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How To Answer Customer Service Interview Questions

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You Are Unable To Help A Customer: What Do You Do

21 CUSTOMER SERVICE Interview Questions And Answers!

As a customer care agent, there are few things worse than feeling helpless because you are unable to help someone. To answer this question, display your problem-solving skills, confidence, and integrity. For instance, you never lie to a customer to get them out of the way quickly.

Instead, you explain that you dont have the answer but will search for a colleague who can help. Eventually, you find the right person and steer them in the direction of the customer.

How Do You Normally Respond If You Dont Know The Answer To A Customers Question

Not only will this question decipher whether you can handle a difficult situation professionally, itll also test whether youll admit to a potential weakness and overcome it.

To make sure your answer impresses, explain that even if youre unsure of how to answer a customers query, you always ensure they get the help and advice they need.

Make it clear to the interviewer that youd find the answer using a reliable source , and if youre not qualified to handle their request, youd politely direct them to another member of the team.

Remember: guessing is never an option

Right answer

If I absolutely cant answer their question, Ill usually respond with Im not 100% sure on that, but let me check with one of my colleagues and get back to you straight away.

Wrong answer

How Do You Take Ownership Of A Decision When Determining The Cause Of An Error And How To Resolve It

Its not hard to see why this answer matters for this role. For better or worse, the customer success representative has to own some failures. That may include failures not of their own making. This question confirms their willingness to take that ownership it also goes a step further by uncovering their ability to find a solution moving forward.

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Do You See Customer Service And Customer Support As A Requirement In Future Business

Answer: I see technology having some impact on customer support. But if we look at the finance industry as an example, we can see that automating customer support doesn’t work that well. Customers are speaking into their phones, trying to determine the appropriate next steps, and it becomes frustrating. I believe the best strategy is to connect the customer with a real person as soon as possible. And try to resolve their issues.

What Are Your Pet Peeves In The Workplace

Top 10 customer service officer interview questions and ...

This question helps you screen for positivity. Bad answers involve blaming others or dodging the question entirely.

What to Look For in Good Answers

Good answers are honest, but polite. The best answer is when the candidate explains how they understand that the pet peeve is their own personal downfall, and how they proactively avoid making this pet peeve a problem for others.

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How Well Do You Know Our Company And Product

This question evaluates whether you researched the company thoroughly before the interview. You should have spent your time researching the company before the interview and understood what to say about them and their product.

Example:âI have been using your shoe polish for years. I have tried other brands but found none that offer an excellent match of quality and great price. I also love the fact that your company pays attention to the needs of a customer like me when designing your products.â

Customer Service Interview Questions And Answers

Customer service representatives are usually at the frontline of customer engagement. They require a specific set of qualifications and skills to be able to execute their responsibilities appropriately. You need to prepare to showcase these qualifications and skills in the interview. In this article, we cover 15 customer service interview questions and provide answers with examples.

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Describe A Time Where You Got Frustrated With A Task Project Or Coworker How Did You Maintain Your Patience

Frustration is, unfortunately, inevitable. Thats true of almost any role, but its especially important to know a CS candidate can maintain their poise. Frustration is inevitable. But you want this answer to reveal a solution-oriented focus. Rather than lamenting the issue, how did they move forward?

Why Do You Want To Continue Working In Customer Support


Answer: I’ve found that I’m superb at it. I’m very comfortable helping others. And I find a personal passion for being able to resolve issues for others. I believe these skills will translate into any future job that I might have, including running my own business or working with another business. Customer service is provided by nearly all companies across the United States. I feel the more involved I get in this portion of the business, the higher demand I might be able to be in.

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What Do You Know About Our Products And Services

The goal of the question is to determine what research the candidate conducted before the interview. What to look for in an answer:

  • Willingness to research the company the candidate is interviewing with
  • Communication skills to express thoughts and ideas
  • Ability to adapt experiences to the current situation


“When preparing for the interview, I read about the products and services you offer. I also have some personal experience with using a few products that the company sells. I love that the company is environmentally responsible with an emphasis on reducing their carbon footprint and using recycled packaging.”

Know The Job Description

An HR manager may ask qualifying questions about the opportunity. This might include questions like, “What are we looking for in a customer service agent?” Read the job description right before the interview. Refer to the key traits, characteristics, core competencies, or hard skills that on the job description. For example, having computer skills listed on the customer service representatives’ job description. Memorize key parts of the job description that the hiring manager might ask about.

