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How To Ace A Phone Interview

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Follow Up If You Dont Hear Back

How to Ace a Telephone Interview & Get the Job

If you dont hear from the hiring manager in a week or so, dont hesitate to follow up to see where they are in the process. They may still be conducting interviews and thus have no updates for you, but checking in keeps you top of mind when they go to narrow down candidates.

It could look something like this:

Hi Jen,

I hope all is well! It was really nice speaking with you last week.

I just wanted to follow up and see where you were in the hiring process for the sales development representative role. Im still very interested in and excited about this opportunity, so please let me know if theres anything else you need from me to help in making your decision.


For more help on writing this follow-up email, check out this article and this one.

The Dos And Donts Of Phone Interviewing

  • DONT take the call in a car, outside, or anywhere noisy
  • DO answer the phone with a professional tone Hello this is
  • DONT smoke or chew gum during the call
  • DO take notes and have your own notes handy prior to the call
  • DONT take a long time to answer the questions
  • DO allow the interviewer to interrupt you and ask follow-up questions
  • DONT forget to prepare questions to ask the interviewer and write down new ones as youre talking
  • DO prep for the dreaded salary question ahead of time in a mock interview
  • DONT talk too quickly. Breath and make sure to enunciate
  • DO make sure youre distraction-free to so you can focus and listen. You can scrub your counters later.
  • DONT forget to send a post-interview thank-you note

Get Clear On The Details

This means knowing:

  • The time of your phone interview
  • Who exactly youll be speaking with and their role
  • What number theyll be calling from
  • What number theyll be calling you at
  • Any other contact information you may need if the call drops

If this wasnt spelled out to you, just ask! Theres nothing wrong with getting some clarity on something that affects both of your schedules .

You can send the following email:

Hi ,

Im excited to speak with you on ! I just wanted to double check what time were chatting at and what number youll be calling from. Please let me know if theres anything else you need from me before our call.

Thanks so much!

Or you can follow up on your previous conversations with:

Hi ,

Just confirming were chatting on at and youll be calling me at /Ill be calling you at ? Let me know if I have that schedule wrong.


Oh, and if you need to reschedule for whatever emergency reason, use this email template and be proactivein other words, dont wait until the last second to cancel if you can help it.

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Set Up A Professional Voicemail

Hello? Helloooo? Just kidding, this is my voicemail. Leave a message!

Many of us have fallen for this classic voicemail prank before. One person who probably wont be laughing: the hiring manager or any recruiter that comes calling, for that matter.

Before your phone interview, go to a quiet room and set up a professional voicemail. Stick to a simple, Hi, this is . Im not available right now, but please leave your name and number and Ill get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

Also, dont forget to regularly clear your voicemail messages to avoid a full inbox. Nothing is more frustrating to an interviewer than playing a game of phone tag with an applicant.

Skip The Money Conversation

How to Ace Your Phone Interview

To put it bluntly, itâs simply too early in the process for you to be the one who brings up salary expectations. âChances are if a candidate is participating in a phone interview, this is the first time they have talked with the company, and the first call isn’t the appropriate time to talk about âwhat’s in it for you,ââ says Justina Strnad, the Talent Acquisition Manager for Shiftgig. âTrust me, if you are a great candidate and make it to next steps, the hiring team is going to be very transparent about what’s in it for you later on!â

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Phone Interview Tips And Etiquette

  • Usually the interviewer will initiate the call. In the event that they are running late, send an email to communicate.
  • Remember to smile while speaking. Since you are solely dependent on your voice and your words, smiling will help your tone of voice. Smiling during phone call can help you convey to the interviewer that you are happy, excited and have an interest in working with the organisation.
  • Ensure that the interviewer hangs up the telephone call first and hang up thereafter. You want to make sure that the call has properly ended.

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

Employers are asking you this question to see if you have somewhat of a plan for your career. It doesnt have to be completely mapped out in a step by step manner but, a general overall plan is good to see. It means you are goal oriented and are working towards something.

Dont worry about answering in a way that states you are planning on sticking with the company until you retire. Rather, focus more on how its important to you to continue to learn and get better and better at what you do. Companies like to hire self-motivated people.

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Focus And Cut Out All Distractions

Make sure youre not distracted. Turn off the TV. Let me repeat that. TURN OFF THE TV.

Nobody wants to ask you about your past performances and work history and hear Sponge Bob in the background. Dont think putting it on mute is good enough either. People can tell if youre distracted and delaying your answers to a potential employer because youre reading the crawler at the bottom of FOX News isnt going to score you any points.

