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How To Handle Conflict Between Two Employees Interview Question

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How would you Deal With CONFLICT between two Coworkers? The BEST Answer to this Interview Question!

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Types Of Employee Conflict You Might Encounter On Your Team

Because your team comes with different personality types, youll see different types of conflict. Some people avoid conflict and confrontation, while other employees might revel in a good heated discussion, or even seek it out.

Conflicts may be multidimensional. Consider if the conflict in question is manifesting as:

  • Employee to employee: grievances arising within the team.
  • Manager to employees: your relationships with each team member.
  • Team to team: employees cross collaborating with other teams may disagree or miscommunicate based on differing team principles and value systems.
  • The Harvard Business Review categorizes conflict in the workplace under two banners: Hot conflict and cold conflict.

    Knowing the difference helps when it comes to conflict management:

    How To Prevent Employee Conflict Going Forward

    Managing conflict as it comes up will always be part of your role, and to keep conflict at bay as much as possible, you can do some solid preventive work. Especially in a remote work environment when connections are harder to build between screens.

    Managers and teams need to prioritize their emotional intelligence and ground work to reduce the chances of potential conflict. Heres how:

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    Sample Answers To Discuss Conflict Resolution Questions

    Below you can find some examples of answers to conflict-resolution interview questions. Some of these questions require you to provide the job experience you had in a previous job. These behavioral interview questions are already written in STAR format so that you see how you can structure your answer.

    If You Are Faced With A Very Angry Customer Who Is Unhappy With Your Product Or Service How Would You Handle Them

    HR Generalist Interview Questions

    If your job description involves dealing with acustomer, it means at many occasions you will be the companys face in front ofthe consumer. They are testing how much you value and are good at customerservice.

    Tip 1: Angry customers require tact. Show them thatyou have it.

    Tip 2: Show that you can differentiate a genuinelyunhappy customer with a scammer.

    In these cases, itis important to hear out the customer fully and understand exactly what aspectof the issue or the product they have faced problem with. Once that area is pinpointed, Id try to placate the customer by assuring them that the relevantteam will start the work on it right away and the issue will be taken care ofat the earliest. If they are especially angry with a genuine reason, a fewdiscount coupons or vouchers can ensure their continued loyalty to the companywhile the concerned team is notified and the issue resolved.

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    Example Answers For Tell Me About A Conflict Or Disagreement You Had With A Coworker

    If they ask for a specific time you had a conflict or disagreement with a coworker, then you need to be ready to share a story.

    So to prepare, think of one specific disagreement or conflict so that youre ready for interview questions about the topic.

    Try to pick a story where you:

    • Were able to solve the disagreement and come to a positive outcome
    • Learned something from the experience that you can share with the interviewer
    • Didnt cost the company much time or money you dont want to share a massive conflict that harmed your company in a huge way

    Why The Interviewer Asks You About How You Handle Conflicts

    As you know, in a diverse workplace, there are going to be different opinions because people are not going to get along with each other all the time. However, most jobs require you to get along with different types of peoples and personalities. To succeed in these situations, you must be able to handle conflicts as a professional. This is also the reason why interviewers are interested in how you approach such situations. These skills are especially important in certain jobs, such as customer service, project management, and law.

    Job interview questions about conflict resolution are used to filter out the candidates whose approaches and actions match the requirements and company culture of the hiring company. Candidates that possess the right conflict resolution skills can reach a peaceful resolution to a dispute. This may be a conflict between colleagues, or between a supervisor and a subordinate. However, it could also regard a dispute between a service provider and their customer or client. Whatever the case may be, when theres a conflict in a professional workplace, it needs to be resolved. Most conflicts in the workplace are essentially arbitrary. This means that its not about who wins the conflict, but what counts is that the situation is resolved in a professional manner so that everybody can continue their work.

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    There Are Different Types Of Conflict At Work But Your Reactions Should Always Showcase A Diplomatic Approach

    Clearly explain how well you handle conflict at work.

    No one likes conflict, especially at work. But disagreements between co-workers are inevitableand showing prospective employers that you’re well versed in conflict resolution is crucial. Will you add to the melee or can you step back and remain levelheaded?

    Obviously, not everything in your career is going to be easy, whether that means confronting the person who stole your lunch from the office refrigerator to negotiating a new contract with clients to deliberating a new job offer. In an environment that’s diverse as the modern workplace there are going to be differences of opinion and behavior. Employers need to be sure you can get along well with others.

