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How Do Phone Interviews Work

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Final Tips To Help You Ace The Phone Interview

How To Do A Phone Interview Successfully – Phone Interview Tips

Treating a phone interview just like an in-person interview can help you feel more confident and impress the recruiter or hiring manager conducting the interview. Dressing as if you were going to an in-person interview and paying attention to your body language could help you stay focused and confident. Standing during an interview helps you stay more energetic throughout the interview, which again, can help with your confidence.

At the end of the interview, thank the recruiter or hiring manager and ask about the next steps. Also, if you dont already have it, ask for their email address. Then you can send them a quick thank you follow-up email after you hang up.

When the interview is over, read over your notes and jot down the questions that asked and your answers, the questions you asked and their answers, and anything else you might need later. These notes will help you prepare if you get invited for an in-person interview or a job offer.

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What Interests You About This Job

If the job requires you to relocate or to do a lot of traveling, then hopefully your answer is travel! Generally if youre calling from a location far from where the job is actually located, odds are this is a question youre bound to getespecially if there are other comparable jobs within your geographic area.

When you answer this question, make sure to tailor the answer to fit the qualifications listed in the job posting, then loop them back to connect to your skills and experience. You want the employer to see you not only know about the job youre interviewing for, but that youre qualified and a good fit!

What Happens If The Interviewee Does Not Answer Their Phone

If the interviewee does not answer their phone when you call, leave a voicemail. Some people like to screen their calls. This can be avoided by scheduling the call ahead of time and providing the phone number that you will be calling from. If the applicant does not call back within a few minutes, its time to move on with your day.

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Why Are You Applying For This Position

Another common question, Why are you applying for this position? or What about this job interests you? tells employers whether or not you are serious and have a genuine interest in pursuing the position. To answer this question, use details listed in the job description that made you want to apply. This can be duties listed in the job description, details about the company or something about the job that aligns with your career goals.

Example answer:Ive been working for several years on gaining skills in your industry. I feel I have the knowledge, skills and qualifications youre looking for, along with a unique perspective coming from a different industry. I am passionate about working in the environmental protection space, and it is time for me to make a change. I feel your company is the perfect place for me to do that.

Resist The Urge To Multitask

How to do a Phone Job Interview

It might be tempting to cross something off your to-do list while on a phone interview, but recruiters and hiring managers can easily tell if your attention is elsewhere. âMy number one pet peeve is people who decide to multitask while on the phone interview,â says Dan Krupansky, Talent Acquisition Manager at PrimePay. âI have heard candidates washing dishes, making lunch in the microwave, going for walks, letting their dog out, and grocery shopping during the interview. I even had one person use the bathroom and flush the toilet while speaking with me.â Needless to say, this doesnât reflect well on your level of interest in the position youâre interviewing for.

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Proper Phone Interview Etiquette

Review these guidelines for appropriate phone interview etiquette, so you make the best impression on your interviewer.

Answer the phone yourself. First, be sure to let family members and/or roommates know you are expecting a call. When you answer the phone, respond with your name. You can say, “This is Jane Doe” or “John Smith speaking!” That way, the interviewer will know they’ve reached the right person. Make sure to use an upbeat tone of voice .

Follow the interviewer’s lead. Some interviewers may wish to engage in a few minutes of small talk. Others may want to get right into the interview. Let the interviewer steer the start to the conversation, but be prepared to talk about the weather or make other small talk.

Listen carefully to the interviewer and don’t start speaking until the interviewer finishes the question. If you have something you want to say, jot it down on your notepad and mention it when it’s your turn to talk. It can also be helpful to jot down the question .

Don’t worry if you need a few seconds to think of a response, but don’t leave too much dead air. If you need the interviewer to repeat the question, ask.

It Boosts The Chances Of Atypical Candidates

A video format can help certain candidates by allowing them to compensate for any shortcomings on their CV with their personality and soft skills. Julia said,Atypical candidates those who lack experience or did not go to the right school can promote and express themselves more freely. We can see their posture, hear their vocabulary and the terminology they use, see their demeanour in front of a camera and the way they express themselves. It is more genuine than a phone call and lets you see things you would not be able to detect from a CV.

According to Julia, it is undeniable that this process has allowed a number of candidates to get an interview, who typically would not have been selected. She experienced it when recruiting for Easyrecrue. I remember, in particular, a seemingly well-trained rookie, who dazzled us in her video interview. We found her incredibly energetic, articulate and smiley, so we decided to meet her face-to-face. This would have never happened if it werent for the video interview. And we get a lot of this kind of feedback from our clients.