Get comfortable, but dont get too comfortable.

Find a good spot to sit down and have all your prep materials nearby for easy access.

Sit at the kitchen table or at a desk.

Dont lay down. Dont slouch. Make sure distractions are not going to be an issue.

If youre doing the interview at home and youre not alone, make sure everyone knows youre going to be busy for a bit and to give you some privacy. Put the dogs outside. Pop in a video for the kids. Have your spouse keep everyone calm. At the very least go into a room where you can shut the door and focus on the task at hand.

So, now that youre up and dressed, lets get ready for that interview!

First and foremost, make sure youre presenting yourself in the most professional way possible, from the very first Hello, all the way to the Goodbye.

Use The Right Edtech Tools

How To Do A Phone Interview Successfully – Phone Interview Tips

Technology has the power of making everything easier. There are plenty of websites, online tools, and smartphone/tablet apps that will boost your skills of planning, writing, time management and brainstorming, etc.

One way of improving your productivity is using flashcards. You can make your own cards, but you can also download pre-made kits online:

  • StudyBlue is one of the best online destinations when it comes to creating and discovering flashcards from all areas of study.
  • If you are looking for a tool that makes the process of brainstorming more effective, then you should try PapersGear.
  • You also need the SelfControl app, which will eliminate all distractions when you need to stay focused.
  • Quizlet is another website you should bookmark it offers study tools that will transform the learning process into a fun activity.
  • Notella is an app that will help you take quick notes at any time.
  • Brainscape is an educational platform that makes complex subjects easy by relying on cognitive science.
  • You can also try Dragon Dictation, especially if you are an audio learner.

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Phone Interview Thank You Email

Sending a Thank You Email is an opportunity to make a final impression on your interviewer.

It is crucial in the email to summarise your interest in the role and how you can add value to the organisation.

Be sure and send this within 24 hours of the interview when the meeting is still fresh on the persons mind.

Hereunder is a sample of a thank you email that you can use.

What Do You Know About Our Company

Strategy: Employers are looking for someone who shows initiative and takes the time to learn about the company theyre applying to work for. Thats why they ask this question.

Make sure you know the name of their CEO, and how many employees they have . If they have a mission statement or values, you ought to be able to say what they are .

Who is their audience or typical customer, and who are their biggest competitors? Make sure to say, I took a look at your website, or, I did some reading. Theyre looking for these kinds of statements that show youre putting in due effort.

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Prepare Three Days In Advance

Three days before the interview, Google the company and research their financial information and corporate culture.

Two days before the interview, take all of the information you have about the company and comprise it in a way that you can use in your interview.

The day before the interview, prepare and practice. Set up your environment and decide what you want to discuss.

Know Who Will Be Calling You

How to Ace Your Next Phone Interview

In many cases, youll be interviewing a recruiter, hiring manager or your direct supervisor. Do an online search to determine your interviewers role at the company. If youre interviewing with a recruiter, youll get more general questions regarding your experience. An interview with your direct supervisor, however, means youll get in-depth questions related to your industry and role.

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Have Your Job Materials Nearby

You should feel comfortable and ready to discuss your background and skills confidently during a phone conversation. Have a copy of your resume nearby, so that you can refer to it during the interview. Also have a copy of the job posting and a copy of your cover letter if you sent one.

Consider creating a draft email or a new Word or Google file with all of the relevant information. That way, you’ll have all the detailsnotes on the company, key points you want to emphasize during the interview, your cover letter, the job posting, and so onin one spot.

Don’t Ramble And Be Sure To Actively Listen

Some people think that if they talk more during interviews, it’ll help them. But this is incorrect.

“The less you talk, the more you listen and the better you’ll do,” Bailo told Business Insider.

The best method to use is to wait three seconds before answering questions. This will give you time to think and to cut out unnecessary “ums” and “ahhs” in your conversation.

Keep in mind that the phone interview is much like a dance take time to listen to the music. The hiring manager determines the dance, so if they want to follow, then you lead. If they want to lead, you follow.

“Be sure to listen to what the interviewer has to say, and think before responding. Take a few seconds to understand the question, and then prepare a quality answer before simply blurting out something less intelligent.”

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Prepare Questions To Ask The Panel

It is customary for an interviewer to ask you if you have any questions to ask. Be sure to ask a few questions.

A lack of asking any questions could be interpreted as though you are not genuinely interested in the role.

I have written an article on essential questions to ask an interviewer which may be useful to this area of your preparation.

