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Help Desk Position Interview Questions

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An End User Calls You That Their Computer Is Very Slow For The Last Three Days Describe The Process Of Troubleshooting

Best 40 Help Desk and Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers

The key is to show that you follow some system in your work, that you wont just start giving out some random suggestions. Say that you will use a method of questions and answers while trying to identify the problem, and later solve it, step by step.

The questions you will likely ask the user in this case are questions about programs they installed/uninstalled before the problem occurred, you may ask them to check the memory load in the task manager , you may ask them to restart the computer, etc.

How Do You Respond To Criticism

Help desk technicians work in a high-pressure environment where they interact with customers, IT teams, and employers. You’ll receive feedback from several channels on the job and need to know how to process it. In your answer, you can show that you respond to criticism positively and strive to learn from feedback.

Example:”I’ve been in a situation where a customer expressed dissatisfaction with my customer service during my first week at a new job. I asked the customer what parts of the experience were unsatisfactory so that I could improve on them. Then, I apologized for the inconvenience and assured them I heard and valued their feedback. After that, I spoke to my manager about strategies for improving and have applied them to my working style ever since.”

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Your Goal Is To Hire Five New Agents For The Service Desk Department Tell Us How You Will Proceed

The key is to describe the process step by step. Do not talk about posting job ads and leading interview straight away. Because thats not the first step. Start with working on an ideal candidate profile, and clearly defining the placementwhat the people will do, what you expect them to know or have. Once you know this you will think about possible sourcing methodsjob boards, LinkedIn, internal recruitment, staffing agencies, outsourcing the process, etc.

Once you decided about your methods, you will proceed with posting your offers, collecting applications, leading interviews, and so on. Everything in an organized way, with a clear goal on your mind. Thats how you will proceed, until you eventually have the five new employees.

Of course you may experience some roadblocks along the way. Maybe the sourcing method you chose does not bring in enough job applications. But thats not an issue, because you have a plan B, and will proceed with it. Show the interviewers that you can think, plan, and act as a manager.

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It Support Technician Interview Questions

Question: What are the steps you take when working with an end-user to solve a computer problem?

Explanation: This is a typical opening or general question. Interviewers use these types of questions to start the conversation, learn more about your background, and collect information they can use for subsequent questions.

Example: When a user sends me a service ticket, the first thing I do is confirm I have the correct contact information so I can respond to them in a timely manner. I then review the issue and make sure I fully understand what problems they are encountering. Next, I triage the problem and determine the most likely cause. I then contact the user and start working through the issue, providing them instructions as to how to resolve the problem. If necessary, I do a remote login to their system so I can view their logs, run some commands, and reboot the system, if necessary.

Question: How much time does it take for you to resolve a typical technical issue?

Explanation: This is another general question which the interviewer will use to determine your qualifications for this position. Since each IT issue is unique, the time to resolve can vary greatly. However, you should have an idea of either the average time it takes or the number of issues you can address during a typical shift.

Question: Can you describe the significant hardware components of a computer?

Question: Can you explain what BIOS is?

Question: What are the differences between RAM and ROM?

What Would You Do If A Customer’s Computer Had A Blue Screen

Desktop Support Interview Questions

This question tests your technical knowledge and how you respond to common computer issues. You can start by explaining what the blue screen is and why it occurs. Next, you can provide solutions and troubleshooting techniques that would help clear the error. Try to provide as much detail as you can to show the hiring manager you understand the issue and how to solve it.

Example:”A blue screen is a computer error that occurs when the operating system is dysfunctional and crashes. This issue is usually due to hardware or driver problems. The error code on the computer screen can find the cause of the problem. I would tell the customer to restart their computer, and if it restarted successfully, I’d guide them through updating the computer’s drivers.”

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Can You Tell Us About An Occasion When You Were On The Receiving End Of Exemplary Customer Service

Exemplary customer service means different things to different people. Some people might appreciate a fast resolution to their problem, while others look for a kind and empathetic help desk agent. This question will help you identify the candidates whose values match those of your company and your customers, so they will fit in with your company culture.

You Encounter A Situation In Which A Users Monitor Has Stopped Working Which Method Would You Use To Understand The Source Of The Problem

Your candidates may mention a few steps when resolving this problem. They may examine the VGA, DVI, and power cables that lead to the monitor and then look at the ports to determine whether theres a hardware issue.

Applicants may then mention that they would troubleshoot the monitor by connecting a separate monitor to the computer to check if it works.

