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How To Crack Amazon Business Intelligence Interview

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Tips For Amazon Interview Preparation

Guide to Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview | process, questions, and tips.

Now that we know about the rich heritage of Amazon, its work culture, and Leadership Principles, I am sure that you are tempted to interview at Amazon and take a job! Here are a few tips which you can use to crack Amazon’s interview and get a job

  • Understand the Leadership Principles Well – As mentioned before, Amazonians take great pride as far as their Leadership Principles are concerned. Therefore, knowing about these principles and citing an instance or two where the candidate has applied them in real life will have a positive impact on the interviewers. This leaves an impression that the candidate is genuinely interested in working with the company.
  • Be Thorough with Data Structures and Algorithms – At Amazon, there is always an appreciation for great problem solvers. If you want to have a good impression of the interviewers, the best way is to prove that you have worked a lot on developing your logic structures and solving algorithmic problems. A good understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms and having one or two good projects always earn you brownie points with Amazon.
  • Q2 What Is The Process Of Data Analysis

    Data analysis is the process of collecting, cleansing, interpreting, transforming and modeling data to gather insights and generate reports to gain business profits. Refer to the image below to know the various steps involved in the process.

    Fig 1: Process of Data Analysis Data Analyst Interview Questions

    • Collect Data: The data gets collected from various sources and is stored so that it can be cleaned and prepared. In this step, all the missing values and outliers are removed.
    • Analyse Data: Once the data is ready, the next step is to analyze the data. A model is run repeatedly for improvements. Then, the mode is validated to check whether it meets the business requirements.
    • Create Reports: Finally, the model is implemented and then reports thus generated are passed onto the stakeholders.

    Q9 How To Represent A Bayesian Network In The Form Of Markov Random Fields

    To represent a Bayesian Network in the form of Markov Random Fields, you can consider the following examples:

    Consider two variables which are connected through an edge in a Bayesian network, then we can have a probability distribution that factorizes into a probability of A and then the probability of B. Whereas, the same network if we mention in Markov Random Field, it would be represented as a single potential function. Refer below:

    Fig 7:

    Fig 8: Representation of Bayesian Network in MRF Data Analyst Interview Questions

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    What Do You Understand By Bi Or What Is Bi

    BI stands for Business Intelligence. It is a technology-driven method that helps users analyze and visualize business data from thousands of data sources and share insights across their organization. It also provides important information that may help corporate executives, business managers, and other users make business decisions.

    What Are The Biggest Disadvantages Or Drawbacks Of Using Power Bi

    The Amazon Business Analyst Interview

    Following is the list of main disadvantages or drawbacks of Power BI:

    • Power BI does not mix imported data, which you have accessed from real-time connections.
    • Power BI cannot accept file sizes larger than 1 GB.
    • Power BI contains a dashboard that does not accept or pass user, account, or other entity parameters.
    • In Power BI, dashboards and reports can only be shared with users having similar email domains.

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    Ques List Some Power Bi Desktop Visualizations

    Visualization Pane

    Some of the visualizations that can be found on the visualization pane are as follows,

    • Stacked Bar Chart | Stacked Column Chart | Clustered Bar Chart | Clustered Column Chart | Line Chart | Area Chart | Stacked Area Chart | Line and Stacked Column Chart | Line and Clustered Column Chart | Waterfall Chart | Scatter Chart | Pie Chart | Treemap | Table | Funnel | Gauge | Multi-Row Card | Card | KPI | Slicer | Doughnut Chart

    How To Prepare For Amazon Assessments

    Amazons recruitment process involves a multitude of pre-employment aptitude tests and psychometric exams. The first one completed will be done online in the screening process along with the job seekers application. The pre-employment aptitude tests will be numerical and verbal reasoning tests and are completed online once you have successfully completed the online application stage. These tests are rigorous not because the content is difficult but because the time restraint can be stressful. This allows Amazon to further screen graduates and job seekers in the hiring process. Utilize the following information and tips to help focus your preparation. As you prepare for your assessments, be certain your preparation involves practice for the following types of exams:

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    Clone A Directed Graph

    Given the root node of a directed graph, clone this graph by creating its deep copy so that the cloned graph has the same vertices and edges as the original graph.

    Lets look at the below graphs as an example. If the input graph is G

    We use depth-first traversal and create a copy of each node while traversing the graph. To avoid getting stuck in cycles, well use a hashtable to store each completed node and will not revisit nodes that exist in the hashtable. The hashtable key will be a node in the original graph, and its value will be the corresponding node in the cloned graph.

