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How To Answer A Phone Interview Call

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Tell Me About Your Previous Job

Top Phone Interview Tips: 5 Common Questions & Best Strategies | Indeed Career Tips

An employer usually wants to know the specifics of your previous job and why you left. This is your chance to talk about the responsibilities you had at your previous job and explain why you are looking for a new job. It may be helpful to have your CV in front of you as a reference but also expand on your CV points and try to compare your previous responsibilities to the position you are currently applying for.

Example:’As an insurance agent for a relatively small company, I was able to get experience beyond cold-calling potential clients and answering their questions about specific policies. I was also in charge of dealing with insurance adjusters, obtaining underwriting approval and maintaining client relationships. I left the company when my contract was terminated, as I wanted to work for a slightly larger company that offers a larger variety of insurance policies.’

Do Prepare And Practice Your Teaser Trailer

Any interview is a chance to convince a potential employer that youre awesome, but in a phone interview, theres just not much time. The last thing you want is to hang up the phone without convincing the interviewer that youre amazing and would be a great fit for their company!

  • So think of the phone interview as a teaser trailer an brief overview to make the employer excited to learn more in a full interview later on.Heres how to prepare your teaser trailer ahead of time:
  • Write down, on paper, the 3 major points of your sales pitch and have them in front of you during the call.
  • At the start of the call, tell the interviewer that there are 3 major points that you hope to have time to discuss.
  • Have a clock in front of you so you can keep an eye on the time.
  • You may need to actively manage the pace of the call, especially if the hiring manager isnt a great interviewer and ends talking too much. Halfway through, if it doesnt seem like youll get through all the points, move the conversation along so you can get through them all.
  • With your prepared talking points at hand, your interview will be a lot more successful than if you were just winging it.

    Know How To Transfer And Who To Transfer To

    Phone systems can be a challenge to use the right way. Therefore, you’ll want to practice using all of the functions of your organization’s phone system before trying to answer calls.

    The transfer function is especially important to use properly, as you will probably have to use it daily when transferring calls to colleagues who are better suited to assist clients with their needs. Knowing how to use this function correctly, in addition to keeping an updated list of colleagues and their responsibilities for you to reference, will help you ensure that calls are transferred to the correct individual.

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    Telephone Interview Turn Offs

    Lots of background noise: cafes are not good places to take the interview call.

    Munching and slurping: have a glass of water nearby just in case your mouth goes dry mid call, but don’t eat or drink proper while taking part in a telephone interview.

    Taking other calls or responding to messages: switch off your mobile if you are using a landline switch off your landline if you are using your mobile… or move to another room.

    Multitasking: resist the urge to reply to emails, check your Facebook page, make your lunch, wash up, and so on. Focus only on the person at the other end of the line.

    Being too laid back, literally: Don’t slouch on the couch sit up straight, as it will help you feel and sound more confident and alert. Some people find taking calls standing up immediately gives energy to their conversation.

    Key Takeaways For Acing Phone Interview Questions

    4 Ways to Answer a Phone Interview Call

    Hey, you made it!

    I hope you feel like you have a solid plan for preparing for that next phone interview along with some ideas for how you’re going to answer the questions that come along with it.

    Before you go, here’s a quick recap of the things you need to pay attention to when you’re preparing to answer these phone interview questions:

  • Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. You need to put in the time before the call if you want to make it into the next round.
  • Your past experience and accomplishments are awesome, but you’ll truly set yourself apart by tying them into the company’s goals, initiatives, challenges, and culture.
  • Pay attention to why your interviewer is asking each specific question they’re not just doing it for fun. Your answer should dial into exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Stories sell! Anytime you can turn your answer into a story, that’s a huge win
  • When you’re done with the interview, don’t forget to send a thank you email!
  • If you still have questions about phone interviews and how to prepare for them, drop a comment below the article here. I read and reply to all of them and I’d be happy to help out!

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    Do You Have Any Questions

    It is important that when given the opportunity, you ask at least a few thoughtful questions to your phone interviewer. This shows you are engaged, actively listening and genuinely interested in the opportunity.

    Researching the company is an easy way to understand the companys history, mission and values. A great place to start is by browsing the companys website. You can also search the internet for recent news articles. Use the information you find to help shape your questions. Your initiative will be well-received because it proves you took the time to learn about the company and industry.

    Here are a few example questions you might consider asking:

    • What does a typical day look like for a person in this position?

    • How has this role grown or adapted to suit the needs of the organization?

    • What kind of growth does the company expect to see within the next five years?

    • Do you have any concerns about my experience or skill set?

    • Thank you for explaining the role to me in such depth. When might I hear back from you regarding next steps in the process?

