    Example:In my last job, I found Docker to be highly advantageous with building test boxes and facilitating testing for continuous integration. I’ve also used Docker to encapsulate legacy applications, which allows developers to deploy them to any servers that require older packages or software versions to set up.

    How Do You Always Ensure That You Are Updated On Emerging Industry Trends

    Interview Questions Tech Stack

    I am part of a community of developers. We hold regular meetups and discuss everything currently happening in the development world and the new updates or changes. I also attend webinars where we discuss trending and emerging issues. After the closure of business every day, I take some time to go through a couple of online journals to keep myself updated.

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    Q22 What Is The Difference Between A Blue/green Deployment And A Rolling Deployment


  • In Blue/Green Deployment, you have TWO complete environments. The Blue environment is the one that is running and the Green environment is the one to which you want to upgrade. Once you swap the environment from blue to green, the traffic is directed to your new green environment. You can delete or save your old blue environment for backup until the green environment is stable.
  • In Rolling Deployment, you have only ONE complete environment. The code is deployed in the subset of instances of the same environment and moves to another subset after completion.
  • Do You Enjoy Management Or Execution More

    Ans: Every senior professional will be asked this full stack web developer interview question. Recruiters want to know if you want to stay in a technical role or would want to switch to a managerial position. They also at times might push a bit and ask if you prefer to work alone or in paired groups. Its important, to be honest here. The companys requirements might be different from your interests, so it is ideal that the expectations are set straight from the get-go.

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    What Is Use Strict And What Are Some Of Its Advantages

    Another technically applicable question, this one can give the interviewer insight into your ability to use different tools in your development projects. Showcase your adaptability to work with different development tools and how these are advantageous for achieving your work objectives.

    Example:In my experience, ‘use strict’ is the statement that enables strict modes to entire scripts or even to individual functions, which provides a way to opt into restricted variants of JavaScript. Two key advantages I’ve found from using ‘use strict’ in code is that it makes it impossible to create global variables by accident and requires unique function parameter labels.

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    Domains Where The Questions Might Be Asked From

    Full Stack Developer Interview Questions 2022 | Web Development Interview Questions | Simplilearn

    and many more. To have an idea of what might be tested in the interview, look through the job profile where the requirements are specified.

    What is the next step?

    So you have successfully prepared for the interview. Go to the venue a bit early. Be smartly dressed. While giving the interview, speak clearly and concisely. At the same time, explain important experiences in detail.

    Following up on the interview

    Once you are done with the interview ,shoot off an email to the recruiter thanking them for the opportunity and ending with a looking forward to hearing from you. Send a follow up mail the next week and two consecutive weeks. If there is no response, youve been ghosted. If you get a reply, then wait and proceed to the next step.

    Takeaways from the article

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    What Do Event Capturing And Event Bubbling Have In Common

    Both Event Bubbling and Event Capturing are ways to propagate events in HTML API. However, the two have conceptual differences. In the case of Event Bubbling, the innermost element is the first one to handle an event after capturing.

    On the other hand, when it comes to Event Capturing, the outermost element handles an event after its capture.

    Whats The Most Recent Thing That You Have Learned

    Ans: This question is used to probe the authenticity of the information you furnished in your last question. It is important that you are aware of the latest in the industry and have a pulse of whats happening. You might talk about a website that you tested recently, or talk about an obnoxious case study about a serious bug you recently read about. A point to note, never give the interviewer an impression that you have learned nothing in the past 6 months. This is a fast-changing tech game, and being up-to-date with the current trends is an absolute must.

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    How Servletcontext Is Differ From Servletconfig

    ServletContext ServletConfig
    ServletContext represents the whole web application running on a particular JVM and common for all the servlet. ServletConfig object represents single servlet.
    It is just like a global parameter associated with the whole application. It is the same as the local parameter associated with a particular servlet.
    It has application-wide scope so define outside servlet tag in the web.xml file. It is a name-value pair defined inside the servlet section of web.xml files so it has servlet wide scope.
    getServletContext method is used to get the context object. getServletConfig method is used to get the config object.
    To get the MIME type of a file or application session related information is stored using a servlet context object. The shopping cart of a user is a specific to particular user so here we can use servlet config.

    Q36 How Do You Keep Yourself Updated About The New Trends In The Industry

    The Ultimate Full

    Ans- This is a typical question to understand your involvement in technology. A good way to demonstrate your involvement in continuous learning would be by speaking about the community meetups you visit.

    You can also talk about the webinars and the forums you regularly attend. If you have personal projects on which you apply your skills, this is a good time to showcase that as well.

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    What Are Several Factors That You Consider When Coding In Regards To Seo

    As the interviewer gets into more technical topics, they’ll likely want to know how you perform specific tasks in the programming and development process. Highlight your attention to detail and critical thinking skills by describing how you approached similar tasks in your past role.

    Example:I always implement several key standards throughout my code, including specification of an alt tag on any images, accurate HTML tags for all content hierarchy, XML sitemap routing, enabled SSL and Google analytics integration. These factors are essential in ensuring proper optimization for a website’s organic rankings in search engines.

    Q38 What Should A Full

    Ans A full-stack developer should present with the accompanying:

    • Programming Languages: A full-stack developer should have a capacity for more than one programming language like Java, Python, Ruby, C++, and so on. One must become acquainted with various ways of organizing, configuring, executing, and testing the task-dependent on the programming language.
    • Front End: One must be acquainted with the front-end advancements like HTML5, CSS3, Angular, and so on. The comprehension of outsider libraries like jQuery, Ajax, SASS, adds more benefits.
    • Structures: Proficiency in words that are joined by advancement systems like Spring, Spring Boot, MyBatis, Django, PHP, Hibernate, js, yin, and thats only the tip of the iceberg.
    • Data sets: One should be acquainted with somewhere around one information base. Assuming that you know about MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB it is adequate.
    • Design Ability: The information on model plans like UI and UX configuration is additionally fundamental.

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    What Is The Importance Of A Full

    This is an opportunity to demonstrate that you understand how full-stack developers fit into an organization and a team.

    Start by explaining that full-stack developers have the rare ability to work on both the frontend and backend elements of software applications, which boosts productivity and efficiency.

    Then describe how full-stack developers liaise between teams. Since theyre adept at different technologies and phases of software development, full-stack developers are able to easily communicate with front-end developers, backend developers, project managers, and IT managers.

    Q27 What Is An Event Loop In Nodejs

    JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers | Full Stack Web Development Training | Edureka

    Ans In general, an event loop is a mechanism that expects and dispatches events or messages in a program. In Node.js, event loops are central flow constructs.

    For example, whenever a request needs to be processed, it is inserted into the event loop and processed as soon as it is ready to be processed.

    Rather than doing it alone, the node delegates responsibility for managing the system. Because of this behavior, Node does not actively wait for this task to complete and can process other requests in the meantime.

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    What Are Some Of The Challenges That You Faced In Your Last Role How Did You Manage Them

    In my last role, I was the only full-stack developer in a pretty big firm. In the beginning, I strived to handle everything, believing that I could multitask. Even though I did not err due to my high levels of thoroughness, I would leave work exhausted from running several things at once.

    I later made it a habit to prioritize work and focus on one job at a time, which proved to be pretty helpful. I finished work faster and even had time to go through several online tech journals.

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