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The Interviewer Questioned Your Qualifications

Last on the list of signs you bombed a phone interview is an interviewers lack of confidence in your experience. If an interviewer doesnt appear to think you have the roles qualifications, theyll likely believe you are not a good fit.

How to Improve: Your resume only tells part of the story its up to you to convey the confidence and skills to help the interviewer trust you. Consider vital skills you learned from your previous roles. Articulating these skills in the interview will make it clear youre qualified for the role!

The Importance Of Phone Interviews

PHONE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS! (A Real LIVE Telephone Job Interview Example!)

Phone interviews can make or break your candidacy for a job. While they are a good means for an employer to save the time and costs required to interview candidates in person, they are by their very nature impersonal.

In some cases, you wont even be talking to a hiring managera human resources staffer or an administrative assistant may simply ask you a preset list of questions and record your answers for later review by their superior.

These types of interviews thus come with their own special challenges. For one thing, a phone interview is likely the first time youll speak directly with a representative from the employer, and you wont be able to rely upon body language to build rapport. And, unlike emailing back and forth, a phone interview offers no chance to re-read and re-formulate your thoughts.

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Phone Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

While you’re job searching, it’s important to be prepared for a phone interview at a moment’s notice. Many companies start the interview process with a phone call to discuss the job opportunity with a prospective employee, determine whether the candidate is a good fit, and to gauge his or her interest in the position. In some cases, a phone interview may be the only interview you’ll have.

In many cases, your interview will be scheduled in advance by email or phone. In others, you may receive a surprise phone call asking whether you’re available to chat about the job.

You never know when a recruiter or a networking contact might call and ask whether you have a few minutes to talk, so always answer the phone professionally, especially if the number is unfamiliar.

You should also make sure that your voicemail message is professional.

Listen And Dont Dominate The Conversation

Yes, this is an interview which means theyre going to be asking you questions, but its also an opportunity to show your potential employer that youre good at listening too.

Talk, but dont dominate the conversation. Let the interviewer guide the conversation.

Answer the questions, but dont turn it into a one sided monologue. This is as much about you getting to know them as it is about them getting to know you.

Keep a pencil and paper nearby so you can jot down questions and notes and save them for the end.

Ask a few follow up questions but dont flip the interview onto the interviewer. It helps to reinforce to the interviewer that youre truly interested in the company and the job and that youve paid attention during the interview.

Have a copy of your resume with you so you can reference it at any time. Keep your answers honest, thoughtful and reflective.

Make sure you breathe and speak clearly.

Most importantly, smile! Sure, they might not be able to see it, but your tone of voice will reflect it.

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How To Begin A Phone Interview When The Interviewer Calls You

Starting your phone interview successfully can ultimately impact how the rest of the interview goes. Use the following steps as a guide for starting your phone interview when the interviewer calls you:

  • Get prepared for your phone interview.

  • Answer the call in a professional manner and introduce yourself.

  • Before you hang up, address the interviewer by name.

  • Why Do You Want This Job

    Important tips to clear the Telephone Job Interview in Canada

    Recruiters might ask this question during a phone interview to understand more about your current work situation. When explaining why you want the job, remember to stay positive about your current employer if you currently have a job.

    Example answer:I noticed that the parts of my previous positions I enjoyed the most were those that aligned with whats listed in your job description, like creative writing and building relationships with stakeholders. While I am grateful for my time at my current company, I feel that its time to move into a role more tailored to my talents where I can continue to grow as a PR professional.

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    Should You Do Phone Interviews

    Phone interviews are a great option, especially for preliminary interviews. Interviewing over the phone allows you to get a quick overview and evaluation of a candidate to determine if they are worth bringing in for future interviews or relevant pre-employment tests.

    For example, in just a few minutes on the phone, you can learn over the phone if the applicants meets your basic requirements, that they understand the position and what it entails, what their salary expectation is, a general understanding of their personality, and more.

    If the phone interview goes well, you can invite candidates in for an in-person interview, have them complete other pre-employment requirements, etc.

    It is worth noting that phone interviews have their weaknesses. Youll want to avoid using phone interviews as your only interview during the hiring process because a lack of body language and in person communication makes it difficult to make a great decision over the phone.

