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How To Answer Typical Interview Questions

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What Do You Know About This Organization


How to Answer: This is a similar question to the previous one, but you still might get both in one interview. Essentially, the interviewer wants to know whether you care enough about this position and the business to take the time to do your homework.

So do your homework! While this isnt a test, you should be aware of the businesss major initiatives, mission, and qualities. You should also look into all aspects of the business that are related to the position or function youll be performing. For example, if youre interviewing for a marketing role, make sure to look at all of the companys social media accounts.

Example: I understand that is one of the most world-renowned organizations of its kind. Youve successfully and have recently , which are very exciting.

Do You Prefer To Work On A Team Or Independently

Theres no right or wrong answer here, but you want to be diplomatic. Regardless of whether youre an extrovert or an introvert, its crucial your answer clearly shows that youre versatile. Share your preference, but also keep the role itself in mind. If youre an event planner, hopefully you like working with others.

For a great answer, include two positive examples: one in which you worked well with a group and another in which you worked well on a solo project.

I love working on a team. When I interned with XYZ Company, there were issues with a few fellow interns not getting along. I intervened, organized a social gathering for the group, and it really helped them put their differences aside. We finished the summer on a great note and came up with the best ideas by putting our heads together. At the same time, I enjoy working independently when necessary. In school, I prided myself on never missing an essay deadline. That was because Im able to put my head down and focus.

When Youre Balancing Multiple Projects How Do You Keep Yourself Organized

Employers want to understand how you use your time and energy to stay productive and efficient. Theyre also looking to understand if you have your own system for staying on track with the work beyond the companys schedules and workflow plans. Be sure to emphasize that you adhere to deadlines and take them seriously.

Discuss a specific instance when you stayed on track. Talk about the importance and urgency of the projects you were working on and how you allocated your time accordingly. Explain how you remain organized and focused on the job in front of you.

Example: Im used to juggling projects at my current job where Im often moving between coding one software program to another. I use the timeboxing technique to make sure theyre all on track, allocating time on my calendar for certain tasks. Ive found it really helps me prioritize what needs to get done first, and it holds me accountable for the more repetitive day-to-day tasks Im responsible for.

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What Would Your First 30 60 Or 90 Days Look Like In This Role

Your potential future boss wants to know that youve done your research, given some thought to how youd get started, and would be able to take initiative if hired. So think about what information and aspects of the company and team youd need to familiarize yourself with and which colleagues youd want to sit down and talk to. You can also suggest one possible starter project to show youd be ready to hit the ground running and contribute early on. This wont necessarily be the thing you do first if you do get the job, but a good answer shows that youre thoughtful and that you care.

Describe Your Top Three Soft Skills

How To Answer Common Interview Questions

Studies show that soft skills are just as important as hard skills especially in todays world. Soft skills include everything like communication skills, being a team player, being a self-motivator, etc.

How to Answer: Share three top soft skills that hiring managers would want to see. If you have the time, you may even want to share examples of how youve demonstrated those soft skills.

Example: I pride myself on my ability to communicate well, adapt to novel situations, and problem-solve when faced with unique challenges.

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How Do You Prepare For A Video Job Interview

The more time you spend preparing for a job interview, the better your chances of landing the job are.

The interviewing process can be difficult, especially with the current state of the job market. One hiring shift that has blown up over recent years is video interviewingwith no slow down in sight.

How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Career Goals

Having goals shows interviewers you care, are ambitious, and can think ahead. Having a plan for how youll achieve your goals demonstrates your self-motivation as well as organizational and time management skills. Finally, the fact that youve accomplished past goals youve set for yourself is proof of your ability to follow through. All together, these are indications that you can not only set and achieve goals of your own, but also help your prospective boss, team, and company do the same. To craft your answer, make sure you focus on one or two goals in detail, explain why the goals are meaningful, communicate what milestones are coming up, highlight past successes, and connect back to this job.

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What Are You Reading

How to Answer: This might seem random, but trust us, youll probably be asked this question at least once or twice during an interview. Employers want to know that youre intellectually curious, and this question will give them a window into your particular interests.

If youre binge-watching 3 shows on Netflix and havent opened a book in a month, youre not alone but make sure you think about the last book youve read or one of your favorites.

Example: Im currently reading , which fascinates me because .

How Quickly Do You Adapt To New Technology

Top 6 Common Interview Questions and Answers | Indeed Career Tips

Today, whether youre applying for a software engineering job, or as a cashier in a supermarket, youre going to need to use technology at least on some level.

