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How To Crack Amazon Front End Developer Interview

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What Is A Sql Injection

How to prepare and crack the front-end developer interview? Complete interview process step by step.

Another type of attack. If you have a search form, for example, and when a user types in a name like “Kelly” you take that string and do an SQL lookup for it. Let’s say your SQL looks like this:

`SELECT * FROM Users WHERE UserId = yourVariable`

An attacker could put something malicious in the search bar like `Kelly OR 1=1`, and now it will return a list of all users instead of just the requested one.

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The interview process could be quick or drawn out. The process is out of your control, so dont stress out too much about it. As long as you have given yourself the best possible chance of landing the job, thats all you can do.

Web Developer Salary In India

Salary speaks what your words and actions cannot. The role and responsibility of a web developer begin with designing and ends with smooth execution and maintaining of a website. Hence, the range of the salary will be according to the knowledge and skills a developer possesses.

The average salary for a Web Developer is ranging from the minimum of 125,000 to a maximum of 890,000

However, the range of this salary depends upon many factors ranging from experience to the employer to your location.

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How Can You Traverse The Dom With Javascript

You can grab a DOM node with either `getElementById` or `querySelector`. You can then get all of its children by calling `.childNodes` . You can then traverse the DOM by iterating through the childNodes and calling `.childNodes` on each one of them. You can walk your way back up by checking any node’s `parentNode`.

For more information, check out all of the properties stored on DOM nodes.

What Is Use Of Drivergettitle In Selenium

Unix MCQ Quiz &  Online Test 2021

driver. getTitle process will capture the current started page heading and later it will be saved in a variable and next it will be published in the console. Presently you can utilize its usefulness for other purposes too. You may do the same thing utilizing “storeTitle” Command in selenium IDE.

Example Code

parcel Testing_Pack import org.junit.Assert import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver import org.openqa.selenium.firefox.FirefoxDriver public class mytestclass }

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What Is The `this` Keyword In Javascript

`this` is a little tricky in JavaScript. Its value is determined by what the function you are inside of is called. In the global state, `this` is set to the window object. The value of `this` also depends on whether or not you are in strict mode. Inside a top-level function, a strict mode `this` will be undefined, whereas a non-strict mode `this` will be the window object. It’s also worth knowing that the value of `this` can be overwritten with the bind method.

Amazon Virtual Interview Experience

UI Engineer | PhonePe | IIT Kanpur

About a few months ago I was looking out for a job when I got the opportunity to be interviewed at Amazon. As I started my research online , I found less articles for frontend interviews and that too for virtual processes were close to none. So, after the interview process was over, I thought of writing down an article of my own experience at Amazon. Hoping that a lot of people will be benefitted by this!

Even if you are not a frontend/UI developer, do have a look as a lot of processes are common for both frontend and backend engineers.

This will be a detailed article going in depth of the entire process from start to end. I will be covering the entire virtual process, online tools, interview rounds and their timelines as well as will be attaching the relevant docs provided by Amazon. So without further waiting, let’s start.

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Most Popular Full Stack Developer Interview Questions And Answers

Are you nervous as you await your interview for a Full-Stack Developers Job? It is quite obvious to be anxious especially if you are to sit in that hot seat for the first time. Full Stack Development is of the hottest tech jobs, precisely in more developed countries like America.

Experts even say that filling this particular job position is quite a daunting task. Due to a high average base salary of $111,540, the employers want to ensure that they employ the best possible candidate. This thought leads to a rigorous entry-level scrutiny.

Here, in this article, we bring to you full stack web developer interview questions and answers that will set you on the get-go & help you to crack your first web developer job interview.

Recruiters can not gauge a persons skill and expertise of a full stack developer in just a 1-hour interview. These full-stack web developer interview questions and answers are very commonly used to assess a candidates understanding and experience in the field.

A thing that should be noted is that the hiring managers are not looking for every answer to be correct and on target. They unarguably are looking to find out your readiness for the job role. Here we enlist the most common full stack web developer interview questions and answers that every aspirant should be well versed in.

What Is Exploratory Testing

Tech Interview Secrets With Amazon Sr Front End Engineer #5 | Apurv Gupta | Coding Interview

Exploratory Testing is instantaneous learning, test design, and test implementation process. It helps in immediate test planning, analysis, design, and test execution. Exploratory Testing involves synchronized test case design and test execution of an application or system under test. The tester constructs or notes down a test idea to give direction and explore the system while testing. To further make critical, realistic and useful tests for the successful testing of an application. It is often considered as a black box testing technique while others deem it as a test approach that can be applied to any test technique and stage in the development process.

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Whats The Most Recent Thing That You Have Learned

Ans: This question is used to probe the authenticity of the information you furnished in your last question. It is important that you are aware of the latest in the industry and have a pulse of whats happening. You might talk about a website that you tested recently, or talk about an obnoxious case study about a serious bug you recently read about. A point to note, never give the interviewer an impression that you have learned nothing in the past 6 months. This is a fast-changing tech game, and being up-to-date with the current trends is an absolute must.

