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How To Get Free Lyft To Job Interview

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Getting People To Work

Lyft gives free rides to job interviews in Cleveland

The difference between landing a job and a lost opportunity often comes down to a ride. When the economic recovery begins, well be ready to provide free Lyft car rides to and from job training programs, interviews, and the first three weeks of new employment to give unemployed individuals a fairer chance at success.

Know Your Lyft Coupon Code Options

Knowing what youre getting into and being prepared is half the battle with a Lyft promo, or really any type of promotion or coupon codes.

More often than not, the more you know from the get-go, the more youll save.

Especially with rideshare services.

Information about ride options and service areas are some of the most common things you should know, especially before your first ride.

Looking For A Job Grab A Free Lyft To That Interview

Being unemployed and on a job search can sometimes be a very difficult journey. The journey itself can be near impossible if reliable public transportation is hard to find where you live. This is why the ride share company Lyft has begun a new initiative to give job seekers a chance to start off on the right foot when going for interviews.

CNN reports about Lyfts initiative, Jobs Access Program, that will give those seeking employment free or discounted rides to interviews and then a free three weeks of ride service once employed. In a statement, a Lyft spokesperson explains the trials and tribulations many who are seeling employment can go through in the process. Lyft says, For the unemployed, reliable transportation to a job interview or to the first few weeks of work can mean the difference between successful, long-term employment and lost opportunities.

And because Lyft does a great amount of work in low-income areas, helping people who may live in these same areas hold down a new job is a good strategy. A Lyft study found that 44% of their ride shares begin or end in low-income areas. Their new Jobs Access Program hopes to help close the transportation gap in low-income areas. Anything to give residents of these communities a leg-up would be helpful for them to succeed in the long run. The Lyft statement cites a 2018 Oxford University Press study that states, children’s opportunities for economic mobility are shaped by the neighborhoods in which they grow up.

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Lyft To Offer Free Rides For Job Interviews

Lyft announced a Job Access Program that gives its customers rides to and from job interviews and job training. This is a great opportunity for those who are usually tight on cash especially when seeking a job or waiting for that first paycheck.

Visit for more information

The ride-sharing apps Jobs Access Program is a new initiative that aims to close short-term transportation gaps related to employment access and job training. Lyft states that for the unemployed, reliable transportation to a job interview or to the first few weeks of work can mean the difference between successful, long-term employment and lost opportunities. So they have partnered with several leading national and local organizations dedicated to workforce development in order to deliver free or discounted rides to people making their way through the employment pipeline.

The program will focus on three key interventions in the employment pipeline that are critical to individual success, and where transportation can play a major role: Rides to/from job training programs, rides to/from job interviews, rides to/from the first three weeks of employment, until individuals receive their first paycheck and begin to pay for their own transportation

to find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity today.

Hit the link below to get started driving Lyft

Using A Lyft Promo Link

Lyft Announce FREE Rides To and From Job Interviews

Signing up through a Lyft promo link is an easy way to apply a Lyft coupon code directly to your account, without worrying about spelling the code incorrectly.

All you need to do is:

1. Open your desired Lyft promo link on your smartphone or computer.

2. Enter your phone number in the space provided and tap Download & Claim. Youll get a Now check your phone message if your phone number was successfully entered.

3. Check your phone for a text from Lyft, which should include a Lyft download link. Tap on this link and follow all prompts provided, which may include downloading the Lyft app and signing up, to apply the discount.

In the rare case that a promo link has hit its maximum amount of uses, you may receive a text that says, Sorry, this code has been used up. Youll still be able to try out other promo links if this occurs.

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Lyft Offers Free Rides To Job Seekers Here’s How You Can Participate

So you finally landed the big job interview. But how are you going to get there?

Ridesharing service Lyft said it’s providing free rides for people trying to get jobs, including rides to and from job training programs and job interviews, and rides to and from work during a person’s first three weeks of employment.

That doesn’t mean anyone with the Lyft app on their phone can demand a free ride because they claim they’re looking for a new job. For its Jobs Access Program, the company has partnered with a number of nonprofit groups that help people find employment. For example, through Lyft’s partnership with the United Way and 211, job seekers with specific healthcare, employment or veterans’ transportation needs can call 211 to have a free Lyft ride booked on their behalf.

“United Way believes that people of all ages and abilities should have an opportunity to improve their economic status through employment,” said Alicia Lara, senior vice president of impact for the United Way Worldwide. “When we work with corporate partners like Lyft in pursuit of this goal, the entire community benefits and together, we can affect sweeping change that benefits us all.”

Lyft said it is positioned to help at-need jobseekers. According to a recent company survey, 35 percent of Lyft users don’t own or lease a personal vehicle. And 44 percent of the companys rides start or end in low-income areas.


