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Global Entry Renewal Approved Without Interview

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Global Entry vs TSA PreCheck *How to pass interview*

First, you must already be a current Global Entry member. Youll become eligible to renew one year prior to your membership expiration date.

Its imperative to submit a renewal application before your current membership expires to take advantage of the extended grace period. Travelers arriving in the U.S. during this grace period don’t need to show any special documents to use Global Entry lanes.

Have All Of Your Paperwork Lined Up

Although they’ll already know most things about you when you walk through the door, there may be a few situations that need clarification. For example, were you ever arrested but had the charges dropped? Have you traveled to a restricted country but had a legal reason to be there? They likely dont have proof that the charges were dropped, or that you were on a humanitarian mission, so youre on the hook to provide accurate documentation. If you fail to bring the paperwork with youincluding a valid passport and one other form of identification, like a drivers license or ID cardit could delay your approval.

Happy Surprise: My Global Entry Renewal Application Was Approved Overnight Not Everyone Was So Lucky

Update: Some offers mentioned below are no longer available. View the current offers here.

Last week, I mentioned the word “challenge” in context with my Trusted Travel Program renewal application. It turns out that I was mistaken in my cynicism that the approval process would take a long time. But not everyone has been so lucky.

Within 36 hours of applying, I received the following email:

From there, I clicked through the link provided and logged back into my TTP account, where I was directed to select an interview time slot. I selected a morning appointment on Dec. 3, the earliest date available to me:

I also checked my Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express® Card history, and saw that my Global Entry fee had been credited back to me within 24 hours of me making the charge.

Following my article detailing my process of applying for Trusted Traveler membership renewal, a number of TPG readers reached out to me to share their own renewal experiences. Some had similar good fortune, while others have been in limbo for months.

“My wife and I both renewed ours in the last few months with minimal effort,” Mark O. told me via email. “We were re-approved without an interview within a couple of days of submission, and received our new cards within a couple of weeks. Now just need a way to fly overseas and back home again!”

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When Can You Renew Your Global Entry

You can apply to have your Global Entry renewed up to a year before the expiration date. Theres no penalty for renewing early, in the sense that it will still be valid for five years from when your membership currently expires, and not five years from when youre approved. So you might as well renew early.

You wont want to let your membership lapse, since the process is more complicated for a lapsed membership. Be sure to apply for renewal well before your Global Entry is set to expire.

Is There A Grace Period For Global Entry Renewal

Some Global Entry Renewals Are Processing Without Interviews

There is a grace period for Global Entry renewal, as long as you submit your renewal application before your membership expires:

  • Historically there has been a six month grace period
  • Due to a significant increase in application volume, the grace period is currently one year

If you do submit your application but arent approved before the expiration, youll continue to be able to use Global Entry the same way as before during that period.

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Is Global Entry Worth It

The value in Global Entry is that it is a huge timesaver. The amount of time that you will save will depend on how much international travel that you do.

Basically, you need to ask yourself how often are you going to be going through immigration and customs?

At some airports during peak hours, the long wait time for immigration can be over 90 minutes! That is a very long time to be waiting and just imagine if you had to endure that long wait time after crossing the Atlantic. Itd be no fun, I assure you.

But with Global Entry, you can usually skip those long lines.

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Getting An Interview Appointment

At the height of the pandemic, the Global Entry program experienced a major backlog of applications because of closed enrollment centers and limited appointments, which caused months-long delays in processing new applications and approving renewals. However, the agency has now worked through most of those backlogs, and about 60 percent of applications are conditionally approved within 15 days, according to Lawson. Applications that require a more detailed review can take up to four months.

Plan to enroll in Global Entry upon landing in the U.S., and you can do your interview on the spot.

Once your application is conditionally approved, youll receive an email that theres a message in your Trusted Traveler account. Youll then be asked to schedule an in-person interview at a Global Entry Enrollment Center, which can be found all over the country. With the lingering scheduling and backlog delays from the pandemic, its difficult to estimate how long it will take to secure an interview, but you do have up to 730 days after your conditional approval to complete the enrollment process. If youre having trouble securing an interview slot, check back oftenpeople sometimes cancel their appointments, opening up earlier slots.

Currently, 63 Enrollment on Arrival airports are in operation across the country heres a full list.

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Complete The Online Application And Pay The $100 Fee

In order for your application to be reviewed, you will have to pay the $100 nonrefundable application fee.

