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How To Give A Good Job Interview

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Preparing To Give Post

5 BEST Interview Tips – The Ultimate Formula to Interview Success

Feedback works best if you prepare well for the interview.

Draw up a standard set of questions before the interview, and take careful notes during, to ensure that the insights you provide are in line with job expectations and are useful to the candidate.

After the interview, talk with the team, compare notes, and create a list of the candidates core strengths and weaknesses. This should be designed to be constructive, rather than just critical.

This list is what you will use in giving feedback to the candidate.

How To Prepare A Presentation For A Job Interview: The Basics

Before you get elbow-deep in designing that PowerPoint presentation for your job interview, do some scouting and reach out to the HR team with a few questions.

You want your presentation to be on-point and technically accurate, so ask your contact the following:

  • How long should an interview presentation be? 15 minutes is the golden standard, though some employers may ask to cut it down to just 10 minutes or extend it to 20-25.
  • Who exactly will be present?A conversational presentation would certainly be welcome by your peers and a team leader but may appear too casual for the senior managers or board of directors.
  • Does the HR team have a particular agenda in mind?Ask some leading questions to understand what kind of skills/experience they want you to demonstrate.
  • Whats the IT setup? Should you bring your own laptop? Do you need an adapter to connect to their projector? What kind of presentation software do they have installed PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides?

What Is Your Greatest Achievement

You shouldnt brag about yourself in every interview question and answer, but sometimes its called for. And this is one of those cases.

Dont be timid and dont hold back. This is your chance to share one accomplishment that youre most proud of and why. I recommend choosing a professional achievement, but if the biggest win that comes to mind is personal, thats fine too.

Ideally, share a story that illustrates how you overcome a challenge, went through a transformation, or overcame doubt or fear to accomplish something that youre proud of. If you can show determination and resiliency, thats going to impress most employers. However, there are plenty of scenarios where your biggest achievement might show other traits instead. Thats fine, too.

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Predict The Job Interview Questions And Prepare Answers

Write a list of job interview questions and answers. Be ready to explain any gaps in your resume and the reasons why you left past positions. Look through the job requirements and think of concrete examples which you can give to highlight these skills.

An easy way of doing this is to match the key skills in the job description to your experience.

Apart from preparing your answers to all the common interview questions such as Tell me about yourself? or Why do you want to work here?, make sure you prepare examples of how youve added value using STAR format. What were your most notable accomplishments? How are they relevant to the job youre interviewing for? Do you have examples of challenging situations youve overcome, dealing with conflict, working under pressure or managing important projects? Make sure you spend several hours jotting down some notes and preparing your answers to all the most common questions that are likely to be asked.

How To Make A Good Impression At A Job Interview

How to give a great job interview

The most important part of a job interview is the beginning. Thats when you have an opportunity to make a great impressionor a poor oneon your interviewer. In one study, more than 30% of hiring managers decided whether to hire a candidate during the first five minutes of a job interview.

Even if you encounter one of the 70% of hiring managers who take more time than that, its still important to set a good tone during the first minutes of a job interview. Keep it up through the rest of the conversation, so you have a good shot at getting a second interview and a job offer.

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Look At The Big Picture

BAD:Im a great leader.

GOOD:Im a transparent communicator, team motivator, and always keep the big picture in mind. I like to hire people who are smarter than me who complement my skillset and encourage their professional development. I established an initiative where every six months, my management team has a two-day offsite meeting where we discuss priorities and brainstorm new ideas. I invite at least one motivational speaker and host at least one workshop focused on some aspect of professional developmentlast time it was on Sharpening Your EQ.

Why Is A Job Interview Important

Job interviews are important because they give you insight into whether you want to hire a candidate. Often in conversation form, the questions asked in an interview can show you a persons skills, job capabilities, and how they contribute to the success of a team or organization. You can use job interviews to compare candidates or build a list of future talent options for other open positions.

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Tip : Do Your Homework

Prepare for the job interview exactly as you would when meeting the hiring manager in person.

It might be tempting to search the web for answers mid-interview. But if youre seen to be clicking around, it might give the impression that youre not focused on the interviewer.

Be ready to answer any common interview questions without needing to use the internet.

How Do You Make Decisions

How to Ace an Interview: 5 Tips from a Harvard Career Advisor

This is another one of the most common interview questions youll hear.

You may also hear this phrased as a behavioral interview question, like, Tell me about a time you had to make a difficult decision? How did you handle it and what did you decide?

