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How To Interview An Executive Assistant

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Be Ready To Discuss Administrative Processes

Executive Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

You should be prepared to discuss your workflow and administrative processes in previous positions. As an administrative professional, there should be no doubt that you are organized and detail-oriented. Your interviewer will want to know how you manifest these qualities in your everyday workflow.

Organizational abilities and attention to detail are among my strongest assets. I have thrived in situations where I can bring order to complex projects. For example, I previously supported eight professionals who were planning promotional events for clients. I developed a template for tracking goals and progress for each project and set it up on a shared drive so that all members of staff involved could track their progress regarding the team’s projects and events.

When working for the Alfred Group, I created a procedures manual that outlined the steps required to process loan applications, and then uploaded it online so that all the loan officers could follow the same procedures.

Youre Now A Superhero What Is Your Special Power

The interviewer may ask this question in order to gain more of an insight into your personality and values. This question allows you to show your creativity and your ability to think on your feet. The answer you give in this case is not as important as the way in which you deliver it.

Being a successful executive assistant means being able to relate to a wide range of different people. Part of the secret to doing this is establishing a rapport. This question demonstrates your skill at being able to speak about a wide range of different topics.

What Tools Do You Use To Stay Organized

Hiring managers look to administrative assistants to be the most organized person in the office. Whether its scheduling meetings, hitting deadlines, or having documents ready at a moments notice, staying organized is essential to executing the role well. Organizational toolsfrom Google Calendar to Asana and other project management softwarecan help you excel in this role, so dont be afraid to tout that you have experience with these.

Staying organized goes beyond making sure you know where every file is. It may sound simple to manage calendars, but it makes a huge impact on an organization and can be complex. The admin must exercise good judgment and drive the right priorities, says Treena Diebolt, Pelotons VP, Global Talent Attraction.

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What Would You Do If An Executive Gave You Sensitive Company Information And Another Executive Asked You For The Information

Executive assistants are often privy to key company information and should be able to keep the information confidential. What to look for in an answer:

  • Approach to the situation
  • Loyalty


“While this can be a difficult situation to be in, I would be sure to let the executive asking for the information know that I am unable to divulge sensitive information. I would ask them to contact the other executive directly should they have any questions. I would be sure to let the other executive know about the situation and give them notice that the question may arise.”

Competency Based Interview Questions

Executive Assistant Interview Questions

Whether or not you realized it at the time, you have almost certainly asked or been asked a competency based interview question. A competency based question asks the candidate to provide examples or tell stories about their past experiences, how they see themselves as an employee, or how they envision using past experiences to inform their future decision making.

Examples of common competency based interview questions include:

Describe a time you had to deal with an angry client. How did you handle the situation?

Have you ever had to think outside of the box to solve a problem at work? What was the problem, and how did you handle it? Was your approach successful?

Tell me about a time you worked on a team you loved. What was so great?

What is key in all of these questions is that each provides the opportunity for the interviewer to choose areas of competency they want to know more about without having to distinctly ask a question like, Are you good at working on teams? The stories tell you so much more than a straightforward yes or no question ever could.

A good competency based question::

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How Do You Normally Anticipate The Needs Of An Executive

This is an operational question that seeks to understand how you go about your activities once your executives actions become clear. You can mention some of the means you have used in the past to observe your executive and establish their needs.

Sample Answer

I have realized that the best way of anticipating the needs of an executive is to watch them closely and observe both their likes and dislikes. This helps in knowing their habits. Knowing their moods also comes in handy in need anticipation. Once I know their needs from their likes and dislikes, I will then adapt my work and roles accordingly to meet them.

What Best Practices Do You Use When Coordinating Travel Arrangements

Executive assistants might be asked to make travel arrangements for their bosses from time to time. Lots of go into booking a trip. Thats particularly true if unexpected problems raise their ugly head.

They need to be able to create a travel schedule that fits their supervisors and the enterprises needs while being able to smooth over any hiccups that arise.

For example, if a preferred flight is unavailable, or a chosen hotel doesnt have a vacancy on the day of the trip. Another example is booking a flight without too many layovers. The company is paying for the executives time, even if they sit in an airport for hours waiting for the next flight.

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What Value Do You Believe That You Bring To The Company

The interviewer wants to know how you view the role. Do you feel that you are an integral part of the company? While answering this question, ensure that you exude passion for the job, show that you understand how you fit into a larger team and are motivated for the job.

Sample Answer

I believe that I am an integral part of the company due to my executive assistant role. I make the lives of executives smoother and simpler, allowing them to focus on more pressing issues. I also help in making critical business decisions and averting crises.

