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How To Boost Confidence Before An Interview

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7-Steps to Increase Your Self-Confidence Before a Job Interview

Id like you to use your imagination for a minute youre a soldier going into battle. On your belt, easily accessible, you have a number of essential pieces of kit to keep you alive: ammunition, grenades, bayonet, medical kit, water and radio. At some point, youll need to use all these items if youre to survive and win.

You can draw a clear comparison here with the challenge youre going to be facing. Whereas the soldier is going into battle, you are going into an interview. Sure, its not a life and death situation but it does matter. So, on your belt you have your own essential pieces of kit to support you: eyes, posture, walk, hands and facial expression. Just like the soldier, its essential that you use all of these physical traits in order to win. Winning for you is being offered the job.

So how do you make the most of the equipment you have available?

Know How To Be Confident:

You must also learn how to be confident if you want to come across like that during an interview. It is about speaking without any sort of hesitation. You should make eye contact and be able to turn questions into statements. Your answers should be good and sensible enough to impress others. Be honest and show that you are here to learn and are willing to make changes in places that are needed. When you are being asked about your weaknesses, mention them and speak about how you are trying to change them. That is what confident people do.

The Ultimate Guide To Interview Confidence

Want to give your best performance at your next interview? Want to come across as confident, charismatic and assertive? This Guide will help you do just that.

Its divided into two Steps.

Step One will help you to prepare mentally, believe in yourself, be positive and feel motivated.

Step Two is designed to show you how to be remembered for the right reasons.

The Ultimate Guide to Interview Confidence is full of useful techniques and tips to give you the best possible chance of succeeding at interviews. Ive already helped hundreds of people to find the confidence they needed to succeed. Now I want to share my knowledge to help you.

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How To Boost Your Confidence Before A Job Interview

Confidence can help you land an IT job once you have the skills.

Nervous about your upcoming IT job interview? You are not alone. Its important to boost your confidence so you can show what you know in the interview situation and impress the hiring team. Fortunately, there are many ways to boost confidence before an interview. Here are some of the best ideas.

How Can I Motivate Myself Before An Interview


Words of encouragement for a job interview

  • “All your hard work will pay off. …
  • “As you go into this interview, understand that fate is in your hands. …
  • “No matter what happens, use it as an experience to grow from. …
  • “Use all your assets to help you accomplish your goal. …
  • “Don’t be nervous, you have great potential.
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    Why Its Important To Be Confident In An Interview

    The purpose of a job interview is to give employers a peek at who you are as a person and an employee. Its your chance to tell your story directly to them, without the fussiness of resumes and cover letters.

    Since the purpose is to be YOU, employers want to see that youre confident about who you are as an employee. I know, I know, its easier than it sounds, but its important.

    You dont have to be Miss America confident to rock it either, its okay if you doubt yourself. But, in your interview, you dont want those doubts to show.

    You ARE an amazing person, and its important you remind yourself of that before you walk into your job interview.

    Thats the key to having confidence in interviews: believing in your awesomeness!

    Be Kind To Yourself Before The Interview

    Its important to speak to yourself with compassion, like a best friend, and dispel any critical thoughts that stand in your way, adds Connell. Dont be afraid to sell yourself. People worry about appearing arrogant but the interview panel are not mind readers and do not automatically know what you have to offer, so it is up to you to tell them.

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    Plan Your Opening Response

    Considering the importance of your first impression, as well as your own nerves in the beginning of the interview, it’s a good idea to carefully plan your opening. If you can ace the first question, it will build your confidence for the rest of the interview.

    Most interviews start the same way: some small talk and banter, followed by some version of, “Tell me about yourself.” This open-ended question is a great way for you to take control of your story and start building the case for why you’re perfect for this job. Start by offering a brief overview of your career history, including why this field called to you and some of the successes you’ve had. Be sure to connect the dots about the job moves you’ve made and why. Finish by describing what you want next, and why you’re especially suited to this role.

    On the surface, the interviewer just wants to learn more about you and what you want. Beyond that is a second test: whether you can concisely talk about yourself without rambling and including unnecessary details, and show through your words and body language that you are a fit.

    Immerse Yourself In Positivity

    5 interview confidence-building tips you forgot

    Right before the interview, listen to uplifting music, watch motivational YouTube videos, or read inspirational quotes, says A.J. Marsden, associate professor of human services and psychology at Beacon College. These types of primes can help boost your mood and your self-confidence, she says.

