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How To Answer Hr Interview Questions

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How Do You Feel About Working Weekends Or Late Hours

HR Interview Question and Answers for Freshers

Youre gonna get asked this question in one of the following 2 cases:

1) Youre applying for a job that requires working odd hours.

In this case, your answer is pretty straightforward – since youre applying for such a job, you probably dont have any problems working odd hours.

Sample answer:

Sure! Im OK with working late hours or weekends, as long as you let me know about it at least a few days in advance.

2) Youre applying for just about any other type of job.

Now, you should look at this as a red flag. Is the employer just checking your dedication, or are they looking for someone thats going to work 24/7 with no overtime pay?

In this case, ask them to clarify what they mean.

Sample answer:

Given enough warning, sure. Is that something Ill be required to do often? Do you offer overtime pay for this kind of situation?

Questions About You And Your Goals

Another crucial aspect of an interview? Getting to know a candidate. Thats why youll likely encounter questions about how you work, what youre looking for , and what your goals are. Its a good sign if your interviewers want to make sure youll be a good fitor addto the team. Use it as an opportunity!

‘how Would You Describe Yourself In Three Words’

Although this is a common interview question, many candidates fall into the trap of giving a cliché answer like driven, team-player, results-oriented, innovative, problem-solver.

Here is your chance to give solid proof of why you are any of the above things. Andrew Pullman, head of HR at Dresdner Bank said: think of something edgy maybe something about how you push yourself and the people around you beyond whats expected. Saying youre detail-oriented is also good, but follow it up with specific examples.

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Describe Your Dream Job

Three words describe how you should answer this question: relevance, relevance, relevance.

But that doesn’t mean you have to make up an answer. You can learn something from every job. You can develop skills in every job. Work backward: Identify things about the job you’re interviewing for that will help you if you do land your dream job someday, and then describe how those things apply to what you hope to someday do.

And don’t be afraid to admit that you might someday move on, whether to join another company or — better — to start your own business. Employers no longer expect “forever” employees.

Tips For The Interview Day

Tell me about yourself ?

There is not much to be discussed in this section but still, precaution is always better so we will discuss a few points that are needed to be taken care of during an interview.

  • Do not try to fake yourself. This is the first and the foremost thing that is needed to be taken care of. Do not bluff in front of the HR manager, be yourself.
  • Be truthful about anything you are speaking about and try to avoid giving irrelevant answers.
  • Dress comfortably. Wear whatever you are comfortable with but make sure to keep it as simple as possible with the minimum number of accessories.
  • First Job interview is one of the most important days of everyones life, so make sure to reach the venue on time.
  • interactive with the HR manager

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    Know The Company Inside

    It is an absolute must to know the company before you appear for the interview. Try and collect as much information on the company as you can from the official website and social media handles , to know what they specialize in, the products/services they offer, the target market, and the companys vision, objectives, and core values.

    Also, read up on the prominent faces behind the company . Having this information will pay off if ever you must talk about the company during the interview.

    Do Not Worry About Correct Answers

    Situational questions are intended to test how you would react to challenges.

    These questions are open-ended so you create your answers according to who you think you are.

    This is why it can be counterproductive to memorize any specific answers or worry about answering correctly. Most interview experts also recommend using the STAR technique to answer such questions.

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    How Quickly Do You Adapt To New Technology

    Today, whether youre applying for a software engineering job, or as a cashier in a supermarket, youre going to need to use technology at least on some level.

    Its very common for a company to adopt new tech – new point of service system, self check-out kiosks, customer management software, and whatever else.

    So, you should be able to pick up new tech ASAP. Any new change shouldnt completely disrupt your work.

    So, when answering this question, you should talk about how tech-savvy you are.

    Possible answers:

    • Sample Answer:

    Im pretty tech-savvy. Ive worked with a lot of different Point of Service systems so far, and have zero difficulties learning how to use new ones.

    As a given, I own a PC, have used Office 365, and all the usual stuff.

    • Sample Answer 2:

    Ive always been interested in tech. In fact, Im the type of person to actively seek out new software to help solve business problems at work.

    Ive worked with 3 different Customer Management Software in the past, such as PipeDrive, SalesForce, and Zoho CRM.

    If You Were Reborn As An Animal What Animal Would You Want To Be

    HR Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced candidates – Many new generation questions!

    This might seem to be an odd question to answer to. Rest assured, the interviewer does not want to joke with you. Instead, they ask this question to get what kind of personality you are, what your thought process is, and how creative you are by describing yourself as an animal.