With any of these decision-making job interview questions, hiring managers want to know that youve made good decisions in the past and are comfortable making a tough decision under pressure. Demonstrate this, and theyll feel more confident that youll be able to make good decisions in your next job, too while working for them.

So to show the hiring manager that youre the right fit, prepare to explain how you organize and structure your decisions. The best answers will show that youre calm and follow a logical system when you make important decisions.

Answer sample 1:

Answer sample 2:

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Treat Everyone You Meet As Your Interviewer

Make sure that youre polite and friendly to everyone you come across in the interview process. From greeting the receptionist, to the people you share a lift with, to walking through an open-plan office to reach your meeting-room These are all touchpoints with your potential future employer, and co-workers will often share their impressions of visitors afterwards, so you want everyone who comes into contact with you to see you in as positive a light as possible.

How Did You Hear About The Position

When they ask how did you hear about the position? its typically best to give an honest, direct answer.

The interviewer is simply curious how you came to know about them and the general idea behind why you applied. Theyre curious how youre finding positions to apply to in general, too.

If you found the job through a colleague, through researching employers online, through a job board or job posting, or any other common method, simply tell them the truth.

  • Be clear, direct, and upfront
  • Tell the truth unless its something very embarrassing .
  • Explain why the job interested you, if possible


I found the position while looking for jobs online

I heard about it from a colleague/friend

Your company was recommended to me by somebody I worked with in a previous job and had heard good things about your organization

I saw the job posted on LinkedIn, and the position seemed interesting so I wanted to learn more

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What Interests You About This Role

Hiring managers often ask this question to ensure you understand the role and give you an opportunity to highlight your relevant skills. Study the job description carefully and compare its requirements to your skills and experience. Choose a few responsibilities you particularly enjoy or excel at and focus on those in your answer.

Example answer:While I highly valued my time at my previous company, there are no longer opportunities for growth that align with my career goals. This position fits perfectly with my skill set and how Im looking to grow in my career. Im also looking for a position at a company like yours that supports underserved communities, which is a personal passion of mine.

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How Should The Interviewer Prepare For The Interview

Make a Great Impression on Your Interviewer in 10 Minutes ...
  • Read through candidates’ CVs and make note of key points to elaborate on during the interview.
  • Prepare your interview questions.
  • Be prepared to answer questions that candidates’ may ask about the position and organization.
  • Schedule enough time for the interview and try and stick to the time-limit .
  • Know your company’s goals and culture and be prepared to “sell” it to the candidate.

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Tell Me About Your Work Experience

An interviewer may or may not already be familiar with your background. Regardless, this question gives you the chance to detail your experiences that are most valuable to the prospective role. Employers want to know that youve reflected on their expectations for a qualified candidate and that you have directly relevant or transferable skills. Consider these tips for answering:

1. Quantify your experience:I have 10 years of experience in personal finance management, and I have assisted 45 repeat clients in increasing their capital by an average of 15% every year.

2. Illustrate connections to role:As a financial analyst, Ive used visual growth charts to show my clients how each saving plan option can impact their goals. When I became a senior financial analyst, I supervised other analysts and trained them in providing the most helpful experience to our customers.

3. End with a goal statement:”As your senior financial consultant, I aim to integrate my individualized approach to helping clients build the retirement fund they will depend on.

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Crafting The Perfect Why Should We Hire You Answer

top three best reasons to hire you.

Our full video curriculum inside Big Interview has full lessons on answering why should we hire you? and many other questions!

TIP: If this is your first job, you might find this question difficult to answer, especially since you are expected to build your case on previous work experience. Check out this article that we wrote just for you.

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What Should An Interview Presentation Look Like

Think of your interview presentation as a sales pitch.

Your goal is to convince the human resources team that you are the best candidate for the job. The kick here is that you will be presenting to a warm audience you already impressed them enough with your resume to be called in for an interview. We recommend that you generate a strategy and presentation based on a 30 60 90 Day Plan.

Employers request interview presentations for a few simple reasons:

  • To assess your communication and public speaking skills.
  • To understand whether you are the right cultural fit for the company.
  • To develop a better sense of how well versed you are in the domain.

So your first job is to make sure that your presentation fits the criteria. Go through the companys job description again and jot down all the candidate requirements. Take the time to read about their company values and mission. In general, be proactive and ask exactly what you should cover during your presentation.

Most interview presentations will differ in content and style, but heres a quick example to give you more context:

Tip : Look Out For Communication Cues

How To Give Your Best Interview And Get The Job | HR Crest

As well as paying close attention to what your potential employer is asking you, you should also try to pick up any communication cues they exude.

