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How To Get An Interview With A Real Estate Broker

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What Is The Company Culture Like

How to Interview a Broker

You want to get a good idea of the companys values as early as possible. Although you cant judge everything from one meeting, you can pay attention to the interactions within the office and listen to the broker describe the culture. Some brokerages have more competition than camaraderie, and you will benefit from being aware of that in advance. Follow-up questions about their history and values can also provide you with insights about a brokerages culture.

When asked to talk about the companys history, values, and what sets them apart from other brokerages Rittenberg was able to provide the following insight into Coldwell Banker Realtys culture:

Our companys founders believed that a successful real estate company could be operated doing the right thing for buyers and sellers. Our Core 4 Values ultimately serve our clients every real estate need, especially during the current pandemic. The health and safety of our communities, employees, affiliated agents, and clients we serve remains our top priority, following the guidance of the CDC and local government entities.

What A Real Estate Agent Does

As a real estate agent, you help your clients in many key areas of buying and selling property. Your duties can be quite diverse and include:

  • Performing market research in the general area to get accurate prices for buying and selling.
  • Inspecting properties to verify the condition of the property.
  • Appraising property and reviewing related documentation.
  • Price negotiation for both selling and purchasing a property.
  • Reviewing and assisting with the pre-approval process
  • Negotiating on financial matters such as repair costs and offers when selling a property.
  • Reviewing any buyers finances and related progress.

How Long Is The Training Provided

When youre first starting out, your brokerage is where youll receive most of your formal training and on-the-job training. That means knowing how to choose the right brokerage to work for means choosing the one that meets your needs and expectations when it comes to training and mentorship.Keep in mind, it takes most new agents about six months to a year to achieve consistency in their business, and during that time, its great to have the support of a strong training curriculum and mentorship.If the brokerage youre interviewing has up-front training that meets your needs, a smart follow-up question would be to ask if they have any ongoing training for seasoned agents.

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How Do You Stay Organized To Make Sure You Make Every Appointment And Are Always On Time

As you get more clients, you will likely have more appointments each day. Creating an organizational system is crucial so you attend every appointment and are on time for all of them. You will often let the selling agent know what time you and your client will visit the home and they will block out that time for you. When you have multiple showings in one day, you should consider finding a system that works to increase your timeliness.

Example: I use multiple methods to stay organized during the week, such as using a calendar. I sync my computer to my phone and set reminders to go off 30 minutes before I need to leave for each appointment. I also color-code some of my appointments to indicate the clients Im currently working with to make my appointment prep just a bit easier. I coordinate those colors to the files and emails I have on that client to ensure all of my information is easily found.

How Many Real Estate Agents Should I Interview

How To Prepare For Interviews (Real Estate Brokers)

Depending on the size of your local market, you should interview at least three agents so you can compare and contrast what theyre offering. But of sellers who use an agent, 63 percent contact only one, while 21 percent contact two, and 17 percent contact three or more. Its worth interviewing multiple agents so you can find the right person for your needs.

If you need to sell in a hurry, you can try the for-sale-by-owner route, but youll still need to invest a lot of your personal time. Alternatively, you can sell through Zillow Offers. Just answer a few questions about your home, and if its eligible, well give you a cash offer. You can close on a date thats convenient for you, and youll never have to list the home.

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Question : Why Do You Want To Get Into The Real Estate Business

There are typically three common responses when a broker asks a prospective agent this question:

  • Because I love property.
  • Because I love people.
  • I want to make a lot of money.
  • While a person needs to relate positively to property and be a people person, ultimately the broker wants to hear that a prospective agent wants to make money. If you want to really impress a broker, dont even wait for this question to be asked. As soon as you sit down, state in a positive and confident voice, The reason I want to get into the real estate business is because I want to make a lot of money! In addition to knocking the broker out of her socks, it will prompt the broker to ask the next question that is paramount.

    How Will You Help Me Find Other Professionals

    Your agent should be able and more than willing to supply you with a written list of vendors such as mortgage brokers, home inspectors, and title companies. Let her explain who she works with and why she chooses these particular professionals.

    Ask for an explanation if you see the term “affiliated” anywhere. This designation could mean that the agent and her broker are receiving compensation from that particular vendor. If so, you could be paying a premium for the service.