Front End Developer Job Description

A front-end developer is a professional who has a keen eye for programming and designing at the same time. The front-end developerâs responsibility is to create components that are responsible for developing a user front for the website or the application.

A front-end developer will ensure the visual layout, the functional elements of the website/application and create an immersive, interactive, and optimized experience for the user. The developer is also responsible for ensuring the efficiency and brand consistency on all pages for the website and application.

A developer should also communicate with the back-end developers, managers, and other team members to align the ideation and execution of the complete web and application development.

Front-end Developer Job Roles and Responsibilities comprises of the following â

  • Planning the structure and layout of the website or applications.
  • Aligning design preferences with user experiences.
  • Developing features to enhance the user experience.
  • Ensuring designs that are responsive and adaptable for cross platforms, cross browsers, and devices.
  • Optimizing web pages for maximum speed and scalability.
  • Utilizing modern technologies and the latest tools for building websites and applications.
  • Monitor and test run the code for errors and functionality errors
  • Use frameworks and libraries for reusable and repetitive codes.
  • Maintain a proper repository for your database.

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How To Prepare For Amazon Phone Interview

Getting a job definitely is not easy, more so if it is at Amazon.

The whole process is made more complicated with a series of tests or interviews with the company. This is required to analyze if the applicant/candidate is a good fit for the job profile.

For this reason, a person has to be well prepared for the interviews. Some jobs, like at Amazon also include telephonic interviews as part of their screening process.

This article here discusses some points on how to prepare for Amazon phone interview.

Front End Developer Salary

Cracking the Front

Front-end developers are quite in demand by many employers from different industries â Banking, Education, Finance, Healthcare, etc. Their job role and the demand concludes to a significantly good average pay base for a front-end developer per year.

The average front-end developer salary is â¹487,445 per annum in India. The pay could go the minimum of â¹194k per annum to the maximum of â¹2/3 Million per annum.

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Are You Aware Of Design Patterns

Ans: While answering this question you should show your ability to understand common errors that might creep in while creating web applications. If your knowledge is formal and deep, you must push the employer to gain confidence in the experience you possess in understanding a clean and readable code.

Amazon Software Development Engineer Salary

According to, hereâs a rundown of the average salary of the four levels of Amazon Software Development Engineers:

  • L4: $164,000 per year
  • L5: $227,000 per year
  • L7: $638,000

These figures include bonuses ranging from $18,000 – $40,000 per year.

To understand all the factors that affect your salary and for top tips on salary negotiation, read The Ultimate Guide to Salary Negotiation at FAANG for Software Engineers.

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How To Prepare For The Amazon Front

If youâre preparing for a Front-End Engineer interview at Amazon, check out Front-End Engineering Interview Course â the one-of-its-kind technical interview prep course designed specifically for Front-end Engineers. Our proven interview preparation strategies, tips, and interview process insights can help you crack the most challenging technical interviews at the biggest tech companies.

Weâve trained 6,000+ engineers to land dream offers at FAANG+ companies. With over 25 years of collective industry experience, our team of expert instructors knows what it takes to nail tough tech interviews at the biggest companies.

Tips For The Cultural Interview:

Amazon Front End Interview Prep | Software Engineer

Ahh the dreaded coding interview. Personally, this was always the most nerve-wracking part of the process.

I dont do well when Im put on the spot. If you ask me to pseudo code merge sort, theres a good chance Ill stare at you as if you just spoke Pig Latin. However, ask me to build you a website and Ill kick-ass.

Lucky for you, there are a TON of online resources for Cracking the Coding Interview. Yet, its important not just to memorize the answers, but understand WHY the answers are correct.

Im not going to give you a list of example coding questions you might receive Ill link a few of my favorite resources down below for you to check out.

But lets quickly take a look at the top subject areas you should be familiar with.

This list is a living document, so if I missed anything feel free to leave a comment!

I know its a lot to master, however if you practice a little every day, youll work your way there!

There are several websites which can help you prepare for your coding interviews. Ill list my favorites in the resources down below!

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S To Crack Amazon Full

At Amazon the Full-Stack interview is a lot different from an SDE interview, also Facebook similarly has a completely different recruiting process for UI Engineers. For Google, UX Engineer is the FEE equivalent with its own interview process. When you are interviewing for what you think is a full-stack role, make sure the recruiter and everyone you talk to is on the same page.

Josh Technology Interview Experience For Sde

  • Difficulty Level :Medium
  • Last Updated :12 Jan, 2021

    Online Selection Test: The comprised of three phases and all of them were on the same day.