For example, dont be afraid to subtly copy their level of energy or the volume and tone of their voice. This can create a positive first impression by reflecting your ability to adapt.

Honing your interpersonal skills can help you build a personal connection with the interviewer.

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Do You Have Any Questions

This might be one of the most important questions asked during the interview process because it allows you to explore any topics that havent been addressed and shows the interviewer youre serious about the role. Remember that you are interviewing the company too. Take time to ask the interviewer questions about their own experiences with the company, gain tips on how you can succeed if hired and address any lingering questions you have. Some examples include:

  • What do you love most about working for this company?

  • What would success look like in this role?

  • What are some of the challenges people typically face in this position?

  • How important is it that you hire someone with XYZ qualities?

  • Do you have any hesitations about hiring me?

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Showing Up At The Wrong Time

When it comes to arriving at the right time, most interview candidates are worried about being late. But Rudeth Shaughnessy, a former HR director and current senior editor for Copy My Resume, said that arriving too early is poor etiquette, too. Aim to arrive no more than 10 minutes early if you need to hang out in the lobby for a few minutes, that’s OK. Use the time to brush up on your notes or practice your introductory speech.

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Other Types Of Questions

Other possible types of questions that may be asked alongside structured interview questions or in a separate interview include: background questions, job knowledge questions, and puzzle type questions. A brief explanation of each follows.

  • Background questions include a focus on work experience, education, and other qualifications. For instance, an interviewer may ask “What experience have you had with direct sales phone calls?” Interviews composed primarily of these types of questions are often labeled “conventional interviews”.
  • Job knowledge questions may ask candidates to describe or demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to the job. These are typically highly specific questions. For example, one question may be “What steps would you take to conduct a manager training session on safety?”
  • The puzzle interview was popularized by Microsoft in the 1990s, and is now used in other organizations. The most common types of questions either ask the applicant to solve puzzles or brain teasers or to solve unusual problems .

A case interview is an interview form used mostly by management consulting firms and investment banks in which the job applicant is given a question, situation, problem or challenge and asked to resolve the situation. The case problem is often a business situation or a business case that the interviewer has worked on in real life.




Example stress interview questions:

Understand The Type Of Company You Want To Work For

How to make a first good impression in a job interview ...

If youre a new college graduate or in a career transition, you may want to start by building a list of industries that best suit your knowledge, skills, and interests. The Bureau of Labor has compiled a comprehensive list of industries to start with. You can also explore Indeeds Best Places to Work pages. Navigate by industry and company ratings to find a variety of organizations that will fit with your new goals.

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What Is Your Dream Job

Employers typically ask this question because they want to ensure that your interests and passion align with their job. A good answer will describe a role that matches the one youre interviewing for. Consider using this formula for your response:

1. Mention the skills you want to use:I enjoy guiding other team members on projects and making sure everything goes smoothly…”

2. Describe a job in general:”…My dream job would be a leadership position where the other team members are active participants and communication happens daily…

3. Discuss your values:”…I love seeing a project through to the end and celebrating everyones hard work…

4. Tailor to the job for which you are interviewing:”…For instance, if youre applying for a leadership position, you might discuss how your dream job would include supervisory responsibilities.”

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Expand Your Research To News And Recent Events

A companys website, blog, and social media are great ways to learn about a company, but youll also want to get an external perspective. Search for general news coverage and specific industry publications for recent updates about the company and its competitors. Scanning customer forums and product reviews can also help you gauge a companys or their products reputation.

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Top 10 Interview Questions And Best Answers

Review these most frequently asked interview questions and sample answers, and then prepare your responses based on your experience, skills, and interests. Remember that its less about providing the right answers and more about demonstrating that youre the best candidate for the job.

1. Tell Me About Yourself Best Answers

This is one of the first questions you are likely to be asked. Be prepared to talk about yourself, and why you’re an ideal candidate for the position. The interviewer wants to know why you’re an excellent fit for the job.

Try to answer questions about yourself without giving too much, or too little, personal information. You can start by sharing some of your personal interests and experiences that don’t relate directly to work, such as a favorite hobby or a brief account of where you grew up, your education, and what motivates you.

You can even and showcase your personality to make the interview a little more interesting.

2. Why Are You the Best Person for the Job? Best Answers

Are you the best candidate for the job? The hiring manager wants to know whether you have all the required qualifications. Be prepared to explain why you’re the applicant who should be hired.

3. Why Do You Want This Job? Best Answers

Be specific about what makes you a good fit for this role, and mention aspects of the company and position that appeal to you most.

4. How Has Your Experience Prepared You for This Role?Best Answers

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