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    Checklist: What To Look For In A Real Estate Agent

    to use throughout your real estate agent search. Consider the following hallmarks of a good real estate agent:

    Familiarity with the local area and neighborhood Takes the time to become familiar with the features of the home he/she is selling Approachable and friendly Excellent reviews, plus professional handling of negative feedback Local reputation of closing deals quickly and successfully Creative negotiator and proactive problem solver Has experience with your specific selling scenario Listens to your needs Provides you with an up-front quote

    How To Get A Job As A Real Estate Agent 6 Steps To Get Hired

    Top Real Estate Agent Interview – How To Get Started

    Knowing what to do to easily get a real estate agent job is important if you are seeking for one.

    How to Get a Job as a Real Estate Agent 6 Steps to Get Hired

    To easily get a job as a real estate agent, you need to know what to do to make yourself irresistible to hirers.

    This post contains the information you need to be able to get ahead of others in the competition for the job of a real estate agent.

    We are confident that your chances of getting the job will improve significantly if you applied the tips shared in this article.

    6 Steps to Get a Job as a Real Estate Agent

    The following steps will help you in getting a job as a real estate agent fast:

    1. Prepare for the Real Estate Agent Job

    You cannot just start working as a real estate agent without getting prepared for it first. You will find it difficult to excel except you know the rudiments of the job.

    There are certain skills, abilities, qualifications, knowledge, and experience that you are required to possess so that you can prove your competence and finally get hired.The following qualities are what most employers look for in any real estate agent seeking a job:

    • Ability to work independently combined with excellent interpersonal skills
    • Strong sales, negotiation, and communication skills
    • Pleasant and trustworthy
    • Knowledge of how to use information technology
    • The ability to apply theory to practice.

    2. Find a Real Estate Agent Job

    Using Online Job Boards

    • Careerbuilder and
    • iHireRealEstate
    • Indeed


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    What Is Your Plan For Growing Your Business In The Next 12 Months

    Agents should be goal-oriented and operating with a growth mindset. This question allows you to find out what theyve planned based on their past performance, market research, and client feedback. No plans for change or growth? That is information that you need to know as well and may indicate a complacency that youd rather avoid.

    Choose Three Or Four Real Estate Agents To Interview

    Every realtor handles their business and their partners differently, so get to know the person youll be working with to sell your home. We recommend you interview as many realtors as you can. Interview no less than three agents so you can get a sense of what working with your new partner will be like.

    Even though you may have information about the realtor from the internet already, verify your assumptions about the realtor in the interview. Ask them to explain their strengths, expertise, and to fill you in about the information you couldnt find about them.

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    Whats The Hardest Part Of Keeping Your Clients Focused On Home Tours

    You may work with clients who get excited to look at homes and walk away to explore the property on their own. This behavior may be frustrating to the process of highlighting specific features you intended to show them to help sell the house. Knowing how to redirect your clients can be a valuable skill to have to make appointments more productive.

    Example:I let the client look at the different rooms on their own for a few minutes and then ask them to come back to me so I can show them features that I know they will love. This technique allows me to have a better chance of selling the house when I save the best parts until the end.

    Do You Provide Photography For Listings

    Tips for Interviewing a Real Estate Agent

    Naturally, excellent photography is one of the most important aspects of marketing your listings. Some of the top brokerage firms provide photography services for their agents, but some dont. Its important to know, especially if you have a certain marketing budget to stick to when youre just starting out.

    If the brokerage youre interviewing doesnt provide those services, its up to you to decide if you can afford to outsource. If you can, you may want to ask if there are any local photography companies theyd recommend, or if they have any restrictions about outsourcing.

    FREE Guide: Choose the brokerage that is right for you with this free Brokerage Comparison Guide.

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    Question : What Are The Contract Requirements

    One of the most important final questions to ask a real estate agent is about the listing agreement. A professional agent should walk you through their standard contract and answer any questions you have. You shouldnt feel pressure to sign, and they should give you time to take the contract home and review it further.

    Top Questions To Ask A Broker

    While we could go into all 14 questions here, our free questions to ask a broker downloadable booklet is much more portable to use when interviewing a real estate broker! But lets talk about some of the most important aspects to look for in a prospective brokerage. Here are some of the categories well cover in the top questions to ask a broker booklet:

    Splits, Costs, and Fees

    It isnt ALL about real estate broker fees value is really what you are looking for but you still dont want to be nickel and dimed. Having low fees, higher splits, and lower caps means you can have a higher income immediately as a real estate agent which means you can build a successful career MUCH faster.


    When, where, and how will you get any type of support you need? Well cover a few questions to ask a real estate broker to ensure youre going to have the support structure and ample staff available to help you succeed.