Is The First Ride On Lyft Free

It can be, considering that Lyft is in direct competition with Uber, and both platforms offer ride codes for discounts. New customers can enter a Lyft coupon code when signing up, enabling eligibility for up to $50 in free ride credits . New customers for Uber can also earn an incentive by using Uber coupon RIDESHARE.

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Free Lyft Rides For Riders Seeking A New Job

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Posted by:Lilly KenyonNov 05, 2019Updated Jan 16, 2020

Do you have a job interview coming up? Are you starting a new job soon? You might qualify for free Lyft rides!

As part of a $50 million annual commitment to improving transportation infrastructure and sustainability initiatives, Lyft announced that it will be providing free rides for people trying to get jobs. This new program will cover rides to and from job training programs, interviews, and rides to and from work during a person’s first three weeks of employment.

However, getting your free Lyft ride isnt as easy as just opening the app and getting a free ride. Instead you will have to go through one of the non-profit groups that Lyft has partnered with for this new initiative. Some of the top non-profits partnering with Lyft are United Way, Goodwill and Dream Corps.

Here is a complete list of Lyfts free ride partners.

Are You Supposed To Sit In The Front Or Back When Taking A Lyft

Lyft Offering Free Rides To Job Interviews In 35 Cities

There are many answers, here, although many drivers have a preference, so if you dont have a preference yourself, it may be polite just to ask your Lyft driver before your Lyft ride begins. Keep in mind, you are the paying customer, so most drivers expect you to choose wherever you feel most comfortable.

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Applying Interviewing And Getting A Job At Lyft Corporate

Have you ever wondered what it takes to work at a rideshare company like Lyft? In this episode, I interview Bryan Chung, who interviewed to work at Lyft, about his experience and his takeaways. If youve ever wondered what the Lyft application process is like, how to stand out during the Lyft hiring process, or what kinds of Lyft interview questions youll come across, take a listen! If youre interested in a custom Lyft interview prep course, .

Lyft Interview Questions

If youd like to read a transcript of this podcast, please

If youre interview at Lyft soon and would like some advice, check out our course: The Uber & Lyft Interview Prep Package

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The program is available in over 35 markets throughout the U.S. and Canada via Lyft’s partners, including: United Way and 211, The USO, Goodwill, National Down Syndrome Society, Year Up, Generation, #cut50 , The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, and Upwardly Global.

Lyft will provide ride credits to the nonprofits to distribute among their clientele as they see fit.

“We really defer to our nonprofit partners on that,” says Masserman. “They’re the ones that understand their constituency base the best.”

Those who are interested in the Jobs Access Program and aren’t currently affiliated with any of the aforementioned nonprofits can reach out to the United Way via it’s 211 help number to learn more about their eligibility.

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Popular Lyft Cities With Promotions

Currently, availability has opened up in about 65 cities within the United States.

Theyre growing, though!

Expansion plans have continued along with the rise in demand for Lyft rides across the country.

If youre specifically looking for a good deal, there are a few cities within the United States that offer Lyft promo codes or other Lyft coupons more often than others.

These include:

  • San Diego
  • Las Vegas
  • These are most definitely top cities in the United States in terms of free ride promotion.

    Save On Your Next Ride

    The ride

    Getting to your next destination doesnt have to come with a high price tag.

    When you use Lyft promo codes as a new or existing user, you can get great discounts on your rides and sometimes even free rides, too.

    With this guide, you can easily find and apply the best Lyft codes that work for your needs.

    If riding with Uber is more your speed, or you wisely want to take advantage of ridesharing deals on both platforms, take a look at our guide to Uber promo codes and how to use them.

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    Substitutes For A Coupon

    Of course, this isnt the only rideshare option out there.

    If by chance you happen to be an existing Lyft user, you could check some of these promo code alternatives out to save some cash.

    Even if you are a new user and plan on using a free Lyft code for your first ride, its always nice to see what else is also out there.

    Also, technology isnt perfect.

    Its a good idea to have a couple of these apps ready to go in case one of them isnt working when you really need a ride.

    You can use an Uber code for free the first time.

    Lyft Program Offers Free Rides To Job Interviews And First Three Weeks Of Employment

    MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – Lyft has started a new program offering free rides to and from job interviews.

    According to information from Lyft, the Jobs Access Program will debut in 35 cities across the U.S. It will provide:

    · Rides to/from job training programs

    · Rides to/from job interviews

    · Rides to/from the first three weeks of employment, until individuals receive their first paycheck and begin to pay for their own transportation

    A study by Lyft found that 44 percent of rides start or end in low-income areas. It also showed Lyft passengers saved 178 million hours compared to other transportation modes.

    We are focused on communities that stand to benefit most from short-term transportation support, ranging from veterans to individuals with disabilities, Lyft representatives stated.

    The ride-sharing program partnered with 10 organizations to make the Jobs Access Program a reality.