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Describe A Time You Had To Handle An Angry Customer

Customer Service Representatives often have to deal with upset customers regarding a product or service. The question’s goal is to evaluate how the candidate handles an angry customer and resolves the issue. What to look for in an answer:

  • Ability to self-regulate their emotions and remain calm
  • Willingness to listen to a customer and understand their problem
  • Ability to resolve the conflict positively that leaves the customer happy and satisfied


“In a Customer Service role, I am familiar with handling angry customers. One example was a customer who was angry over a product not shipping on time, and they weren’t able to give it as a gift for the occasion. I listened to the customer, remained calm and composed, and didn’t take their anger personally. I empathized with them, and by allowing them to vent, they eventually calmed down, and we came to an acceptable resolution.”

What Did Success Look Like In Your Previous Role

Bank Customer Service Interview Questions And Answers Pdf ...

Whether their previous role was in customer service or not, it’s important to understand how they viewed success. You’re looking for whether this person cares more about their individual success or their team’s success.

What to Look For in Good Answers

Look for answers such as “success was measured by the whole team reaching a CSAT of X%” or “our goal was to increase renewals by Y%.” It’s a red flag if they only reference their individual goals over those of the team’s.

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Major Traits And Characteristics To Look For In Customer Service Job Interviews

Before we get into specific questions, itâs worth noting that not every candidate has the right disposition for customer service work. Many customer service skills are crucial, and these traits and characteristics rise to the top of the list. As you work through the selection and interview process, look for these elements.

How Would Past Coworkers Or Classmates Describe You

Customer service representatives interact frequently with customers, meaning they must know how to communicate and remain positive. Use descriptors for yourself that align well with the necessary skills for a customer service representative in your answer.

Example:”At my last job, my peers nicknamed me “Smiley” because I try to smile as much as possible. I find it makes me feel more positive and helps set customers at ease.”

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What Would You Do If You Did Not Know How To Help A Customer

The interviewer wants to recognize your ability to be resourceful, and how you communicate with the customer and colleagues when resolving an issue. A personal example is an added advantage. Even after undergoing extensive training and experience, there usually are unique circumstances that surpass your knowledge. The interviewer wants to know if you can calmly respond in such a situation, and how you would go about the situation.

Example:If I dont know an answer or am unsure about what to do, I dont pretend to know more than I do. I would ask the customer to wait while I double-check my work or even ask for assistance from a coworker or manager. One time, a customer could not get their computer to start working, and after I walked them through the standard reboot steps, it still did not turn on. I apologized and asked for a few minutes to clarify some details. I went through my notes without finding a solution. Then I asked a more experienced colleague. With his help, the problem was quickly solved and I updated my notes.

Typically, questions asked during a customer service interview include common questions, personality questions or those about customer service. Common questions could be about your educational background, skills or employment history, whereas personality questions are about your values and your work ethic.

Q How Well Do You Know And Understand Our Product/service

CUSTOMER SERVICE Interview Questions & Answers! (How to PASS a CUSTOMER SERVICE Job Interview!)

Who this question is for Both experienced and inexperienced customer service candidates.

What employers are looking for in your answer This question is for interviewers to ascertain how well-prepared you are for the interview and how serious you are about landing the job. It can also give them an idea about the particular things of the companys product/service that stood out to you and further understand where your interests and strengths lie.

How you should respond to this question To answer this question to the best of your abilities, ensure you do your research about the company well. Go through the companys website and social media pages, take the product/service demo, and read multiple case studies and customer reviews about the product/service. Be specific while talking about the product/service and relate it back to your research. For example, while talking about a particular product feature, also highlight the multiple customer reviews that spoke about the usefulness of the feature. Based on your research, you could also suggest possible improvements in the product/service.

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Customer Service Interview Questions On Complaints

What is the best way to respond to a customer complaint?

Sample Answer: When a customer complains about something in a product or service, thank them for bringing it to your attention. Acknowledge that you are sorry and try to fix the problem as soon as possible to make them feel like their concerns are being heard.

What are some common complaints?

Sample Answer: Some common complaints include a lack of value, poor service or support from customer care agents, and not reaching anyone who can address their problem.

Q What Were Your Biggest Concerns About The Products/services You Previously Supported

Who this question is for Experienced customer service candidates.

What employers are looking for in your answer This question is to help interviewers understand how honest you are with regard to your work. They want to know how effectively you can summarize the problems a product/service had without demeaning the company. They also want to see if you can recommend possible solutions to those problems.

How you should respond to this question The key to answering this question is to do so from the perspective of a customer. This can help the interviewer gauge your ability to understand customers pain points. Bring up instances when customers faced problems because of the product/service and explain how you handled the same.