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    Walk Me Through Your Resume

    Many interviewers will ask, Walk me through your resume as one of the first few phone interview questions because it breaks the ice, gives you a relatively easy question, and gives them a chance to learn more about your background.

    Also, some interviewers will enter the phone screen without having reviewed your resume at all . So this is your chance to highlight key career accomplishments and take the interviewer briefly through your resume and career story.

    Keep your answer to one or two minutes. Its important to stay concise and focused with open-ended questions like this.

    And keep the employers job requirements in mind when answering. You shouldnt just share everything youve done you should spend more time highlighting key jobs and experiences that will be most relevant to your next employers needs.

    For example, if youve worked for eight years total, but the past four in the same industry as this employer, spend almost all of your time discussing your experience over the past four years in their industry.

    Sample answer:

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    The Phone Interview Might Be The Most Important Part Of Your Job Search Heres How To Make Sure You Get It Right

    Crush your phone interview with these tips.

    Think the interview is the first step to landing your next job? Think again. Most jobs start with a phone call either with a recruiter, HR manager, or hiring managerand sometimes, all three. So before youve chosen your interview outfit or practiced your handshake, youll need to practice a few phone interview tips to get you to the next step.

    In the age of texting, Zoom, and hashtags, phone conversations are something of a lost art, but its a skill that can be quickly mastered if you know some of the basicsand plan ahead.

    Prior to dialing in, make sure youre prepared to show off your best professional self to potential employers. Here are five expert phone interview tips that will help you get through even the toughest calls.

    The Bottom Line With Phone Screen Interviews

    Phone Interview Tips – How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

    Phone screen interviews are typically the first hurdle in the interview process used by employers to quickly separate the qualified from the unqualified job candidates. Follow these 12 steps to succeed in your next phone screen interview, and youll be invited to continue the interviewing process. These steps will guide you successfully through the telephone interview. Remember, do not leave this interview to chance prepare now for success!

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    Tips To Answer Questions During Phone Interviews

    Here are a few additional strategies that will help you to rock your phone interview.

    Observe phone interview etiquette Dos and Donts. When it comes to getting hired, phone interview etiquette is just as important as in-person job interview etiquette. That’s because, regardless of the means of communication, a successful interview will get you to the next stage of the hiring process.

    Do a mock interview. Ask friends or family members to help you conduct a mock interview and record it so that you can hear what you sound like over the phone.

    Prepare your environment. Prepare a quiet, comfortable space for the interview itself, so that youll feel ready for the call.

    Prepare for tough interview questions. Preparing for these tough interview questions will save you from being surprised, should the interviewer decide to skip the easy stuff. And even if she keeps it simple for the phone screen, youll be happy you prepared for the harder questions that may arise in a face-to-face job interview later on.

    Why Are You Interested In Working At This Company

    The recruiters perspective: What weve learned during the last couple years, certainly during the pandemic, is that companies want to hire people who are excited about what the organization is doing.

    Its not enough to just say you would be excited to work for them. Do some research on the organization.

    The answer: You need to have an answer that spans a few different areas. It can be about the tech stack theyre working in, it could be the client population that they support or the products and tools they sell. It could be about the mentorship or career development that happens in the organization. Its not enough to just say you would be excited to work for them. Do some research on the organization. Understand what its mission is, what its values are, how it treats employees and how you can relate to that.

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    Tell Me About Yourself/tell Me About Your Professional Background

    Recruiters and hiring managers will likely start a phone interview by asking about your professional background. This is a simple way for them to learn more about you. You should use this time to explain your relevant experience, what youre currently doing and why that makes you qualified. While you can include a few personal details that allow the employer to understand how you lead a well-balanced life, you should primarily focus on professional qualifications and accomplishments.

    Example answer:As someone with an extensive background in education, I am well-equipped to provide students with guidance throughout their university career. My passion for education makes me confident in my ability to fulfill the role of Academic Advisor at The University of Sydney. Currently I work as an Academic Advisor at UNSW Sydney where I support a student body of 3,000 students and am assigned to directly counsel 1,000 of those students per year.

    My responsibilities include making course schedules for each student every semester, addressing student concerns, and meeting with students to discuss change of major, program evaluations, and grade concerns. Before that, I studied education at The University of Western Australia. My degree in secondary education with a minor in psychology taught me the knowledge needed to properly advise students.

    For more information on answering this question, visit Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself.