    Some tips to answer this question would be:

    • While answering, make sure your justification is aligned with the job role you are choosing.
    • Do not choose animals with poor traits.
    • Do not choose animals with the traits that are opposing the ones required for the job role.
    • Following are some traits of animals. Make sure your skills match those traits:
    • Lion: Always ready to fight, never backs from challenges, strong and rightly known as the king of the jungle.
    • Dog: Known for loyalty and friendliness.
    • Elephant: Hardworking animal capable of performing hardcore work.
    • Cows: Known for love and loyalty.
    • Dolphin: Known for selflessness and helpfulness.
    • Butterfly: Has the ability to transform from one stage to another and always waiting to fly beautifully.
    • Ant: Known for being a hard worker and for the ability to carry weights twice their weight.
    • Owl: Wise creatures known for seeing bigger pictures.
    • Dove: Known for peace and non-violence.
    • Chameleon: Jells well in all environments. Also considered to be sneaky. – This animal can be avoided.
    • Snake: Known for being tricky – This animal should be avoided.
    • Tortoise: Known for being lethargic and sluggish. – This animal should be avoided.

    Sample answer:

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    ‘what Is Your Most Significant Achievement’

    This question is designed to assess your values and attitude as much as your achievements, and employers often want you to talk about your activities outside education. You’re more likely to come across well if you choose to discuss something you’re genuinely proud of, which could be because it involved leading others, overcoming obstacles or persisting in the face of the odds. Read the full guidance to find out about answers that graduate job hunters often give to this question, but which should be treated with caution because they might not help you to stand out.

    What Do You Know About Our Company

    This is a fantastic opportunity to impress the interviewer. Ultimately, this question aims to gauge your level of interest in the company. The more you’ve researched prior accomplishments, company values, and basic information regarding the product or service, the more you can demonstrate a genuine desire to work there.

    Sample Answer

    “I know your company is ranked the number one web design firm in Massachusetts. Your mission statement in particular appeals to me. I also know your company emphasizes continual learning and growth, two aspects I find incredibly exciting. I’ve spoken to Jen and Mark, two marketers at your company, and they’ve described the work environment as one full of passion and innovation which is something I hope to find in my next role.”

    • Mention the companys culture and your prior experience with its product.
    • Be positive in your answer.
    • Connect your answer with your desire to work for the firm and assume the role.
    Things to Avoid
    • Dont unearth potentially controversial information, such as a company scandal.

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    Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job

    This is an opportunity to outline positive benefits you hope to gain by transitioning into a new role. However, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when answering this question is focusing on negative aspects of your current employer, rather than discussing positive aspects of the new company.

    An HR professional will mark it as a red flag if you talk poorly about your current employer or company. It illustrates someone who isn’t very professional, has a negative attitude, and could bring toxic energy into their new work environment.

    Sample Answer

    “I appreciate everything my current employer has done to help me grow, and I believe working for a small startup over the past year has helped me develop leadership skills earlier than I could’ve at a larger corporation. However, I am now interested in transferring the skills I’ve acquired here to a larger organization, where I believe I’ll find more growth opportunities in the future.”

    • Focus on career growth and skill development as a reason for looking for a new role.
    • Express appreciation for your current employer without being overly positive .
    Things to Avoid
    • Whatever you do, dont complain about your current employer, your boss, or your work environment.

    How Do You Feel About Having A Conflict With One Of Your Colleagues

    10 of the most common interview questions

    Conflicts belong to every workplace, and we can never entirely avoid themunless we work alone, and never talk to anyone, but that wont be a case in your job of an HR Assistant.

    Ensure the interviewers that you do not want to get involved into some pointless personal conflicts in the workplace. You plan to focus on your work, you do not like to gossip, and want to respect your colleagues as they are.

    At the same time, however, you are aware that you cannot avoid conflicts, and if you get involved in one, you will try to solve it in a constructive way. That means focusing on the problem, and not attacking the other conflict party personally. You can also say that you do not dwell on conflicts, and can get over them rather quickly.

    Surely, everyone can have a bad day in work, and sometimes a colleague may say you something you find hard to accept. But you will get over it, you can admit making a mistake, and you can apologize. With such an attitude to work and to your colleagues, you will not find it hard to deal with conflicts in the workplace

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    Why Do You Want A New Job

    Its better to avoid negative comments about your previous or current employer when answering this question. Instead, you can mention achievements at the former job and your readiness for bigger challenges.

