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How To Become An Interview Coach

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Stop The Comparison Game

How to Prepare for an Instructional Coach Interview
  • Recognize your triggers and label them. This is a great way to stop feelings of comparison before they start.
  • Keep a gratitude jar. Place a note inside of one thing you feel grateful for each day. Read them all at the end of the week.
  • Set limits for all of your social media appseach day. This is a deep well of compare and despair for most of us. If you find yourself exceeding your limits, remove the apps from your phone altogether.
  • Use comparison as motivation to improve. If youre envious of what someone else has, examine that, and, if its healthy motivation, use it as a guide for what you want.
  • Volunteer your time to a community organization. Through an experience helping others, youll often have more appreciation for your own progress, life, career, and more.

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What Are Your Off

Interviewers are often interested in finding out how you plan your off-season, which can be just as important as in-season strategies. Your potential employer may have expectations of their own regarding players’ off-season habits, so make sure you can back up your decision if your choices differ.

Example:”Ideally, I would like my players to continue practicing their skills during the off-season, whether on their own, with friends or as part of a club. I do understand that they may have other commitments, so I would at least like them to maintain a regular exercise routine. As we get closer to the start of the season, I host open-gym sessions to provide an opportunity for them to practice and get back into the team mindset.”

How Much Can You Earn As A Career Coach

How much money does a career coach make?

Most career coaches charge around $100-500/hour.

But theres a lot of room to increase your rates when you start getting results.

Think about it:

You help your clients achieve their career goals. That means more personal fulfillment, but also more money in their pockets. Not just now, but for years to come.

In fact, some of my clients charge $10,000 for a 3-month coaching program.

To make the process of starting a career coaching business as easy as possible for you, I recommend my clients to start out with a 3-month coaching program and price it at $1,500.

This helps you get confident about your coaching pricing and quickly increase your rates.

Want more on setting your rates? I talk more about your pricing options in this video:

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Hiring An Interview Coach

Once you have decided to invest in your career and hire an interview coach, it is time to figure out the best match for you.

Remember that you will get what you pay for with your choice, and it is essential to ensure that your chosen interview coach has the experience and credentials to help you land your dream job.

Amy at Career Marketing Centre has years of experience and comes to you with all the awards and credentials possible. Shes so successful in this regard that she has now been named as awards judge for the 2021 Awards of Excellence from the Career Professionals of Canada.

When you choose Career Marketing Centre for your interview coaching and resume writing needs, you get the best the industry offers. Contact Career Marketing Centre today to learn more about what we can do for you!

What Can I Expect When Working With One

Interview Coaching Mock Interview with former Corporate ...

Many interview coaches will set up a free consultation with you to start. In this consultation or through a survey, you will be asked how you will be interviewed , the type of interview you are having , more about the role, and your feelings surrounding interviewing.

From there, your coach will schedule an in-person or video session. Coaches typically go over your concerns about interviewing, coach you through those challenges, and then conduct your mock interview. Everything can be done in a single one- to two-hour session, but if you have multiple interviews scheduled, they can schedule additional coaching / mock interview sessions.

Finally, they will follow up with you after your interview to find out how it went, discuss any feedback you received, and encourage you.

To get the most out of your experience, schedule your coaching session at least a few days before your interview so you have time to practice the feedback and ask additional questions, if needed.

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What Is A Career Coach

A career coach specializes in helping other professionals find work when they’re unemployed or helping them advance within their career. Career coaches can provide guidance on many job-oriented topics, from job searching to interviewing to earning promotions. They may work with clients across industries, or they may focus on a specific industry, using their knowledge and connections to provide expert advice.


Interview Coaching: Is It Really Worth The Money

HomeBlogInterview Coaching: Is it really worth the money?

As weve discussed before, a stellar resume can cost a chunk of change and exactly why you need to consider it an investment in your future. Allow me to remind you of this quote by Austin Kiplinger:

Look at your career as your primary investment. Keep your earning power at its highest level. The money you spend doing this will return more to you than all other investments you are likely to make. You are your own best investment!

Part of that investment may be in the form of interview coaching services. If you aspire to move your career forward, you may ask yourself, Should I hire an interview coach? Youve got the perfect resume thats practically guaranteed to get you the big interview. And you believe youre ready to totally rock that interview.

