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How Does A Virtual Interview Work

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How To Succeed In A Virtual Interview

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While COVID-19 made virtual interviewing a necessary practice, its popularity amongst employers is likely to stick post-pandemic. Virtual interviewing is convenient for employers as it allows for a more efficient interview process, eases scheduling conflicts, saves money and broadens the candidate pool. In this article, we review the best ways to be successful during your next virtual interview.

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Not Sure How People At That Company Dress Do Some Sleuthing Online To Get An Idea

Nowadays, many companies share photos of their teams on their job pages and on sites like LinkedIn and Instagram. Chances are, you can do a little digging and find some images of people at company events or on a typical day in the office. Look at how people are dressed, especially those in upper management positions . And when in doubt, go just a little bit more formal than you think you have to.

Be Transparent With Candidates

When conducting video interviews, its important to be as transparent with your candidates as possible. While video interviewing is certainly becoming more common, its still not the norm everywheremeaning some of your candidates may not be familiar with the format initially.

Start the interview off by explaining the process, telling them how youre using the videos and why, sharing where the recorded videos will be stored, addressing potential privacy issues and answering any questions they have.

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Prepare Like You Would For An In

Just because your interview is happening over Skype , doesnt mean its not a real interview. Other than preparations to travel to the interview, you still need to prepare the same way you would if you were going into the office. That means researching the company and role, preparing to answer common interview questions, and coming up with questions to ask your interviewer in return. Your interviewer is still looking for someone they can see themselves working with and who is passionate and knowledgeable about the role theyre applying tobe ready to show them why thats you.

Remember To Stay Responsive After You Wave Goodbye

5 expert tips to help you nail your virtual job interview

After you end your call, be sure not to ghost your interviewer. Download the Handshake app to ensure that you respond to recruiter messages promptly, and check your email at least twice per day to stay abreast of any outreach or next steps that might land in your inbox!

With these tips in your back pocket, youll have all the keys to succeed in your video interview. Now all you have to do is find the right opportunity! Check out this helpful advice for finding a job or internship online, and discover ways to make the most of a remote internship once youve got an offer.

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What Is An Ai Video Interview

An AI video interview is a system designed and embraced by the most prominent employers to assess large volumes of applicants and it’s how youas an aspiring employeeget to prove your worth.

The system uses a cellphone or computer camera to record an interview, and subsequently, or even on the fly, analyzes this data about the candidate. Think of things like choice of words, facial expressions, specific answers given and tone of voice. It then generates an employability score from this data analysis and ranks it against other applicants.

What To Do After A Remote Interview

The best thing to do after an interview â a remote interview included â is sending your interviewer a thank-you note for their time and help. You can send a thank you via email and should hit send within 24 hours of the interview.

In addition to saying thank you to the interviewer, take the opportunity to reiterate why you would be perfect for the role, focusing on what you can do for them and the company, and telling them again how excited you are for the potential opportunity to join their team.

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What Kinds Of Virtual Interviews Are There

Depending on the platform being used, virtual interviews can take different forms. Live video interviews on platforms like Zoom and Teams are usually a digital copy of a regular in-person interview. The recruiter can ask the candidate about their previous work experience and gain a sense of their personality.

Other interviews may take the form of skills assessments or tests that ask the candidate to perform tasks like writing or coding. These assessments may be combined with a live interview.

There are also asynchronous virtual interview platforms that mimic a traditional interview structure but allow candidates to complete them on the device and at the time of their choosing. These interviews are usually conducted on specific platforms like Knockris that allow for a combination of video, audio, and written responses to judge a candidates suitability for the role through their responses to behavior-based questions.

Guide: How To Succeed At A Virtual Hiring Event

Top 10 Tips for JOB Interview | Tips for Job Interview

Success at a virtual hiring event is about preparing beforehand, arriving on time, looking your best, and leaving the hiring staff with a great impression. This guide will help you prepare for success at your next virtual hiring event.

We know the spread of COVID-19 is having a profound impact on the way we work and live. Here at Indeed, were here to help you navigate your job search every step of the way.

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Speak Slowly And Clearly

No matter how good your internet connection and microphone is, speaking through video software simply isnt the same as speaking in person. Its important to speak clearly, concisely, and purposefully in an interview, and especially a virtual one.

A common mistake job candidates make in interviews is speaking too quickly and trying to fill every small pause in the conversation. Take a breath or two before you answer each question. This indicates youre thinking carefully about their question and your answer, which demonstrates thoughtfulness and thoroughness.

