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How To Answer Exit Interview Questions

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Did You Have The Tools To Succeed At Your Job

5 Exit Interview Questions for the Most Insightful Answers

Why they ask it: An employer should give you the things you need to do your job. This isnt just physical tools, like a computer or phone. Tools include training, professional development, mentoring, and timely feedback. HR is asking if you had what you needed to succeed because if you didnt, it might be something they can provide current and future employees.

How to answer it: This is a case where you can probably be more honest than with other questions, but choose wisely. If your biggest problem was a loud office or a lack of training, bring these things up as they may be easy to fix.

For example, Im not really a fan of open office plans. And the bench-style seating didnt work for me. It was very distracting. Also, I would have liked to receive feedback about my work more often than I did. Im not the kind of person that likes to wait for my annual evaluation to see how Im doing.

Did You Feel Equipped To Do The Job Here

Asking this question gives you direct insight into how to train new employees. It can even help you understand how to retrain your existing employees.

You may receive straight answers that make you feel uncomfortable , but youll also receive actionable information with which you can make immediate changes.

Was There A Time When You Felt Proud Of Your Work

This is a great time to share a positive experience you had with the company. No matter your reason for resigning, acknowledge what was good about your job. Remember that everyone likes to know when they get it right, including your supervisor.

Example:Yes. We worked on that last project a little longer than we expected, but the client was impressed with how detailed and thorough we were. It made me proud to be a member of the team.

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Holding Organizational Intellectual Capital:

During exit interviews, an employee makes sure that he/she try to report all the details about the company that needs to be mentioned in the exit interview report. The main purpose of conducting such exit interview would be to identify all the organizational intellectual capital the company holds for some situations, where the company can utilize such capital. Therefore, these are all of those main purposes of conducting such exit interviews.

Tips To Make The Most Of An Exit Interview

24 best exit interview questions and answers

Have an exit interview coming up? Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure that conversation goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Come prepared: As with anything, preparation is key. If youre the employer, make sure you know what questions you want to ask. If youre the employee, know what key points you want to touch on as well as if there are any questions you arent comfortable addressing. You can always decline to answer!
  • Find a quiet, private space: Theres nothing more distracting than seeing a bunch of prying eyes peeking in through the conference room door. Find a spot where you can be free from distractions. If conducting the exit interview via phone or video call, find a place where you wont have a lot of background noise or a distracting backdrop.
  • Take a deep breath: This conversation can be nerve-wrackingfor both parties! Take a deep breath and remind yourself that its a completely normal discussion to have. Plus, take comfort in the fact that the other party might be just as nervous as you.

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How Was Your Relationship With Your Boss/ Manager

When your HR asks this exit interview question, he/she majorly want to know about your boss/ managers managerial capabilities and communication skills.

So, focus your answer mainly on the facts whether his/ her managerial skills encouraged you to do great work, or did it make you catch a fever at the thought of coming to work.

Tip: State only what YOU have faced first-hand.

Heres how you can answer such most asked interview questions.

Mr. X is a man who has great knowledge about the field of work and it was a great experience to see him work and work under his guidance.

However, there used to be communication issues that hampered productivity leading to discord on and off.

But despite all of it, I appreciate my time and the learnings I received from Mr.X.

Were You Given Clear Goals And Objectives For Your Job

So, this question is asking you to comment on your managers leadership skills. If you decide to say that you were not given clear goals and objectives, you might be asked to expand on why you think your leadership was poor. You could find yourself in a dangerous situation. Criticizing your boss with honest feedback could mean that they will not give you a positive review in the future to a potential employer.

Sample Answer: Overall, I am satisfied with the way management has guided me in my job. However, I do think that empowering employees and giving them independence from the beginning would allow them to be more innovative.

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How To Approach An Exit Interview

In an exit interview, the interviewer can ask anything, even questions that the interviewee does not expect or whose usefulness is not very clear.

Remember that you do not have to share every comment that comes to mind during the interview, especially if you are not asked about it. However, preparing some possible answers in advance will allow you to reflect on important topics of the conversation without responding hastily under the pressure of the moment.

The important thing is not to confuse spontaneity with improvisation and spend some time preparing for the conversation. For example, consider what attitude you want to adopt during the conversation. Here are some tips on how to go to your exit interview with the right attitude.

Would You Recommend Our Company To Others Seeking Employment


Be straightforward and honest while answering this exit interview question. Explain why you would or wouldn’t consider recommending another job seeker to the company. Use your answer to offer suggestions on how to make the role or workplace more attractive to potential employees.

