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How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself Med School Interview

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What Are Your Biggest Strengths

Tell Me About Yourself: How to Answer this Medical School Interview Question

The interviewer isnt asking this question because theyre looking for a long list of appealing adjectives. Select strengths that are unique to you as an individual, but demonstrate them through tangible examples from your past.

Dont come up with strengths on the fly. Prepare for this question well in advance. Ask your friends, family, and mentors what they believe your strengths to be. Sit down with a pen and notepad and reflect on what makes you uniquely you.

Are you skilled with time management? Are you a highly empathetic person who excels at communicating with people and achieving compromise? Always relate your strengths back to how they make you a good addition to that particular medical school.

Understand Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Try this exercise: Email your family and friends and ask them what they think are your biggest weaknesses.

  • You might not get the best answers back. Tell them to give you the brutally honest truth because you need it.
  • Do not just leave your weaknesses at that. Be able to address them in a positive way. So talk about what youve learned from those weaknesses, how youre trying to overcoming them, and how it wont be an issue in the future.

Sample Answers To Tell Me About Yourself Question In A Nursing Interview

  • My name is Marry, Im from Bristol, and Ive always wanted to work in healthcare. Following the role model I had in my mother, I decided to pursue a career in nursing, and did what I could to arrive at this point, when I am finally a registered nurse and can apply for a job with your amazing clinic. If I should characterize myself, Id say that I am responsible, compassionate, and detail oriented, though sometimes impatient and too hard on myself. In my free time I enjoy going for a walk with a dog or for a hike in the hills nearby. I also love Italian cuisine. Would you like me to elaborate more on my education, or on anything else?
  • Well, where to start? My name is Mark, and Ive been working as a pediatric nurse for past three years. Ive really enjoyed my time with the children, and believe that Ive learned how to work with this particular demographic group, and address the main challenges child nursing presents. But I also came to a conclusion that I would prefer hospital setting to ambulant care, and decided to submit my job application with your childrens hospital. Just like anyone else, I have my strengths and weaknesses, better and worse days. But I keep learning and always try my best for every child, regardless of how I feel on the given day. And I am a real bookworm, often spending long evenings reading true crime stories or biographies of successful people. That makes for a short introduction, please feel free to ask about any details.
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    How To Prepare For Medical School Interviews

    Med School Insiders offers a comprehensive course on How to Ace the Medical School Interview that provides expert training to prepare you for the entire interview process.

    Youll have dozens of years of medical school admission committee experience on your side. Our team of top doctors, all with adcom experience, came together to build this course from the ground up to provide you with the ultimate resource to master the medical school interview. The course includes all of the details, from what precisely to pack to making a cheat sheet to common pitfalls to how to address the most common questions.

    We also have an extensive library of free resources covering a long list of interview topics as well as how to prepare for your primary applications, secondaries, and residency applications.

    Tell Me About That Grade In Biochemistry

    Tell me about yourself. Job interview.

    You got a C- in your sophomore year, and are hoping the rest of your record will overshadow it. Then your worst nightmare happens. An interviewer asks you to explain that class and why you got that grade. The story you have been telling yourself is that your professor barely spoke English, you were sick with mono, and your home team was in the World Series. Studying just wasnt going to happen. But of course, you cant say any of that! So how do you take responsibility and show them that youve learned from it, without making excuses or blaming others?

    The answer is to discuss your learning style and studying technique. Explain that before this course, you studied a certain way, but this grade was a turning point. You realized that you needed a new approach, and you incorporated your visual/auditory/kinesthetic learning style. You tried new study styles until you found a technique that worked for you. Most doctors have struggled with a class at some point, and everyone likes to think our success is due to our hard work and perseverance . Remind them of their own challenges and individual learning style, and they will tend to believe you.

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    What Is The Multiple

    The MMI format utilizes multiple stations with short, approximately seven-minute interviews at each station. All stations are different and are focused on topics that vary from healthcare policy to stations comprised of a traditional open file interview. In order to do your best at a medical school that utilizes the MMI format, you should practice concisely answering questions and familiarize yourself with the typical types of questions asked .