    Recalling positive memories literally causes us to experience positive emotions, which makes us feel good, she says. Positive memories cause the brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter in our brain that is responsible for feeling pleasure and helping us think and plan. A big dump of dopamine right before an interview can improve mood, decrease stress and anxiety, and increase self-confidence.

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    In This Piece We Speak To Lewis Maleh Ceo Of Bentley Lewis To Get His Advice On How To Boost Your Interview Confidence In Just Four Simple Steps

    Lewis is an executive recruitment expert and the founder and CEO of Bentley Lewis, an award-winning global boutique executive search firm. He is one of the leading global minds on whats next in the workplace, how hiring and attracting talent is evolving, and what people are really looking for from work. He shares his expert insights as a global speaker and host of The Recruitment Show and Dont take out your phone!.

    Tackle The Tough Question Head

    You need a plan to tackle the elephant in the room, or else it will eat at your confidence before, during and after the interview. Know your perceived weakness the thing that may raise an interviewer’s eyebrow and prepare to address it head-on.

    In the case of frequent job-hopping, yes, it will likely be a red flag but not an automatic elimination. Be transparent, and focus on the positive. You could acknowledge that you’ve worked at several places that weren’t the right fit, but say you’ve learned X, Y and Z along the way and are now looking to settle in for the long-term and put those skills to work.

    Your job is to ease the hiring manager’s fears. In this case, they may worry that you’ve been fired multiple times, that you run when things get hard or jump at any new opportunity. If you’re able to make a compelling case about your commitment to this job, they are more likely to want to invest in you.

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    For Virtual Interviews: Set The Stage And Grab Some Cheat Sheets

    If your interview is over the computer, make sure youre set up for success in the minutes before you log on. Test your camera and the lighting, grab a notebook and a glass of water, and use the bathroom, says Alvillar. Pull up your LinkedIn profile or your website or place a printout of your top accomplishments beside you where you can easily see them, Alvillar recommends.

    How Do I Use Job Interview Affirmations


    Using positive affirmations for job interviews is as easy as it seems, pick a comfortable spot to stand or sit, close your eyes, and repeat until youre feeling clear and confident!

    Some good spots to repeat affirmations are:

    • The bathroom mirror while youre getting ready
    • In your car before you walk into the job interview
    • When youre about to walk out your front door
    • While youre waiting to be called in
    • As you leave the interview

    I like saying interview affirmations out loud, but it also works to repeat them silently in your mind.

    It also helps to mix them up, so pick a few of your favorites from the list below and commit them to memory. You can also stick them on post-it notes on your mirror or write them in your planner!

    btw- have you been looking for a gorgeous new planner to get your ish together? Check out the stunning options at Ivory Paper Co!!

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    Prepare An Improvement For Their Product/service

    Every employer loves to see that you did your research and youve familiarised yourself with their product/service before coming to an interview. A great way to show this is by preparing a few bullet points on why you like/dislike something about their activities. This would depend on the position youre applying for. For example, if its a position, check their marketing channels and write down what you think works well and what could be improved. Remember to be humble when explaining your points. You might not have the full picture of why something worked or didnt.

    Practise Some Power Poses

    Probably a trick for the bathroom rather than the reception, but power poses can be a good way to boost your confidence and self-esteem right before a job interview. The idea of power posing comes from a TED talk from Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy gave in 2012, which said that power posing can alter testosterone and cortisone levels in the brain, instilling more confidence.

    While the jury is out on the scientific merit of power posing, the placebo effect alone may be enough to give you that extra injection of confidence you need and Im a big believer in doing what works for you. A simple power pose to try is the superhero pose: stand tall, with your hands on your hips, and your chin tilted up proudly for two minutes.

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    Want That Job 6 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In An Interview

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    Freelance Content Creator

    During an interview, self-confidence is key to success. Ideally, you want to show the interviewer that you trust in your abilities and consider yourself the perfect candidate for the position. Although showing confidence while under pressure is not easy, its not impossible either. We give you six key tips that will help you ace your interview.

    Burn Off Nervous Energy

    4 Simple Tips to Boost Your Confidence before A JOB INTERVIEW

    Whether you like to lift weights, ride a bike, or go for a light jog, schedule some time to sweat out your nerves before your interview, suggests Augustine.

    Exercise is a great way to burn off some nervous energy, so you dont bound into the interview with an overabundance of enthusiasm, she says. As an added bonus, the extra endorphins will help boost your mood and keep you in a positive state of mind.