    Skills Examined In The Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview

    Amazon Business Intelligence Mock Interview: Duplicate Products

    For your Amazon BI Engineer interview prep, you can target developing skills Amazon examines for better performance. Here are some of them:

    • Role-related knowledge: SQL, Data Analytics, ETL tools, Data Visualization, Statistics, Python, and Tableau/Quicksight or other similar tools.
    • Experience: Do you have experience in creating and maintaining data pipelines? Do you have experience with relational and dimensional data modeling? Have you used the tools relevant to the particular role youâve applied to before for a project?
    • Communication skills: BI Engineer role is cross-functional. So you need to communicate effectively with various professionals in different teams and levels.
    • Alignment with leadership principles: Theyâre hoping to see a history of demonstrating ownership, customer obsession, and other leadership principles in your experience stories.

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    Questions Asked At Amazon Phone Interview:

  • Be it in a face to face interview or telephonic interview, one common question one can expect to be asked is Why Amazon? Or Why is one keen to join the particular company?. The candidate will have to be prepared enough to give a straight and honest answer. It should be more specific rather than a generalized opinion. Make sure to learn about the rating of the company in the Forbes or other magazines. A candidate can also state that as a reason for opting Amazon.
  • Then, like in any other interview, one should go on to learn enough about ones past work experiences and points mentioned in the resume, so that they can give a proper explanation when the interviewer asks questions. Read up thoroughly about past projects and especially of ones contribution towards it. Talking about achievements and success stories when called for, definitely helps.
  • After that, the interviewer could go on to ask questions with regard to Java or other such technical questions. One example of a question asked is to tell apart the terms Final, Finally or Finalize or maybe to discriminate equals from == and so on. The candidate may also be asked to specify if one has more knowledge of Java or the c# language.
  • Some common questions asked for Amazon interviews are given here. The candidate would have to know how to explain the 4 basics of OOP. One should also know how to define data abstraction and its importance.
  • Ques What Purpose Is X

    The main engine behind power pivot is the x-Velocity in-memory analytics engine. It can handle a large amount of data because it stores data in columnar databases and in-memory analytics. Thus resulting in faster processing of data as it loads all data to RAM memory.

    Also, check out the youtube playlist of some cool videos by Will Thompson Program Manager at Microsoft.

    Questions and Answers were compiled and re-written from posts published earlier on the topic of Power BI with lots of additional new content not covered previously.

    Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

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    What Are The Important Features Of The Power Bi Dashboard

    Following is the list of Power BI dashboard:

    • Power BI dashboard facilitates you to go through the page, bookmarks, and selection pane.
    • Power BI dashboard allows you to create various tiles like web content, images, textbox, and integrate URLs.
    • You can also set the report layout to mobile view by using the Power BI dashboard.

    Be Ready To Answer Unexpected Questions

    The Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview

    You will need to prepare yourself with commonly asked Amazon interview questions and answers. While you could just memorize the above Amazon interview questionsand prepare their answers, thats not the best way to go about things. What if an unexpected question comes up? How will you answer it?

    Many of Amazons frequently asked interview questions are behavioral questions. The interviewer may ask you questions looking for examples of times you overcame challenges. To answer any unexpected question, you will have to practice answering questions with the Amazon leadership principles.

    Explore the popular Interview Preparation Courses on Naukri Learning.

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    Resources To Prepare For Your Amazon Case Interview

    If youre looking for the best way to learn and practice case study interviews to land a job at Amazon, give our one week case interview course a try. The material in the course has helped 6,000+ students land offers at top-tier consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain, so itll be more than enough for your Amazon case study interview.

    Try the course for free today.

    If you are considering alternative resources to use, below are the two books we recommend. They are available in digital or paperback format on Amazon.

    • Hacking the Case Interview: Learn exactly what to do and what to say in every step of the case interview. This is the perfect book for beginners that are looking to learn the basics of case interviews quickly.
    • The Ultimate Case Interview Workbook: Hone your case interview skills through 65+ problems tailored towards each type of question asked in case interviews and 15 full-length cases based on real McKinsey, BCG, and Bain interviews. This book is great for intermediates.

    The Business Analyst Interview

    The Amazon interview process is extremely consistent across the different teams. Once your resume is shortlisted, the interview starts with a recruiter screening or phone screen with a hiring manager. Then if selected in those initial rounds, you are invited for an interview loop of around 4-5 interviews in the same day. All of the interviews are based on Amazon’s 14 leadership principles to test your competency and may include technical interview questions.

    Overall the breakdown in terms of focus in preparation should be mainly on leadership principles, a little bit on database system design, and lastly on actually coding, SQL queries, and product and business cases.

    Getting ready for your big data analyst interview? Check out our article on Data Analyst Interview Questions to help yourself prepare.

    Based on the level , you will have 4-5 rounds in person. Out of these, there will be a couple of technical rounds and a couple of behavioral rounds. Behavioral rounds will be mostly to judge you on the notorious leadership principles of Amazon.

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    Plan Your Answers Using The Star Method

    You can use the STAR method to craft a reply for behavioral-based Amazon interview questions. This technique provides a structure for you to remember so that you can answer in the best possible way.

    STAR method includes the following four steps:

    • S what was the Situation?
    • T what was your Task?
    • A What Action did you take?
    • R explain the Result or outcome of your actions

    When you answer questions, ensure your answer is well-structured and provide examples using numbers or data, if applicable.

