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How To End An Interview

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End The Interview In Style

How to Close an Interview – Interview Skills

If you have little to say at the end of the interview, you can take a different approach. Appreciate the interviewer for their time and for allowing you to show your interest. Let them know the interview session’s impact on you and how your experience can add to the company’s growth and achievements. Also, remember to let the interview know that you would look forward to hearing from them.

Do You Have Any Hesitations Regarding My Qualifications For The Position

While this is a bold question, it shows that you’re interested in addressing any concerns the interviewer may have about your skills and competencies. It also demonstrates to the interviewer that you’re confident in your candidacy and will tackle any hesitations head-on. Depending on the response, it may also provide insight into where you stand compared to other job applicants.

Ask If The Panel Expects More Details From You

Asking this question can provide you with additional time to expound on your skills and professionalism. At this point in the interview, you can produce copies of your references or CV. Alternatively, you can take this time to ask the interviewer if they’ve something they’d like you to explain further. Providing the interviewer with a copy of your portfolio can also help explain more about you.

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Polite Interview Closing Statement Example

Thank you for talking me through this role and the mission of your company. I believe that my past experience at a National Retail Company, combined with go-to-market planning and operational expansion, make me a good fit for leading offline to online transition for your business. Are there any other details that I can provide to confirm that Im a good fit for this position?

Have Something To Add

Closing the Interview

In addition to preparing your own statements, be prepared for questions too. Interviewers often will ask if you have anything to add at the end of your interview. You should enter the interview with a mental list of several strengths in your background that would enable you to excel in the job.

Be ready to share any of the assets that you haven’t had the chance to convey during your meeting. You can offer any additional information in combination with a summary statement about your overall fit.

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How Do You See The Company Growing Over The Next Few Years

Asking this question shows the interviewer that you’re looking ahead into the future and how you’ll fit into the company as it evolves and grows. The answer can provide you insight into the company’s dynamics and whether there is an opportunity for growth and development within the position. A company with a solid growth plan can also provide advancement opportunities for employees to move into newly created roles in the future.

Why It Is So Important To Close Your Job Interview With A Powerful Statement Right At The Very End

As soon as the interview is over, the hiring manager will score you. They will make a decision there and then whether you are going to be suitable for the job or not.

Therefore, the last thing you say to the interviewer is whattheyll remember you for.

Even if your interview has not gone particularly well, or if you werent able to answer some of the questions, you can still turn things around by giving a powerful closing statement right at the very end!

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What Do You Enjoy Most About Working For The Company

Asking this question shows the interviewer you’re interested in the company culture and that the right team fit is important. The response you receive will give you insight into the benefits and culture of the company, including the style of management and teamwork. The interviewer’s answer also can provide information about the values the company focuses on.

Sincerely Thank Your Interviewers For Their Time

How To End a Job Interview – What To Say and How To Follow Up

This should go without saying, but you might be surprised at how often a simple thank you doesnt happen at the end, or if it does, its an uneventful Okay, thanks.

Remember that youre not just giving the hiring manager a pleasantry, here. You are genuinely thanking them for taking their time to consider you for employment. So, thank them!

Say something like Thanks so much for your time, I really appreciate it. Or I very much appreciate you taking the time with me this morning.

Make them believe that youre sincerely thanking them.

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Reiterate Your Skills And Qualifications

You want the interviewer to leave with the impression that you have the skills and experience theyre looking for. Although you may have discussed this early on in the interview when they first asked why youre a good fit for the role, closing the interview with a summary of your relevant skills can drive the point home.

Take this opportunity to connect their needs with what you have to offer, and theyre likely to walk away knowing youre a strong candidate.

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Interviews are not easy, and preparation is vital to building confidence and ending on a strong note.

Knowing that you are already clear with your potential employer is a great way to take the pressure off. At ScoutLogic, we can help you discover how employers get their information and the information that will come up when they screen for employment background. All your answers are here!

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Do Thank People By Name And Make Eye Contact

Thanking people for their time as you end the interview is one basic yet important way to show your professionalism. But if you want to go one step further, make a point to thank them by name.