  • Phase 1: This round consists of 50 MCQs on C programming language, we were given 50 minutes to solve 50 questions, this phase also had some output based ques where we were given a code snippet, and we were supposed to type the output of that program. Output-based questions didnt have negative marking where the MCQ questions had negative marking, if you attempt around 30 questions you will be shortlisted for the next round.
  • Phase 2: This round had 3 coding questions and one output based question, they mainly focus on trees so if you want to crack Josh do practice a lot of questions based on treeQuestions:
  • Given a number represented as the linked list, we were supposed to multiply this number by 4.
  • Given a tree, we need to return a list representing the minimum number that should be added at each level such that the sum of the nodes at each level form an AP
  • It was a C output based ques based on trees
  • Phase 3: This round had three coding questions, and they were quite easy
  • Buy-Sell Stocks to maximize the profit It is a standard DP problem
  • Given a linked list were supposed to update the value of each node by the sum of the node itself and the sum of th node
    e.g. 31-> 2-> 3-> 4-> 5-> 11-> 50  Output :  42-> 13-> 8-> 4-> 8-> 13-> 42
  • A recent project that I have worked upon

    HR Round:

  • How was the experience so far
  • What was the level of difficulty
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    What Is The Difference Between == And ===

    Doubles equals checks for value only. Before checking, it does any necessary type coercion. For example, the string “1” will be == to the integer 1, but it will not be ===. Many projects these days prefer to always use ===. Although, some folks advocate writing code that works well with the == type coercion.Ã

    Salary Based On Location

    5 Best Mobile Web App Frameworks: Sencha Touch

    Even in times of work from home, location is still a valid factor for deciding the pay structure for a front-end developer. Different cities have different opportunities and demands which all affect the average base pay of a developer.

    Location matters for better payment options and deciding the cost of living. Let us look at the locations and their different average base pay per annum.

    Bangalore, Karnataka

    The average base salary for a Front-end developer in Bangalore is â¹589,516 per annum and total pay ranges from â¹286k â â¹2m

    Pune, Maharashtra

    The average base salary for a Front-end developer in Pune is â¹494,811 per annum and total pay ranges from â¹201k â â¹1m

    Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    The average base salary for a Front-end developer in Chennai is â¹474,535 per annum and total pay from â¹192k â â¹981k

    Mumbai, Maharashtra

    The average base salary for a Front-end developer in Mumbai is â¹443,923 per annum and total pay from â¹214k â â¹1m

    Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

    The average base salary for a Front-end developer in Hyderabad is â¹490,295 per annum and total pay ranging from â¹188k â â¹1m

    Gurgaon, Haryana

    The average base salary for a Front-end developer in Gurgaon is â¹599,989 per annum and total pay ranging from â¹252k â â¹1m

    New Delhi, Delhi

    The average base salary for a Front-end developer in New Delhi is â¹512,043 per annum total pay ranging from â¹245k â â¹1m

    Ahmedabad, Gujrat

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    How To Prepare For Front

    Front-end developer interviews are rigorous but not impossible. With proper planning, preparation and perseverance, you could crack the interview with ease. Read below for some tips and steps to prepare for a front-end developer interview.

    Plan everything out

    There is nothing better than planning out your whole course of action. Planning and giving a layout of your situations gives you standing about your position, your targets, and your actions. Plan about:

    • Everything you need for your interview like the skills, practice time, experience, degree, etc.
    • Your course of action is whether you will work on your resume first, or start reading on concepts, etc.
    • Your targets like estimated time for preparation, or a daily study timetable, etc.

    Planning this will give you a fair idea of where you want to go and how.

    Be a master of the fundamental concepts

    Itâs time you do not go unprepared for an interview. Formulate a timetable to read upon the fundamental concepts of front-end development. CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are the three essential languages. Study everything about them.

    Even if you are an experienced professional it is better to brush up on your basics for your interview written or coding tests.

    Practise your skills

    Read previous interview experiences

    Reading about previous experiences could give a glance at the style and level of the interview process for a company. It gives you perspective on doâs and dontâs while preparing. Solve previous interview questions.

    Web Developer Salary In India: Based On Employer

    There are many companies in the technical field that pays a great amount to web developers in India. The more interesting fact is that even the lowest average pay amongst below mentioned top employers is 245K/year which is not bad pay for a fresher.

    The Top Employers and their average salary for a web developer are:

    Employer Name

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    The Third Oa Sde Work Simulation

    Time: They mention its timed 90 minutes in the email. But when I started it, it gave me 4 hours. Probably a bug, but it shouldnt take you more than an hour.

    This is a workplace simulator. You will be prompted with emails, videos, and instant messages from your virtual team members to solve various problems. For each scenario, you will be provided with some options of how to respond, asked to either rate the effectiveness of responses or select the best course of action. There will also be internal wikis, code snippets, and roadmaps.

    There was a small difference between the internship and full-time OA in this round. In the internship, you are given a piece of code in the end by your virtual manager, and some logs, and asked to debug that code. This was not present in the full-time assessment. The language was Java only, so it might be a little inconvenient if Java is not your primary language. It was easy but tricky, and you could make silly mistakes if you werent careful.

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