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How To Crack Business Analyst Interview

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Q3 What Is The Difference Between Data Mining And Data Profiling

How to Prepare for Business Analyst Interview | Agile Methodology | Crack Business Analyst Interview

Data Mining: Data Mining refers to the analysis of data with respect to finding relations that have not been discovered earlier. It mainly focuses on the detection of unusual records, dependencies and cluster analysis.

Data Profiling: Data Profiling refers to the process of analyzing individual attributes of data. It mainly focuses on providing valuable information on data attributes such as data type, frequency etc.

Q9 If You Are Given An Unsorted Data Set How Will You Read The Last Observation To A New Dataset

We can read the last observation to a new dataset using end = dataset option.

For example:

data example.newdataset set example.olddataset end=last If last run 

Where newdataset is a new data set to be created and olddataset is the existing data set. last is the temporary variable which is set to 1 when the set statement reads the last observation.

What Is Principal Component Analysis In R

It is a method that is concerned with dimensionality reduction. A lot of chaos is created in data when one observation has relation to dimensions or features which is multiple in nature. This is the reason why it is necessary to decrease the number of dimensions. The features of this principle are described as:-

  • There is the transformation of data to a space that is new which consists of less or equal to the number of dimensions. The dimension is called principal components.
  • It also holds the maximum quantity of variance which is part of those features that are present in original data. This is the first principal component.
  • The second principle is considered to be orthogonal of the first principle. This helps in capturing the maximum anoint variability left.
  • The entire principal components.

What Is Catwoe And How It Helps In Business Analysis And Decision Making

CATWOE is an abbreviation for Customers, Actors, Transformation process, Worldview, Owners and Environmental constraints. It helps in making the decision in advance. It analyzes how the decision has an impact on customers, that are involved as actors, what unique transformations will occur that may affect the system, global representation and worldwide matters, who will be responsible/ownership for the business and how will the environment affect to the project/business carried out.

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Cracking Business Analyst Interview

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How Do You Handle Failure As A Business Analyst

The way you answer this question could stand you out in terms of how you handle and resolve project or requirements failure. This question is disguised under two intentions:

  • How transparent are you in acknowledging your failures?
  • What have you learned, or what is your approach when you are struck by a failure?

You do not necessarily need to talk about project failure, but if you choose to, common examples can be not meeting the timeline, not meeting the clients exact expectation.

Discuss your many skills such as organization, people, and task management skills, your proficiency in improving tasks and processes. You should sound honest and convincing at admitting your failure while building the interviewers confidence.

I consider even a small issue in the project/not meeting the clients requirement on time as a failure. I like to be professional and proactive in terms of my work commitments, regardless of the methodologies and processes being followed.

This strategy allows me to stay on top of my tasks and strike a balance between project scope and timeline without getting failures affect my performance for long.

In my last project, we had missed the implementation date by two weeks, which was mainly attributed to unexpected personal issues faced by two of the key members in my team. I, being the lead Business Analyst, did not foresee that such a situation would have adverse consequences on the project delivery at the time.

How To Crack Capgemini Data Analyst Interview

Capgemini is an information technology company that has its roots in France and branches in various countries across the globe. Founded on 1st October 1967, this multinational company is among the top choices of every data analysis enthusiast. This article gives you a deep insight into how to crack the Capgemini data analyst interview.

Q10 What Is The Difference Between Nvl And Nvl2 Functions In Sql

NVL and NVL2 are functions which check whether the value of exp1 is null or not.

If we use NVL function, then if exp1 is not null, then the value of exp1 will be returned else the value of exp2 will be returned. But, exp2 must be of the same data type of exp1.

Similarly, if we use NVL2 function, then if exp1 is not null, exp2 will be returned, else the value of exp3 will be returned.

If you wish to know more questions on SQL, then refer a full-fledged article on SQL Interview Questions.

Now, moving onto the next set of questions asked i.e. the Tableau Interview Questions.

Do You Have Any Questions For Us

Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers How to Really Sell Your BA Skills

You can consider asking the following questions:

  • What are your expectations from a business analyst?
  • Which phases are your current business analyst working on?
  • Do you have a centralized business analyst team?
  • Are your business analysts also involved in system analysis?
  • Do you follow strict processes or methodologies?
  • What are the biggest challenges your business analysts are facing?
  • Do you have many difficult stakeholders?
  • Q10 Can You Tell How To Embed Views Onto Web Pages

    You can embed interactive Tableau views and dashboards into web pages, blogs, wiki pages, web applications, and intranet portals. Embedded views update as the underlying data changes, or as their workbooks are updated on Tableau Server. Embedded views follow the same licensing and permission restrictions used on Tableau Server. That is, to see a Tableau view thats embedded in a web page, the person accessing the view must also have an account on Tableau Server.