    Conflict resolution is just one of the many hurdles the workplace will present to you. Here are five common questions hiring managers ask to assess your conflict-resolution skills and the best approach to answering them.

    Describe A Situation In Which You Disagreed With A Rule Or Policy And How You Handled It

    How Do You Handle Conflict Between Team Members? (PERFECT ANSWER to this TOUGH Interview Question!)

    In previous positions, you may have encountered guidelines that you didnt feel comfortable following. This question allows you to explain why or why not you would perform assigned tasks even when you disagree with the rule or policy related to the duty.

    To answer this question, provide an example of a rule or policy that you disagreed with, how you expressed your disagreement and how you reconciled the disagreement to ensure you could perform your duties as assigned.

    Example: In one of my previous jobs, the human resources director wanted to capture personal identifying informationsuch as social security numberson job applications. He was insistent that the information would be secure, and though I believed him, I still disagreed with this practice. I understood that human resources needed to collect this information at the point of hire to verify employment eligibility, but I did not agree with collecting it from every applicant.

    I expressed my opinion that requiring this information on the application could negatively impact our talent pool, but also acknowledged that I was not a human resources professional and it was not my decision. The human resources director acknowledged my opinion, but believed it was the best practice. I trusted him as the experienced professional to make the correct choice.

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    Why You Should Test Candidates Conflict Management Skills

    Employees with conflict management skills work through arguments, complaints and differences of opinion constructively. These employees are able to:

    • Resolve issues that arise among team members quickly
    • Handle complaints from customers
    • Raise objections in a professional manner

    Its essential to test candidates conflict-resolution skills, particularly for:

    Here are some sample conflict management interview questions to ask candidates during your hiring process:

    Understand The Nature Of The Conflict

    Its often tempting to make assumptions about conflict, especially if rumors are circulating. But dont assume anything. Instead, figure out whats fueling the disagreement between your employees.

    First and foremost, make sure youre not dealing with an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issue, such as workplace harassment or discrimination. Become familiar with your companys harassment prevention polices and guidelines, if you arent already. And if you dont have these types of policies currently in place, make that a priority.

    Remember, with harassment, its not the intent of the behavior but how the behavior is perceived.

    Once youve ruled out any EEOC issues, what are some other underlying circumstances that may be causing or worsening the conflict? Are there clashing work styles at play? Is it a high-stress environment? Is a new project creating tight deadlines? What about a difficult client? Are some employees spreading gossip or bullying coworkers?

    There may be a variety of factors causing hostility among your employees. Getting an initial read on whats at the heart of the matter is essential to successfully resolving the issue and avoiding future conflict.

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    What Is Conflict Resolution

    Conflict resolution is the process by which two or more parties reach a peaceful resolution to a dispute.

    In the workplace, there can be a variety of types of conflict:

    • Conflict may occur between co-workers, between supervisors and subordinates, or between service providers and their clients or customers.
    • Conflict can also occur between groups, such as management and the labor force, or between entire departments.

    Some conflicts are essentially arbitrary, meaning it doesnt matter who wins, only that the problem is resolved so everyone can get back to work.

    But some conflicts reflect real disagreements about how an organization should function.

    Start Off On The Right Foot With New Hires

    HR Generalist Interview Questions

    When hiring new employees, make sure you have some interview questions that refer to conflict resolution skills. Talk to the potential hires and find out if theyve dealt with employee conflict before. Learn about methods for managing conflict and problem-solving. Every organization has a unique handbook and methodology for dealing with things, so its good to find out ahead of time if your new hires will be good fits for the team you currently have. Its impossible to learn everything from an interview, but you can ask some questions to get an idea of their thinking and methods regarding conflict resolution.

    We mentioned the handbook and policies above as well. Make sure you have an orientation process that helps new hires understand the expectations and rules in your workplace. Some organizations have videos that introduce the leadership team and cover the values and mission statement . Then dive into some of the important things that employees should know when joining the company. By communicating clearly and being upfront, you can help avoid misunderstandings down the line and avoid unnecessary problems.

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    Structuring Answers To Conflict

    Below you can find a step-by-step list on how you can prepare strong answers to interview questions about handling conflicts. However, make sure that you come across naturally when answering questions, avoid fully reciting answers because the interviewer will notice.

