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How To Crack Data Engineer Interview

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DevOps Interview Questions and Answers (2021) | How to Crack a DevOps Engineer Interview | Edureka

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As long as you have a good internet connection and a computer, phone, or tablet, you will be able to study from anywhere in the world. So, enroll in the Data Science online course offered by Intellipaat and receive the proper guidance from experts who have years of experience in the industry.

What Are The Essential Qualities Of A Data Engineer

An interviewer might ask this question to determine whether your idea of a skilled professional matches the company’s assessment. In your answer, discuss the skills and abilities that you think are essential for data engineers. Try to mention specific instances in which a data engineer would apply these skills.

Example:âA successful data engineer needs to know how to architect distributed systems and data stores, create dependable pipelines and combine data sources effectively. Data engineers also need to be able to collaborate with team members and colleagues from other departments. To accomplish all of these tasks, a data engineer needs strong math and computing skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and communication and leadership capabilities.â

How Do You Prepare For A Data Science Case Interview

You learned about what is a data science case problem, how to respond to the question, and how an interviewer evaluates a response. Now, I will share tips on how to prepare for a case interview.

1. Research

More often than not, candidates overlook researching a company and the products before an interview. They have a general sense of the company, but they do not know the specifics such as the companys mission statement, business model, and such.

To ace the case interview, it is vital to understand key details. Here are details you should gather before your interview:

  • What is the mission statement of the company?
  • What is the companys business model?
  • What types of products and services does the company offer?
  • Who are the main users? What are the monthly active users? How is the active defined?
  • What is the companys pivoting towards over the next few years?
  • What is the main function of the team that is interviewing you?
  • What are the UI and UX elements of its core product?

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What Is A Replication Factor In Hdfs

The Replication Factor is basically the number of times the Hadoop framework replicates each Data Block. Block is replicated in order to provide Fault Tolerance. The default replication factor will be three, which can then be configured as per the requirement it can be changed to 2 or can be increased.

What Is The Key Difference Between Supervised And Unsupervised Learning

Data Engineer Interview Questions

A. Unsupervised learning focuses on regression in contrast to supervised learning, which focuses on classification.B. Unsupervised learning focuses on clustering data, in contrast to supervised learning, which focuses on classification and regressionC. Unsupervised learning is used in natural language processing whereas supervised learning is used in image processingD. None of the above

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What Is The Use Of Metastore In Hive

Metastore is used as a storage location for the schema and Hive tables. Data such as definitions, mappings, and other metadata can be stored in the metastore. This is later stored in an RDMS when required.

Next up on this compilation of top Data Engineer interview questions, let us check out the advanced set of questions.

Q: Querying Data With Mongodb

Lets try to replicate the BoughtItem table first, as you did in SQL. To do this, you must append a new field to a customer. MongoDBs documentation specifies that the keyword operator set can be used to update a record without having to write all the existing fields:

# Just add "boughtitems" to the customer where the firstname is Bobbob=customers.update_many

Notice how you added additional fields to the customer without explicitly defining the schema beforehand. Nifty!

In fact, you can update another customer with a slightly altered schema:

amy=customers.update_manyprint)# pymongo.results.UpdateResult

Similar to SQL, document-based databases also allow queries and aggregations to be executed. However, the functionality can differ both syntactically and in the underlying execution. In fact, you might have noticed that MongoDB reserves the $ character to specify some command or aggregation on the records, such as $group. You can learn more about this behavior in the official docs.

You can perform queries just like you did in SQL. To start, you can create an index:

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What Is The Use Of A Context Object In Hadoop

A context object is used in Hadoop, along with the mapper class, as a means of communication with the other parts of the system. System configuration details and jobs present in the constructor are obtained easily using the context object.

It is also used to send information to methods such as setup, cleanup, and map.

How You Can Connect The Azure Data Factory With The Azure Databricks

Top Wipro Interview Questions And Answers | How to Crack An Interview At Wipro | Simplilearn

To connect to Azure databricks we have to create a linked service that will point to the Azure databricks account. Next in the pipeline, you will be going to use the notebook activity there you will provide the linked service created for Databricks. You will also be going to provide the notebook path available in the Azure Databricks workspace. Thats how you can use the Databricks from the Data factory.

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What Is The Main Concept Behind The Framework Of Apache Hadoop

It is mainly based on the MapReduce algorithm. Here, in this algorithm, to process a large data set, we make use of the Map and Reduce operations. It maps, filters, and sorts the data while Reduce summarizes the data. Scalability and fault tolerance are the important points in this concept. We achieve these features in the Apache Hadoop by implementing MapReduce and Multi-threading efficiently.

