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Good Clinical Practice Interview Questions

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Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Position

Top 20 Clinical Research Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

The interviewer wants to find out the reasons you want to leave your current employer for their company. Describe your situation as one where you could not experience the growth you can with their organization or any other reason provided you put it positively.

Sample Answer

I would want to leave my current position because of the time I spend commuting every day. I feel that the time I spend is negatively impacting my life and my. If your company hired me, I will reduce my commute time by one hour every day. I feel that I can do something more valuable in the saved one hour.

Questions To Ask The Employer

In most interviews, the employer will ask, Do you have any questions for us? Prepare at least one or two questions for the interviewer. This gives you a chance to determine if the position is the right fit for you and shows your genuine interest in the position and company.

Here are some questions to consider asking an interviewer:

  • What is the training outline for new employees?

  • What does a typical day look like for this role?

  • How is performance measured?

  • Which qualities and skills prove most successful for this position?

  • What growth opportunities are available to nurses?

  • What kind of continuing education is provided?

  • What is your leadership style?

  • How can I best prepare for this type of role?

  • What is the culture of this company?

  • What are the next steps in the interviewing process?

Do You Have Any Professional Affiliations

Your response to this question is an opportunity to emphasize that you seek opportunities to advance your skills. This is a good time to highlight any areas on your resume that list extra certifications you have gained through these organizations, ways you are involved in the organizations and certain areas of nursing you are passionate about.

Example:I am a member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators and the American Assisted Living Nurses Association. I am passionate about geriatric care and I make sure to keep my knowledge current in areas that will benefit the geriatric patients in my care. I completed a class in February through the American Association of Diabetes Educators that enabled me to improve the care I provided to a patient who was struggling with his dietary requirements. I was able to provide him with resources to develop a system he was happy with.

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How Would You Handle A Crisis Such As An Outbreak

Your response to this question should demonstrate your hard skills such as your knowledge of how to address specific medical situations and soft skills like teamwork and adaptability. For a strong answer, discuss your ability to collaborate, your in-depth knowledge of nursing procedures and your attention to detail.

Example:”In my last role as a public health nurse at the city’s health department, I noticed an unusually high number of patients coming in with similar symptoms. I lead a team to collect and analyze the data. It turned out that there was a small outbreak in our city. Because of our team reporting, the staff in our facility detected the symptoms and followed standard infection control precautions. Authorities were able to alert the public for symptoms to watch out for. I feel our team did a great job observing our patients and reporting the incidents.”

Why Should We Hire You

Clinical Questions

Heres another question that really gives you a chance to showcase the best of what youve got. Take advantage of it1


For me, nursing its just a career its a passion. As a result, I spend time seizing opportunities to learn and grow, prioritize patient care at every step, and embrace advances that can lead to higher quality outcomes. Additionally, I know the value of teamwork and agility and also enjoy the challenges that come with this job. Overall, I cant imagine doing anything else and will always go the extra mile for both patients and my employers.

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Sample Nurse Interview Questions: Patient Care

Healthcare hiring professionals want to hire nurses who provide excellent patient care. Education is of utmost importance to healthcare employers. We suggest telling stories about times you provided top-notch patient care or went out of your way to educate patients and/or their families.

1. Tell me about a time when a patients family was dissatisfied with your care. How did you handle that situation?

Sample answer:

Make sure to explain the situation in detail including both perspectives . Never talk badly about patients or their families. Take ownership if you indeed did something wrong. Share any positives that came from this – what did you learn? What would you do differently now? How did you turn this into a positive?

I once was floated to a unit that I had never worked in and wasnt sure where supplies were located. The mother of the patient did not recognize me as a regular floor nurse on the unit and this already made the family leery of me from the start of the shift. I continually had to prove myself throughout the day because as nurses we all do things slightly differently. There is not always a wrong way or a right way to do things but in this case, there was a policy to be followed. I followed it and apparently my dressing change was slightly different than previous ones. I communicated regularly with the charge nurse and she came to check in with the family to address any issues in real-time.

Sample answer:

Sample answer:

Sample answer:

Sample answer:

What Are The Roles Of A Clinical Research Coordinator

The recruiting team wants to find out whether you are familiar with the duties of a clinical research coordinator. As you answer the question, demonstrate a solid understanding of what a clinical research coordinator does as you align the roles with the job description.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

Sample Answer

A clinical research coordinator screens and recruits potential study participants as well as performing intake assessments. He or she has a mandate of creating and maintaining all documents and records of each study. A clinical research coordinator is the point of reference for all the study participants. He/ she answers the participants questions as well as updating them concerning the progress of the study.