Do You Feel The Position Of An Executive Assistant Has Changed Or Will Change In The Future

Mock Interview of an Executive Virtual Assistant

This is one of the most common executive assistant interview questions and gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the interest you have in your career. You should be able to discuss the profession from a number of different perspectives. These can include the changing responsibilities of the role, the growing dependence on technology, and the need for continuous training.

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Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

Administrative assistants play an important role in ensuring an office, team, or project is well-coordinated. Preparing responses in advance for an interview for an administrative assistant position increases your chance of impressing the interviewer and getting the job. The interviewer will assess your skills and qualifications and whether you’re a good fit for the role. So, it’s highly important to prepare well for the most likely interview questions you’ll hear.

In this article, we provide you with some of the most common questions in administrative assistant interviews and include sample answers to guide you in preparing your own.

How Do You Handle A Demanding Supervisor What Is Your Experience With Dealing With Difficult Visitors Or Callers

Its important that you remain pleasant and professional in a variety of circumstances on the job. Many executive assistants are often the face of the executives they work with, and the person who deals with clients or visitors first. Unfortunately, sometimes these people can be unpleasant. The interviewer is looking for your experience with handling these situations, as well as your ability to do so professionally.

Some skills to share include:

  • Customer service

  • Resourcefulness

  • Ability to reflect professionalism and company values

Give an example of what you would do in this situation. For example, you may politely offer to take a message, reassure the visitor the message will be seen by the executive, and youll have them contacted as soon as possible. You may also provide the option of speaking to someone else who is available or can help resolve the situation faster.

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What Computer Programs And Software Are You Comfortable Using

Hiring managers generally dont mind doing some computer training, but they want to see you have some experience using different software and are willing to learn any other programs needed on the job.

People who are hiring admin assistants are often looking for experience in Microsoft Office Suiteespecially PowerPoint to help craft internal or external presentations for the team. Depending on the job, hiring managers might want a candidate who is proficient in social media, can manage online conferencing, is adept in document creation, or has experience using collaboration software, says Stephanie Naznitsky, the executive director of OfficeTeam, a division of Robert Half that specializes in placing highly skilled office and administrative professionals.

Executive Assistant Interview Questions To Ask

Bradford L. Huebner

Weve listed 42 great questions here to consider. However, dont bombard your candidate with all of these. Choose 10-12 from the suggestions below to create your ideal conversation starters.

  • I see you worked at . What was the highlight of your time there?
  • What do you like about working in the industry?
  • How does your experience in help you in your current career?

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Question: Why Do You Want To Be An Administrative Assistant

Intent: Although admin work can be tedious for some, many people enjoy it. Hiring managers want to be sure youre genuinely interested in the job responsibilities, especially considering happy workers are more productive, research from the University of Warwick found.

Response: Obviously, you cant say, Because I need a job. Your best approach is to describe what you enjoy about administrative work, says Christen Garcia, a human resources faculty member at Ashworth College, which offers administrative assistant training. Do you like welcoming visitors to the office , or organizing travel plans , or doing data entry ? Say so!

Do You Prefer To Work Independently Or As Part Of A Team

Much of the work of an executive assistant needs to be done independently, and you need to be skilled at this. However, you also need to be able to collaborate with other workers to arrange meetings and make travel plans. Your answer should highlight how you excel at working both independently and as part of a team.

In order to fully answer the question, you need to pick your favorite of the two working methods. This should be followed by an explanation of how well you work in the other style. As a well-rounded employee, you are flexible enough to adapt your style according to the demands at the time.

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Five Executive Assistant Interview Questions To Ask

In addition to being prepared for answering questions from the interviewer, you should also have some questions of your own prepared. Asking questions can help you decide if this job and company is right for you. A few questions you may want to consider asking include:

  • What skills or characteristics do your best executive assistants have in common?

  • What is the companys core mission and values? How can an executive assistant help the organization achieve that mission?

  • What is the biggest challenge or struggle the executive supported by this position faces? How can their assistant help with that?

  • What is the role of an executive assistant with this company? What would the primary job responsibilities entail?

  • What qualities would a person in this position need to be most successful? Do you offer any career or personal development opportunities to improve?

  • Now that you have an idea of what to expect in your executive assistant interview, as well as some questions you can ask to see if this is the right job for you, youre ready to head into your interview with confidence. Good luck!