How To Conduct Video Interviews With Indeed

When you post a job on Indeed, you can schedule video interviews with candidates youre interested in from the Interviews tab on the Candidate details page of your Employer Dashboard.

Simply suggest days and times for the virtual interview, add a message and click Send Invitation. When the candidate accepts your invitation, youll both get an email with a unique link to the video interview.

On the day of the scheduled video interview, click the link in your confirmation email or from the Interviews tab on the Candidate details page of your employer dashboard to open the Indeed Interview lobby and start the virtual interview.

In Indeed Interview, youll have everything you need to interview candidates without any complicated settings. From the interview room, you can view the candidates resume , mute and unmute your audio, stop and start your video, and end the interview.

After the interview, update the candidates status about whether youre still interested and make sure to add notes from the interview to refer back to.

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Prepare For The Unexpected

Unlike traditional face-to-face interviews, virtual interviews can be conducted from the comfort of your home. Despite the familiar setting, you may still encounter some unexpected situations.

Master the platform: Become an expert on whatever platform is chosen for your interview . If you have not used it before, download the interface and practice the features by doing some mock calls with a family member or a friend. In 41% of interviews we studied, technology caused breakdowns. In one interview, the candidate appeared upside down the entire time, as they couldnt figure out the camera. In 22% of successful interviews, the candidates offered their interviewer tips for video call shortcuts.

Keep notes handy, but dont refer to them too often: During job interviews, its standard for recruiters to ask candidates for examples of their most impactful work. Dont let this unnerve you in the moment. Create a printout or Word document of notes with crisp bullet points highlighting a few projects you want to share. Sort your projects under two or three headers: accomplishments, research, and voluntary work.

We suggest no more than one page of notes. Forty-two percent of unsuccessful job candidates appeared overwhelmed by their notes, and were obvious when reading from them. They scrolled through documents on their laptops or continuously looked down at their desks. The goal is to refer to your notes minimally. Use them only to remind you of points you have already practiced.

Conduct Research On Candidates

Is it worth hiring a coach to help with virtual job interviews?

Researching candidates is standard interview practice, and you should not skip this step in virtual interviews. Many online applications have fields for LinkedIn profiles, personal websites and portfolios, and Twitter or Instagram pages. Be sure to peruse the profiles and applications well before the interview, and give yourself a refresher before the call.

Another good idea is connecting on platforms like LinkedIn, whether by adding the candidate as a connection or encouraging them to follow the page. Even if you pass on the applicant for the current position, forging an ongoing online relationship can help you fill your recruiting pipeline for the future.

Most importantly, pull up the correct resume and application materials before the call starts. Having the resume on hand will help the interview flow more smoothly and will show that youve done your homework.

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Check Your Computer And Internet Speeds

As simple as this may seem, make sure your computer and internet are in good working order. Your computer should be running on the most recent updates and youll need a reliable internet connection. Consider running a test using a video chat app, like Zoom, on your computer with a friend before your interview day to confirm that everything is working properly. Do this a couple of days in advance so you arent struggling the morning of and adding to your stress before the actual interview! Additionally, have your computer plugged in or be sure the battery holds enough charge for the entirety of the interview.

Benefits Of Holding Virtual Interviews Over In

The primary benefit of holding a virtual interview during this time is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to keep yourself, your employees and potential candidates safe. However, there are other benefits that come with conducting interviews virtually. Virtual interviews are a convenient interview method because they require much less preparation for both the interviewee and the interviewer. Holding virtual interviews can help candidates feel more comfortable, allowing them to offer more natural answers. Virtual interviewing allows you to accommodate a variety of schedules. For example, if a candidate currently has a full-time job, they may be unable to travel to your workplace for an interview during normal working hours. Virtual interviews can allow you to speak with candidates all over the world. This is especially important if you are looking to hire for remote positions or a position that is not in your home office.

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Virtual Interviewing At Harver

The virtual interviewing module within Harver lets you easily implement an asynchronous video interview in your preselection process. Upload your own videos or ask written questions and see how candidates answer them in recorded video responses.

Mix the virtual interviewing module with other Harver assessments to create a fully digital pre-selection process. Get a truly holistic view of each candidate by complementing assessment data with qualitative data from the interview.

*Virtual interviewing at Harver does not make use of automated decision-making or facial and/or micro-expression analysis technology. The video interview module is a qualitative add-on in addition to quantitative data obtained from other Harver assessments.

Do Check That Your Equipment And Connection Are Working Before The Interview

Virtusa Interview Experience | Full Stack Developer | FACE Prep Interview Saga | #5

“The last thing you want is to scramble and fix an unexpected issue five minutes before the interview,” Skirboll says. “Instead, find out what platform the interview will be on and log in to make sure you can easily get access. Test the microphone and camera twice the day before and the day of to check internet connection, visuals, and audio all in one go.”

