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How To Interview A Housekeeper

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HOUSEKEEPING Interview Questions And Answers! (How To PASS a Housekeeper Interview)

A Housekeeper needs to ensure high-quality standards on the cleaning they perform to maintain customer happiness. The goal of the question is to evaluate how the candidate determines customer satisfaction. What to look for in an answer:

  • Willingness to speak with the customer to ensure satisfaction
  • Communication skills to express ideas and thoughts respectfully and effectively
  • Interpersonal skills to build rapport and professional relationships


“In my previous position, I would leave a business card at every visit with my name, phone number, and email so that the customer could contact me directly with any concerns. As well, I conducted a customer survey every three months to improve my services and quality continuously.”

What Questions Should You Ask

  • Make sure that you tell them what you really need in a housekeeper. This is also to avoid getting into arguments with your housekeeper and hearing them say, But it was not in the job description. We recommend you think through what you need them to do in your house. You can be specific and say you need someone to clean the toilet, kitchen sink, garage, etc. In shortyou have to inform the potential housekeeper so they know what theyre getting themselves into. And then you can ask if they can handle it in the number of hours that they will be working and in the budget range that you have in mind.
  • Ask them how they would do things. One sample question you can throw at them is to give them a specific situation that they would have to solve themselves. That way, youll have an idea of how quickly and imaginatively they think and how far they can improvise.
  • Try to find out if theyve done similar jobs in the past. In a housekeeping job, experience may not be as big of a factor. However, you can throw questions related to housekeeping to know if they can actually do the job. Ask them if they have cleaned bigger houses before or what kind of tasks they have done in their previous housekeeping jobs. If the applicant has no experience, ask why you should hire them or what sets them apart from other applicants. You need to get a sense of motivation to make sure they wont laze around in your house all day.
  • Interview Questions For Room Attendants:

    Interview Questions for Room Attendants:1. What cleaning duties do you expect to handle on a daily basis? Reveals job expectations. 2. Describe a time when a guest complained about your cleaning service. How did you manage the situation? Shows ability to resolve guest complaints in order to ensure guest satisfaction. 3. How do you ensure that a guests room is cleaned to an impeccable standard? Demonstrates cleaning skills. 4. A guest mistakenly leaves behind an expensive item in their room after their stay. What do you do with it? Shows ability to follow housekeeping procedures as well as honest and responsible behavior. 5. Have you used chemical cleaning products before? If so, how comfortable are you with chemical safety procedures? Shows experience using chemical cleaning products and the ability to handle them correctly.

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    More About The Candidate

    If you are interviewing a cleaning lady, you want to make sure that this is someone who is going to work hard for you. By asking some of these questions, you can find out a bit more about your prospective cleaning lady:

    • What is a clean house to you? You can learn more about what she believes is a job well done. Does this include washing the windows, making sure everything is dust free underneath the couch etc?
    • What are your long-term goals? It is a good idea to know whether this person believes that being a cleaning lady is something she does as a transitional phase or because she has a passion for it.
    • What would your references say about you? Not only does this give you something to expect when calling references, but if it somewhat matches with what her references say, you know that this person knows herself.

    How To Interview A Housekeeper

    How to Interview A Housekeeper Candidate

    Top 8 interview questions to ask any housekeeper. Its important to go through the candidates work history and determine what they liked and didnt like about the roles. You can also discuss why they left each position, to determine if they jump from job to job, or if their reasons are valid for leaving. 8. Do you have any questions for me?

    • A Legal Requirement for all employers!
    • When is it due to increase?
    • What do I need to do?
    • Only pay what you need to!
    • Dont have time to spare?

    You want to figure out what makes the housekeeper tick and what they do when faced with challenges. Stress is part of any work setting, but how one responds to stress will affect how they can do the job. Working in private, domestic settings can be more heightened, as they may not have another housekeeper they can rely on and they will need to deal with their stresses and cope accordingly. 7. Tell us about your last few jobs what did you enjoy and what didnt you why did you leave each position?

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    Housekeeping And Cleaning General Skills

    Goal:Potential Red Flags:

  • Why did you choose to become a housekeeper?
  • What qualities do you have that make you a good housekeeper?
  • Do you charge by the hour, or by the square foot?
  • Do you supply your own cleaning supplies?
  • You have your own rags, glove, and mop?
  • What do you enjoy about looking after a home?
  • Can you tolerate heights?
  • Do you wipe pictures and/or light fixtures?
  • Tips For Passing The Housekeeper Interview

    TIP #1 During your Housekeeping interview, be sure to demonstrate a positive attitude at all times and do not discuss anything negative. Be firm in your answers and prove to the interviewer that you have the tenacity and resilience to perform this role to the required standards.