Your candidates may also mention that they would perform checks on the video card and the display drivers to cover all bases and use a process of elimination to understand the source of the problem and be able to fix it.

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Where Are Help Desk Jobs

Some companies provide external help desk technical support for multiple companies. You may choose this type of company for employment, but some organisations supply in-house technical support departments. Working within one company can mean getting to know your callers well, so you develop working relationships with employees.

For internal technical support jobs within a company, seek these job titles:

  • customer care specialist

What Challenges Do You Expect In This It Support Job Role

Top Basic Technical Help Desk Interview Questions and How to perform it

The appropriate response decides whether you’re an individual who searches for difficulties and on the off chance that you an ideal fit for the position. You can answer that you would utilize your abilities and involvement in the correct way on the off chance that you employed.

Likewise, answer that you’re an individual who supported by difficulties and can confront difficulties. You likewise can make reference to that you have the right stuff and adaptability to deal with any difficult errand.

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General Hotel Front Desk Interview Questions

Here are general questions an interviewer can ask during a job interview for a hotel front desk job:

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • How did you learn about this position?

  • What interests you about being a front desk employee?

  • Why should we hire you for this role?

  • How familiar are you with the hotel industry?

  • What is your greatest achievement in your career?

  • What about working at a hotel is most appealing to you?

  • What role do you take when you work on a team with others?

  • What does customer service mean to you?

  • What are your scheduling expectations?

  • What are your salary expectations?

  • What are your long-term career goals?

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Q12 What People Or Events Have Most Molded You Into Who You Are Today Why

Why Ask: This question helps get to the heart of who the candidate truly is. What influences have been in their life to make them who they are today? Who molded their work ethic? Who or what played a part in their maturing or showed them how to do life successfully?

What to Listen For: Listen for a story about who or what has played a major role in making them who they are today. Discover who or what made them stronger, made them more aware of their responsibilities, or motivated them to be a better person.

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Q What Makes An Excellent Help Desk

Ans: An effective service desk must be able to report how long on average it takes to begin working on service demand from when they have been submitted, and how much time it takes to fix the problem. The service desk must run like a well-oiled machine, ready to react when you require them so that you can get back to your business.

Types Of Interview Questions

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Interviewers will ask various types of questions to learn whether or not you have the skills and experience for the job. Some will be common interview questions you might be asked for any job, including questions about your work history, your strengths and weaknesses, and your skills. Others will be personal questions about your qualities as they relate to the job. For example, you might be asked how you handle pressure, why you want to work at a help desk, and more.

Be prepared to be asked technical questions similar to the trouble tickets you might be asked to resolve on the job.

You will also likely be asked a number of behavioral interview questions. These are questions about how youve handled certain work situations in the past. Other questions will probably be situational interview questions. These are similar to behavioral interview questions, but they involve future situations rather than past experiences.

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Help Desk Interview Questions And Answers Series

During an interview, the employers mainly evaluate the candidates based on their abilities to solve problems, Communication skills, Technical know-how, etc.

The help desk specialists also get a variety of questions via Chats, Emails, and Calls.

In this article, we provide common questions youll likely be asked in an interview for a help desk position and sample answers to help you prepare for the interview.

1. Tell me About a Time you Went Extra Mile

Top help desk analysts understand the importance of going above and beyond to ensure callers issues are fully resolved so tickets arent reopened.

Weigh candidates responses to see whether theyre doing the bare minimum or providing thoughtful and thorough service.

2. Tell me About Yourself

One excellent way to gauge communication skills is to give help desk job candidates an open-ended question and listen to them talk.

Pay attention to clarity, focus, the kind of language used, and whether applicants make an effort to ensure youre engaged in the conversation.

3. Does a Company Really Need a Helpdesk?

The key to run a company effectively is that the resources are available and operational all the time, especially if it is an IT company.

Helpdesk is necessary as it makes sure that resources are available for customers and also operational reasons.


4. What is Good Customer Service?

5. How do you Rate Your Writing Skills?

6. Tell us About your Strength and Weakness

What Do You Know About Our Products And Company

Ans. This inner interview question tests the interest of the candidate and the groundwork for the position. To address this inquiry, the up-and-comer needs to peruse the employment promotion and furthermore go through the site to become more acquainted with the subtleties.

It isn’t compulsory to know all the determinations of the product yet the essential idea is fundamental with the goal that you score well in the interview contrasted with others.

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Q1 How Practical And Hands

Why Ask: One of the first things to determine about a candidate is how practical was their technical education. Some institutions teach a lot of theory. Other institutions are heavily practical with lots of hands-on activities.