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What Is Video Interviewing In Recruitment

A video interview is a job interview conducted online that offers recruiters a way to select candidates more efficiently and effectively. This type of interviewing can ease the candidate selection process and supplement assessment data to provide a well-rounded profile of an applicant. And while its not meant to replace face-to-face interviews, it can be a good tool to use when office visits are not possible.

There are two types of video interviewing that can be used in the recruitment process: one-way and two-way interviews.

What Is An Online Interview

An online interview is an interview conducted remotely through an online chat, video, or audio platform. Sometimes called a digital interview, the online interview is mainly defined by the type of technology or platform used to conduct the interview:

Video dominates the online interviewing space, but the key to making these platforms work for you is learning how to use these tools strategically.

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Think About Your Surroundings

The key is to make your home, or wherever youre conducting the interview, appear as professional as possible. That means setting yourself up in a room free of clutter. You dont want a bunch of family photos or your favourite artwork distracting the interviewer keep a clear background to keep the focus on you. Additionally, test out different lighting options until you find the one that works best. It looks better when youre facing a light source if the light is behind you, youll be hidden in shadow.

Send Out A Thank You Email

Stalling Tactics for Tough Interview Questions

While you likely know that sending out a thank you email after your interviews is a must, you might not realize that its also a smart move after you finish a job shadowing experience. Think about it this way a professional is taking time out of their schedule to show you what they do. Thats a big deal, and it deserves your appreciation.

Usually, you can use a similar approach as youd use post-interview. Express your gratitude, reference something specific you learned, request to stay in touch, and say thank you again. This allows you to end the experience on a positive note, increasing the odds that the person you were shadowing is left with good feelings about it, too.

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Remain Mindful Of Your Surroundings Both Onscreen And Offscreen

Remaining mindful of surroundings is one of the most important best practices for virtual interviews.

Hypothetically, you could wear your Batman pajama bottoms to the virtual interview and the candidate would be no wiser. However, dressing neatly from top to bottom puts you in a more professional mindset, and looks much more polished in the event the camera angle changes or you need to stand up.

The room should be tidy, including the areas directly offscreen. Do not plan on hiding clutter behind a virtual background, because you might have to turn the background off. Whether virtual or non-virtual, your backdrop should be non-distracting.

The interview space should be as quiet and free from interruptions as possible. If possible, then meet in a private, lockable room, and use headphones to block out excess noise. Lighting is also important for virtual calls. Before the meeting starts, take a minute to perfect the brightness and contrast.

Finally, take a moment to clean up your digital workspace. Assuming that you may have to share screens at some point, organize your desktop, close unneeded tabs, and hide privileged information.

Relax And Be Yourself

As tough as it may be in any interview, try to relax and let your personality and skills shine. Since you may not be able to convey enthusiasm as much on video as in person, make sure to explain why you think youre a great fit for the role and why youre enthusiastic about joining Capital One. Rememberit took a lot to get to this point. You have the skills, now let the interviewers get to know you. Youve got this.

While you may not be as familiar with virtual interviews as you are with in person interviews, they dont have to be scary. Following these virtual interview tips can help you relax, be clear about your skills and land your dream job at Capital One. Good luck and happy interviewing!

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How To Prepare For A Virtual Interview

First and foremost, “you want to be prepared,” Wolfe says. “That’s the advice we’ve given for ages.”

Just as you’d prepare for an in-person interview, do some homework on the company and the job you’re applying for, Wolfe says. Take note of the top two or three responsibilities of the job and be prepared to discuss how your own experience would set you up for success in the role.

You’ll also want to prepare your technology for the specific platform you’ll be using for the meeting. Before your call, open the application to test the camera and sound quality from your device. Invite a friend or someone in your house into a test meeting to ensure everything is working properly.

Some hiring events may let you sign up for interview slots with multiple employers ahead of time. If you have several meetings lined up in one time block, test each interview platform on your device earlier in the day.

“Even moving platform to platform, whether you’re in Google Hangouts or Zoom or FaceTime, the camera doesn’t always work the same way,” Wolfe says. “That’s why with virtual hiring events, make sure you test your video and audio beforehand.”

Different platforms may also show a different frame of your surroundings, so scan to make sure your background is appropriate and free from as many distractions as possible.

If you live with other people, Wolfe recommends you let them know of your meeting schedule to try and avoid any disruptions during your call.

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