Most of the times when we are interviewing, we are so nervous, we are like OK great, thanks, Space said, noting that for others, There is a magic to hearing your name.

Doing this can be as simple as saying the interviewers name and thanking them by title with language like, As a VP of HR, I know you are really busy and I wanted to let you know I appreciate our conversation and I look forward to next steps, Space shared as an example. Making sure you are leaving off with the best possible impression will do a lot of good for you when then go on to the debriefing.

Hunting said candidates can forget the power of body language, such as eye contact, while thanking an interviewer and giving facial cues to show they are being an active listener. But she noted that these basic actions make job interviews, particularly remote video interviews, feel more organic and natural.

For better or for worse, how people feel in an interview, its a bias, Hunting said. Its going to skew them one way or the other. Anytime that you can create as smooth an interview experience as possible it makes that person on the other end feel that much better about how you can contribute.

Why Closing An Interview Positively Is Essential

Questions you should ask at the end of every job interview. Need a ...

The last impression is the long-lasting impression. If you want to leave a long-lasting impression, treat your candidates the way you like to be treated.

Before the candidates walk out of the room, make sure you:

  • Address their queries
  • Gauge candidates interest for the job role
  • Identify whether the candidate is the right fit for the job position

Also, allow them to ask questions related to the job role or the company. This portrays that you value your candidates time and efforts.

That said, lets discuss some of the tips on how to end an interview on a positive note.

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What About A Video

Has the Covid crisis shaken up job-interview codes? No more physical contact, no more travel time, less body language to analyse For a video-conference interview, the relationship is nothing like that of a physical interview, says Peyron. It may be that its up to the candidate to end the interview in these circumstances. In any case, it might seem less impolite than in a physical interview where the candidate has been asked to come in. If in doubt, dont do it.

These moments where you make small talk about nothing at all have disappeared. In a video call, you say goodbye, click, and its over. -Thibaut Peyron, executive search director at Talentpeople

Translated by: Kalin Linsberg

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Follow Up As Soon As Possible

As soon as possible, send a follow-up email to the person you interviewed with. Be sure to address them directly and once again thank them for their time and consideration. Also, include any additional information that may not have been covered in the interview but that you feel is pertinent to their understanding of you as a candidate. For example, if a particular skill you have that is relevant to the job was not discussed, mention this in your follow-up email.

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What Expectations Do You Have For The Successful Candidate Within The First 90 Days

A well-developed onboarding process is vital to the long-term success of a new employee. Asking this question will give you an idea of what you can expect during your first few months if hired for the role regarding onboarding and company integration. The response will also tell you of milestones and expectations that they require a new employee to meet.

What Are The Next Steps And Expected Timeline

How to end an interview

Asking this question will give you an understanding of what you can expect next from the company. There may be more interviews in the process or assessments you’ll need to take, and the response will give you insight into the next steps. You’ll also gain a sense of how long the steps will take so that you can plan accordingly. By asking this question, you are also showing your interest in continuing the interviewing process.

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Ask If Theyd Like Any More Information

Firstly, this is the polite thing to do.

But it also gives you an opportunity to showcase some of your skills they might ask for a portfolio of your work or photos of your latest project, your sales figures or case studies you were involved in.

Perhaps theyll ask about your notice period or your references or maybe theyll request your educational certificates whatever it is, it can only help your cause .

Offering these shows that youve not got anything to hide and makes you seem more honest and committed.

Why Should You Cancel An Interview

You may need to cancel an interview for several reasons, including:

  • You received a job offer from another company.

  • You learned more about the business or position and determined you werent the right fit.

  • You decided to change career paths or go back to school.

  • You need to move and cannot commute to the companys location.

Canceling your interview as soon as you can allow the potential employer to continue their hiring process without considering you. It can help the interviewer reschedule their time to fit their needs. Canceling with notice can also demonstrate your professionalism and can help you maintain contact with the hiring manager. This is especially important if you think you may want to apply with them again in the future.