Prepare A Phone Interview Cheatsheet

Phone Interview Tips | How to Ace a Phone Interview (from former CEO)

Despite the disadvantage of not being able to use your body language to support your response, you have the opportunity to use prompts during the interview.

Prepare a phone interview cheatsheet that have information that you will like to ensure and communicate during the interview.

It is not uncommon for nerves to get in the way during interviews. A phone interview cheatsheet could be your saving grace if for a second you go blank.

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Questions About The New Job And The Company

One of the best ways to rise above your competition in a phone interview is to show that youve taken the time to research the employers company, history, culture, and mission statement. Explain how your experience could help the company if you were to be hired, and share what you’ve learned about the organization.

Apply Good Phone Etiquette

Show the interviewer that you appreciate his interest by practicing good phone etiquette. Don’t place the interviewer on hold while you answer another call. If possible, temporarily disable the call waiting service during the call so you won’t hear the notification tones. Wait your turn to speak and avoid talking over the interviewer, interrupting him or answering his questions before he finishes asking them. These behaviors can make you seem rude and inattentive.

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What Is The Most Professional Telephone Tip To Follow During Your Job Search

Phone interviews are used to determine if the applicant can be shortlisted for further rounds. Here are some phone interview tips that may help

  • Be organized about your job search
  • Prepare for the interview highlight the skills mentioned in the job description
  • Prepare the answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Research the company and prepare questions can ask after the interview.

Follow Up With A Thank

Career infographic : How To Ace a Phone Interview ...

Wait a couple of hours and send the interviewer a brief follow up email thanking your interviewer for their time. It only has to be brief, but make sure you confirm your interest in the role and let them know you are looking forward to hearing back from them.

Do you have any tips on how to ace telephone interviews? If so let us know in the comments below!

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Analyze Your Learning Style

Before you can start experimenting with different studying methods, you need to understand what type of learner you are:

Is your memory associated to sound?

Maybe you can remember what you were reading when a particular song was playing? If this is your case, then you fall into the category of auditory learners.

If you want to start studying more efficiently, then it would be wise to record the lectures and listen to them instead of reading textbooks.

Do you relate information to visual content?

If you are a visual learner, you should implement images, graphs, charts, infographics, colorful lists, flashcards, and other types of visual content when you study.

Are you a physical learner?

If your learning style is not auditory or visual, then you might be a physical learner. Some students have too much energy they tap their feet or play with a pen during lectures.

A walk before a lecture will calm your nerves down. You can try studying or listening to audio lectures during a walk. That will help you remember the information more quickly.

Find A Quiet Spot To Interview

The nice thing about phone interviews is that you dont need to worry about the interviewer judging you on your appearance. The bad news? Theyre definitely evaluating you on your ability to find a quiet spot to interview.

We get it. Its not your fault that your dog randomly barks at cars or that your roommate likes to blast extremely loud death metal. But a noisy background is super distracting and can make it difficult for both you and the interviewer to connect with each other.

To reduce potential distractions, let everyone in your household know about the interview in advance and remind them again right before the interview is scheduled to begin. Pick a quiet room that is located away from the kitchen, the media room, and other noisy areas. Then, lock yourself in the room so nobody barges in during the interview.

If youre still worried about potential noise, you can also sit in your car on a quiet street or book a conference room. Just be sure to scope out your options in advance so youre not scrambling for a better location at the last minute.

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Tips To Ace Your Phone Interview

In summary, follow these tips to ace your phone interview.

  • Turn your phone on do not disturb. The last thing you want during your phone interview is for your cell phone to be constantly buzzing with texts, notifications, and other calls. At best, youll be distracted and at worst the recruiter will think youre splitting your attention with other activities.

  • Review the job description. Phone interviews are to regular interviews as applicant tracking systems are to resumes theyre all about keywords and hitting certain targets.

    To that end, read the job description carefully before your job interview. Highlight all of the keywords used and then make a checklist of where your skills, experience, or demeanor matches the job requirements. This small note will make sure that you stay on track as you give answers that directly address the companys needs.

  • Dont be afraid to reschedule. Rescheduling a phone interview isnt nearly as difficult or offputting for a company as rescheduling an in-person interview.

    If you feel that the time your phone interview has been scheduled for isnt ideal , then feel free to ask for a new time and/or date. Give yourself the perfect environment to give a perfect performance.

  • Let the interviewer lead. Every interviewer is different some are all business and others will want to make small talk just to warm up the conversation. Whatever style your interviewer has, follow their lead.

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