Example: It would depend on the candidate’s career goals and the position they were interested in at the company. I would recommend this organization to entry-level candidates looking to build a solid foundation in marketing because there’s so much support from the team. I also believe the senior staff are experienced and did an outstanding job of providing leadership and guidance to their employees. However, I feel that the company would be more suitable to prospective employees if you had a more competitive salary or attractive benefits package.”

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Should An Employee Fill Out A Questionnaire Themselves

Definitely not. An employee is not very likely to want to put down in writing some of their opinions, which will cloud your ability to gain real insights from them. You can find out so much more in an informal conversation, guided by a questionnaire, rather than over-formalizing the process.

Do your best to explore the employees thoughts and motivations. Then, ask them appropriate supplementary questions. However, dont push them too far or exert undue pressure. If an employee doesnt want to comment on a topic, respect that right. Follow the general rule for feedback sessions and do not comment on or judge the statements they make.

Essential Exit Interview Questions Employers Should Always Ask

Exit interview questions are sometimes discouraging to ask considering how hard it is to acknowledge losing a great employee. Well, its difficult to let employees leave, mostly the well-established ones. But one sad truth every employer should learn is: no matter how much you have invested in retention strategies and its effectiveness, employees will always have reasons to leave. Its not possible to keep them all.

While you are finding it difficult to accept their resignation, the situation is also offering the opportunity to learn about the employees experience in your firm. We can acknowledge the fact that not all employees know how to answer exist interview questions they definitely dont want to burn any bridges. But there are common exist interview questions which compel outgoing staff to have honest conversations about your weaknesses and strengths as an employer.

A recent survey by Office Team involving 307 HR managers in the United States found that 63 percent of human resources managers make use of the information gathered during exit interviews. The changes reported include employee voice, updating job descriptions, change to work culture or environment.

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How Do You Feel About Management

Again, this is a question that should be answered honestly, but respectfully. Even without fear of repercussions, you should be mindful of how your message will be received and communicate with purpose. Dont just tell someone you dont like them, no matter how much you dont! Be constructive in your comments.

While most of us would have loved to tell an objectively awful manager in the past to *insert comment here* and slam the door on your way out, you need to be prepared for the fallout. Would burning this bridge be worth it? What does this accomplish, other than providing a short-lived and unfulfilling release of frustrations?

Even if you dont think its likely, consider that you might need a reference from this person at one point or another. Now think about your answer again!

Would You Recommend This Company To Your Friend

Exit Interview Questions and Answers Pdf

This is assuming that the role and company are in line with your friends career objectives. Could you in good faith recommend this company to them?

Again, its not helpful to just say Absolutely not! This statement lets your employer know you arent satisfied, but they already knew that this job no longer fully supported your needs in one way or another. Be specific, and objective!

If you answer no, tell your employer what would make you change your mind. Would you reconsider your answer if there was better work-life balance? Better communication from management? A change in the company culture?

If you could sense from these questions and their potential answers, there is a right way to go about this and a less-than-great way to go about this. It isnt easy! Next we will go over some tips you can use to help you navigate your exit interview to help make the process more manageable.

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Should You Use The Same Questions Every Time

Definitely. By using the same questionnaire in all of your interviews, you can systematically evaluate and analyze the results. That is why it helps to be thoroughly prepared beforehand.

If the same criticisms, based on the same questions, come up repeatedly, that would serve as an immediate signal that something is wrong. In addition to that, it helps to check to see if any of the initiatives you have taken are then reflected in feedback from future ex-employees.

In general, ensuring the consistency of these processes means having an effective offboarding process, more generally. That is why an HR software, like Personio, is so important, as it can help:

  • Store questionnaires.
  • Keep a record of findings.
  • Make sure that every step is carried out, every time.

Learn more about Personio, and our all-in-one HR software solution, by .

Ask Questions And Pay Close Attention In An Exit Interview

For best results, have questions prepared for your exit interview session and leave space for the former employee to speak their mind. Providing an outline of how to do an exit interview and the questions you will ask is a formality that will give interviewees peace of mind and a clear projection of the time commitment.

Questions To Ask in an Exit Interview

The best approach to get the exit interview answers you want is to ask the right questions. Use a friendly and casual tone but structure the job exit interview toward transparency.

Most effective interview questions are those that are geared toward the key drivers of employee retention. Dont be afraid to tweak questions that are not eliciting the information that you are looking to receive. Yes and no questions or closed-ended rating questions are the least helpful if you truly want to gain exit interview information for improvement.