So do I need interview coaching services? Are they really worth it? you ask yourself. Its an important question that only you can answer and an important decision to make for your career.

Look at it this way . . .

No one in the sporting world would ever consider competing without a coach. Its unheard of. Even if its just a mentor or merely an advisor an athlete is not an island, no matter how much talent he or she possesses. The best athletes in the world dont see the question as relevant. In other words, its a no-brainer.

If you follow the logic, it certainly makes sense to pursue the services of an interview coach. Lets talk about the definition of a coach.

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Next Step: Figure Out What Problem You *most* Want To Solve

Im going to list some choices for you below, to help you figure out who you most want to serve in terms of career coaching.

Choices 1-3 work best for coaches interested in just selling directly to individuals, and choices 3-5 work best for those interested in contracting with companies as a coach.

Nothing is written in stone here, so dont get upset if you see a different path for yourself.

Also note that for ease Im using generalities for each choice, but I think you get the idea :).

Choice #1: Helping people find their passion, or a new career.

Choice #2: Helping people find a new job this is different from finding an entirely new career, as you are primarily focused on the job search itself.

Choice #3: Helping people get promoted/excel at their current job.

Choice #4: Helping teams become better, more productive, more collaborative.

Choice #5: Helping leaders and executives be amazing, less-stressed, more effective.

How Do I Know If The Coach Is The Right Fit For Me

Become an Enneagram Coach: Interview with Spiritual Director, Katie H.

Ask for a free consultation to get an idea of what working with the coach will be like: Are you comfortable talking to them? Do they provide insightful answers to your questions? Are they present in the conversation or do you feel rushed? What is their process and timeline?

Another way to know whether a coach is right for you is whether they specialize.

For example, I specialize in helping people transition their careers, so helping someone talk about their transferable skills and nailing the dreaded tell me about yourself is my sweet spot.

However, I have less experience with technical interviews, so while I can give you feedback on how you answer technical questions, Im not able to completely gauge the accuracy of your answers, so a technical interview coach may be a better fit for you.

The questions below can also help you vet a potential coach.

Ask what their success rate is in supporting their clients in securing job offers. You should be searching for a coach with a success rate thats over 75 percent.

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Who Do You Want To Work With

First, you need to figure out who YOU want to work with.

#1: Individuals. Youre hired by individuals to help them achieve their career goals. If youre in it because you love helping people find their dream careers and get paid more, this model is a great option.

#2: Companies. You work directly with a company to help its employees. If you love helping people develop skills and building team culture, this could be the model for you.

Once you know what type of client you want to work with, the next step is to determine your target audience.

Ask yourself:

Is there are specific target market you want to work with?

Maybe millennials, women, minorities, baby boomers, or someone else?

Whichever target market you look at, keep this in mind:

Who has the ABILITY and WILLINGNESS to pay?

For example:

A newly graduated and currently unemployed college graduate might not have the ability to pay.

And sometimes, people lack the willingness to pay, even if they have money to spend.

I talk more about it in this video:

Why I Decided To Become An Interview Coach

by lewis

Ive always wanted to give back to the community. Im not handy around the house, and while I enjoy my cooking, Im not sure if others feel the same way. Thus, I crossed off volunteer work at a soup kitchen or Habitat for Humanity from the list.

a candidate can have the best skills and work experience in the world completely different and novel but if that person cant explain it to others, it doesnt matter.

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Its Time To Get Into Peak Interview Shape

To Become Excellent, You Need a Sparring Partner. With Peak Performance Interview Coaching youll become a top priority candidate for recruiters and a must-hire candidate for employers.

I can sincerely state that you helped to radically change and improve the fundamentials of my interviewing approach in executive job search as well as my self presentation. Thanks again for your professional coaching and serving as a sparring partner.Russian investment banking executive, 2015

Having Rainer prepare me for three interview rounds pretty much felt like having a spy working for you behind enemy lines, as he will try to find out those small details about the company that will help you excel in the job interview. This is one of the ways you come to understand his playbook and tactics in order to get his clients the best possible deals.Latin American Robotics Executive, 2011

Working Hours And Conditions

Academic Coach Interview Questions

Career coaches typically work from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. But, in some circumstances, they may have to work past 5pm. In community learning facilities, for example, these coaches usually work with clients who only have time in the evenings and during weekends for one-to-one appointments.

