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How To Ask For References After Interview

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Ask Politely And Be Aware Of How Youre Being Received

Tips for handling the reference stage of the interview

If its been awhile since youve communicated with a potential reference, connect the dots between the past and the present, including what you worked on together and where you are in your current career path. Providing your resume is an easy way to do this. Always give your potential reference an option to decline by using language like, Would you feel comfortable being a reference for me? or, I understand your time is valuable, so dont hesitate to let me know if this isnt a good time. If they show any hesitation, gracefully back out of the invitation and move down your list to the next option. Its better to preserve the relationship in the long run.

Reference Request Email Template

Fill in the blanks, make some small adjustments to suit your situation, and youve got yourself a great reference request email.

Subject Line: Reference Request

Hello ,

I hope youre doing well and everything is great at .

Im writing because Ive been applying for roles at , and Id be thrilled if I could put you down as a reference. You came to mind because of . Naturally, I thought youd be a great person to speak to my .

From my job search experience so far, I see that hiring managers value . Specifically, Im hoping that you can speak to my and how I stand out from other candidates thanks to my talent for . In particular, I believe that speaking about our work together on would be impressive for recruiters.

Please let me know if youre able to act as my reference. If you are, let me know your preferred contact information and method, as well as any other details you need from me. Ive attached my resume and a few of the job descriptions for you to refer to.

If you agree, I believe that will contact you around .

No pressure if your schedule is busy or you dont feel comfortable acting as my reference. Thank you for your time and considering serving as my reference, and let me know any time I can return the favor.

Warm regards,

Should You Provide References On A Job Application

I dont recommend providing references on job applications for the reasons mentioned above. Its simply too soon to allow each employer to call your references.

Dont be afraid to push back here. Any in-demand job candidate with great references isnt going to let employers call them after a simple job application. So youre positioning yourself as a strong candidate by pushing back here!

Simply assure employers that you have references ready, but then say that you want to explore the job opportunity to see if its a good potential match first.

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When To Provide A Reference

For most jobs, a reference is a crucial aspect of the vetting process. For some, though, its not incredibly important, and theyre not very interested in checking references. Because you cant be sure which one the job youre looking for will be, have your references ready in case they ask.

A good general rule is to have your references printed out to bring to your job interview. Of course, if your potential employer asks for your references before that , you should supply it at that time.

Since the hiring process can go fast, have your references in line right away when you apply for the job. Dont wait for a potential employer to ask for it to start putting it together. Instead, follow our guide to getting killer references below.

How To Write An Email Requesting A Reference

Sample Follow Up Email After Interview:

Youve come up with a list of relevant professionals who know your work habits. The next step is how to ask for a reference from them.

  • Request with advanced notice. Life is hectic. Adding on everything that could potentially come with being someones reference is no easy choice.

    Your reference may need to do anything from a simple phone conversation to writing out a recommendation letter. Be sure to send your request email with ample time for them to decide and prepare for giving you an enthusiastic reference.

  • Use a professional email format. Even if you know your previous employer very well, its best practice to keep a professional email format when sending a recommendation request. This should include:

  • A direct and simple subject line

  • Your contact details

  • The recipients contact details

  • Introduce the situation. After making the initial hi, how are you introduction, begin your request. This should bring them up to speed as to why theyre reading your email in the first place.

    Explain the position youre applying for, and that youre asking their permission to be a reference for you. It should be a polite explanation no longer than a paragraph.

  • Provide all information they may need. Before closing your reference request email, make sure that youve included everything the referee could possibly need.

    Your email should contain:

  • Tracy KawaCEO Kawa Community Partners Brand Ambassador ASPCC

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    Talk To The Right People

    For the employer to get an accurate picture of how the candidate performs in a professional environment, the reference check provider has to ideally be a supervisor or manager those who can speak knowledgeably about the applicants performance, communication, cultural fit and work ethic, says Maligaspe.

    Example Of How To Ask Someone To Be A Reference

    Many people first ask someone to be a reference through email. This lets you attach or provide links to useful documents such as your resume and the job description. Here is an example of a reference request email:

    Subject line: Jackie Cook: Reference Request

    Dear Dr. Devon Hart,

    I am currently applying for a job as Marketing Assistant at Carlyle Media Group and would be honored if I could list you as a reference. After working together for two years at Blue Sky Publishing, I believe you can testify to my skills and experience in the media and marketing industry.