    Alternatively, if your organization uses a core-based license on Tableau Server, a Guest account is available. This allows people in your organization to view and interact with Tableau views embedded in web pages without having to sign in to the server. Contact your server or site administrator to find out if the Guest user is enabled for the site you publish to.

    You can do the following to embed views and adjust their default appearance:

    • Get the embed code provided with a view: The Share button at the top of each view includes embedded code that you can copy and paste into your webpage.
    • Customize the embed code: You can customize the embed code using parameters that control the toolbar, tabs, and more. For more information, see Parameters for Embed Code.
    • Use the Tableau JavaScript API: Web developers can use Tableau JavaScript objects in web applications. To get access to the API, documentation, code examples, and the Tableau developer community, see the Tableau Developer Portal.

    Mtech In Data Science And Machine Learning

    The M.Tech in Data Science and Machine Learning is a 21 months program offered in Full-Time / Weekend-Classroom formats, which enables participants to gain an in-depth understanding of data science and analytics techniques and tools that are widely used by companies. Upon successful completion of all requirements, the participants in this program will earn an M.Tech Degree from PES University. The classes will be held at PES University Electronics City Campus, and Great Learning online platform.

    Who Can Participate In This Program?

    This course is for candidates with 0 to 5 years of experience.

    Job Roles One Can Break Into:

    Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Science Generalist, etc.

    Hands-on Learning:

    Through the duration of this course, the candidates will be trained on Python, SQL, Tableau, Data Science and Machine Learning.

    What Are The Different Types Of Scrum Meetings

    There are five different types of scrum meetings.

    • Sprint Planning: These meetings are held at the beginning of a sprint, where complete sprint activities are planned. Usually, all team members, including Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Project Team are the participants. In this meeting, the team discusses the major product Backlog items and estimates the delivery for implementation.
    • Daily Stand-Up: This is the first meeting of the day, scheduled every day, at the same time, with the same group. In this meeting, all project team members gather and discuss their major activities/involvements from the previous day, as well as their actions/ meetings/plans for the current day. Although not a common occurrence, any changes to objectives, milestones, or new obstacles found are discussed so that the entire team is aware.
    • Product Backlog Refinement/Backlog Grooming: This meeting is primarily aimed at addressing any changes or grooming of existing Backlog items. Here, the approach is to discuss and finalize any modifications required to the existing functionalities in the Backlog.
    • Sprint Review: This meeting is held at the end of a sprint, where discussions around deliverables and functionalities that were structured during the sprint cycle take place.
    • Lessons Learned/Sprint Retrospectives: The team discusses the sprints successes and defines lessons learned to avoid future failures.

    Q8 How Does Proc Sql Work

    Best Tips and Tricks for Crack Business Analyst Interview 2020

    PROC SQL is nothing but a simultaneous process for all the observations. The following steps occur when a PROC SQL gets executed:

    • SAS scans each and every statement in the SQL procedure and checks the syntax errors.
    • The SQL optimizer scans the query inside the statement. So, the SQL optimizer basically decides how the SQL query should be executed in order to minimize the runtime.
    • If there are any tables in the FROM statement, then they are loaded into the data engine where they can then be accessed in the memory.
    • Codes and Calculations are executed.
    • The Final Table is created in the memory.
    • The Final Table is sent to the output table described in the SQL statement.

    Merge Two Sorted Linked Lists

    Given two sorted linked lists, merge them so that the resulting linked list is also sorted. Consider two sorted linked lists and the merged list below them as an example. Click here to view the solution in C++, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby.

    def merge_sorted:  # if both lists are empty then merged list is also empty  # if one of the lists is empty then other is the merged listif head1 == None:    return head2elif head2 == None:   return head1mergedHead = None if < =   mergedHead = head1   head1 = head1.nextelse:   mergedHead = head2   head2 = head2.nextmergedTail = mergedHeadwhile head1 != None and head2 != None:   temp = None   if < =   temp = head1   head1 = head1.nextelse:   temp = head2   head2 = = temp mergedTail = tempif head1 != None: = head1elif head2 != None: = head2return mergedHeadarray1 = array2 = list_head1 = create_linked_listprintdisplay list_head2 = create_linked_listprintdisplay new_head = merge_sortedprintdisplay

    Runtime Complexity: Linear, O where m and n are lengths of both linked lists

    Memory Complexity: Constant, O

    Maintain a head and a tail pointer on the merged linked list. Then choose the head of the merged linked list by comparing the first node of both linked lists. For all subsequent nodes in both lists, you choose the smaller current node, link it to the tail of the merged list, and move the current pointer of that list one step forward.

    What Is Rad Methodology

    The Rapid Application Development model is a kind of incremental model. The phases of a project are produced in parallel as individual projects. The developments in the project are timeboxed, delivered, and afterward assembled into a working model.