    How Much Do College Interviews Matter

    College interviews matter, but they wont make or break your application. In fact, they account for around 5% of an admissions decision. That said, they are a great way to showcase your personality and character, your ability to engage in conversations and answer questions, and your self-presentation. Your college interview, unlike any other part of the application process, is your opportunity to put a face, personality, and voice to your name.

    You can also use your interview as a way to determine if the university is the right fit for you. After all, youll likely be matched with an alum who will be able to answer questions about their experience at the school!

    Other factors such as academics and extracurriculars will have a much larger impact on your chances of acceptance. If youd like to know how your profile stacks up, we recommend using our free Chancing Engine. This tool will let you know your odds of acceptance at over 1500 schools in the US!

    Check out these other CollegeVine posts for more interview tips:

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    Nursing Interview Learn How To Answer The Tell Me About Yourself Question

    Whether you interview for your first nursing job, or for a place at a nursing school, in nine out of ten cases they will ask you to tell them something about yourself. And while some people consider the question an easy onean icebreaker, I do not agree with them. It is typically the first question, and it will set the tone for the rest of an interview. As they rightly sayyou make the first impression only once.

    It doesnt mean that you wont get the hired if you say something wrong, or if you stutter at the start of your interview. Everyone can experience some nerves, and one bad answer wont ruin your chances to succeed in this interview. But a good answer to tell me about yourself question can definitely help you improve your chances, and make things easier for the rest of your nursing interview.

    Lets have a look at 7 sample answers to the question. I tried to include on my list answers for fresh graduates, experienced nurses, but also for students who just try to get a place at their favorite nursing school. Simply answers for different scenarios you can face in your nursing interview. Once you read the answers, do not forget to check also my notes below, for additional hints and explanations.

    Mock Interviews Allow You To Live The Interview Experience

    How To Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” Residency/Medical School Interview Question | Med-Vice |

    Med School Insiders offers a course on How to Ace the Medical School Interview that provides thorough and thoughtful training that covers the entire interview process. We offer mock interviews with former interviewers who will provide you with direct feedback on your performance. Mock interviews provide an opportunity to put your interview skills to the test so that you know exactly what to expect come interview day.

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    How To Answer Medical School Interview Questions

    Answering medical school interview questions essentially boils down to the following:

    • Be consistent with what you wrote on your application

    • Have your answers progress clearly and directly address the question

    • Take a firm position on an issue, when necessary

    • Prioritize patient needs above all else

    • Make appropriate eye contact and use appropriate speech volume, tone, etc.

    • Exhibit the appropriate emotions

    • Update your interviewer on anything youve achieved since submitting your original application

    However, just like canned admissions essay writing advice such as show, dont tell, these rules wont benefit you without examples of how theyre applied the right way. Therefore, weve selected a few common questions and provided guidance and strong sample responses for each.

    Whats The Last Book You Read/enjoyed

    This is quite similar to the previous question, as its another opportunity to demonstrate there is more to your life than the strict pursuit of medicine. The interviewer could ask you about a book, movie, or television show you enjoyed recently.

    If you didnt enjoy the last book you read or program you watched, it could also be a good opportunity to flex your critical reasoning and analysis skills and discuss the specific reasons why you didnt enjoy it. Were the writers arguments weak? Did you not enjoy their writing style? Did you find the actors or plot unbelievable?

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    Do You Have Any Red Flags

    The two most obvious red flags are gaps in time of longer than three months when you cannot account for your activities or frequent jumps in career without any real explanation for these changes. Both of these factors suggest a lack of commitment or some possible underlying problem. Students who cannot communicate or are extremely nervous or anxious also raise concern.

    Interviewers are also trying to identify any major personality disorder or psychopathology that may hinder a candidates ability not only to interact with patients and colleagues but the ability to get through medical school and residency.

    Other common red flags include a low grade, GPA, or MCAT score, an institutional action or withdrawals from classes but, typically, if you were invited for an interview, these issues were not considered major. That said, you should be able to give explanations for the flaws in your application without making excuses.

    What Are Your Hobbies/what Do You Do For Leisure

    Preparing for a Medical Assistant Interview

    Select a handful of hobbies, around three to five, that youre passionate about and comfortable discussing. What do you do during your downtime? What do you like to do for fun? Do you enjoy spending time with your family, playing sports or music, dancing, cooking, reading, writing, watching movies, gardening, horseback riding, or painting? Whatever hobby you choose, be prepared to speak about it with genuine enthusiasm.