    For more information on the program, .

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    Lyft Offering Free Rides To Job Interviews And First 3 Weeks Of Employment

    IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR LYFT In this image distributed on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017, Lyfts new Amp glows on the dashboard of a car in San Francisco.

    TAMPA Lyft is trying to play a role in lifting communities out of poverty with their new Jobs Access Program, offering free rides to and from job interviews.

    Citing a recent Oxford study, Lyft says one of the strongest factors in the odds of escaping poverty is commuting time.

    For the unemployed, reliable transportation to a job interview or to the first few weeks of work can mean the difference between successful, long-term employment and lost opportunities, Lyft says.

    Debuting in 35 cities in the United States, the Job Access Program will provide the following:

    • Rides to/from job training programs
    • Rides t/from job interviews
    • Rides to/from the first three weeks of employment

    Lyft partnered with 10 organizations to make this new initiative possible.

    There are roughly two million people living with disabilities in the United States, Ashley Helsing of the National Down Syndrome Society said. Of those two million, nearly 30 percent, or 560,000 people, are unable to leave their home because of transportation barriers.

    To read more on the Job Access Program,


    Lyft Free Ride Code Errors

    How To Get Unemployment For Uber, Lyft Drivers & Gig Workers | Questions Answered

    Sometimes with technology, things dont go perfectly smoothly, especially when it comes to promo codes since there are so many bad ones out there.

    If youve got an error message when trying to use a Lyft promo, chances are that youre frustrated.

    Save yourself some stress and speculation and take a look at possible errors you could encounter when doing a Lyft sign up and subsequent Lyft free first ride.

    Expired Free Lyft Code

    Be sure to check expiration dates before entering or using a promo code for Lyft.

    Commonly, people enter promo codes into their account but forget.

    Then, when it comes time to use that Lyft first ride, its too late.

    Dont be that guy !

    Pro Tip: If you enter your Lyft promo code and wait too long to use it, it will expire. If this happens and you havent yet taken your first ride, simply delete any expired promo codes from your account. Look up another Lyft promo from our list at the top of this post and try again! As long as you havent taken your first ride yet, you retain your new user status and can cash in on Lyft coupons.

    Location-Exclusive Credits

    Sometimes, they will release promo codes meant for people in a certain location only to ride Lyft at a discount.

    This is much less common, however, it does happen.

    For example, sometimes when they branch out into a new area, they will offer discounts for new members to try out a Lyft ride.

    While there is no working around this, be sure to check out the restrictions before using these Lyft offers.

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    Finding Jobs At Lyft Corporate

    • Initially found out about jobs via LinkedIn.
    • About a week after applying, received a call from a recruiter and spent 45 minutes on the phone.
    • Retail operations strategy basically, a strategy team that thinks of better ways to use and grow Lyft Hubs.
    • Sometimes applying for jobs online seems like throwing your resume into a black hole, but it is still a way to get jobs.

    Lyft Expands Jobs Access Program Offering Free Or Discounted Rides To Job Seekers In Parts Of Ontario

    A new partnership between 211 Ontario and Lyft means job seekers can get a free ride to interviews in communities served by the ride-hailing company.

    As the COVID-19 crisis continues to wreak havoc on businesses and the economy, millions are still unemployed or underemployed across Canada. According to Statistics Canada, the number of job seekers increased in August for the sixth consecutive month.

    The expansion of Lyfts Jobs Access Program with National Partners Goodwill and United Way, will relieve some of the pressure for those searching for work by providing free or discounted rides.

    At 211 Ontario, we regularly hear from callers that affordable, reliable transportation is a huge need in many parts of the province, especially with so many facing unemployment due to COVID-19, said Ontario 211 Services Executive Director, Karen Milligan. We are thrilled that Lyft has extended their Job Access program to people in Ontario. These extra supports will reduce barriers to employment and retraining and will help people land on their feet.

    The program is offered in Ontario communities served by Lyft which include Ajax, Brampton, Hamilton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oshawa, Ottawa, Richmond Hill, and Toronto.

    We know that for the unemployed and underemployed, reliable transportation to a job interview or the first few weeks of work can mean the difference between successful, long-term employment and lost opportunities, said Hannah Parish, Lyfts Ontario General Manager.

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    Lyft Wants To Help Get You To Job Interviews

    Lyft, the ride sharing service, wants to help people out who have lost their jobs or have been furloughed and are now looking for a new job. Lyft has partnered with Goodwill and United Way to provide rides for those who don’t have transportation so they can get to their interviews. The program is called Lyft Up and not only will you get free rides, but they will also give you free rides to that job until you get your first paycheck. Free rides are available in New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York among other cities. Even if they are not offering free rides in the city you are in, they will help you with some resources near you. If you or someone you know could definitely use a Lyft, check out their website for more details.

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