In some cases, you may need to reschedule your interview. If you plan to reschedule, make sure you have a list of alternative times in which youre available so you can prepare for the interview immediately.

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Do Clarify If A Thank

Thanking people in a follow-up note can be helpful on a case-by-case basis. At some companies, interviewers may find it totally unnecessary for you to follow up, while at others, they may expect you to do so.

There are so many managers that indicate they are a little bit uncomfortable with a thank-you note because they know they are getting a copy-and-pasted template that someone just looked for online, and they dont know how to respond to it, said Space, who finds a thank-you note to be an unnecessary administrative burden for job candidates.

When in doubt, Hunting recommends determining what the expectations may be regarding thank-you notes.

Watkins said if you are going to follow up by thanking those you spoke with, dont just reply all send individual messages. If there are five people interviewing you, there are five opportunities to share something interesting, impactful after your interview, Watkins said.

Make a point to ensure your message isnt generic. Often, people write something like, I really enjoyed talking to you about X/Y/Z position. If you have any questions about X position, let me know. Well, yeah, thats obvious, Watkins said. What I would like to see people do is use that as an opportunity to sell themselves. You are your best marketer, regardless what it is that you do.

Watkins suggested that if you take notes during your interview, note key points each person has mentioned so you can personalize your thank-you messages.

What Are The Next Steps In Your Recruitment Process Before You Can Make An Offer

Eight Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

This is a good next steps question great for a candidate to ask last as it closes up the interview, Brady says.

Finally, theres the question of how many of these questions to ask. Dont ask them all!

Theres no perfect number of questions you should ask, but more than one is usually good. Aoife Brady says candidates should always ask at least two or three questions.

And if thats not enough to really find out all that you want to know, just check with the interviewer and they should be happy to tell you how many questions they have time to answer.

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How Would You Describe The Culture Of The Company

Asking this question is key to understanding if the general company culture aligns with your own. Based on your research before the interview, you likely have an idea of what the culture is like within the company, but asking this question can solidify your understanding. The interviewer will see from this question your desire to find the best company fit.

What Other Information Can I Provide You To Help Make Your Decision

Offering additional information such as professional references or a portfolio shows the interviewer your interest in securing the position. It also provides them with an opportunity to ask any last-minute questions they may have forgotten. Their response gives you insight into possible next steps and timelines for a decision to be made.

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Inquire About The Next Steps

Ask about the next steps to know what to expect and show further interest in the position. You also get to know if the interviews are still ongoing and when to expect to hear back from the interviewers. You also learn if there is another interview round so that you can prepare yourself adequately.

Some ways to inquire about the next steps in the hiring process include:

  • When will you reach out to candidates for the next step?

  • When do you expect to fill this position?

  • How long do you expect to take before contacting the candidates about the next steps?

Determine If The Recruiter Needs Additional Information

What To Say At The End of A Job Interview? (How To End The Interview) â

It’s important to provide additional information to the hiring managers before you leave. Additional information is another chance to show to back your skills and experience. Sources of additional information include a copy of your resume, a copy of your portfolio, copies of your professional and educational certifications and a list of references. Examples of how to phrase the questions to provide additional information include:

  • Does anyone else on the team need a copy of my resume?

  • Would you like to see a list of my references?

  • Do you need more information about my application? I have a copy of the case studies from previous clients and my portfolio.

Some candidates provide additional information from a mental list. Use this opportunity to talk about other strengths you haven’t discussed during the interview. Offering additional information is also a sign of commitment and enthusiasm.

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Thank Them For Their Time

No matter how the interview went, you should always thank the candidate for their time and interest in the role. Not only is it a professional thing to do, but it will also allow your company to give a good first impression. The goal is to impress good candidates and want them to join your organization.

Even if they aren’t the ideal person for the job, giving a good lasting impression on your company will still go a long way. You might even escort them out of the building or ask someone in your office if you have another interview lined up afterward.

Escorting them out will eliminate the awkwardness of the candidate getting lost or chatting with one of your employees.

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