    TIP #2 Prior to attending your Housekeeping interview, consider carefully which aspects of the role you will find the most challenging, and then provide details of how you will overcome those challenges.

    TIP #3 In addition to having the necessary high standards to carry out the role, you must also be someone who is honest, loyal and willing to work hard for your employer. The role of a Housekeeper is hard work, and coupled with the fact you will rarely get appreciated for the work that you do, you need to make sure you can cope with the stresses this role will bring.

    TIP #4 High standards are crucial within the role of a Housekeeper and you must be able to demonstrate an ability to clean to those standards consistently, day-in, day-out.

    TIP #5 It is absolutely essential that you consider carefully the hours you are available to work as a Housekeeper. On that basis, do not tell the interviewer what they want to hear unless you are one hundred percent certain you can fulfill the obligations and demonstrate a commitment to the role.

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    Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lessons Youlearned

    I once encountered an insulting customer who kept insulting and degrading me. I tried to ignore his insults and focused on serving him, but all he did was talk rudely and demean me. He got into my nerves and I couldnt take it anymore. I ended up leaving him unserved, of which he reported my action to the manager.

    The manager was so furious and almost sucked me, but he gave me a second chance since he knew how excellently I perform my tasks. I learned never to get emotional and never allow the customers words to prevent me from fulfilling my duties.

    What Are The Essential Skills For A Housekeeper

    HOTEL HOUSEKEEPING Interview Questions & Answers | How to Get a Housekeeper Job

    An excellent housekeeper needs to be a good communicator and possess excellent customer service skills. This job requires one to frequently engage with clients and employees. Communication is vital in revealing the expectations of the clients/employers and ensuring that they are met. Similarly, proper customer service skills ensure that the clients are satisfied with the offerings.

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    What Is Your Favourite Housekeeping Task

    Employers may want to know about your favourite housekeeping task to help them determine how to delegate tasks among housekeepers. Oftentimes, your favourite task is the one you’re best at, which is also useful information for employers. When answering this question, think about what task you enjoy doing the most. Pick a task you genuinely enjoy doing rather than the first one you think of.

    Example:’Throughout my two years as a housekeeper, I’ve grown to enjoy doing laundry the most. At my previous job, I got to spend most of my day folding towels in the laundry room. I found this task therapeutic. Now, I’m an expert at folding towels and blankets and making beds.’

    General Housekeeper Interview Questions

    At the start of an interview, an interviewer may ask you basic housekeeper interview questions to get a general understanding of who you are. They typically ask these questions to determine whether they can see you fitting in with their work culture. Here are some common interview questions you may get asked for a housekeeper position:

    • Why did you choose to become a housekeeper?

    • What do you find the most rewarding as a housekeeper?

    • Which of your skills benefit you the most as a housekeeper?

    • Is your schedule flexible?

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    Why Are You Interested In This Role

    I have over ten years of experience as a housekeeper, and I enjoy doing housekeepers roles. I am keen to details and follow every instruction given, and adhere to all the rules and regulations. I also have excellent knowledge and skills in cleaning appliances, doing laundry, and have the physical strength to work even extra time. I have great interpersonal and communicational skills to talk to customers. I therefore want to use my skills to ensure success of this organization.

    What Recordkeeping Do You Maintain For Each Client

    Housekeeping Interview Questions &  Answers

    A Housekeeper typically keeps records of their clients and special requests or schedules. The goal of the question is to determine what paperwork or records the candidate keeps for each customer. What to look for in an answer:

    • Organizational skills to keep track of client schedules and appointments
    • Communication skills to record important information such as client preferences
    • Attention to detail and willingness to provide excellent service to each customer


    “I maintain a customer file for each client I work with. It contains a list of preferences, such as natural, non-toxic cleaners or no bleach in the laundry. It also contains a checklist and schedule so that I know what needs to be completed at each visit.”

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    Create Clear Expectations And Boundaries

    To be fair, you’ll need to have a clear idea of what exactly your housekeeper will and won’t be doing in your home. Considering co-creating a list of what chores will be done with any specific instructions you might have. Negotiating these things before work begins will help. You might want to also negotiate a way to request and pay for extra chores above the regular cleaning routine. Be sure to set some boundaries about what won’t be occurring in your home. If you don’t want the housekeeper using your telephone, computer, stereo, or television, now is the time to stress any of these boundaries.