The good thing about Global Entry is that you dont have to use a card in your name to pay the fee. So if somebody else has a credit card with a $100 Global Entry credit, they can use it on your application.

Or Work It Into A Domestic Trip

How Does the Global Entry Renewal Process Work?

Pssst You don’t have to do your interview at your home airport.

If you’ve got some domestic trips coming up, check out the list of enrollment centers nationwide and see what might fit into your travels. Head down to your interview after you land or schedule it well ahead of your departing flight to return home. Or even sneak in during a layover!

Let’s say your nearest enrollment center doesn’t have interviews available for months, but you’re making a trip to Miami. You never know, the interview schedule at Miami airport might be wide open.

Check out your travel calendar, go through the list of enrollment centers and see what you could make work.

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How Much Does It Cost To Renew Global Entry

It costs $100 to renew Global Entry. Fortunately, many credit cards offer a fee credit toward Global Entry renewal, including the following . Note that in all cases, you can use your credit for anyone so if you have extra credits, you can use them for friends and family to renew their Global Entry.

How To Handle The Delays

Global Entry enrollment centers are now open again, in dozens of airports across 44 U.S. states and territories. Conditionally approved applicants can schedule an appointment at their nearest enrollment center online through their trusted traveler account.

According to CBP, appointment availability varies by location, and there can be a long wait at some locations. When scheduling an appointment, the agencys system will also show alternate enrollment centers that might have interview availability sooner. CBP recommends applicants contact centers to see if they take walk-ins, a policy that varies by location it also advises to check back often for new openings due to cancellations.

The good news? Due to the delays, the window for conditionally approved applicants to schedule their interview has been upped from one year to two years. That longer time frame means your application wont expire for 24 months from the date of conditional approval while you attempt to schedule an interview.

Earlier in the pandemic, some travelers complained of being stuck in pending review modeunable to schedule an interviewfor nearly a year. As of spring 2021, roughly 60 percent of applications are conditionally approved within 15 days, according to CBP, with applications needing more detailed review taking as long as four months. Applicants can check the status of their membership by logging into the trusted traveler website.

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For Global Entry Members At Nexus/sentri Lanes

How do I add NEXUS to my existing Global Entry membership?

Login to TTP. On the GOES home page under Program Membership, click on “Manage Membership.” Then click on the “Add Trusted Traveler Program.” Make any changes necessary. On the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program List page, select the checkbox next to the NEXUS option. On the next page you will see the NEXUS logo. You will need to provide additional information and answer questions . Once all the application information is entered/ corrected, certify your application and pay the fee. Applicants seeking to use NEXUS to enter Canada must complete an enrollment interview with the Canada Border Services Agency.

How do I register my vehicle before using the Global Entry card in SENTRI lanes?

Global Entry members who wish to drive their vehicle in the SENTRI lanes, must register their vehicle with CBP and schedule an appointment at a SENTRI enrollment center to conduct a 7-point vehicle inspection.

How do I register my vehicle before using the Global Entry card in NEXUS lanes?

There are no additional requirements for a member to use the NEXUS lanes coming into the U.S. However, Global Entry cards are not valid for entry into Canada via the NEXUS lanes and kiosks travelers must apply separately for NEXUS.

What does it cost a Global Entry member to get the NEXUS or SENTRI benefit?

How To Use Global Entry

Some Global Entry Renewals Are Processing Without Interviews

Using Global Entry is a very seamless process. Once you have gone through the application and approval process, all you will need is your Known Traveler Number. This is commonly referred to as “KTN”.

To make your Global Entry experience, it is best practice to add your KTN to all of your frequent flyer programs. Once you do this, your ticket will prepopulate with your TSA Precheck/Global Entry membership, and you can breeze through airport security. If you dont do this, you will need to manually add your KTN to each flight you purchase, or manually add it at the airport with an airline representative.

After this, your membership is ready to go. Your boarding passes will say TSA Precheck/Global Entry on it. When you approach security, show the attendant your boarding pass, and you will be on your way.

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Good News: The Process Is Easier Than You Might Anticipate

Born in 2008, Global Entry is a Gen-Z teenager now and doesnt exactly scream VIP like it once did. But it still comes with that same enviable perk: skipping the maddeningly long custom lines when you reenter your home country. So who cares if there are a few more travelers you have to share the fast-track space with? That background check is totally worth itespecially now that international travel is opening back up, processing times are returning to normal, and flight prices are still pandemic-rebounding.