    Before You Hang Up Address The Interviewer By Name

    Restating the interviewer’s name toward the end of your phone conversation reiterates personal attention and shows a sign of respect. Be sure to address the interviewer professionally with their designated title, such as Dr., Mrs. or Mr.

    Example:”Thanks again, Dr. Seber, for taking the time to discuss the job with me.”

    Example:”I appreciate your answering my questions, Mr. Taylor. Thank you again for connecting with me today.”


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    The Bottom Line With Phone Screen Interviews

    Phone screen interviews are typically the first hurdle in the interview process used by employers to quickly separate the qualified from the unqualified job candidates. Follow these 12 steps to succeed in your next phone screen interview, and youll be invited to continue the interviewing process. These steps will guide you successfully through the telephone interview. Remember, do not leave this interview to chance prepare now for success!

    More Tips For Your Phone Interview

    TOP 10 PHONE INTERVIEW TIPS! (How to PASS a Telephone Interview!)

    Starting a phone interview can seem just as daunting as an in-person interview, but taking the following tips into consideration when you prepare for your phone interview can add to your interview success:

    • Make a list of your skills and qualifications.

    • Take the call in the right environment.

    • Use a landline instead of a cell phone.

    • Ask about the next steps in your follow-up.

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    What Is Hirevue How Does It Work

    When you hear someone say video interview, you probably think of a Skype interview. However, HireVue is quite different.

    For starters, you’re not actually interviewing with a real human. Instead, HireVue sends you a series of interview questions you’ll answer via video on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll have 30 seconds to prepare, then a set time of 90 seconds to three minutes to record and submit your answer

    HireVue then transcribes your answers and issues you a score, which is used to rank you among the other applicants. Now, don’t be fooled HireVue scores more than the words you say. It also analyzes your facial expressions, eye contact and movements, voice inflection, and a number of other data points from the video.

    With this tech advancement, companies are using Hirevue to replace initial phone screens and even first-round live interviews. HireVue seems to be a popular hiring tool with big banks and accounting firms, including J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Deloitte. The HireVue website even states Urban Outfitters, Singapore Airlines, and Intel as clients, among hundreds of other companies.

    However, not everyone is on board with this new hiring tool. Some argue the technology is superficial and deceptive that it’s not giving qualified candidates a chance if, for example, they speak with little inflection. However, proponents argue HireVue strips gender, age, race, and other biases from the interviewing process.

    What Is A Phone Screen

    A phone screen is typically a short phone call, lasting from 15 to 30 minutes, during which youll discuss basic qualifications for and information about a job, says Muse career coach Jennifer Smith, founder of Flourish Careers and former recruiter. Phone screens usually include straightforward questions about why you applied for the job, what your salary requirements and availability are, and whether you have some of the basic skills required to do the job.

    Phone screenings are usually conducted by a recruiter or coordinator on a companys talent acquisition team after theyve reviewed candidates application materials. Theyre trying to further narrow down the pool for the people who will hold more comprehensive interviews and decide who to hire. goal is to provide the hiring team with a select group of qualified candidates, Smith says.

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    Listen Actively And Take Notes

    Of all the phone interview tips you’ll learn, listening well is one of the most underrated. Not only does active listening help pace the conversation, it will also equip you with information you can use later on in the call.

    During the interview, practice your active listening, says Mary Warriner, senior human resources specialist at BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York. But dont let it distract you from picking up on critical pieces of information. Take notes while the recruiter gives you details about the job, the process, and company overview, says Warriner. This is great information to have to create new questions for additional interviews or at the end of the call.

    Again, one benefit of a phone interview is that they cant see you taking notes. Scribble away, and use that info later to wow them with your perception and acute observational skills.

    Have The Documentation You Need At Your Fingertips

    Phone Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

    Having easy access to the company and job information will allow you to confidently respond to questions without fumbling regarding which job you are talking about.

    So have a copy of both the job description and a copy of the resume or application you submitted in front of you before the interview starts.

    Also have the notes you made during your research questions to ask about the organization. Having questions which are specific to the employer will impress them with your interest and your attention to detail.

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    What Are The Best Telephone Interview Questions To Ask

    • What is your current and expected salary?
    • Why are you leaving your current role?
    • What is the most successful idea you have taken from concept to launch?
    • What are the typical mistakes other candidates make in this role?
    • Tell me about a great product or service you’ve encountered recently. Why do you like it?

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