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    What Is Your Least Favourite Cleaning Task

    A Housekeeper may have specific tasks that are less desirable than others. The goal of the question is to evaluate how the candidate handles less pleasant tasks during their workday. What to look for in an answer:

    • Ability to maintain a high level of quality regardless of the assigned tasks
    • Positive and respectful attitude to all customers
    • Flexibility to complete various tasks and willingness to adapt


    “My least favourite cleaning task is usually making beds. However, I make a game out of it to see how quickly I can get the bed completed perfectly. It makes the task less tedious and motivates me to perform my duties with care and quality.”

    What To Say In A Housekeeping Interview

    Top 5 Housekeeping Interview Questions and Answers

    How to Define Yourself in a Housekeeping Interview. Your Expectations A housekeepers job description can vary from private home upkeep to full-service home cleaning, meal preparation, laundry and even child care responsibilities. Still other roles are available in the commercial industry, cleaning offices, hotel rooms and convention or restaurant facilities. When interviewing for a housekeeping position, you will be asked not only to define and describe your various skill sets, but to explain your processes, procedures and approach as well. Your Role An interviewer may ask you to define how you see your role as a housekeeper. For example, if you are interviewing for a job in hotel housekeeping, you may describe your role as being a member of a team who works collectively to ensure an enjoyable stay for guests. If you are working in a housekeeper/nanny position, you may define your role as taking care of a home and children. The interviewers goal with this line of questioning is to assess how you see yourself fitting in with a company or a family on a personal as well as professional level.

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    What Questions Do You Ask A Housekeeper

    Know the Right Questions to Ask Before you Hire any Cleaning Services for your Home

  • How Long Have you been in the business? …
  • Are you Insured? …
  • Do You Carry Workers Compensation Insurance? …
  • How do you go about Pre-screening Employees? …
  • What kind of training do they give? …
  • Do you work off of a checklist that I can see?
  • How To Prepare For The Interview

    Before you arrive at your interview, take time to prepare. By doing so, you’ll feel confident as you respond to interview questions. Follow these tips to get ready beforehand:

    • Be ready to talk about your work and life experience. Interviewers will ask questions about previous jobs you’ve had. Be prepared to relate the experience you had in the past to the role at hand.
    • Bring your resume or a list of your employment history, so you can expand on the information you included in your job application.
    • Bring contact information, or a list of references, for people who can attest to your character, experience, and housekeeping ability.
    • Be ready to discuss your cleaning strategy. You’ll want to be clear about what you can do, how you will do it, what cleaning products you like to use, and how long it takes you to clean.
    • Be prepared with examples of what you have accomplished to share with the interviewer. If you don’t have prior work experience, you can use examples related to informal work, volunteering, or what you do at home.
    • Review the job posting. Read through the job advertisement before the interview. This will help you know what the interviewer prioritizes. For instance, someone from a staffing agency may be focused on availability for shifts while someone hiring for a private household may be more focused on cleaning processes.

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    Interview Preparation Guide For Housekeepers

    Preparing for your next big interview? Make sure you follow this guide for Housekeepers to ensure theres nothing youve missed before meeting a client.

    Make sure you bring a file with all your details inside. A hard copy of your CV, written references, copies of any relevant qualifications, and your passport or ID should be among the documents you have on hand. Its better to have more than enough documents than not enough.

    What Experience Do You Have Training Less Experienced Housekeepers

    HOUSEKEEPING Interview Questions And Answers! (How To PASS ...

    A Housekeeper may work with other colleagues who are less experienced and train them on the job. The goal of the question is to determine the candidate’s comfort level in training less experienced coworkers. What to look for in an answer:

    • Communication skills to train and guide others effectively
    • Ability to lead by example and provide direction
    • Interpersonal skills to work within a team environment


    “During the last several years, I have been an unofficial trainer for my employer. They often tasked me with taking less experienced employees with me on jobs to show them proper procedures and the expected work quality. I enjoy introducing new employees to the position and sharing my knowledge.”

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    Housekeeping Staff Interview Questions & Answers

    In this post, you can reference some of the most common interview questions for a housekeeping staff interview along with appropriate answer samples. If you need more job interview materials, you can reference them at the end of this post. 1. Tell me about your ability to work under

    This question allows you to brag on yourself, but keep in mind that the interviewer wants strengths relative to the position. For example, being a problem solver, a motivator, and being able to perform under pressure, positive attitude and loyal. You will also need examples that back your answers up for illustration of the skill.

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