Explain The Different Etl Functions

ETL tools collect data from multiple sources and integrate them into a data warehouse, making it easier to analyze and store.

  • Extract: This stage involves reading, collecting, and extracting data from a database.
  • Transform: This stage involves transforming the extracted data into a format that makes it compatible with data analysis and storage.
  • Load: This stage takes transformed data and writes it into a new application or database.
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    How To Connect Azure Data Factory To Github

    Top 70 Data Engineer Interview Questions and Answers in 2021

    Azure data factory can connect to GitHub using the GIT integration. You probably have using the Azure DevOps which has git repo. We can configure the GIT repository path into the Azure data factory. So that all the changes we do in the Azure data factory get automatically sync with the GitHub repository.

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    Amazon Data Engineer Behavioral Interview Questions

    Behavioral interviews are a crucial part of the hiring process. Here are some behavioral questions you can expect at Amazonâs data engineer interview.

    • What about data engineering interests you the most?
    • Have you dealt with a difficult client in the past? How did you handle it?
    • Have you had a disagreement with a superior over a project decision? Tell us about it?
    • How would you deal with an uncooperative coworker?
    • Why do you want to work at Amazon?
    • Which is your favorite Amazon leadership principle among the 14 leadership principles?
    • How do you make sure to maintain high productivity levels at work?
    • How often do you think vacations are important?
    • Tell us about the most challenging project you worked on in the past. What were your key learnings?
    • Tell us about a time when you took a risk on a project, and it failed?

    How Does An Interviewer Evaluate Your Response

    When you look at the interviewer, it feels as though you are receiving a blank stare. You begin to worry whether you are responding the way that the interviewer expects. Then, after the interview, you receive an email with an approval to advance or a rejection without explanation on what the interviewer thought of your performance. Heres a behind-the-scene on how an interview evaluates a candidate.

    Evaluation Process

    During an interview, you will often see or hear the interviewer taking notes on a laptop while you are answering. What are they doing? The interviewer is populating an evaluation rubric for the hiring committee. Usually, the evaluation rubric contains the following sections:

  • Question A list of the interview questions
  • Summary A summary of a candidates answer
  • Assessment An evaluation of a candidates answer
  • Grading Rubric A grading rubric with ratings based on the overall performance
  • Hiring Decision A recommendation on whether a candidate should be hired or not
  • Once the rubric is populated, the interviewer submits it to the hiring committee which oversees the final decision on hiring.


    Whether a question is a case on ML or AB testing, characteristics of an effective answer that an interviewer looks for contain:

  • Structure Does the candidate frame the response in a structured manner or ramble?
  • Completeness Does the candidate provide a solution end-to-end, or is it incomplete?
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    What Are The Skills Needed To Become A Data Engineer At Amazon

    Data engineering is a confluence between data science and software engineering. In fact, many data engineers start as software engineers as data engineering relies heavily on programming.

    Therefore, data engineers at Amazon are required to be familiar with:

    Ã Building database systems.

    Ã Maintaining database systems

    Ã Finding warehousing solutions

    Customer obsession is a part of Amazons DNA, making this FAANG company one of the worlds most beloved brands. Naturally, Amazon hires the best technological minds to innovate on behalf of its customers. The company calls for its data engineers to solve complex problems that impact millions of customers, sellers, and products using cutting-edge technology.

    As a result, they are extremely selective about hiring prospective Amazonians. The company requires data engineers to have a keen interest in creating new products, services, and features from scratch.

    Therefore, during the data engineer interview, your skills in the following areas will be assessed:

    • Big data technology
    • Summary statistics
    • SAS and R programming languages

    Since Amazon incorporates a collaborative workspace, data engineers work closely with chief technical officers, data analysts, etc. Therefore, becoming a data engineer at this FAANG firm also requires you to have soft skills, such as collaboration, leadership, and communication skills.

    Hacks To Prepare For Data Engineering Interviews

    Data Engineer Interview Questions | Data Engineer Interview Preparation | Intellipaat

    Data engineers are a crucial part of the tech team and are responsible for data cleaning, preparation, maintaining data pipeline, and more. Despite the pandemic, the demand for data engineers is quite high and many companies are actively recruiting them. We have earlier covered tips for you to prepare a resume for data engineering interviews and data engineering skills that you should master to excel in your career. In this blog, we will cover a few hacks and tips to prepare for these interviews and have a successful data engineer career path.