    Be honest. The interviewer wants to know more about you, but they also want to ensure youre someone who is able to take a break. If you have no hobbies but studying for medical school, it may seem like dedication to you, but its also an indication that you could overwork yourself and burn out on the process.

    If youve just started trying out a new hobby, feel free to discuss that as well.

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    What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses Or Flaws

    Yes, this is a bit of a trick question. Dont think you can get around it by saying that youre a perfectionistinterviewers have heard that response 1000 times. Be honest, but be positive.

    No one is perfect, and your interviewer knows this. Everyone has weaknesses what matters is what you learn from them and how you are able to address any professional shortcomings. This shows maturityan extremely appealing quality in a prospective medical student and future doctor.

    This is not an opportunity to highlight your personal insecurities its best to keep the focus on your professional and academic development. If you struggled with research and it shows on your application, what have you done since to rectify that gap in your knowledge? If you have trouble saying no to opportunities, you can be honest about that, but specify how you are learning to prioritize.

    Why Do You Want To Come Here

    Schools are forever asking, does this applicant really want to be here? If you have high stats and options in your home state, they may suspect you arent serious about their school, and they may be right. However, imagine its the only school you get accepted to. Would you want to go there? If so, figure out what is special and unique about their curriculum, then convince them you belong there. Dont rattle off a list of things like a brochure. Pick one or two programs that genuinely interest you, and tell them why you would participate. In the end, you just might be lucky enough to go there.

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    Medical School Interview Questions About Medicine And Your Career Goals

    These questions are designed to home in on your motivations for pursuing a career in medicine and to assess how much youve thought through your aspirations. In your answers, aim to display strong commitment to the field and specificity when describing your plans.

    For example, you wouldnt want to answer #30 by saying that youd give up on medicine and apply to law school instead. Rather, an effective response would highlight your dedication to medicine through, say, plans to improve your MCAT score and gain more clinical experience in order to reapply next year with a stronger profile.

    14. What are your goals for your medical career? Where do you see yourself in 510 years?

    15. What does success look like to you?

    16. What role have your parents played in your decision to enter medicine?

    17. Why have you chosen medicine over another healthcare profession or field where you can help others, such as nursing, public health, pharmacology, or social work?

    18. In your opinion, what are the most important qualities for a physician to possess?

    19. Why would you be a good doctor?

    20. Is there anyone in the medical world who has been an inspiration to you?

    21. What does the doctor-patient relationship mean to you?

    22. Are you more interested in clinical or research work? How do you envision balancing the two during your career?

    23. What medical specialties interest you?

    24. Where do you plan to practice medicine?

    25. Do you feel that doctors are underpaid or overpaid?

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    What Do You See As The Biggest Problem With Health Care In The United States Or Any Other Policy Or Current Events Or Future Events Question

    A common misconception: There are perhaps no questions that send more shudders down premed spines. Students believe they have to frantically read everything they can about the Affordable Care Act in order to answer questions effectively and not seem like theyve been buried under a rock. Moreover, they think they have to take a specific position or they will get automatically rejected.

    How to approach this question: First off, these types of questions rarely come upalthough theyre a bit more common during MMI interviewsso you shouldnt spend too much time worrying about them. Regardless, your interviewer is more interested in how you think than the actual position you take . Therefore, before you state your position and provide your rationale, explore both sides of the issue to demonstrate thoughtfulness. Based on your considerations, you should then take a position and humbly stick with it.

    Heres an example response that does this well:

    Tell Me About X Experience

    This question can be used to examine any type of extra-curricular, shadowing, or research experience listed on your application. The interviewers want depth when they ask this question, and they are asking it usually to assess the degree to which you were involved in the experience. If discussing research, explain the hypothesis that was being tested, the experiments that were conducted to test the hypothesis, and your role in conducting the experiments or generating the resulting posters or academic manuscripts.

    It is worth mentioning, if you cannot talk intelligently about a given experience, or you exaggerate about it on your application, this is where it may hurt your chances. When completing your application, remember that at some point during the interview season you will likely be sitting across from a physician with the power to grant or deny your admission to medical school, and your ability to honestly and intelligently describe your application will directly impact your chances of attending medical school.

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