All you have to do to get started is create a Trusted Traveler Programs account. From there, you do have to commit: Its $100 to apply, and once youre approvedwhich can take anywhere from 24 hours to, well, several monthsyou’ll need to schedule an interview at a Global Entry Enrollment Center.

But wait, an interview….from customs? Surely, that must entail sitting in a dimly lit room and being grilled by a crusty old agent who keeps blowing smoke in your face, right? “Did you smuggle a kiwi into the country in 2003 on your way back from Chile? DID YOU?!”

Well, not exactly. While the interview is an integral part of getting your Global Entry approval, its not exactly a scene cut from Law & Order either. Here’s a demystification of the program and steps for what to expect.

Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Renewing Global Entry

Q: How do I find out when my Global Entry membership expires?

A: You can find your Global Entry expiration date by logging into your Trusted Traveler Programs account. If its going to expire within one year, select the blue Renew Application button under Program Membership and proceed accordingly.

Theres no penalty for renewing early. Your membership will be valid for five years from the date your current Global Entry membership expires.

Q: Will Global Entry notify me if my membership is about to expire?

A: CBP sends you an email notification when your membership status changes. Acosta says that its systems send out notifications but that they sometimes end up in spam or junk folders. He adds, We have no control over your email, and we highly recommend that you periodically log into your TTP account to check for updates.

Elliott Advocacy is underwritten by Southwest Airlines.

Within a year, Global Entry members will begin receiving a reminder each time they use the kiosk upon arrival in the United States, alerting them of the number of days before their membership expires.

Q: My Global Entry lasts longer than five years. Am I special?

A: Yes you are Technically, Global Entry expires five years after your next birthday. If you apply shortly after your birthday, youll have almost six years of eligibility.

Q: How much does it cost?

Q: Do I really have to fill out that form all over again?

Q: Do I need to schedule another interview?

Q: Is there a grace period?

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What To Bring To Global Entry Interview

For many people, one of the most daunting parts of the Global Entry application is the interview. While the Global Entry benefits are incredible, the process may seem a little daunting. Even just the word interview likely brings up unpleasant memories of applying for jobs and first-day jitters. But, if you participate in international travel often and would like to become part of the Trusted Traveler Program, then itâs a must.

Thatâs why weâve put together this guide to help break down exactly what to bring for Global Entry membership interviews and what you can expect once you get there. This way, you can go in feeling confident and prepared and get your expedited entry in no time.

How Do You Renew Global Entry


In order to renew your Global Entry, you will need to go online and go through the renewal process. You wont be able to renew your membership until one year prior to it expiring.

Renewing your membership will require you to input additional details that have changed since the last time you were approved. For example, if you have moved to different addresses or travelled to different countries, you will need to update the application with that information.

You will not always have to go in for a second interview whenever you renew your Global Entry membership. But if you are unlucky like myself, you will have to go in for an additional interview.

Typically, there will be a six-month grace period after your membership expires. During this time, you should have access to your for Global Entry benefits although Ive heard some people have issues getting TSA Pre-Check.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the CBP allowed for a temporary one year grace period.

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Expect Significant Global Entry Renewal Delays

Global Entry membership lasts five years before it must be renewed, and it expires on your birthday that fifth year.

However, since mid-2018, many members began experiencing excessive delays associated with renewals.

In fiscal year 2019, CBP enrolled more than 1.1 million new members into one of the four Trusted Traveler programs: Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST, according to its annual travel and trade report. More than 9.2 million members enjoyed the benefits of expedited processing as a Trusted Traveler in fiscal year 2019, with more than 6.7 million being Global Entry members.

Even before the pandemic slowed things further, TPGs director of content Summer Hull waited about a year for her renewal to process. In the meantime, her PreCheck expired even though there was supposed to be a grace period .

Delays can sometimes be avoided by doing one key thing: Applying for renewal well before your Global Entry expires. However, when things take that long, even several months of extra time isn’t enough.

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What Are The Costs

In order to apply for a Global Entry membership renewal you will have to pay a $169.95 service fee.

In addition to the service fee, you will need to pay a $ 100 government fee. It is payable with your credit card after your profile is updated in the government system. Children under 18 must also pay both fees.

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