    While they can feel uncomfortable in the moment, nerves can be a good sign during an interview. When you want to make a good impression, its natural to feel excited, says Hyatt. One of my mentors told me when the butterflies in your stomach are no longer fluttering, it might not be the right position for you.

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    Remember That It Is Just A Conversation There:

    When you are about to attend the interview, we would like you to think of it as just another conversation you are having with a person. It is a good way to know one another and see if there is a match of any kind. It could also be a bit like a blind date. Always remember that simple conversations are full of interrogation and you will be expected to answer. So make sure to give a good response. If you are feeling desperate about landing this and try to think of it as if your life is dependent on it, then it will not help you feel better at all.

    Prep Your Own Questions

    At the end of every job interview, employers will hand the reins over to you to ask them questions.

    This is important.

    Dont assume the interview is over and brush off this opportunity they want to hear the kind of questions you come up with.

    Having questions shows your interest and attentiveness- you should have questions anyways!

    This is a big decision on both sides, so you have the right to utilize this time. Prepare several questions beforehand, so you dont stumble during this moment. You dont have to ask all of them, but you want to have back ups in case any of them get answered during the interview.

    The best way to boost confidence during your job interview is by preparing, especially since asking questions is the part some interviewees get the most nervous about.

    Check out The 21 Best Questions to Ask in an Interview for more tips!

    Job interviews can be scary, but you dont have to let your nerves get the best of you! Prepare yourself by walking around in your outfit, thinking through answers to difficult questions, and doing a mock interview. And dont forget to interview with confidence by pumping yourself up with a pep talk!

    I hope these tips showed you how to be confident in an interview , so you can walk out of it with a job. Dont forget, youre amazing and more than capable of OWNING your interview!!

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    Prepare And Rehearse Answers Out Loud

    If you go into an interview with prepared answers for most questions, it takes the pressure off and you walk in confident youll know your stuff, says Cathy Lovell, student services manager for The Open University. To make sure youre well-equipped, rehearse potential interview answers with a friend.

    Look at the skills, experience, knowledge and personal qualities you have and think of examples showing how you developed these. Itll make all the difference to your confidence, adds Lovell.

    How To Build Self

    A great way to build your confidence for the interview is to practice ...

    Senior Mechanical Specialist | London’s Most Recommended Building Services Recruiters

    Lets suppose your CV has been shortlisted for an interview. Congratulations are in order. But before you high tail it towards the interview, its best to take a second and evaluate some criteria. Whats your emotional check-in? Jittery, irritated, scared, hysterical, or desperate? The best emotional and mental accessory to wear to your job interview is self-confidence. It is the key to unlocking most of your opportunities at every level of your career path.

    But when youre about to face a panel of intimidating engineering professionals who could be intent on grilling you for your next job, self-confidence may not always come naturally. It may take a conscious effort on your part to get yourself into a secure mode that enhances your mood and your experience in the interview room. If youre feeling odd before the session, here are a few tips to boost your confidence.

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    Set Up A Good Environment

    These days, many interviews are taking place in a virtual setting. If you are meeting the hiring manager via a virtual conference take time to create a peaceful interview environment. Make sure there isnt anything distracting behind you or in the frame of the webcam. Test your connection and ensure you have a good camera angle. You can also print out a few notes to keep nearby with questions you have, information about the company, and other helpful information. This can help you be more confident and calm during your conversation.

    Maintain Eye Contact Even If It Pains You

    When were feeling anxious, its all too easy to fall into the trap of staring at the ground while twiddling our thumbs. Begin by making eye contact to demonstrate confidence. Maintaining natural and consistent eye contact during your interview is a great approach to show confidence.

    Rather than creating intense or extended eye contact, try to maintain natural eye contact. When redirecting your attention to the potential employer, take a moment to review your résumé or any other materials you took with you to the interview.

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    Job Interview Tips To Boost Your Confidence

    Tatiana Rehmova

    A job interview is often the hardest part of a job searching process. It’s when you need to meet your potential employer and communicate your strengths as a candidate without showing a sign of uncertainty. Being on the other side, though, I can assure you that hiring managers often feel even more nervous than candidates. Theres usually a lot of pressure from higher up to hire the right person someone who is a good culture fit and will work hard to bring results.

    Knowing this might help you feel better, but in case it doesnt, I compiled a list of the best ten job interview tips to boost your confidence at your next job interview.

    Want to learn more?

    Take your soft skills to the next level with our comprehensive ebook!

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