    Prescreen With A Recruiter

    Interview: Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer (Business Intelligence vs Data Science?)

    Expect a light 15-30 minute call where the recruiter will gauge your interest level and determine if youre a good fit. The recruiter may touch on a few technical aspects. They just want to get an idea of your skills. Typical questions might include your past work experiences, your knowledge of the company/position, salary, and other logistical questions.

    Its important to have around 7-10 of your own questions ready to ask the interviewer. Asking questions at an early stage shows investment and interest in the role.

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    What Resume Format Will Guarantee That My Profile Will Get In Front Of The Hiring Manager

    Contrary to a plethora of resume advice, the best format is the one that is optimised for a quick scan by human eyes. No fancy infographics, no photos, no colours and no progress bars. A white A4 sheet with Times New Roman , size 11. Clean, tidy and well-sectioned. If you’re not feeling confident about your resume content and formatting, we highly recommend having yours reviewed by an actual Amazon recruiter here.

    What Are The Different Important Components Of Power Bi

    The various Power BI components are:

  • Power BI Service:
  • The User Interface of Power Bi is simple and easy to use. Tableau uses a customized dashboard as a user interface. Customer Support and Community Although Microsoft introduces power BI, it has a smaller community than Tableau due to its late entry into the market. Tableau has a bigger community.

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    Q5 What Is The Difference Between Univariate Bivariate And Multivariate Analysis

    The differences between univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis are as follows:

    • Univariate: A descriptive statistical technique that can be differentiated based on the count of variables involved at a given instance of time.
    • Bivariate: This analysis is used to find the difference between two variables at a time.
    • Multivariate: The study of more than two variables is nothing but multivariate analysis. This analysis is used to understand the effect of variables on the responses.

    Q3 What Is The Statistical Power Of Sensitivity

    The Ultimate Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer (BIE ...

    The statistical power of sensitivity is used to validate the accuracy of a classifier. This classifier can be either Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine, Random Forest etc.

    If I have to define sensitivity, then sensitivity is nothing but the ratio of Predicted True Events to Total Events. Now, True Events are the events which were true and the model also predicts them as true.

    Fig 6: Seasonality Formula Data Analyst Interview Questions

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    What Are The Different Parts Of Microsoft’s Self

    There are two parts of Microsoft Self-Service Business Intelligence Solution:

    Excel BI Toolkit: Excel BI Toolkit is used to allow the users to create an interactive report by importing data from different possible sources and model data according to the report’s requirement.

    Power BI: The Power BI is an online solution that enables users to share the interactive reports and queries you have created using the Excel BI Toolkit.

    What Do You Understand By Self

    Self-Service Business Intelligence or SSBI is an approach to data analytics that enables business users to filter, segment, and analyze their data without the in-depth technical knowledge in statistical analysis or business intelligence .

    The motive of SSBI is to make data analytics easier for end-users to access their data and create various visuals to get better business insights. It is easy to use, and anybody who has a basic understanding of the data can create reports to build intuitive and shareable dashboards.

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    Key Tips On How To Prepare For Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview

    Here are 5 important tips to ace your Amazon BIE interview:

    • Refine your skills at tuning SQL queries.
    • Learn how to create and maintain a pipeline and tools associated with that.
    • Work on your statistical analysis and data analytics skills.
    • Learn common role-relevant data visualization and ETL tools.
    • Present examples from your past experiences relevant to the Business Intelligence Engineer role in the situation, task, action, and result format.

    Level Order Traversal Of Binary Tree

    Amazon BI Engineer Interview – Executive Metrics | Business Case SQL

    Given the root of a binary tree, display the node values at each level. Node values for all levels should be displayed on separate lines. Lets take a look at the below binary tree.

    Here, you are using two queues: current_queue and next_queue. You push the nodes in both queues alternately based on the current level number.

    Youll dequeue nodes from the current_queue, print the nodes data, and enqueue the nodes children to the next_queue. Once the current_queue becomes empty, you have processed all nodes for the current level_number. To indicate the new level, print a line break , swap the two queues, and continue with the above-mentioned logic.

    After printing the leaf nodes from the current_queue, swap current_queue and next_queue. Since the current_queue would be empty, you can terminate the loop.

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    Q10 Mention The Name Of The Framework Developed By Apache For Processing Large Dataset For An Application In A Distributed Computing Environment

    The complete Hadoop Ecosystem was developed for processing large dataset for an application in a distributed computing environment. The Hadoop Ecosystem consists of the following Hadoop components.

    • HDFS -> Hadoop Distributed File System
    • YARN -> Yet Another Resource Negotiator
    • MapReduce -> Data processing using programming
    • Spark -> In-memory Data Processing
    • Ambari -> Provision, Monitor and Maintain cluster

    Now, moving on to the next set of questions, which is the Excel Interview Questions.

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