    Questions For You To Ask

    Executive Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

    While you can spend hours preparing for executive assistant interview questions, you should also think about the questions you should ask the employer. It may seem surprising, but some employers put a lot of emphasis on what questions they are asked during the interview. It shows that the employee did some research about the company and is fully engaged with the position and what the job entails. While these questions vary based on the position and other factors, take a look at some common executive assistant questions to ask new boss:

    • Is there growth opportunity with this position?
    • What is the starting wage?
    • What will my day-to-day activities look like?
    • Will I be working in my own office?
    • What does the benefits package look like?
    • Will I be asked to work over 40 hours a week?
    • What will my job duties include?

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    Question: How Do You Handle Stress

    Intent: Though its a difficult skill to master, being able to juggle multiple assignments at one timeand keep a cool headis a must for a lucrative administrative career. Employers want to be sure you have a strategy for taking on the demands of the job without crumbling under the pressure.

    Response: Give an example of how youve performed well under pressure at a previous job. For example: When I received a frantic phone call from one of the executives, I had to drop everything to get a change processed. Communication was key I explained the situation to the other managers and told them their requests were temporarily on hold so I could tend to the boss. By working some extra hours, I was able to meet his deadline without falling behind on my other assignments.

    Executive Assistant Job Brief:

    Executive assistants are the main supporting role/position to company Directors and Senior Management Team associates. They perform a critical role in the effective and smooth running of an organization by being available to provide, administrative assistant, document creation, research and general supportive duties to key organizational members.

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    If You Were Assigned To A Company Executive Who Was Completely Disorganised How Would You Go About Helping Them

    This question allows the candidate to showcase the skills they have to help manage the time and schedule of a company executive no matter what state it is in. What to look for in an answer:

    • organisational skills
    • Problem-solving


    “The first step I would take would be to sit down with the company executive to understand what their priorities were. I would also ask them questions about their personality and how they like to manage their day. If there was anything they needed in order to do their job effectively I would ask it as well. Afterwards, I would spend some time organizing their calendar and making sure everything was up to date.”

    Top 3 Executive Assistant Interview Questions

    Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

    Now you have a strategy, so its time for the nextstep: Reviewing executive assistant interview questions and some exampleanswers.

    In many cases, your interview isnt going to be easy.In fact, you should be worried if the questions are too simple. Employeesatisfaction rises when the interview is a 4out of 5 on the difficulty scale. Embrace the challenge!

    Heres a look at the top three executive assistant interview questions and answers that can show you what to expect and what an amazing response looks like:

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    Do You Prefer To Use Multitasking On The Job

    This question provides an opportunity to demonstrate your experience with balancing many projects, tasks and deadlines at once. You can express a preference for focusing on one task at a time and how you effectively prioritize tasks by deadline and complexity.

    Example:”While I can multitask when necessary, I prefer to focus on one task at a time. This allows me to give my undivided attention and get more accomplished on the most urgent projects instead of completing small portions of all of my projects.In my prior position, I often had multiple important projects to complete or work on every day. I started every morning by checking relevant deadlines and then prioritizing each accordingly. Once organized, I would steadily progress through the daily list of responsibilities. My performance under this system led to satisfaction for my supervisor and consistently positive performance reviews.”

    How Do You Prioritize Tasks On Your Typical Workday

    It is essential to be very organized and able to plan your day according to the requirements. It is a good idea to illustrate your answer by giving examples of how you have done this in the past. You may utilize special tools to help you stay organized, such as an electronic calendar, certain software, and a to-do list.

    Also, highlight your ability to be flexible when answering this question. You may suddenly be given certain tasks that need to be completed straight away. You need to be able to adapt to the work requirements throughout the day in order to get everything done.

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    Administrative Assistant Interview Questions And Answers

    When you’re interviewing for an administrative assistant job, the interviewer will want to learn about how relevant your qualifications are for the position and how you would fit in with the company and the department.

    Because the job requires both administrative and interpersonal skills, hiring managers will often ask about the specific attributes you have that qualify you for the position, as well as your less quantifiable people skills.

    If You Were Given Confidential Information By The Executive You Support And Another Executive Asked Questions About It What Would You Do

    Top 5 Administrative (Admin) Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

    Many executive assistants are privy to confidential and sensitive information. Hiring managers ask this question to gauge a candidates level of discretion and approach to a potentially challenging situation. Navigating office politics isnt easy, and this is a scenario where that may be in play.


    I would clearly and politely explain to them that I dont have the authority or clearance to share that confidential information, even to other executives in the company. I would then refer them to the executive I assist in case they wanted to discuss the matter further.

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