  • What training and support were you given for your position?
  • In what ways were your work and accomplishments recognized and appreciated?
  • How did this company align with your personal goals?
  • Is there anything you wish you were aware of before taking this job?
  • In what ways did your supervisor support you?
  • What was your general experience with this company?

Questions NOT To Ask in an Exit Interview

  • Would you reconsider?

Remember, you want honest information to retain employees who want to work for you, not to spend time groveling for employees who dont.

  • Whats your problem with working here?

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What Should Happen After The Exit Interview

Once the exit interview has concluded, the employee doesnt have any other obligations they need to fulfill related to that conversation.

The employer, however, has an important task on their plate: Taking action on that information.

Remember, the point of an exit interview is to get insights into how you can improve your company culture, recruitment efforts, pay and benefits, and more. But, that really only makes a difference if you put it into play.

Start by documenting that information somewhere it can be referenced and then meet with the appropriate leaders and decision-makers to determine how youll put those answers to work.

Thats the best way to make the most of exit interviewsbecause youll transform that feedback into a strategic roadmap for improvement.

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Confirmation Of Employers Strength:

Exit Interview Tips (DO NOT Do This)

The main purpose of such an exit interview is that it helps a company to understand the present strength of the company. An exit interview is conducted for the sake of understanding the current year growth and some of the developmental changes that needed to cultivate in the industrial environment.

It is necessary to conduct an exit interview for the overall development of the company and the person who is leaving would be a good person to execute such an exit interview.

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Why Did You Come To Work Here

Almost every interview is fundamentally asking the same question — Why are you leaving — but Dean Carter, the head of HR at Patagonia, the outdoor gear company with famously low turnover, suggests bosses turn this question on its head.

“My first question is not ‘Why did you leave?’ I ask ‘Why did you join? What compelled you to come to Patagonia, to leave your other job, or your family, or whatever it was?'” he told a 2019 conference audience. “After that it’s, ‘Did we do that?” ‘What was the experience we delivered for you?” ‘Where was the difference in that?'”

This frames the conversation as a matter of fit and missed opportunities, rather than blame and disappointment, which encourages the departing employee to be more forthright about their experience at the company.

Why Are You Leaving Your Position Or What Led You To The Decision To Leave

Your employer may ask this question to find out if you are leaving because you have been offered a better opportunity or for personal reasons. Try to maintain a balance between honesty and politeness when answering this question. If applicable, mention the skills or experience youre hoping to get from your next job.

Example:I have really enjoyed working here, and I have learned a lot over the course of my employment. However, I feel like I have accomplished all I can in this role and need something different. While I have learned much at this job and honed my skills and experience, I feel it is time to go in a different direction. I have gained invaluable experience for the future, and I feel the time is right to expand my experience and strengthen my abilities.

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How Could Our Working Conditions Improve

Working conditions cover a broad range of topics, including:

  • Hours of work
  • Work schedules
  • Mental demands

If the leaving employee feels your company doesnt promote healthy working hours, other employees may feel the same. Promoting a work-life balance is essential for employee retention and productivity.

Identify Areas Of Improvement In The Workplace

Sample Of Exit Interview Questions And Answers Pdf ...

Ask your employee about their everyday life in the workplace and if that is part of the reason why theyre leaving. They can point out aspects of the employee experience you didnt notice because they dont directly impact you.

For example, one of the reasons theyre leaving may be due to frustration over slow business management software. With this valuable information, you can investigate alternative solutions that will benefit other employees.

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Questions About Why Theyre Leaving

1. Why are you leaving this company?

Start with the basics. While this question seems simple on the surface, its a great way to segue into the rest of the conversation and can reveal some enlightening details right off the bat.

2. What inspired you to begin looking for a new position?

This question is similar to the above, but will uncover more about the reasoning behind their departure. Whether they wanted better pay or had a falling out with a colleague, youll get to the root of why theyre leaving.

3. When did you decide you no longer wanted to work here?

This is a good question to ask, as the answer says a lot about your culture and your leadership. If an employee says theyve known for a year that they were going to leave yet you were blindsided by their resignation, thats a sign that your leadership team doesnt have their finger on the pulse of whats happening on the team.

4. Did you share your concerns about your role with your manager?

You may have heard that employees dont leave companiesthey leave managers. This question will help you understand more about an employees relationship with their supervisor and how comfortable they were sharing their goals and challenges.

5. Could we have done anything to get you to stay?

If youre hoping to get the employee to stick around, this type of question can serve as your final effort to understand what it takes. However, be aware that most employees are fairly set on leaving by the time they reach the exit interview.

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