  • When the interviewer asks you a behavioral interview question, make sure to answer in the form of a logically structured situation in which you had to handle a conflict.
  • Explain the conflict situation that you faced and how you approached the situation. Include some of the steps described above on how to discuss the process of conflict resolution in interview questions.
  • The easiest way of structuring your answer is by using the STAR interview technique. STAR is an acronym that stands for a situation , your task in that situation, the actions you took, and what results you got based on your actions.
  • Display the skills and abilities that you also need to perform the job successfully. Ensure that you match your qualifications to the job and skills, as mentioned in the job description.
  • Expect follow-up questions depending on the answers that you give the interviewer. Based on the information that you provide them, they are more than likely to ask follow-up questions. Interviewers do this to go more in-depth into the situation that you provide them to test your conflict resolution skills.
  • What Are Common Causes Of Employee Conflict

    What causes conflict on teams? It can be a number of things. Many of them you can control as a manager, so long as you intentionally take the time to check in on each one.

  • Unclear roles and expectations on the team: Does each employee understand what is expected of them and their peers? Giving visibility on how each employee is expected to develop and contribute to the team will foster a sense of clarity and harmony, rather than stepping on each others toes, repeating work, and working in silos.
  • Lack of trust and solid relationships: Where trust is lacking conflict is inevitable. Do employees know each other well enough to build trust? Carving out the time for the team to work on personal relationships, inclusion and team dynamics is essential in avoiding conflict. Dont take for granted that this takes work and does not always happen naturally.
  • Unclear collaboration guidelines and work processes: Every team needs clear processes and a streamlined understanding of how we work. Whether this is regarding communication tools, working hours, project workflows, this alignment is key to keeping people moving in the same direction conflict-free. These guidelines are especially important in a remote context.
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    Question : Tell Me About A Time You Had To Respond To An Unhappy Customer Or Client

    When you’re interviewing for a client- or customer-facing position, youre applying to be an ambassador for the company and that type of role carries a lot of responsibility.

    Especially in the age of the internet, how you respond to conflicts with a customer is a public matter. Losing a major client or customer can cost the company a lot of money. Show that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make customers or clients happy. This demonstrates that you understand the value of customer service.

    As with other behavioral interview questions, your anecdote should focus on the positive outcome: “Here was how I de-escalated the situation and kept the client happy going forward.”

    Show hiring managers that you arent nursing an overblown ego and are eager to embrace a peacekeeping process. Not only can this type of attitude serve you well in the workplace, but it can also improve non-working relationships as well.

    Involve Everybody To Agree To Find A Solution To The Conflict

    How Do You Handle Conflict? Interview Questions And Answers

    Once everybody agrees that theres an issue everyone involved should also agree that this problem needs to be resolved. If youre the mediator in the conflict resolution process and one or more participants is not ready to discuss the conflict, its best to take them aside to talk to them. Find out why they feel a certain way and how you can encourage them to participate actively in the resolution process.

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    Sample Answer #: Conflict With A Manager Or Boss

    In my previous role as a product designer, I had quite a few disagreements with my manager about the tradeoff between quality and speed.I wanted to slow down our release cadence a bit, so we could improve the user experience of our platform to be more inline with best-in-class software. She felt like it was better to compete on having more features rather than fewer, more robust features. She also pointed out that the feedback we’d received from customers and the organization was that the platform was easy-to-use when compared to competitors. I argued that while we were better than competitors there was still a long way to go when compared to modern software. My manager thanked me for being honest and we ended up meeting in the middle by dedicating one day per week to improving the UX and UI of the platform. After three months of this work, we were winning far more deals and prospects and customers were telling us how much the platform had improved in such a short time.

    Why it works: The best co-workers can argue their case respectfully and handle disagreements without taking things to heart. This candidate has shown how they can argue their case to their manager without damaging the relationship. It’s also great to see that they were able to talk about the argument’s impact.

    How Can You Notice Signs Of Employee Conflict

    Heres how managers can pinpoint the tell-tale signs of workplace conflict. This may be more difficult to pinpoint in a remote context, paying special attention on virtual calls is helpful.

  • During meetings, notice how your team reacts to one another and involves each other. Are they truly collaborating?
  • Notice if employees feel as though they cant speak up or express their opinions and perspective. Where theres conflict theres a need for a safe space to be upfront about grievances.
  • Observe employees who frequently disagree and get defensive. Its one thing for employees to be enthusiastic, its another when this behaviour results in arguments, interruptions, disagreements and miscommunication.
  • Is your team delivering and being productive? When conflict arises it becomes more difficult to get work done together.
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    How Have You Dealt With A Conflict With A Vendor

    This can be a common conflict resolution interview question for a role related to supply chain management.

    As with any other such question regarding conflict at work, sticking to the STACK acronym should suffice.

    Here are a few examples of how to answer interview questions about conflict with a vendor.

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