    Example: At my current job, I have excelled at every aspect of HR. I conducted over 200 interviews, organized 55 training sessions for new employees and supervised their orientation and onboarding. I also managed the payroll for two years and successfully resolved over 30 employee disputes. The job has become less challenging and I believe I need a new environment that presents more opportunities to use my expertise.

    ‘are You Planning On Having Children’

    Employers should know better than to ask a question like this as its leaning on the discrimination side, yet some still cant resist being a little nosey. The aim of this question is to find out if youre married and if you plan to have a family. They essentially want to see how dedicated you will be to your job.

    If you still dont have children, you should say not at the moment, explain how you want to travel/ develop your career If you do have children, make it clear that you have child care and it doesnt affect your working life or your dedication to your career.

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    Putting It All Together

    Ultimately, shining during your interview can make a world of difference. Use the HR interview questions and answers, as well as the other helpful tips, to make sure you stand out from the crowd. That way, you can increase your odds of landing your perfect position, ensuring your HR career gets on track.

    And as always, good luck!

    How Have You Handled Conflicts Within A Project Team You Are Leading

    HR ASSISTANT Interview Questions & Answers (Human Resources Interview Prep!)

    This is a common HR interview question where the interviewer wants to test your conflict resolution skills, which is a very important skill for an HR manager to possess.

    Example:“The first thing I do is identify the cause of the issue. Secondly, I try to bring the concerned parties together for a talk. My counseling skills come into play during the talk so the team can reach a peaceful solution.”

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    What Will You Do If You Don’t Get This Position

    Possible Answer 1

    I have high hopes that I will be selected. In case if I will not select, I will continue to look for another job in the same field that will fit my schedule and goals.

    Possible Answer 2

    If I don’t get this job, I will use this experience to reflect my weakness and try my best to improve on them for the future opportunities along the way.

    How Have You Responded To Unethical Situations

    If the question doesnt apply to your professional experience, then maybe you know someone who has dealt with this situation. You could also discuss a scenario in the news or something youve studied. At any rate, you can still speak with confidence about the event, what steps were taken, and how you would have responded.

    Outline any real or hypothetical situation to demonstrate the actions you took or would have taken. Commenting on your thought process can be helpful. For instance, you could talk about what you would have done if things got worse and your overall thought process, which would help demonstrate your ability to anticipate events.

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    What Kind Of Work Environment Do You Like Best

    Maybe you love working alone, but if the job you’re interviewing for is in a call center, that answer will do you no good.

    So take a step back and think about the job you’re applying for and the company’s culture . If a flexible schedule is important to you, but the company doesn’t offer one, focus on something else. If you like constant direction and support and the company expects employees to self-manage, focus on something else.

    Find ways to highlight how the company’s environment will work well for you — and if you can’t find ways, don’t take the job, because you’ll be miserable.

    Q: Would You Consider Taking Less Pay Than You Made In Your Last Job

    5 Reasons behind Interview questions

    A: #1 – I would really need to know more about the opportunity and your whole package before I can give you an answer to that question. You may offer extra perks that my last job may not have hador vice versa. Basically, I need more information before I decide.

    A: #2 – While my highest career value is not money, it is important to me that I be fairly compensated for the work I do. I would be willing to listen to a fair offer based on what I bring to the position in the way of experience and education.

    A: #3 – Opportunity is valuable to me. I am always willing to look at the bigger picture. I would want to be paid according to what I bring to the position, but would be willing to be somewhat flexible.

    You will notice that most of these examples attempt to defer the subject until you have more information and a better idea of whether this is the right job for you. When you have that information, you will be able to assess whether this is a job where you have something to offer and what the value should be. In other words, what you deserve to be paid.

    Never try to negotiate anythinguntil there’s an offer.

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    Who Is Your Inspiration

    This is one of the HR interview questions for freshers where almost everyone gives the name of some famous celebrity or life coach that has helped millions of people do good work. Or they might use the name of the company CEO in order to impress the interviewers.

    However, the answer I have provided is very unique and is guaranteed to impress your interviewers.


    While there are countless individuals that I have met in my life who can be a source of inspiration for me- from my teachers to my parents. However, the biggest inspiration I get is from myself. You see, I try to picture myself in 10 years and create an image of my life there and work tirelessly to reach that image. However, as I reach that image, I have already constructed another image for myself which is 10 years away. So, I always try to achieve higher than what I have made for myself and that picture of me in 10 years is what keeps me motivated.

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