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How To Crack Software Engineer Interview

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How Would You Create Your Own Instagram

How to Crack Technical Interview for Software Developers | Technical Interview | Great Learning

Instagram is a photo-sharing application that provides some custom filters to enhance your photo quality. Your application should have photo upload functionality, tagging photos for search, and some basic filters. If you could add share or social network that could be great.

Btw, if you stuck, you can see the free solution provided on the Educative Grokking System design course as well.

7. How do you design global file sharing and storage apps like Google Drive or Dropbox?These are used to store and share files, photos, and other media. How do you go about designing things like allowing users to upload/view/search/share files or photos? track permissions for file sharing, and allow multiple users to edit the same document?

If you like Youtube video, here is a nice one which will teach you how to design a Dropbox or Google Drive or any other document hosting solution:

A Few More Things To Expect:

Plan for a full day: We cover a lot of material, so plan to join us from 9am to 5pm.

  • The morning is technically focused: The first half of the day is very technical in nature and is broken up into three, hour-long interviews. You will be asked technical questions covering a range of computer science topics such as data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented design patterns. You will definitely be asked to write code on the desktop and may be asked to take part in a systems-design exercise on the white board. Other CS areas that we may cover could include concepts such as: big O notation, tree/graph traversals, recursion, searching/sorting, hash tables, concurrency, and other similar topics.
  • Lunch is to get to know each other: After the morning session, well take a break and youll go to lunch with a few Two Sigma employees. During this time, well compile the feedback from your morning interviews and make a recommendation on whether or not youll be continuing along in the process.
  • If you join us for the afternoon, well cover the rest: Your afternoon will consist of additional interviews that cover a wide variety of topics to further gauge your technical skills, previous experience and interests. These meetings typically last around 60 minutes and you will likely be asked to discuss specific projects and contributions youve made in previous roles.

More Software Engineering Interview Prep

While studying commonly asked SWE interview questions are crucial, you’ll need some more interview prep to really boost your chances. Fortunately, you can find plenty of different resources and types of resources at Exponent to help you practice for your upcoming SWE interview:

Get prepared with example SWE interview questions

Read through our Software Engineering company interview guides

Practice your behavioral and system design skills with our mock interview practice tool.

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How Do You Design An Application Like Airbnb

It allows some users to upload rooms for rent and other users to rent them. Some of the features are only available to admins, publishers, and subscribers.

21. How do you design an Elevator of the Lift system?We All know about Elevators and Lift as most of us use it. You might have seen them in pairs and in some big office buildings you can see 3 to 4 lifts. You need to design software for that so that it can reach use quickly on different levels. You can assume you have two lifts and a 10-floor building.

Here is a nice Youtube video which explains the solution to this popular system design interview question, you can watch it right here.

22. How would you go about designing an e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipcart at scale?

23. How would you go about designing the e-commerce website using microservices, how will you handle transactions?

24. How would you design a Parking Lot system? This is an interesting problem and asked for companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and other FAANG companies.

You should cover the following use cases

  • Give a user ticket when he enters
  • Generate price when the user exits.
  • Here is a nice youtube video that explains this problem and the solution. They also discuss APIs, Database models, and database choice. they also discuss on how to make it distributed. We also discuss concurrency.

    24. Create an autocomplete feature like word suggestions on search engines? Scale it to millions of users?

    Attend Meetups Even If Youre An Introvert

    Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann *PAPERBACK ...

    We recommend, no matter your personality, you go to the occasional meetup . The people that benefit most from meetups do tend to be extroverts, but that doesnt mean introverts cant benefit at all. There are many pros to going to meetups including finding future jobs, meeting future partners for start-ups, or just learning about what other companies are doing.

    You do need to attempt to converse with the other people though .

    Dont just go to the meetup, stand alone in the corner, and claim there is no point in going to meet-ups.

    If you didnt make an effort to talk to a few people, then that is on you. Now dont think everyone is going to offer you a job. In fact, there are probably a lot of people also there looking for work. Instead, just go, talk, meet new people and if an opportunity arises where you are talking to a hiring manager, then make sure to get an email.

    That being said, we have seen people get their first job by first writing a blog post or two and then going to meet-ups and using the blog as a talking point. This can also be said about the projects and apps you have developed. So dont feel like meetups dont work if you havent given them a fair shot.