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What Do You Find Most Rewarding About Being A Nurse

What They Want to Know: This is a lead-in for you to talk about your strengths as a nurse. Maybe it’s about helping patients, keeping doctors on task, or working with a particular demographic.

As a maternity nurse, I’m there for the moment when people’s family’s grow. It’s powerful and awe-inspiring to witness. And I’m so happy to be able to reassure and help women in this big moment, especially first-time moms.

More Answers: What do you find most rewarding?

What Experience Do You Have Working On The Mdt

Good Clinical Practice and ICH GCP Guidelines

Tip 1: Talk about the experiences you have gained.

Tip 2: Be explicit while answering this question.

Sample Answer: I always appreciate working in teams. I think it helps people learn and grow while improving skills learned from the team members. You can practice a skill that each one of you has to offer, so I would say working in MDT was great for me.

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What Is The Scope Of Clinical Research In India

The Scope of Clinical Research depends on the growth of the Medical / Pharmaceutical Industry. And in India, this growth is immense, and the pace is rising with time, due to:

an ageing population new developments in treatments and diagnosis the Indian economy its privatization, liberalization & globalization.

Drug discovery involves designing new drugs, and after identifying a prospective article, the drug development process takes place. Action, safety, use, formulation, quality control, storage, packaging, and marketing are few of the other stages associated with the drug development process.

The global demand is more than $70 trillion for this knowledge-intensive field. And it is projected that India s contribution is about 15 percent of the global market, which is about $10.5 billion. The business is currently rising at an average annual cumulative growth rate of a

And it is this reach that attracted Pharmaceutical Companies & Contract Research Organizations to India to develop their research offices or even forward some of their clinical activities, such as data processing or quality assurance, to other CROs working in India, thereby reducing costs.

Clinical Research is an field of highly exclusive & lucrative job prospects with the potential to increase your salary in less than a decade by 400 per cent.

How Do You Handle Upset Patients Who Present You With A Complaint

Not all patients are going to be happy. Many are anxious and uncomfortable, so their stress levels are high. This can lead to outbursts, some of which may be justified while others seem less so. But its your duty to handle the situation properly, so hiring managers want to know that you can do so gracefully.


First, I give them the floor. I cant provide them with the right kind of assistance if I dont fully understand the issue, so active listening is key. Next, I rephrase their complaint so that I can confirm we are both on the same page regarding the problem. Then, I use empathy to ensure they know they are being heard and that Im concerned about their well-being and what to find a solution. Finally, I take appropriate steps based on the nature of the complaint, becoming an active part of securing a solution.

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What Is Your Dissertation Topic

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to know about the detailed knowledge you have for this role.

Tip 2: Talk about your dissertation in detail to show your level of expertise.

Sample Answer: I selected a topic that I found very interesting. The dissertation took several months to complete because I did not want to be too vague or too narrow in the topic. I carried out a significant amount of research for my dissertation. I asked for advice from my seniors and was able to earn a top score.

Good Clinical Practice Inspector


If you would like to find out more about this fantastic opportunity, please read our Job Description and Person Specification!

Please note: The job description may not open in some internet browsers. Please use Chrome or Microsoft Edge. If you have any issue viewing the job description, please contact

We use the Civil Service Success Profiles to assess our candidates,find out more here.

  • Online application form, including questions based on the Behaviour, Experience and Technical Success Profiles. Please ensure all application questions are completed in full your application may not be considered if any responses are left blank. Our applications are CV blind, and our Hiring Managers will not be able to access your CV when reviewing your application.
  • Video or telephone interview, which can include questions based on the Behaviour, Experience, Technical and Strengths Success Profiles.
  • Online tests
  • Assessment centre

In the instance that we receive a high number of applications, we will hold an initial sift based on the lead criteria of “the experience criteria with applicants needing to demonstrate extensive experience working in a GCP/ related GxP environment, which should include time in pharmaceutical or non-commercial clinical trials activity and/or quality assurance.”

Closing date: Wednesday 26th January 2022

If you need assistance applying for this role or have any other questions,please contact

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What Are The Qualities That A Clinical Psychologist Should Possess To Be Effective

Tip 1: Talk about the qualities you think will be beneficial for the organization.

Tip 2: Mention those qualities that you currently possess.