What to Listen For: If the candidate attended a 4-year school, find out if they had any hands-on technical learning, because, with 4-year schools, much of the curriculum is general studies with theoretical teaching on IT and little practical, hands-on training.

Other things to listen for:

  • Academic ability: If they are right out of school, you might follow up by asking what their GPA was.
  • Assertiveness. If they went to a 1-year technical school, you might probe for whether they were the go-to person in the class or just someone that blended in.
  • Hands-on expertise: Is their strength primarily academic knowledge or hands-on experience?
  • Phone experience: Have they ever done support over the phone? If not, thats a yellow flag.
  • Troubleshooting: Do they mention troubleshooting or documentation, or having worked on a ticketing system before? Theres no right answer here, but you know what your help desk handles every day, and you want a technical skillset that can resolve your issues.

Service Desk Analyst Interview Questions

Help Desk Job Interview: Technical Questions and Answers

Service desk analysts assess the performance of IT systems and provide end-user support. They monitor the efficiency and functionality of IT technologies, resolve IT issues reported by clients and personnel, and make recommendations to enhance the performance of IT systems.

When interviewing service desk analysts, look for candidates who possess exceptional problem-solving skills and the ability to contribute to IT system optimization. Be wary of candidates with limited knowledge of recent advancements in IT and those with poor interpersonal skills.

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How Will You Monitor The Performance Of Individual Agents

They probably have some system in place already, with anonymous ratings from the customers, and with tracking the number of calls, emails, and everything. Anyway, you can suggest setting up such a systemfor the case they do not have it in place yet.

You can also suggest setting realistic and tangible goals for the agentsbased on the performance tables from the past, and monitor their success in achieving these goals on a weekly basis. Another thing you can add is a regular weekly or bi-weekly one on one with each team member , just to identify any problems early, before they grow into some serious issue.

In any case, you should ensure your interviewers that you do not plan to rely on luck or guesses. You will collect data about the employees, monitor their performance, and decide accordingly

What Are The Lights That Are Present On The Modem And What Do They Indicate

The lights on the modem are power light which shows if the power is on or off. The connection light is the following light which ensures if the modem is getting the broadband sign from the ISP.

To guarantee if the web is working, data light is used. Network light guarantees if the modem connected to the PC. These are the lights present in the modem and their capacities.

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Help Desk Analyst Interview Questions

  • How have you built knowledge of products and services?
  • What type of process discipline do you use?
  • What communicating and networking systems are you familiar with?
  • Have you ever used SAP or similar system?
  • How do you manage and organize several departments? How do you monitor these departments?
  • What type of systems development skills do you possess?
  • What are your administrative practices?
  • Have you noticed some product-issues that you perceive could cause possible calls by end users/ customers?
  • What steps do you take when handling an awkward call such as when the caller is concerned with their warranty or asking for a return or refund?
  • Are you familiar with service manuals/schematics and how do you use them?
  • What if a warranty has expired and a customer demands a no-charge repair?
  • A customer could damage a product and expect the company to fix or replace it. How would you handle this situation?
  • Are you able to study manuals and take computer tutorials on your own?

Answer: Your responses will be individual, according to your educational background and job experience. Review these questions, and compose answers, alone or with a friend. Rehearse your responses. If an interviewer asks you a question you did not expect, take a minute to compose your thoughts if possible, find a connection to what you are prepared to say. Then elaborate very briefly on the connection and add in your prepared answer.

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Help Desk Technical Interview Questions


The level of technical know-how required for the job varies through the tier of positions. These IT Help Desk interview questions are often asked to understand the level of technical understanding of the candidate.

Q #5) Do you visit Tech Sites regularly?

Answer: Answer this question honestly. It always helps if you keep yourself updated with the technical knowledge. This question will determine your level of engagement with the technological world.

Hence, answer honestly. If you dont visit any tech site, then dont take the name of any site. It might get you in trouble and become the reason for your rejection.

Q #6) Are you aware of our Products and Services?

Answer: This question will determine if you have done your homework or not. It will let the interviewer know if you are interested in the company and the job. Hence, make sure you study their products and services in detail before the interview.

It will also help you to prepare the answers to other questions as well and will give you an idea of what qualities they are looking for from a candidate.

Q #7) How will you explain the Troubleshooting process to a Customer for their slow Computer?

Answer: The answer to this question will help them know that you follow a system in your work and you must not start giving them random suggestions.

Q #8) What will you do if your PC doesnt turn on?

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