Its very common for a company to adopt new tech – new point of service system, self check-out kiosks, customer management software, and whatever else.

So, you should be able to pick up new tech ASAP. Any new change shouldnt completely disrupt your work.

So, when answering this question, you should talk about how tech-savvy you are.

Possible answers:

  • Sample Answer:

Im pretty tech-savvy. Ive worked with a lot of different Point of Service systems so far, and have zero difficulties learning how to use new ones.

As a given, I own a PC, have used Office 365, and all the usual stuff.

  • Sample Answer 2:

Ive always been interested in tech. In fact, Im the type of person to actively seek out new software to help solve business problems at work.

Ive worked with 3 different Customer Management Software in the past, such as PipeDrive, SalesForce, and Zoho CRM.

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Why Did You Apply For This Position

When they ask why did you apply for this position? pick something specific that interested you. If you say you love their products, tell them why. Thats the key to giving a convincing answer to this job interview question.

Stay away from sounding like youre desperate, or that you want just any job. Yes, if you were laid off its okay to say that, but then re-focus the conversation on exactly what youre looking for in the next opportunity and why you feel their company might have it.

You need to sound like you want the RIGHT job and that youre being picky. Employers wont hire you if you dont demonstrate that you want to work for them in particular.

So its best to appear picky and selective in your job search. That means being clear about what you want in your next role.

Also, the best answers will stay away from negatives and complaints. Dont bad-mouth your current company or boss. Focus on the positives of the job youre applying for now.

  • Make them feel like youre interested in them for a specific reason
  • Show youve done your research and understand what the job involves
  • Phrase everything as a positive. Dont badmouth your current situation, just talk about what you hope to gain by coming to work for them .


Example answer 1:

Example answer 2:

Tell Me About A Time You Made A Mistake

Youre probably not too eager to dig into past blunders when youre trying to impress an interviewer and land a job. But talking about a mistake and winning someone over arent mutually exclusive, Moy says. In fact, if you do it right, it can help you. The key is to be honest without placing blame on other people, then explain what you learned from your mistake and what actions you took to ensure it didnt happen again. At the end of the day, employers are looking for folks who are self-aware, can take feedback, and care about doing better.

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Why Do You Want To Work For Us

The hiring manager is trying to get at your underlying motivations for wanting this job. Are you here just for a paycheck or do you see yourself becoming an integral part of the company and growing along with it? You need to show them that you want to become part of the family.

At the same time however, show how your wants coincide with their needs.

For a more thorough look at this question, read our why do you want to work for us blog post.

  • Talk about specific things you like about the company. Do your homework before and find out the needs of the company and talk about how youre passionate about fulfilling those needs.
  • Be complimentary. Most people enjoy being flattered.
  • Show how your strengths perfectly align with the job position and company culture.


  • Dont come off as a hired gun who may be gone in a few months.
  • Dont say because I need the money.

What Are Your Greatest Strengths

10 of the most common interview questions

Heres an opening to talk about something that makes you greatand a great fit for this role. When youre answering this question, think quality, not quantity. In other words, dont rattle off a list of adjectives. Instead, pick one or a few specific qualities that are relevant to this position and illustrate them with examples. Stories are always more memorable than generalizations. And if theres something you were hoping to mention because it makes you a great candidate, but you havent had a chance yet, this would be the perfect time.

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Questions About Why You Want The Job

Not only is the interviewer interested in why you want this particular job, they may also be checking to see why you want to work for this company and if youve done your homework. They want to know if you are interested enough in this position to research the organization and the job you have applied for.

The interviewer might ask:

  • What is it about our services or products that interests you?
  • Why did you apply for this job?
  • What do you know about our organization?
  • Why do you want to work for us?

To answer these questions:

  • Check out the company website
  • Read annual reports, news releases, and articles about the organization
  • Talk to people who know something about the organization
  • Find out more about what youll be doing on the job

Questions About How Committed You Are

The interviewer wants to know if you will stay at this job for a while. They want to be sure that the time and money it takes to train you will not be wasted. This is your chance to show them that you are committed.

The interviewer might ask:

  • Are you thinking of going back to school or to college?
  • What are your long-range goals?
  • Why have you changed jobs so often?

The best approach is to give answers that show:

  • You have career goals
  • Your goals are related to the position youre applying for, which will help show the interviewer that youre committed

Let the interviewer know you wont quit after a short time. Talk about how the job fits into your career plans, but be brief. Remember that interviewers are more interested in hearing about what you can do for the organization than what the organization can do for you.