    I have attached my resume and a description of the Marketing Assistant position here for your review. Please let me know if you need any more information. Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely,Jackie Cook555-354-0045

    If you ask someone to be a reference in a letter, follow a similar outline, but organize it in business letter format. This format includes your name and contact information at the top of the page, followed by the date, your references name and contact information.

    If you ask someone to be a reference over the phone or in person, the conversation will be more flexible. Still, give your reference the same information you would list in an email request, but let the conversation guide you.

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    How To List Relationship On References

    When listing job references, add a note after each persons name to indicate whether you have a professional or personal relationship. For professional references, also indicate whether the person was your manager or simply a peer/colleague. Next, indicate whether each professional reference is somebody at your current employer or someone from a former company.

    See below for examples of how to list relationship on references:

    • Personal reference
    • Professional reference

    What Do Previous Employers Disclose In A Reference Check

    References For Job Search. Who To Ask & Why You Need Reference Letters.

    When a prospective employer calls your previous company, your previous company will likely only disclose limited info such as:

    • Current employment status
    • Start and end dates of employment
    • Job title held

    Your former employers probably wont even share your reason for leaving, whether you resigned from the job or were fired for performance or other reasons.

    Past employers are typically careful not to share this info out of fear of lawsuits.

    However, while the info that previous employers disclose is quite limited, an individual who you provide as a reference can share much more information.

    So lets talk about what your employer will ask your individual references next

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    References Available Upon Request

    For the most part, you will not be expected to provide full references on your CV. Instead, we recommend simply stating, References available upon request at the end of the document. If you include references available upon request in your resume, or one of any number of similar phrases, you show that you have relevant referees available, but you have control over when they will be contacted.

    Furthermore, by writing the phrase references available instead of including their contact details in every resume you send, you maintain your referees privacy until a specific employer requests their contact information.

    So, our advice is to put references available at the bottom of the page, rather than taking up valuable real estate space on your resume by listing your referees full details. Just make sure you do genuinely have suitable references ready to supply when asked.

    What To Do After The Interview

    Use these seven key steps to follow up successfully and get the job you want.

    1. Find out what happens next

    When closing the interview ask for information about the next stage in the hiring process. Ask when you can contact the company to find out the status of your application.

    It also demonstrates a proactive, professional approach. You now have a time frame in which to plan your job interview follow up strategy.

    2. Get all the necessary contact information

    Make sure you have the full name and title of the interviewer plus his/her contact details. Ask for a business card or get it from reception. Find out from Human Resources after the interview if you forget!

    You need this information for your interview thank you letter and to make the follow up call. Know who you should contact to find out about your application after the interview – it isn’t always the interviewer.

    3. Revisit the interview

    Assess what happened in the job interview and jot down notes. What were positive areas that you can reinforce and what areas need to be addressed further?

    Use these details to write a thank you letter that is well considered and relevant to the specific job interview.

    4. Write and send a thank you letter

    The reality is that a large percentage of job interview candidates neglect this vital step in the interview follow up process.

    If you prefer to send a follow up email use these sample email thank you letters

    5. Contact your job references

    6. Time to make the call

    7. Keep looking

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    Dont Provide References On Job Applications

    Since you dont want to give references too early , you should not provide a list of references on an application form, either.

    Instead, put a note indicating that you have multiple personal and professional references that youre ready to provide, however, youd like to speak first to ensure that the position is a potential good match.

    Its okay to say that you dont give references before having an interview.

    If youre worried about losing out on job interviews when you apply for jobs, you could list names and positions, but no contact info. That way, the employer or recruiter sees that you have references ready to go, but understands youd like to have a real interview first.

    Heres a sample of providing a reference with this approach:

    Reference Name: Bethany Jones

    Relationship: Professional reference

    Email: Will be provided after job interview

    Phone number: Will be provided after job interview

    You’re An Intern Who’s Taken On A Number Of Additional Responsibilities

    Pin by Kristen

    TopResume career expert Amanda Augustine told Business Insider that it’s important for interns looking for a full-time offer to demonstrate that they’re capable of more than busy work.

    If you’ve already done this, it’s a good omen.

    “If your role has evolved and you’re taking on greater responsibility, it’s a sign you’ve proven your value to your boss and can be trusted to handle bigger projects,” Augustine said. “While this doesn’t guarantee a full-time job offer upon graduation, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.”