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    Why Participating In The Implementation Of Anything In A Business Is Important For Business Analysts

    Business Analysts have to work on various domains and have to derive the best possible solutions against the problems associated. Taking part in the implementation of the tasks simply lets them know more about their jobs. There are actually a lot of problems that can be seen when the practical implementation of any policy, task, strategy, or business activity. The Analyst can provide guidance in solving the problems and can gain more knowledge that can help them in the future.

    Business Analyst Job Interview Questions And Answers

    Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers | Business Analyst Interview Preparation

    71). Who is a BA as per your understanding?

    A business analyst or BA acts as a bridge between an organization and stakeholders. He connects with stakeholders to clarify or finalize requirements, helps the project team in project planning, designing or validating components, etc. A business analyst should have the adequate domain knowledge to deal with stakeholders who belong to different domains.

    72). What are the possible types of actors to use with use case diagrams?

    These could be primary actors or secondary actors. Primary actors start the process, and secondary actors assist the primary actors. Further, they are categorized into four major types:

    Human, System, Timer, and Hardware.

    73). Why should a business analyst get involved in the implementation of requirements?

    The two major tasks of a business analyst are Delivering analytical business solutions and gaining the relevant domain knowledge. During the actual implementation of requirements, a business analyst helps in resolving business strategies and finding tough business solutions in different scenarios.

    74). What are the challenges that can be faced by a business analyst during project implementation?

    From initial to post-implementation of a project, business analysts may have to face the following problems:

    • Employees related issues
    • Quality control

    83). What do you mean by the critical path analysis?

    84). What is CATWOE in business analysis?

    85). What are the various components of strategic analysis?

    • Vision

    What Is The Glm Function In R

    Since the distribution of the response depends on the stimulus variables through a single linear function only, the same mechanism as was used for linear models can still be used to specify the linear part of a generalized model. The family has to be specified in a different way.

    The R function to fit a generalized linear model is glm which uses the form

    > fitted.model < – glm

    Q10 Can You Sort Multiple Columns At One Time

    Multiple sorting refers to the sorting of a column and then sorting the other column by keeping the first column intact. In Excel, you can definitely sort multiple columns at a one time.

    To do multiple sorting, you need to use the Sort Dialog Box. Now, to get this, you can select the data that you want to sort and then click on the Data Tab. After that, click on the Sort icon.

    In this Dialog box, you can specify the details for one column, and then sort to another column, by clicking on the Add Level button.

    Moving onto the next set of questions, which is questions asked related to Statistics.

    How Is Extreme Programming Different From Scrum

    Scrum and extreme programming both follow repetitions which are known as sprints. Nevertheless, the sprints in a Scrum process continue up to two weeks to one month long while in extreme programming team the repetition stays for one or two weeks. Extreme programming is more reliable than Scrum as Scrum does not allow any modification during iterations.

    Q2 What Is A Dual Axis

    60 Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers for ...

    Dual Axis is a phenomenon provided by Tableau. This helps the users to view two scales of two measures in the same graph. Websites such as make use of dual axis to show the comparison between two measures and the growth of these two measures in a septic set of years. Dual axes let you compare multiple measures at once, having two independent axes layered on top of one another. Refer to the below image to see how it looks.

    Fig 11: Representation of Dual Axis Data Analyst Interview Questions

    Pgp Data Science And Engineering

    The 5-month PGP Data Science and Engineering Course uses a combination of learning methods that include classroom teaching, hands-on exercises, and sessions with industry practitioners. The classes are conducted on weekdays and are assisted by online discussions and assignments. In this course, the applicants will build their knowledge through classroom lectures by expert faculty and doing multiple challenging projects across various topics and applications in Data Science.

    Who Can Participate In This Program?

    This course is for candidates with 0 to 3 years of experience.

    Job Roles One Can Break Into:

    This course will help the applicants to prepare for jobs in profiles like Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Engineer, Analytics Engineer, Big Data Consultant, etc.

    Hands-on Learning:

    The course covers the tools and skills sought by leading companies in Data Science. Through the duration of the course, candidates are trained on Python, SQL, Tableau, Data Science and Machine Learning.

    Dedicated Placement:

    Candidates do receive placement assistance in the Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Engineering. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates would be provided interview opportunities up to 3 months post completion of the program. Great Learning also prepares candidates for interviews by providing extensive support in terms of mentoring, CV review, interview preparation etc.

    Entering A New Market

    Expanding into a new market can be an effective way to grow a business. Therefore, some clients might ask the consultant whether its a good idea to enter a new market.

    Before answering yes or no, you should ask some clarifying questions to know more about the clients company.

    Here are some clarifying questions you could ask:

    • What is the companys objective? Does it fit into our overall strategy?
    • Do we need to invest more?
    • What do the current and future markets look like?
    • Would the customer segments be different from the existing ones?
    • Who are the competitors? What size market share do they have?
    • How do their products differ from ours?
    • Are there any barriers to entry/exit?

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