If youve changed jobs many times, explain why you felt you had to. If you were fired, be honest and try not to get emotional. Tell the interviewer that you expect to stay longer in this job , and focus on the positive things youve learned from your past jobs.

Then change the focus by asking a question. For example, you could say that youre looking for a position that gives you the chance to develop. Then ask the interviewer if youll have a chance to do that in this job.

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Questions About Your Fit With The Companys Culture

Culture fit may be one of the most important aspects an employer looks at when it comes to assessing whether you will work out as an employee over the long term. The interviewer wants to make sure you fit in with the other employees, and that the companys values make sense for you.

But culture fit is about more than whether the interviewer likes you.

The interviewer might ask:

  • Are you willing to relocate? Retrain? Travel? Work alone?
  • Can you work under pressure?
  • How do you handle failure?
  • What kind of supervisor do you prefer?
  • What would you do if…?
  • Do you have any questions?

If youre willing to do whats needed , say so and explain why youll be good at it. If youre unwilling to do these things, be honest.

When youre asked about handling failure, chose a real failure that you can speak openly about. Talk about how you fixed the situation and what you learned. Interviewers understand that everyone experiences failures. You want to show that you know how to move forward positively when you stumble.

For questions about the kind of supervisor you prefer or your personal work preferences, answer tactfully and honestly. Don’t use bad experiences at past jobs as an example of what you don’t like. Instead, think about how you would have liked that experience to have been and make that your answer.

What Would You Consider Your Greatest Strengths & Weakness

Top Interview Tips: Common Questions, Body Language & More

This is a popular interview question

Following are 4 sample answers

Sample answer #1

My strength is my ability to convert negative work environment into positive. At the same time, developing a supportive team. I am also capable of keeping many projects on track and ensuring deadlines are met. As far as my weakness is concerned, I get impatient sometimes in order to get everything done very quickly. To tackle the problem, I am trying to re-consider the to-do list and prioritize the tasks.

Sample answer #2

I am very comfortable working with different groups of people. My strength is my analytical and planning skills, developed over the years. It helps me to complete my work before the deadline. I am a little bit nervous while speaking in a group, but I have given many presentations to overcome this.

Sample answer #3

I am efficient in many programming languages, including HTML, C++, Java, and AppleScript. I have generated over 100% excess revenue for two separate companies through cost-cutting programming efficiency, and I have leadership experience with a team of five IT professionals working on some of the popular iPhone apps online. As far as weakness is concerned, I have a tendency to remain quiet in meetings, but I am working on speaking up when I feel I have ideas to share.

Sample answer #4

Im a highly motivated person. I dont stop until I get things done. I value other peoples time and the companys resources. I work to become an asset, not a liability.


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What Type Of Work Environment Do You Prefer

Be sure to do your homework on the organization and its culture before the interview. Your research will save you here. Your preferred environment should closely align to the companys workplace culture . For example, you may find on the companys website that they have a flat organizational structure or that they prioritize collaboration and autonomy. Those are key words you can mention in your answer to this question.

If the interviewer tells you something about the company that you didnt uncover in your research, like, Our culture appears buttoned-up from the outside, but in reality, its a really laid-back community with little competition among employees, try to describe an experience youve had that dovetails with that. Your goal is to share how your work ethic matches that of the organizations.

Example: That sounds great to me. I like fast-paced work environments because they make me feel like Im always learning and growing, but I really thrive when Im collaborating with team members and helping people reach a collective goal as opposed to competing. My last internship was at an organization with a similar culture, and I really enjoyed that balance.

Are You A Team Player

Wherever youre applying, the answer to this question should be a Yes!

Even if youre applying for a completely solo role, chances are, youre still going to have to work in a team occasionally.

Wed recommend being very specific about your answer here – dont just say yes. Give the interviewer an exact example of when you excelled at working with a team.

Possible answers:

  • Sample Answer 1:

Im much better at working in a team than alone, actually. Thats what I love about working in advertising – everyone has their own specific type of a creative spark, and when you combine it all, magic happens!

Im good at both leading and following in terms of creativity and brainstorming. Im also super receptive to others ideas, and do my best to help them execute it without nay-saying or criticism.

  • Sample Answer 2:

Yep, definitely. I excel at team-work.

This one time while working at , I was assigned to an existing team working on a web application for a business process management company.

They were working on a tight deadline, and needed help on the API side.

I optimised their development cycles and oversaw a team of three developers while collaborating with the other two dev teams.

Everything went pretty well, and we managed to finish the project on time.

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