    How To Reply Back To A Phone Interview Offer

    8 Tips to help you Ace your Telephone Interview


    You know your resume did not fall into the proverbial black hole of no return when you get an email or phone call from a recruiter or hiring manager to schedule a preliminary phone interview. Since the phone interview is your first opportunity to express your interest in the job and promote your abilities, make it clear that you are available for the call by replying to the phone interview request as soon as possible. Call or write the recruiter or hiring manager as soon as you confirm that the time is a convenient one and start your preparation for a successful first interview.

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    Remember This Is Only The Preliminary Round

    Do ask questions at the end, but this is not the time for a discussion about salary, training and start dates. You may find that the telephone interviewer is working on behalf of the employer to do the initial screen of applicants and cannot answer detailed questions about the job and company. If you progress to the next stage, you will have a chance to assess the company in more depth.

    Consider Your Salary Expectations

    Many employers ask about your salary expectations. Research the average salary in your industry when considering what youd like to get paid, but be reasonable. Its also wise to offer them a salary range within $5,000. For example, Im hoping to make between $60,000 and $65,000. This will let your interviewer know that you are flexible.

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    Ask For The Appropriate Individual

    If a receptionist does answer your call, ask for the appropriate individual after you introduce yourself. For example, ask for the interviewer using their first and last name. If the interviewer answers your call, use this step to ensure you are speaking with the correct individual. Here are two examples for each case:

    Example:”Hello, I’m Gemma Rutherford, and I’m calling for a scheduled interview for the accounts payable clerical position. May I speak with Jackie Renshaw, please?”

    Example:”Hi, this is Gemma Rutherford, and I’m calling for our scheduled phone interview today. Am I speaking with Jackie Renshaw?”

    How To Respond To A Phone Interview Email

    How To Do A Phone Interview Successfully – Phone Interview Tips

    If you receive a phone interview request via email, you should respond via email unless otherwise indicated. Follow a script similar to the one used for a phone reply, except for your introduction. Start your reply with a “thank you” for the opportunity. Restate the position and confirm the time. Let the interviewer know you are looking forward to the call and that she can contact you in the meantime with questions or requests for more information before the interview. Always include your telephone number in your written reply.


    Hi Mrs. Klein,

    Thank you so much for contacting me about the project manager position at ABC Company. I would be happy to do a phone interview Thursday, March 16, at 1:30 p.m. Im looking forward to talking with you more about the position. If you need anything from me in the meantime, you can email or call me at 555-555-5555.

    Thank you,

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    Answer The Phone Call Personally

    After scheduling your phone interview, it is important that you are prepared to answer the call yourself. For instance, let your family members or roommates know that you are anticipating a phone call to interview for a job. This ensures that everyone is aware of the importance of being away from the phone when the call comes.

    Tell Me About Yourself/walk Me Through Your Resume

    Asking this question, says Smith, helps connect the dots between you and the position. Sometimes the person interviewing you wont be the hiring manager but a recruiter or someone in HR who has little background in your field. In that case, they may have zero context as to what makes your resume a good fit.

    And for people who have a really diverse background or random jobs, she adds, it can be hard for the person reading the resume to make those connections.

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    Top 10 Common Phone Interview Questions With Example Answers

    In many cases, phone interviews are screening tools. Hiring managers use them to identify the best and brightest candidates, determining who will move onto the next round.

    The exact nature of the phone interview questions can vary depending on the job. However, certain ones are incredibly common, mainly because they serve as solid introductions to your general capabilities.

    So, lets get down to it. Here are the top ten phone interview questions candidates commonly encounter, regardless of the role:

    Phone Interview Tips That Will Land You A Second Interview

    Telephone Interview

    By Jeff Gillis


    Your resume is stellar, your application was impeccable, youve caught a potential employers attention and now they want to get to know you better.

    In years gone by that would have meant an in person interview but in todays increasingly busy digital world, many preliminary and some final interviews are being held in a wide variety of mediums including on the phone.

    A phone interview? As in, we talk on the phone and not actually in person? As in, they have NO idea what Im actually wearing during the interview!? This is AMAZING!

    Great, right?

    FREE BONUS PDF CHEAT SHEET: Get our “Phone Interview Questions & Answers Cheat Sheet” that gives you word for word sample answers to the most common phone interview questions that you can use in your next phone interview.

    Nothing like an interview for your dream job where you can lounge around in your pajamas, secretly watching TV out of the corner of your eye and, gasp, maybe even surf the web at the same time and update your status to Kickin it in my footie jammies knockin out my interview!

    Nothis guy isnt ready for his phone interview!

    Not so fast. Yes, its true, your future boss might not need to know that youre on the other end of the line in your favorite Scooby Doo flannels, but that doesnt mean that you shouldnt treat the phone interview as seriously, if not more seriously, than any other standard interview.


    No buts.

    More seriously? Is that even a thing?

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