Career coaches may work in a variety of settings, but they usually spend their time in an office environment where they conduct private interviews with clients, or in classrooms or boardrooms where they hold group sessions.

The job may involve a bit of travel, especially for career coaches who are contracted by organisations to coach their employees.

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A Simple Marketing Plan For Your Career Coaching Business

So how do you get your first client?

You might be thinking:

Why would anyone want to hire me to help them with their careers?

You know what? There are plenty of people who would love to work with you.

But its your job to find them.

How? You could:

  • Let your network know that youre starting a business.
  • Go to networking events.

Because youre a brand new coach, people dont know HOW amazing you are.

So to get your first clients, you need to show them how much their lives could change for the better if they hire you as their career coach.

And to do this, offer them a free coaching session. This is a short, 20-30-minute session.

During your call, focus on ONE thing you can help them with.

At the end of the call, you simply ask:

How was this call?

And when they say they loved it , you say:

Imagine how much we could get done in the next 3-months. Would you like to talk more about how we can work together so you achieve your desired results?

Thats it! Its that simple.

Can You Really Get Career Coaching Clients

But wait Isnt career coaching a saturated market?

Isnt it impossible to get clients?

Yes, there are a lot of career coaches out there.

But think about the size of the market- there are many people who want to move up in their careers throughout their 40+ years in the workforce.

Plus, other career coaches dont have the experience YOU have to offer. More on this in Chapter 2.

The trick is to know how to position your offer to be among the highest earners in this industry. And thats what youll learn in this guide.

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What Are Your Core Values As A Coach

Interviewers ask this question to learn what kind of leader you are and how your values align with their organization. It also shows them the ways you will serve as a positive role model for your athletes. Keep your response brief by focusing on two or three values, explaining their importance to you and providing examples of how you implement them.

Example:”Two of my core values are commitment and teamwork. I expect athletes to show up to practices and games prepared and on time. This proves to me that they are engaged and want to be on the team. I hold myself to the same expectations, which shows them that I am equally committed.

I also value teamwork and cooperation, so I expect teammates to build strong relationships with one another. To do this, I incorporate collaborative drills and exercises during practice. I make sure to illustrate relationship-building by treating everyone with respect and listening to their concerns.”

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How To Find A Professional Coach

How To Become A Digital Coach & Make Money | Interview with Siddharth Rajsekar

Now that youre ready to hone your interview skills, you should start searching for a coach that fits your needs. Fortunately, there are many ways to find an ideal coach for you.

First and foremost, it may be helpful to do your own research around the web. Utilizing sites such as the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches website can guide you in your search. Keep in mind that career coaches are typically also trained as interview coaches, so they may fit your needs as well.

Here are some tips on how to find your ideal interview coach:

  • Look for personal referrals from friends, relatives, and colleagues

  • Search through the websites of professional associations

  • Request free initial consultations with different coaches

  • Research the credentials of counselors youre considering

  • Know your schedule and what dates will work for you

Remember to be aware of your circumstances. You should consider your budget and the fees of a particular interview coach. Sometimes coaches only require a one-time fee, and sometimes they require an ongoing monthly fee. Consider these costs and be knowledgeable about what you can afford.

For example, if youre in college, the campus career services office may provide free or discounted interview coaching. However, if youre not in school, you may have to look elsewhere for affordable options.

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An Instructional Guide To Becoming An Nfl Coach

Join the MMQB team to learn how to become an NFL Head Coach and more

With our four-step process, its never been easier to live out your dream of leading one of the 32 NFL franchises onto the field on autumn Sundays. Jenny and Conor run through everything you need to know to get started on your head-coaching career:

  • Getting your name in the news cycle
  • Learning how to ace an interview with a team owner

How Do You Improve An Underperforming Team

Once again, this depends on the sport and the particular needs of the team. A valid answer would be:

  • I would analyze the team, see what’s working and what needs improvement.
  • I would set goals for the team and for each athlete.
  • I would then work directly with the staff to improve the team on a player-by-player basis.
  • We would work on fitness as well as tactical aspects of the game.

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What Does An Interview Coach Do

An interview coach takes in people who are not confident about their interview skills and gives them the tools required to ace every kind of interview. Their work, however, is not just dependent on skill transference and building.

A majority part of their work is also dependent on mindset management. One of the most critical roles that they play is to help understand their clients that they are indeed worthy enough to nail any and all interviews.

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