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    Should You Ask Your Interviewer Clarifying Questions

    Likely one of the most important things to bear in mind, is that the person on the other side of the table, is also a Software Engineer â just like you. Theyâre not out to scare you or to trick you into failing the interview. They actually want you to have a great experience and to see you succeed.

    Ava says you should rely on your interviewer and interact with them before diving headfirst into solving a problem. If they give you hints, itâs absolutely ok to use those clues and ask questions to make sure you understand whatâs expected. When presented with a coding problem, it’s really important to spend a few minutes clarifying the requirements with the interviewer. Many times you’ll get a question that seems very straightforward, but actually has a lot of nuances and gray areas that should be cleared up.

    In fact Carrus Coach Phil Verghese, himself a former Google Software Engineer and Engineering Manager, says not asking these kinds of questions is one of the biggest mistakes heâs seen in coding interviews. Learn more about Philâs .

    Weeks 6 7 8 Practice More Complex Coding Interview Problems

    Now that youve been practicing more straightforward problems for a couple of weeks, its time to get real and start practicing harder questions that are more likely to be asked during coding interviews.

    For practice and automated challenges along with interactive solutions, look at Grokking the Coding Interview

  • .
  • Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you solve these problems:

  • Now is the time to start timing yourself. Ideally, you shouldnt spend more than 2030 minutes solving any given problem.
  • Dont be discouraged if you are not able to solve a problem within the allocated time. Solve it even if takes you a couple of hours, without looking at the solution. This will help you build the confidence that you can solve it and then you can focus on solving them faster later.
  • Start thinking about the Runtime and Memory complexity of each solution. You will have to articulate the complexities in the actual interview clearly, so its better to start now.
  • Here are some sample problems to consider:

    • Implement Binary Search
    • Find the Intersection point of two linked lists
    • Reverse words in a sentence
    • Check if two binary trees are identical
    • Clone a directed graph
    • Find solutions to a Boggle game
    • Determine if there are any three integers in an array that sum equal to the given value.

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    Ready To Level Up Your Career

    Software developer job interview: Ready to level up your career?

    Yes, software developer interviews at FAANG and other big techs are nerve-wracking. However, you can overcome these obstacles and take a step forward in your profession with the right strategies.

    You can also work with these tech giants and other Silicon Valley startups via Turing. Turing is a deep jobs platform that allows talented software developers to work from the comfort of their own homes with leading US organizations. Turing enables developers to collaborate with former tech leaders and engineering managers from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and other top firms and grow through the process.

    With Turing, you can get full-time, high-paying, long-term remote software jobs and be part of a community of the worlds greatest developers right from the comfort of your home.

    Check Out Our Mock Interview:

    How to pass a coding interview | Coding interview preparation|Interview tips for software developer

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    Entry Level Position 23 Year Of Experience Required

    Getting your first tech job, whether as a software engineer or data scientist feels impossible.

    All the job descriptions you read for entry-level positions seem to require at least 23 years of experience. How in the world are you supposed to get experience for an entry-level position?

    Especially if you dont have an internship or a background in software engineering.

    Many of us have been there. We have been nine months into sending out hundreds of resumes, going to dozens of meet-ups and feeling as if we are no closer to even getting an interview, much less a job.

    Yet, our friends seem to all land jobs right out of the gate at some big tech company with a six-figure salary.


    The truth is, you never know what will work to get you your first job in tech. Each of us have different skills when it comes to getting jobs. Some of us are good at developing our own apps from start to finish, some are good at writing tutorials, others excel at making YouTube videos and still others are socialites who do really well at meet-ups.

    A combination of your skill sets, timing, and hard work will all help you get your first job in tech. Even if it takes a year , dont get discouraged. We have seen people with a non-technical background use a few blog posts to get noticed by large tech firms. It may have taken nine months, but they got the job!

    How To Crack Coding Interviews

    So, 2020 wasnt that bad after all! After about 3 months of focused preparation, I was able to clear the coding interviews for a couple of software companies Google, Rubrik, and Goldman Sachs. Having a work experience of around 3 years and learning from my past failures, I am glad that I decided to go for planned preparation this time. So, here I am, writing an article outlining my strategy to prepare for coding interviews, which might be useful to others as well. I have tried to add apt links to as many useful resources as possible.