    Location and Time Flexibility

    Where do you have to be and when? Can you log into live training from afar or do you have to commute? What are the office requirements? The questions to ask a broker about location and time flexibility will help with your choosing a brokerage decision making process.


    Dig into the formal mentorship program of the real estate broker with the questions we provide to see just how important new agents really are to that company BEFORE you make the jump in!

    Lead Generation

  • Learn to generate leads for free with tools and training
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    How Many Agents Work Here

    Keep in mind that the number of agents at each brokerage depends on the type of brokerage you are interviewing. Boutique brokerages may have only a few agents working with them. Even though franchise brokerages have thousands of agents across the country, there is probably only a small number that you will work with at your specific office location.

    Have A Few Minutes Left

    Job Interview – New Real Estate Agent

    If you find yourself with extra time, it never hurts to ask what havent I asked you that I need to know? This question allows the agent to deliver information they feel valuable.

    Honestly though, if you managed to go through all of the previous 16 questions there shouldnt be much more left to cover.

    When all is said and done and youve hung up the phone, you need to ask yourself if this is the right agent for you. Do you feel comfortable with their personality? Were they prepared, clear, and direct about their approach to handling your business?

    Youre already talking to some of the best agents in your areayou just need to decide who youd like working with most.

    Trust your gut and pick someone you feel comfortable working with and sharing the intimate details of your financials with.

    Top Burlingame, CA luxury real estate agent Pam Zaragoza says, have to have a level of trust in , almost as if you were dating or engaged, because youre sharing a lot of information with them.

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    Is There Administrative Support

    Most brokerages have a licensed real estate assistant or administrator who helps with paperwork, answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, organizing supplies, and much more. Having an office assistant will save you time and help you stay organized during your first few listings.

    On the other hand, great real estate brokerages may not have a real estate assistant and still be extremely great places to work. If the brokerage does not have an assistant, it is likely that many of those duties fall on the real estate broker and agents. In this case, be sure to get complete details about what administrative tools and support will be offered to help balance your work.

    Good answer: Yes, our assistant is licensed, works from 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and takes care of specific tasks. OR No, we do not have a real estate assistant, but here is how we balance the administrative tasks.

    Proceed with caution: No, we dont really worry about the administrative side of things.

    On Average How Many Homes Have You Sold In A Year

    This is a critical question that gives you an idea of what you can expect from the prospective job candidate right away. If this is important to your company, this question helps to separate the experienced from the inexperienced. Look for thoughtful answers that show a depth of knowledge. What to look for in an answer:

    • Experience level that you’re seeking
    • Verifiable claims
    • Excitement about their previous achievements


    “At my previous real estate agency, I normally sold around 40 homes each year.”

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    Get To Know The Company

    Your first stop is researching the company you are interviewing for. Real estate is a very wide field and each company has its own brand identity and industry focus. Look at their website to get a good feel for what they do and how they position themselves in the market to see how you can best align your own skills, talents and ambitions. Read their blog, look through their social media posts and see how they advertise their listings. The more you know about the company, the better prepared youll be and the bigger the impact youll make in the interview, as it shows you are invested, motivated and interested.

    What Is Your Greatest Strength As A Real Estate Professional

    Commercial Real Estate Broker Interview Questions

    Similarly, agents should have a good grasp of what they do well and how that impacts their success. Beware of a disconnect between the agents self-identified strength and your own impressions based on the interview. For example, if an agent claims to be an outgoing people-person, but you dont see any sign of this, they may have a distorted sense of their own performance.

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    Ask The Right Questions

    Get a sense for their business style by asking important vetting questions.

    • How long have you been working in real estate?
    • Do you primarily work with buyers or sellers?
    • How many active clients do you have at a time?
    • Are you part of a team?
    • Whats your specialty?
    • Are you equipped to handle my unique situation?
    • How will you market my home?
    • Can you put me in contact with some references?

    What Is Your Experience Using Video And Virtual Tours For Marketing Properties

    Look for an example of how the candidate has used video and virtual tours to sell properties. Having a broker with this experience ensures that they can start right away with this form of marketing. Pay attention to whether their responses are detailed and well organized. If they don’t have any experience using video to market their properties, their response will show you how they handle answering tough questions. What to look for in an answer:

    • A detailed response
    • An ability to convey real-world experience
    • Comfort with using the latest video technologies and online platforms


    “I understand how important visual marketing is to selling homes. I use virtual tours for all my properties.”

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