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Your Guide To Nailing A Customer Service Job Interview

I absolutely love giving job interviews! said nobody ever!

Whether youre a customer service newbie or a veteran, youll agree that interviewing for a new job can be a daunting experience. You have limited time to create an impression by giving your interviewer well-thought-out answers, asking the right questions, and coming across as friendly and empathetic. And, if that wasnt enough work already, you also now have to keep in mind the appropriateetiquette for a virtual customer service job interview.

Seems a tad overwhelming, doesnt it? For some of you, perhaps more than the others. But, regardless of how confident you are about the interview, nothing can make up for solid planning and preparation.

Before you start preparing for the interview, you must know youve already made a great first impression its the reason youve been asked to interview for the role. Your interviewer is hoping to be convinced by you, and the following tips can help you do just that in the best way possible!

Lets unpack the top customer service skills interviewers look out for, some common customer service interview questions and answers, and tips that will help you ace that interview!

What Is The Hiring Manager Looking For

Customer service interview questions and answers

A hiring manager is looking for a candidate who has strong customer service core competencies, computer skills, and proficiency with customer support portals. Customer service is often described as a “people” business. Meaning communication skills, problem-solving skills, and a strong passion for the role is critical to the hiring manager. They’ll see the candidate as a “good fit” for the position.

Additional skills the hiring manager look for include:

  • Persuasive speaking skills.
  • Knowledge of products and services.
  • Ability to ask for help when needed.

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What Do You Think Success Looks Like Here At

This is similar to the previous question in that it helps assess whether a candidate cares about the team or themselves. However, it also gives you a sense of how well they understand your business.

What to Look For in Good Answers

They may or may not get it right, but they should have a well-reasoned answer of what success looks like for your company that demonstrates their interest in the role — and their sense of your values.

When Youre Working With A Large Number Of Customers Its Tricky To Deliver Excellent Service To All How Do You Go About Prioritizing Customers Needs

There isnt one correct way to prioritize in a customer service job.

It depends a lot on your industry and whether you interact face-to-face with customers, whether youre working in an office and talking to customers on the phone, etc.

Your goal in your answer should be to explain how you try to remain fair and use your best judgment to keep all customers satisfied.

Try to show hiring managers that youve been in tricky situations in the past and that know how to handle it without panicking.

Example Answer:

I try to be fair and treat our customers equally. Of course, if theres a large client that is crucial to our business I am going to make sure theyre well taken care of, but I want every customer to feel like theyre important to us. In any situation or challenge, I maintain excellent communication. Im not always able to handle every customer request the instant it comes in, but I respond and give a timeframe for how soon I can handle it. I show that I understand their concern and that Im working on taking action to resolve it. This goes a long way to keeping customers happy. One more thing I do in my response is invite them to follow up if they have any further concerns or need an update. That way they feel comfortable checking in, and arent left waiting anxiously without an answer.

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Tell Me About A Time You Were Under A Lot Of Stress At Work And How You Dealt With It

Youre likely to be asked about stressful situations in any customer service interview. Mainly, because customer service jobs arent easy and usually do bring some stress.

Employers know youll be better able to deliver good customer service if you dont let the stress get to you, so they ask interview questions about the topic.

To sell yourself in the customer service interview, prepare an example of a high-stress situation, ideally involving a customer, and how you got through it.

Try to show the hiring manager that youve seen plenty of tough, stressful situations before and it doesnt phase you. Make your answer as closely related to the job youll be performing for this hiring manager in order to demonstrate that youll be a great customer service representative in their role.

Get Real Answers From References


References can be a valuable component of the interview process if handled correctly. Granted, it can be a challenge to have a forthright conversation with a person who has been hand-picked to deliver a glowing review, but the right attitude will go far.

Help Scout alum Ivana Flodr has honed her technique down to a particularly revealing pair of questions. First, she asks a reference to rate a candidate from 1-10 in terms of living up to their potential. Most people will respond warmly , but her follow-up coaches more candor into the dialogue: âHow could they get to a 10?â

The question often lowers peopleâs guards and gets them talking about both a candidateâs shortcomings and their ability to improve. Youâll get honest feedback about a personâs trajectory and their commitment to self-improvement information thatâs hard to glean from anywhere else.

Itâs also important to ask for specific anecdotes and to frame questions so they canât be answered with a pat âyesâ or âno.â For example, âWhatâs a time that this person resolved an intra-team conflict?â will get you a lot further than, âDo they work well with others?â

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