    First things first, it is very important to spend some time on research finding the right kind of resources to study for your interviews, and coming up with a plan for the next few weeks. This plan might also include the list of companies you wish to apply for, and in what order .

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    How Do You Design A Chat Application Like Whatsapp Or Facebook Messenger

    You have surely used WhatsApp and Facebook, right? No? If not let me tell you that a chat application allows you to send messages to your friend. Its a point to point connection.

    You keep a friend list and see their status and chat with them. In WhatsApp, you can also connect groups but that is for advanced and experienced developers. At a minimum, you should provide a design to keep a friend list and send and receive messages from them.

    If you need some tips then I suggest you check out Preparing for the System Design Interview Course on Udemy, where you will find a whole case study to solve this problem.

    9. How do you design a Twitter Clone?Twitter is a popular messaging service that lets you broadcast your messages to all your followers. You tweet and your followers see those messages, they can like or retweet.

    Make sure you implement common features like followers, hashtag, tweet, delete, etc. If you going nowhere and stuck, you can follow the solution on System Design Interviews: Grokking the System Design Interview.

    10. How to design a global video streaming service like YouTube or NetFlix?While designing a video streaming service like NetFlix or YouTube key thing is smooth streaming and buffering and functioning over low bandwidth connection, how do you manage those challenges. You can check out this system design course to learn how to deal with such problems.

    12. How do you design an API Rate Limiter?

    13. How do you design Twitter Search?

    Everything You Need To Crack The Google Coding Interview

    Amazon London Interviews Cracked! ð¥ Software Engineer ...

    Crack the Google Coding Interview

    If you Google anything along the lines of âcoding interview prep for FAANGâ or âcoding questions asked at Googleâ, youâll soon be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of technical interview prep material out there.

    So, we jumped at the chance to sit down with Ava Katushka, a former Google Software Engineer and Technical Interview Coach, to pick her brain. She shared tips on what you should really focus on to ace your coding interview and land an offer from Google and other Top Tech firms.

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    Google Software Engineer Interview Faqs

    Q.How long are Google Software Engineer interviews?

    A. The duration of each interview round can be 30-45 minutes long, depending on the round. From application to offer, the overall duration of the hiring process can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the seniority of the role.

    Q. Will the candidate be asked only coding questions in all the interviews?

    A. No. Candidates will be asked questions on various domains like technical, system design, and behavioral to test whether the candidate is a good fit in the Google workspace.

    Dont Only Focus On The Faang

    One of the hard parts about trying to get a job in a tech role is that most of the jobs seem to be at a FAANG company. All of which seem to be looking for either interns or candidates with at least 3 years of experience.

    This is why it is important to remember there are other companies besides the FAANGs. For instance, hospitals, insurance providers, banks, and manufacturers are also great places to get your feet wet in tech. Along with start-ups and other corporations. Yes, many of us want the prestige and clout of working at a FAANG. That way we can brag to our family and friends about our job, we get it you work for Amazon. But its ok to work for other companies.

    In addition, most of the tech companies will start sending you interview requests once you have 23 years of experience. So bide your time, make sure you are keeping up with your data structures, and technical interview chops and just be ready for when the time comes.

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    Keep Applying And Meeting People

    It can become difficult to continue to apply for jobs when it feels like no one is responding to you. But, you need to not give up. Always be looking for jobs at different companies, look for roles everywhere because you never know what will stick. It might be a hospital, it might be Amazon. However, if you arent applying, then you will never get interviewed.

    Time To Go Crush Your Own Technical Interviews

    How to Pass a Technical Interview for Software Developers | Coding Interview Tips | Great Learning

    With these technical interview tips, youre equipped to begin your own technical interview preparation journey!

    The next step is taking advantage of all the amazing resources out there that teach you how to ace a technical interview.

    First, head to Interview Cake for extra training, strategies, and practice technical interview questions .

    Then, acclimate yourself to live interviews by connecting with your peers on Pramp.

    Above all, keep seeking out knowledge, improving your trade, and honing those coding interview skills with practice! Getting your dream coding job means getting through the interview. But if you go in prepared, the technical interview will be a piece of cake.

    Note: there are affiliate links in this post.

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    Do You Have Any Questions

    This inquiry gets rehashed in each and every interview. Here you dont really think about the answers yet you ought to make yourselves look great by asking smart questions.

    Finally, we would like to wish you all the best for the interviews and recommend best Java classes in Pune.

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