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    How To Ask Someone To Be Your Reference

    Key takeaways:

    • Always ask before including someone as a reference.

    • Send a polite email or call them on the phone, offering a few details about the request including timelines.

    • After your reference agrees, send them your updated resume and details about the position.

    • Follow up in a timely manner, thanking them for their reference.

    At some point during your job search, you may be asked to provide a list of references. You might provide this as you fill out a job application or later during the interview phase.

    Employers rely on these referencesas well as professional background checksto fact-check your resume or interview answers. For this reason, you should be sure to include credible references who can speak positively to your qualities and experience. You should also let these people know that you are applying for jobs and listing them as references so they can prepare. In this article, youll learn how to choose references and how to ask someone to be a reference with examples.


    What Are Pats Biggest Weaknesses Is There Any Area Where They Would Need Additional Support In Their First 90 Days

    This question serves a dual purpose. As Pats prospective manager, you need to know how to make Pat successful in a new role. The question may also help you determine whether Pat is coachable. If the reference gives you an answer that is a little cliché say, Pat works too hard or they care too much find out whats underneath it. Does Pat come to work exhausted? Does Pat seem low on energy? If you get a thoughtful answer here and then offer Pat a job, you will have a big head start with insights that might have taken you months or even years to acquire otherwise.

    The other purpose of this question is to surface any reasons why you may want to rethink Pat as part of your team. For example, if Pats former boss says Pat would really benefit from some anger management classes, you might want to consider ending your interview early and moving on to Candidate B.

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    What To Include In Your Follow

    Promote your candidacy. Use your follow-up note to reiterate your interest in the job and the company.

    Tell the interviewer why you are qualified. Highlight your relevant skills that are specific to the job’s requirements. Show the company that you’re a match.

    What did you forget to say? Mention anything you wish you had said, but didn’t, during the interview. This is an opportunity to bring up anything relevant that you didn’t get a chance to discuss.

    Clean up interview mistakes. If you misspoke during your interview or answered a question poorly, your thank-you note is a good place to rephrase and clarify what you intended to say.

    Include your contact information. Make it easy for the interviewer to get back in touch by including your phone number and email address in your correspondence.

    What Are Pats Greatest Strengths

    Do Employers Check References?

    The answer to this question will allow you to calibrate your impressions based on Pats resume, interviews, and work samples with those of someone who has worked alongside Pat. Youll also have a chance to see how the response lines up with Pats self-assessment, which may offer a clue to Pats self-awareness and allow you to calibrate other answers.

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    I Dont Have Any References What Should I Do

    If you have no prior work experience or internships, then its normal to not have any professional references. You can use personal references. Consider asking professors/teachers for letters of recommendation, asking family friends, former coaches and anyone else who can vouch for your character and work ethic.

    However, if youve held a job, its expected that you can get at least one or two former coworkers to provide a reference. If not, its a serious red flag to most employers.

    So, I recommend reading this article on who to use as a reference and coming up with a few names you can call and ask to be your reference.

    Now that weve covered some basics of providing references for a job, lets talk about the right time to share references, because many employers ask too early and I do not recommend providing references before speaking to the employer.

    Ill explain why below.

    It Depends On The Size And Type Of The Organization

    The size and type of an organization may affect the job offer speed.

    • If its a government, government agency, or very large corporation The time frame from reference check to job offer could be weeks or months.
    • If its a small organization, small business, or independent franchise They may not even do a reference check, or it may only take a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days.

    Karl Hughes


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    When And How To Provide Job References

    You gave a great cover letter and resume, nailed the interview, and even sent a thank you note. Before you get the job, though, theres just one more important factor.

    Your references.

    Many job seekers have a lot of questions about the best way to provide a job reference. Some people are intimidated at the prospect of asking someone to be their reference. Others arent sure who to ask.

    Dont worry, weve got you covered. Heres what you need to know about references to land that next job.

    Professional Vs Personal References

    Interview Request Letter

    Professional references are people who have seen your work first-hand and have been colleagues, bosses, or supervisors in past jobs. . If youre an entry-level candidate, then your professional references can be professors/teachers.

    On the other hand, personal references are people you know personally. This could be a former sports coach, family friend, or any other personal contact who can speak to your character and personality traits

    When choosing personal references for a job, pick people who know you well and like you. Theyll be able to speak highly of your character and personality traits, which will help you get hired.

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