  • Practice coding: One of the crucial skills for data engineers is to have coding skills. Python, R, Scala are some of the programming languages you should be familiar with. Most of the data engineer interview questions are around languages, designing algorithms, and working with data structures. Real-time practicing with coding is the only way forward to acquire the skills. There are several platforms such as Codewars, Geektastic, freeCodeCamp, Coderbyte, Datacamp, and more that allow building projects and strengthen your coding skills for the next data engineering interview.
  • Build real-time data architecture: Platforms such as Leetcode allow working on specific concepts of data engineering such as building data structures or architectures. It allows you to practice easy to medium-level problems to get a good understanding of the concepts. It also includes month-long challenges that equip you with a problem-solving approach.
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    How To Learn Data Science

    • Who should learn Data Science?

    If you have the passion and knack for Data Science, that is all that is required. You must be enthusiastic about the tools and techniques that are essential in this domain. If you are good at mathematics, statistics, any programming language, or any data visualization tool, you will quickly master the concepts.

    • How can I start learning Data Science and become a master in it?

    The first thing to do is get familiar with all the concepts, applications, various tools, and techniques of Data Science. Consistency in learning and practice is the only way to stay updated and relevant in the Data Science world.

    • How do I learn Data Science online?

    You can check out all the online Data Science courses that Intellipaat offers. You will also find various tutorials, blogs, interview guides, and community forums to aid your learning.

    These courses will help working professionals master this technology without interrupting work hours. The curriculum of these online programs meets industry requirements and standards.

    • What are the best learning paths for Data Science?

    All kinds of degrees and certifications related to Data Science is a good career path in Data Science as you will get the opportunity to gain proficiency in this technology. However, before finalizing, make sure to learn whether the program and faculty are suitable for your learning style.

    It is better to opt for an online course if you are already working and want to learn while you earn.

    What Are Some Of The Important Components Of Hadoop

    There are many components involved when working with Hadoop, and some of them are as follows:

    • Hadoop Common: This consists of all libraries and utilities that are commonly used by the Hadoop application.
    • HDFS: The Hadoop File System is where all the data is stored when working with Hadoop. It provides a distributed file system with very high bandwidth.
    • Hadoop YARN: Yet Another Resource Negotiator is used for managing resources in the Hadoop system. Task scheduling can also be performed using YARN.
    • Hadoop MapReduce: It is based on techniques that provide user access to large-scale data processing.

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    Q6 Can You Tell Me What Are Eigenvectors And Eigenvalues

    Eigenvectors: Eigenvectors are basically used to understand linear transformations. These are calculated for a correlation or a covariance matrix.

    For definition purposes, you can say that Eigenvectors are the directions along which a specific linear transformation acts either by flipping, compressing or stretching.

    Eigenvalue: Eigenvalues can be referred to as the strength of the transformation or the factor by which the compression occurs in the direction of eigenvectors.

    Is It Possible To Connect Mongodb Db From The Azure Data Factory

    The Best Data Structures and Algorithms Course to Crack ...

    Yes, it is possible to connect MongoDB from the Azure data factory. You have to provide the proper connection information about the MongoDB server. In case if this MongoDB server is residing outside the Azure workspace then probably you have to create a self-hosted integration runtime, and through which you can connect to the Mongo DB server.

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    What Is The Use Of Hive In The Hadoop Ecosystem

    Hive is used to provide the user interface to manage all the stored data in Hadoop. The data is mapped with HBase tables and worked upon, as and when needed. Hive queries are executed to be converted into MapReduce jobs. This is done to keep the complexity under check when executing multiple jobs at once.

    What Are The Different Types Of Synapse Sql Pools Available

    Azure Synapse Analytics is an analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. Dedicated SQL pool refers to the enterprise data warehousing features that are available in Azure Synapse Analytics. There are two types of Synapse SQL pool

    • Serverless SQL pool
    • Dedicated SQL pool

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    Wrapping Up And Next Steps

    Data engineering is a fantastic career choice for anyone with an analytic mind and a curiosity about the kind of information they can find in massive datasets. Learning the right skills to break into this career can be relatively straightforward. Once youre comfortable with SQL and Python, youll have the knowledge you need to start learning how to design data models and build data warehouses. If you find that data engineering isn’t right for you, but you still want to work with data, many of these skills are transferable to careers in data science, machine learning, and data analytics.

    We encourage you to check out some of the great resources we have here at Educative and wish you success in your interviews!

    To get started learning these concepts and more, check out Educative’s learning path Python for Programmers

    Happy learning!

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