Sample Answer: A clinical psychologist must possess a few qualities, such as those given below:

Strong problem-solving skills

Excellent listening and communication skills

Firm grasp of scientific techniques being practiced in Clinical Psychology

Strong interest in science and health care

Motivational skills

Patience and empathy

Questions For Marriage And Couples Counseling

According to Gottman and Silver , the central reason couples choose to seek marriage or couples counseling is because of difficulties in communication. When working with couples, it is important to develop an understanding of why they are seeking counseling and what they hope to get out of their sessions.

Start by asking questions such as:

  • How long have you and your partner been together?
  • What are you hoping to achieve in these sessions?
  • Can you tell me what has prompted you to seek couples/
  • Tell me about how you met.
  • Do you have any issues outside your relationship with each other that cause difficulties in your partnership ?

After developing a baseline, it is important to help couples develop effective communication strategies. Counselors often emphasize active listening strategies, where couples learn to resolve their conflicts by using âI statementsâ to communicate how they are feeling.

However, therapy that is centered on conflict resolution has been shown to have a 35%-success rate, as couples who engage in these strategies can sometimes feel that their true concerns are not heard by their spouse . It is important that you help couples develop a safe environment where they can communicate honestly and openly with each other.

Our has a section entitled âkey questionsâ that allow couples to think about what is bringing them to therapy and consider the goals they have for their marriage.

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How Do You Deal With Someone Who Isnt Satisfied With Your Patient Care

Here is a great example of one of the behavioral interview questions for nurses. As we discussed above, give your interviewer an example from your past, so they can get a feel for how you would behave in a similar situation in the future.


While I constantly strive to do everything I can for a patient, I had a situation once with a patient who complained to my supervisor about me, telling them I was denying them specific care for an issue. The first thing I have to do in that situation is to step back and really assess whats going on, specifically whether I had acted appropriately. Since I had followed the doctors orders, I spoke with my supervisor and the attending physician about the situation. It turns out that the patient had misunderstood something the doctor had told her, leading her to assume I was neglecting a step in her care process. Once the confusion was cleared up, we were able to work with the patient to come up with a satisfactory solution.

Top 10 Clinical Research Interview Questions Thats Frequently Asked Are As Follows

Good Clinical Practice (GCP), lecture # 2-IRBs/IECs #eventtroop

What is Clinical trial

  • Clinical trial is a health related research study in human following a well defined protocol. It includes both intervention and observational types of studies. In intervention study the research subjects are assigned by investigators for a treatment and outcomes are measured. While in observational study an individual is kept under observation and outcomes are studies by an investigator.

Why participate in a clinical trial?

  • Participants play important and active role in their own health care and can help others by contribution in research.

As a researcher what is your best skill?

  • Analytical, Communication , supervisory , good clinical practice skills, trial initiations and formation of design protocol

What does Clinical Research constitute of ?

  • Clinical research is an attempt to invent a new drug or molecule against a particulardiseases . It comprise of looking after since the inception of the drug still its market release and supervision of any unexpected side effects.

Did you face any workplace conflict? If yes! How you handled?

  • First I try to access whose fault is it , mine or others. If its mine, I apologize and dont repeat. It its others then I point their fault or or else ignore if not of major concern.

Outline some familiar therapeutic areas.

  • Oncology and neurology

What would be your dream project?

  • My dream project would be monitoring a new trial being conducted in a different base exclusive very underdeveloped countries.

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Imagine You Have To Give Bad News To A Patient Concerning Their Health How Would You Manage The Situation

Your interviewer wants to check your interpersonal skills and compassion for others. Show that you know the steps to announce bad news.

Example:First, I would gather all clinical information to make sure I was ready to answer their questions. If family members are in the room, I would introduce myself to everyone and verify if the patient prefers to receive the results in private or if their relatives can stay. I would start by saying that I am sorry, but I have bad news. I would explain the situation frankly, and without complicated words, make sure everybody understands. I know it is important to allow the patients and their loved ones to process the information, so I would wait before I repeat the key facts and write them down for the patient. I would then explain what they can expect shortly, and ensure there are no more questions before I leave the room.

What Do You Understand By Randomization

As per the National Cancer Institute In research, the process by which participants in clinical trials are assigned by chance to separate groups that are given different treatments or other interventions.

Neither the researcher nor the patient chooses what medication or intervention they should receive.

Using chance of assigning people to groups means that the results of the care or intervention obtained by the participants can be more equally compared.

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